2400 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
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Buyer's Reviews 2035

A few months ago, I decided to switch to PC and sold my PS4. I've had the tower for months, but I still can't think of anything else to ask of it. This computer does everything. In fact, I don't even know how they reduced it to that price. The processor is the latest one, and in fact it was advertised during E3, and the four fans are working very well. It has a solid state drive. And it supports VR. It has six cores. It's worth a lot more than $75, and you might want to know what it does, right? Don't worry, I've already tested it. It looks crazy. The simulator.-No, seriously. PCSX2? It shows up like a thousand frames. Dolphins? Easy to make money. How crazy this is: you can actually simulate PS3, and even switch games on it. I tried. They really work. The latest game-effortless. Simulators, for example, are more challenging, and this computer runs them like butter. I remember playing with the maximum settings of RAGE 2 and Rainbow 6 on this computer without stuttering. Do you want to play some kind of super setting? You want this thing right here. Respect-anyone who knows what they're talking about will tell you that it's first-rate, not just pre-built, but general. Do you have those nerd "do-it-yourself" computer friends? Show them this. I promise they'll be as stumped by such a low price as I am. It's customizable-it's super easy to fix this thing. There is a glass box on the left, and a few more.

1 centimeters
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB
6 GB
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Buyer's Reviews 1485

9 Bruh prices are down another $100. come on, man. I was deceived. I bought this to upgrade my little Asustek game laptop, which was initially over budget for $50. The next day the price fell to $999. That's why I'm here. I have conducted a comprehensive test of the matter. Pubg,Apex, my World (UltraShaded/Modded), GTA and BlackOps both play without delay or stuttering maximum settings. The mouse and keyboard that come with this desktop are not the best, but the better RAM, but Oh, okay. If my view of this desktop changes, I will certainly update this comment, but for now I am very satisfied. In addition, Amazon and all other websites did not mention that this desktop has a USB C port.

3000 MHz
GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GDDR5
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Buyer's Reviews 28

Original comment when I left a star: the worst product I've ever got. When I first loaded it, I was shocked to find that it didn't install any necessary drivers. Because of it, I can't start a game in the steam. After installing everything, it still doesn't work. I restarted my computer and it stayed on the load screen for an hour, so I decided to clean it up completely and start all over again. It worked perfectly for a few hours and had everything installed once I hard reset it (I don't know how). I'm glad I solved the problem. I turned it off and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later, and the computer is now made of brick and can't even be loaded. Press F10 and try to repair the "repair failed". Not to mention SkyTech is not answering any calls because of the virus. I waited two weeks to receive the computer, and it will take longer to send it back to get a new one. At this point, I don't want to get another computer from SkyTech. This is a terrible product. How it passed the inspection, I don't know. Updated comment: it turns out I have a bad SSD! I don't think it's Skytech's fault, but it's damaged anyway. I still don't think it passed the proper stress test or driver check, but the way Skytech handled the situation led me to change my rating from one star to four stars. If I had received the right SSD, for the first time, I would have left the five stars, but after everything I had experienced, I went to …

0.01 inches
3 GHz
Intel UHD Graphics 630
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Buyer's Reviews 22

I bought this product to work from home because I need a home office now. Small and compact but powerful. Dell sells a mount so you can hang it on the wall, under your desk like I do, or on the back of the monitor. I suggest adding a bracket and wireless keyboard and mouse so that you will always have a clean workspace and will never be disorganized. I am only used for work, not games or other personal reasons, I have a Mac for this. But given Dell's reputation for labor solutions, I hope this product will last me for five years or more. What I bought here is cheaper than anywhere else. 9 engine 10 will be recommended to anyone who needs a business or office desktop.

Windows 10
25 pounds
22.25 x 22.25 x 12.5 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 161

I am super satisfied with this computer! It was the perfect job, and when I played for two weeks, it ran very smoothly without lag. I also like the fact that I can change the color of the light, which is very surprising. What a good deal.

3000 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6G
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Buyer's Reviews 536

