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Under this denomination of “tactical knife,” we can find a great variety of specialized knives, military, combat, police or survival knives. But not only that but those used by security forces and bodies and firefighters, etc. approved or not.

No matter if we talk about fixed or folding blade knives, the tactical knife is a tool designed to be used either in an emergency or in a situation of imminent danger to the wearer.
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Smith Wesson Swa24S Serrated Aluminum Cover
Smith & Wesson
4 x 0.3 x 1 inches

I got this knife today, and immediately knew I needed to review it. See, I picked this knife because it was in top reviews, and it had the features I was looking for (serrated, carbon steel or AUS-8, low price point, etc..

I later went back to the reviews here, and a ton of them scared the crap out of me. The biggest one being people claiming the locking mechanism didn't come down far enough to lock the blade into place.... I'm including up close pictures so you can see this knife for yourself.

It's a good, solid build. Much better than what I expected $12 to get me. I recently paid $22 for an AUS8 knife which wasn't nearly as nice as this one is. Razor sharp edges, even at the serrated portion. The clip is heavy duty metal, and is screwed into the frame.

There's good weight to it which indicates it's good metal, but it's still lightweight enough to make a great pocketknife. Most importantly about the weight is when it's open, it's actually balanced towards the center - the ultimate mark of a great knife.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $11.62 New Official
CritPro $15.09 New 96%
Hunter's Value $27.04 New 0%
Gold Supplies $27.04 New 80%


DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
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Grand Way Hunting Folding Rosewood Cover
Grand Way
5.07 x 1.92 x 0.78 inches
6.7 ounces

It's a very nice knife. I bought it largely for the look of it. I like the blackened steel and red-orange wood handle combination. It's a beautiful, classic-looking design. The overall construction seems solid, if not a little heavy for its size.

One feature I particularly like is the glass breaker at the butt of the handle. It adds to its practicality and usefulness in self-defense. The spring and lock action also seems very good, and the blade flips open and locks into place very cleanly and decisively.

The blade geometry is great, and the blade itself is wicked sharp. There is one very significant design flaw, however, which I caught right away: The clip on the handle is upside down! By that, I mean that the clip should connect to the knife near the knife butt, not up at the top where the blade pivots and swings into play.Why?

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Grand Way $15.95 New 98%


ROSEWOOD AND BLACK METAL HANDLE HUNTING KNIFE is a stand out design. Since the knife is comparingly small- it can be stored in the truck, car or the boat to be available for camper at any emergency event. Small pocket knife for women, men. Perfect combat knife, cutting knife. Tactical gear. Pocket knife with a clip. Multitool knife.
POCKET KNIFE is made of high quality materials. Blade material is 440C stainless steel, handle - wood and metal. Equipped with a glass breaker. Pocket clip available. Assisted opening knife. Tactical knife.
SPRING ASSISTED KNIFE is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand opening. Sharp foldable pocket knife. Jack Knife. USMC marine knifes. Belt, Boot, Work and Hobby Knives.
PERFECT GIFT FOR Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving. Stocking stuffers for men, women. Gifts for him. Hunter Camper Fisherman gifts. Great addition to knife collection! Comes with a Survival eBook that contains a lot of useful information about preparing for outdoor activities, tactical weaving and a lot more! Scan QR code on the box to get an Ebook!
COOL FOLDING KNIFE FOR Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Travel, Survival, Climbing, Biking. Deer Duck Hunting. EDC, Work, Self Defense, Rescue, Safety, Military and Army Knife. Cool camp and boy scout survival gear. Camping accessories cooking, kitchen tools. Hunting and Fishing gear for men. PERFECT GIFT IDEA. Stocking stuffers for men.
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Kingmax Multitool Screwdriver Stainless Emergency Cover
4.72 x 1.18 x 0.98 inches

This is my current EDC that I have been cherishing for the past two months. After such extensive usage, I know have a better insight into how to leverage this tool to its maximum potential and bring out the best features that come along with it.

First, it's surprisingly slim for all the features that packed in there so this knife does pack a heavy punch for something in its class. I also consider it to be lightweight among other competitors that is try to accomplish the multi-tool.

It comes with the main blade, which can be locked into place after deployment and you can retract it by pushing the lever side way. Noted that the blade is made out of stainless steel so it'll last you for years to come and in my experience, it open boxes like butter.

