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China Country FlagChina
Changsha Wei Du Ecommerce Co., Ltd.
Kai Fu Qu Jin Tai Lu 199 Hao Xiang Jiang Shi Ji Cheng Hong J, Cheng Hong Jiang Yuan 2 Dong 2003 Fang, Changsha, Hunan, 410000, CN

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Elekin.A.Store is a good seller on, and it has received positive reviews from more than five hundred consumers.

They mainly sell Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Office Products products under the brand of Elekin. At present, they offer eight products for sale.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Elekin is dedicated to the design as well as sales of electronic products and now on the way of fast growing in globe market. 18-month warranty for quality-related issues. For 18 months after the date of purchase,. we take care of all quality-related issues with a REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND. Reminder: Be sure to use your product as directed. Do not know how to use Elekin product properly?.

You can contact the Elekin.A.Store through this customer service page. Of course, you can browse the profile page for more details about the seller, contact phone number, store address and email address.


Elekin.A.Store Reviews Statistics

Monthly Quarterly Yearly Lifetime
Positive 100% 95% 97% 98%
Neutral - - 2% 1%
Negative - 5% 2% 1%
Count 11 43 124 532

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