Update: 5 months later, this PC is still running strongly. I've invested a lot of game time on it, but haven't noticed any performance degradation yet. I have raised my comment from 4 stars to 5 stars because it meets all my expectations, even more than a few stars. I use CompuCleaner 2.0 once a week (if you don't have it, I highly recommend it). I played extensively on this machine for several hours, each time under the Max setting: call of Duty: MWAssassin's Creed:OdysseyPath of ExilePlanetside 2Grim DawnElite DangerousStar Citizen- there is one area of the game that is ridiculous, and there is one aspect of the game that is ridiculous: call of Duty: MWAssassin's Creed:OdysseyPath of ExilePlanetside 2Grim DawnElite DangerousStar Citizen this is the only time I have ever shown any nervousness in any game I have played on this computer. This is passing through a very detailed city on the train. It stutters at some point during the ride for about 5murl 10 seconds and then returns to normal. This is the maximum setting. If I had lowered the setting a little bit, it wouldn't have this problem. Original censorship (12 shock 11 shock 2019): this computer has been around for a month and a half, and it has handled everything I threw at it. Games, movies, music, work. To make a long story short for your lazy shoppers: this computer is cheap. CPU and GPU will allow you to make maximum settings on the titles of most AAA games. Will need to get more RAM for many games, but RAM is cheap. I suggest you buy some with this computer. It requires an 8 GB rod with a maximum speed of 3200 GHz.) SSD will hold enough games for you to start. This computer is fast and sharp. Important hint: this P.

Integrated Intel HD
Dell OptiPlex
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit – Multi-language supports English/Spanish/French
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Buyer's Reviews 140

This is the second refurbished PC I bought from Blair Technology. Each time, the computer is professionally packaged and in good condition. Most importantly, the computer is not loaded with inflatable software, spyware, junk software, and so on. It is a clean installation of Windows 10 with no extra programs! This is hard to find, so I will continue to buy it from Blair Technology. We will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a second-hand computer! I am super satisfied with my purchase!

0.1 GB
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Buyer's Reviews 492

This is a considerable all-in-one computer, and a desktop computer without a display has been assembled. It comes with a keyboard, a mouse and the workstation itself. First of all, this is designed for general purposes and cannot be seen as anything close to the game PC. However, if you select later, you can add a graphics card to it. However, due to some power plugs, the power supply may need to be replaced. Specification: CPU: Intel i5-8400 6 core CPU (Hexore) has no hyperthreading, so there are always six flat solid cores. * generally speaking, this is a very good CPU, performance that is about 30% lower than the stock 8700K, giving you a comparison. Very suitable for the game of CPU. Video card: Intel UHD 630. This GPU is really suitable for lightweight photo editing, as well as 4k/UHD video stream rendering. It's really designed to watch high-quality video, but it's not for playing games. * to give you an idea of its game performance: it should be able to play games around 2012, but anything after that can be played reluctantly. HD:2 TB SATA (non-SSD) RAM:16 GB (2 X 8 GB) DDR4, has only 2 slots. Up to 32 GB, on the motherboard but CPU can support 128 GB. Port: 4 x USB 2.02 x USB 3.01 x USB sleep / charge port 2 x HDMI out1 x VGA1 x Ethernet1 x SD card 1 x USB 3.1/USB-C performance: overall performance is quite good. I suggest doing a new Windows10 installation and removing all the pre-installed software, but that's not too bad. It's very cool to run, and it has pretty good exhaust performance. There are big vents on the side, and two vents.

0.01 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 953

First of all, I suspect that because there are many "certified refurbishment" brokers who provide these machines, the ADD of these machines is quite common and somewhat liquid. It may be worthwhile to take some time to verify the system specifications with a specific vendor before ordering. The item I ordered came from Blair Technology Group. It's a Dell Optiplex 7010 in a desktop cabinet, not a minicomputer-but for my purposes, that's fine. It comes with 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drives and Intel i5-3470 quad-core CPU. Windows 10 is preinstalled on the hard drive. The shipment includes USB-connected keyboards and mice, which accumulate dust in the closet. After opening the box, I opened the device to verify the component, then zipped everything back up and plugged it into the old 1280 x 1024 HP monitor through the VGA port. The machine soon appeared on Win 10 without any problems. After completing the personalization steps, I checked the various hardware components, especially Audio I. Everything's fine. I shut down the machine, then turned it on, pressed F12 to enter UEFI/BIOS mode, and found that the machine was set to "Legacy" (BIOS mode) and unsafe boot. This configuration applies to most users-especially those who use Win 10 for personal use and do not intend to make any other major customizations. I installed the GeForce GTX 710 card in the half-height card slot (there are four cards in the desktop, unlike two in the SFF 7010). Two Moni. are connected.