The plier is sitting right next to the main blade and require a bit more strength to deploy but nothing to be worried about because it'll loosen up as you use it. The screwdriver is almost an extension of the tool because it comes in the package but not necessary onto the tool so it requires some quick modifications but it's seamless and serve it purpose.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
KINGMAX-US $19.99 New 98%


Stainless Steel Multitool-The multitool pocket knife is made of 440C stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance. The multi tool knife weighs 7.7 Ounces. Black oxide multifunctional knife sports a sleek, stealth look.
Save Money & Space-Just one durable, sophisticated, compact multi tool with a folding design can fully save your space . And you spend very little money on just one pocket knife can achieve five functions , knife/saw, pliers, can opener, opener, and a screwdriver with a 9-in-1 bit set.It is your preferred tool for projects at home, at work, or at camp sites.
Easy to Carry- All little tools could be folded easily without taking much place and there is a nylon cloth bag, which can be directly stuck on the belt and the bag for easy carrying.
Designed for Safety-To prevent from accidentally hurting your hands, The blade will be locked when it is open, and if you want to fold it, then you need to press the liner lock to unlock the blade then you can close the blade. Ergonomic Handle Design, Grooved handle design for easy grip, This equipment is designed for all use habits.
Best Gift for Outdoor Activities-Kingmax multitool is the best gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life that loves to outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting.
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Steinbrucke Tactical Assisted Stainless Reversible Cover
5.6 ounces
5.12 x 1.77 x 0.98 inches
Pocket Size

Overall an Amazing knife... Pro's: Very strong, heavy, and feels like an extension of your hand. Perfect if you have larger hands like I do. The belt clip is strong, the finish is nice, and the hardware used seems very strong.

Con's: I only have 2 complaints! But it is why I didn't award this product with 5 stars and I'll share why. Only the tip (About an inch worth) was sharpened. I had to hone the rest by hand on my stones.

This also means that the edge didn't look properly refined from the start, or had a very poor sharpening angle. This could have been done intentionally, but I don't recall reading it anywhere in the description. I will update this review if the seller responds to me.

The last complaint I have is about the spring assist. Most of the time when I purchase a knife with a spring assist, I expect it to assist me. Unfortunately, this knife doesn't have much of an assist (If any).

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
AcPulse $18.99 New 98%


Exquisite Workmanship: StoneWashed coating protects from corrosion. This blade undergoes sharpening twice making it razor sharp.
Portable and easy to use: Reversible clip makes this convenient both for left and right handed users.
Wide variety of uses: Multi function folding gear works effectively with a variety of materials: food, textiles, sticks, etc. Excellent support tool for fishing, camping, etc.
Premium Design: Ergonomic aluminum handle design with anti-slip finish enables user to grip the knife tightly and easily. Premium stainless steel gear is sharp and rust resistant, suitable for outdoor use.
Heavy Duty Material: Blade was built with high performance German Stainless Steel 8Cr13Mov, hardened to 58-59 HRC Hardness.Knife handle inner frame was built with 1.5mm thickness stainless steel, make the knife more stronger.
#TOP 5
Albatross Survival Magnesium Multi Function Emergency Cover

Seems very good (for the price). For the light to work - mine came with 4 batteries. Pull the light out of the knife (it's held in by a magnet - other review said it falls out but stays put for me).

Unscrew it, bang the open tube on a table to get the stack of 4 batteries out, remove little plastic disc preventing battery contact. Put the batteries back in with the larger side facing into the tube (smaller battery end facing up), screw light back into tube.

Light turns on by screwing in tighter, so back it off when not in use. Flint stick is at the opposite end, in the same part, as the light. It friction fits into the barrel of the knife.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Albatross EDC $15.50 New 93%
Amazon Warehouse $14.26 Used - Very Good Official


POCKET SIZE: The knife is designed to fit perfectly into your palm. Weighs only 5.5 OZ, allowing you to avoid the hassle of carrying a big knife, while enjoying all the benefits.
MULTI-FUNCTIONKnife, LED Light(It uses 4 batteries, size LR621), SeatBelt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Magnesium Fire Starter, Bottle Opener.
Open the flashlight: Pull it out of compartment, unscrew the bulb and remove the black round piece of plastice by tapping gently on your hand. Then replace bulb by screwing it back in. The light will come on when screwed in. To turn off, unscrew about 1/2 turn.
NICE TOOL AND GIFT: Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use; Valentine Gift for Friends,Dad,Brother,Boss,Boyfriend,Husband,Ideal gift for Hunter,Fisherman,Camping Lover.
High quality stainless steel and black finished coated, sharp and durable, wear-resistant, high hardness; Aluminium Anodization Handle,strong and durable, and feel excellent.
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Smith Wesson Swfr2S Stainless Serrated Cover
Smith & Wesson
7.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Sadly, I lost this knife on a recent remodeling job. It is however a handy tool, as much as a self-defense knife. I used the blade to open boxes, cut fishing line, the seatbelt cutter also works well for fishing line.

I kept it in my truck's dashboard, but we were out in the mountains working on a house and I've misplaced it either inside the house or outside the house. It's a 2 hour drive from where I live so I'm just going to buy myself a replacement.

The pros of this knife include:Small, pocket size, not heavy. Serrated blade section is much handier than you'll realize until you've used it. I'll list a few things I've used it for below. Has the hopefully never needed window breaker on the end and a seatbelt cutter that has multiple uses.

Comes with an integrated belt clip. The only real con is the blade is painted and the paint does chip and scratch pretty much right from the first time you use it. Several uses I've used it for:Door frames in older houses are often slightly warped and/or don't fit a new door right.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $12.74 New Official
Stealth Rabbit $22.89 New 89%
ECop! $23.48 New 82%
Rocky Mountain LLC $25.47 New 87%
Buffalo Gap Outfitters $25.47 New 87%
M&D ONLINE DEALS $26.21 New 88%
BeachAudio $26.22 New 87%
Michigan Sports $28.02 New 79%
Escape Distributions $29.62 New 75%
Surplus World Inc $29.99 New 94%


DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Black Oxide Stainless Steel with a black, textured and grooved aluminum handle
DIMENSIONS: 8 inch (20.3 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.3 inches (8.4 cm) and a weight of 4.4 ounces
SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]
DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
#TOP 7
Kershaw 1025X Multifunction Performance Stonewashed Cover

I own several Kershaw knives (as well as Zero Tolerance knives - higher end knives made by same company as Kershaw), so I am a fan of Kershaws. Still, I was skeptical that even Kershaw could manufacture a knife so small with the same tight tolerances, blade sharpness and strength and ergonomics as their larger blades.

But, I needed a key-ring knife AND when I found this one made by Kershaw for under $10, I figured it was a chance worth taking. When I got this knife and started to use it my skepticism was immediately abandoned.

This is definitely a Kai knife (Kershaw's parent company), which means it is high quality all the way. This knife is sharp, locks up tight, is easy to grip and doesn't slip in your hand. It's super small and I don't even notice the extra item on my key-ring.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $7.22 New Official
National Tool Warehouse $10.08 New 92%
MAAR and Company $10.70 New 97%
Hunting_Stuff $10.71 New 94%
Courage Tactical $10.84 New 91%
Blade Shop $10.97 New 92%
ECop! $11.08 New 82%
Stealth Rabbit $11.21 New 89%
CritPro $11.95 New 96%
Norton Tech $11.99 New 87%


Liner Lock securely locks blade during use steel plate moves behind open blade to prevent wiggle and unexpected fold back
Kershaw Cinder Multi Function Folding Pocketknife 125 1.4 Inch 3Cr13 Stonewashed Blade; Manual Opening Liner Lock Bottle Opener Keychain Carry Black Glass Filled Nylon Handle .9 oz
Liner features distinct cutout embellishments in handle scale to simplify opening blade and unlocking liner
Handles texture improves grip, reduces weight, enhances appearance, ensures fade resistance, promotes comfort and prevents fatigue during handling
Handle scale made of synthetic polymer reinforced with glass threads for increased strength, stiffness, dimensional stability and wear resistance
#TOP 8
Smith Wesson Swmp4Lbs Stainless Assisted Cover
Smith & Wesson
5.4 x 2 x 1 inches

Excuse the photos, the knife has been through a lot. Good solid steel construction, smooth spring assist opening.Heavy/solid knife. Pocket clip on the underside holds knife securely to whatever it's clipped to, the clip does have a characteristic I am not happy with though, it turns outward at the end which allows it to scratch anything you might rub up against by accident, such as your cars finish, your child's sensitive skin (if carried in a front pocket as I do clipped to the side of your hip), I've also had it snag on leather seats while reaching into my work truck, it didn't cause damage, however it easily could have.