Windows 10
13.77 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 376

For office / home / business use, this PC is the best price / performance you can get. In terms of age, its DDR3 RAM and Ivy Bridge processors are out of date. However, from a performance point of view, the components here are perfect for most people. PROS:- has a 16-GB RAM for all Internet browsers that take up a lot of memory. The i5 processor is too lethal for any standard home / office user and is very useful for programming / building code (my use case). Even if it is an old processor, it is still a beast. -SSD is absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure this PC starts in less than 10 seconds, and Windows updates don't take time at all. -the form factor is perfect for small spaces; if you build your own PC so small, it will only pay the same price for the chassis and SFF power supply. -the fan is quiet-there are enough USB ports-2 display ports can be used for multiple monitors (plus a VGA port)-it's impossible to exceed that price; you can't even build your own PC. The official license for the Windows 10 is almost half the price of the PC. -equipped with keyboard and mouse (there will be more later)-the conditions for renewal are very good; there are obvious but very minor aesthetic flaws. -Wifi Dongle works- it's packed very well and safely. I received so many crunch boxes from Amazon. CONS:- seems to have some sensor complaints coming from inside the PC (very high pitch, but quiet screams). This is done by keeping the PC away from my monitor and ears. OTHER comments:-Mouse and keyboard are.

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# TOP 1-CYBERPOWERPC Xtrem... 2-IBUYPOWER Computer... 3-Skytech Archangel... 4-Dell OptiPlex 3070... 5-Gaming Desktop Com... 6-SkyTech Blaze Gami... 7-Dell OptiPlex 9020... 8-Acer TC 885 UA92 D... 9-Dell Optiplex 7010... 10-Dell Optiplex 7010...
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Processor Brand Intel Intel AMD Intel Intel AMD Intel Intel Intel Intel
Hardware Platform Windows PC PC PC PC PC PC Windows PC PC
Operating System Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Windows 10 Professional Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit – Multi-language supports English... Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Windows 10
Item Weight 26.9 pounds 31.5 pounds 28 pounds 11.6 pounds 25 pounds 3.53 ounces 13.77 pounds 3.53 ounces 15 pounds 13.77 pounds
Computer Memory Type Ddr4_sdram Dimm Ddr4_sdram Ddr4_sdram Ddr3_sdram Ddr4_sdram Ddr3_sdram Ddr4_sdram Ddr3_sdram Dimm
Series Gamer Xtreme VR Element 9260 Archangel 3.0 3070 - Blaze II Dell OptiPlex DT.BE0AA.002 Dell optiplex 7010 -
Processor Count 6 8 6 1 - 6 4 - 4 1
Optical Drive Type None None None DVD-RW - None - DVD-RW DVD -
Flash Memory Size 240 240 - 8 - 8 512 GB 512 - 480 GB
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Best Tower Computers Buying Guide

Lisa Flores
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In the market there are several computers, some laptops and desktop; both types have similar hardware elements. To choose an optimal tower computer, it is best that you know the main components of the hardware and, above all, understand what they are for.

A tower computer is essential to perform various tasks at home or outside it, for example, at the university or work office. Therefore, it is important to know some of the hardware elements that make up this type of equipment. Here is a guide to buying the best tower computer, where we will explain several of these components.


There are tower computers, which are to be installed in a fixed way, that is, they are not recommended for those people who usually go from one place to another with this type of equipment. In addition, you should know that the tower computer requires external components to function properly, for example, keyboard, and mouse, camera, screen, etc. Instead, laptops are all in one, although, if you wish, you can connect keyboards or mice via USB.


The processors vary depending on the model of the computer or the motherboard because they are designed with different sizes and technologies. For example, the latest generation processors are not compatible with old motherboards.

In this sense, it is best to buy a computer with an included processor, either AMD or Intel. In addition, because this element of the hardware is the central unit where all programs and operating system data is interpreted and processed, it is best that it be advanced. For example, the Intel Core and AMD FX series offers good performance for computers.

Another aspect that we can say about the processors is the number of cores they have since some have more than others. In this regard, we highlight those with 2 or more cores because the amount will depend on how quickly the computer executes the programs you install.

It should be noted that the processor greatly influences the price of a computer, so, before asking how much it costs one or another model, it is best to review this feature. Of course, due to the wide variety of computers on the Internet, you may find a good and economical one.

Graphics card

The graphics card is the element that accompanies and gives more power to the processor and the screen of a computer, regardless of whether it is a tower or desktop.

This hardware component is responsible for all images being seen more clearly on the screen of your computer, especially those of video games or professional video editing programs.

In addition, the more memory you have, the greater the speed and accuracy of the video card. For that reason, when they have more than 1 GB of storage they can support medium or high demand video games.


In RAM it is where a computer stores the data it is currently using. Therefore, when purchasing a computer you should review this feature.

Some computers have more than 2 GB of RAM, which offer better qualities. Therefore, if you want a computer where you can write documents, listen to music and open the browser at the same time, it is best to have several GB of RAM.

It should be noted that RAM is a complement to the processor and the graphics card, that is, it is not an isolated element, but works together with these hardware elements, to provide speed and fluidity in the tasks you perform with the computer. There is no use of a computer with a lot of RAM, but an obsolete processor.