The frame is very solid and on the slightly "bulky" side. The serrated blade is a HUGE PLUS! It's a must when you need that added sawing action to slice through the harder to cut items (rope, plastic strapping etc).

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $38.89 New Official
Mr. Pat $40.65 New 0%
ECop! $41.53 New 82%
Stealth Rabbit $42.65 New 89%
BeachAudio $44.44 New 87%
Michigan Sports $49.16 New 79%
EcomNation $49.19 New 86%
George Sports $47.65 New 97%
Menn $32.99 Collectible - Very Good 71%
Amazon Warehouse $34.93 Used - Like New Official


Durable: Blade is made of reliable 4034 black oxide high carbon stainless steel with a black aluminum handle with rubber inlay
Dimensions: 8.6 inch (21.8 centimeter) overall length with a blade length of 3.6 inches (9.1 centimeter) and a weight of 7.6 ounces
Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and safety lock
Guaranteed: This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]
Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, flipper/finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening making it ideal for everyday carry
#TOP 9
Snake Eye Tactical Everyday Karambit Cover
Snake Eye Tactical

This knife is huge!A monster sized killing weapon. It is not a self defense weapon. Its a leathal instrument of death. In the hands of a highly skilled knife fighter it can be used in a controlled, precission manner.

Thereby inflicting minimum damage to an attacker(s). However, most people do not meet the criteria of a skilled knife fighter. Thus running the risk of accidentally killing someone with this knife. Turningyour would-be self defense event into a one way trip to prison for killing someone accidentally.

All this now said.... This knife arrived with an edge as sharp as any razor blade I have ever shaved with!!! The point was sooooo sharp, it will puncture through layers of clothing like butter. And the blade is as well very long.

This knife may be outright illegal to CARRY outside your home in some states. Because the blade is so big. So check with the laws in your state before you buy if you intend to use this knife as an EDC item outside your home.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
SDN Retail $14.98 New 95%
Sharp Knives $14.99 New 94%
ESSE SHOP $14.99 New 100%


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: 3" stainless steel blade for cutting and carving, flip function for quick opening.
Snake Eye Tactical Everyday Carry Karambit Folding Knife.
Made for Outdoor adventure, camping, hunting and fishing.. with this quick assisted knife you are prepared for all adventures
MEASUREMENTS: 4.75" when the knife is closed. 7.75" when opened.
COMPACT: Includes a belt clip. Easily concealed.
#TOP 10
Ultra Glide Folding Outdoor Tactical Survival Cover
Smith & Wesson

Great knife and size. Blade is sharp and pops out fast and smooth with little pressure applied. Fits comfortably tucked in my waist band and EDC

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $24.49 New Official


DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Black Oxide Coated High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black nylon textured, rubber overmolded handle
DIMENSIONS: 8.07 inch (20 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) and a weight of 4.8 ounces
SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and finger guard
GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]
DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the smooth operating, ultra-glide technology, convenient pocket clip and finger flipper making it ideal for everyday carry
#TOP 11
Opinel Carbon Blade Folding Knife Cover

I had my first Opinel for about a year or 2 before I lost it in school one day. Once I realized I lost it, I was panicking and heartbroken as I had customized it a bit and there was quite a bit of sentiment with it.

I couldn't be a day without it and so ordered another one asap. I've now had my current one going on 3 years now and intend to keep adding onto that time. The knife is just so damn amazing for the price you pay for it.

It's design is elegantly simple, yet extremely useful. The blade shape and length of my No. 8 is the perfect length for pretty much everything minus fighting a bear or something. It is extremely easy to sharpen and gets almost scalpel sharp especially with the carbon steel.

Speaking of, you have a choice of either drying and lubricating it constantly, or force a patina using lemon juice or something to decrease chance of rust. I chose the latter with occasional oiling(use mineral oil, it does the job and lets you use your knife for food prep, cuz who wants to eat 3 in 1 or gun oil amirite?

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Kaviso Outdoors $17.00 New 98%


The Stainless Virobloc safety ring has two sections, one fixed and one sliding for secure locking
This essential tool is unchanged since 1890 and is a must have for outdoorsmen and handymen alike
Opinel's carbon steel is extremely hard, thereby guaranteeing excellent cutting quality
Opinel products are guaranteed under normal use and exchanged in case of manufacturing defects
Handle is made from hard, durable Beechwood from France
#TOP 12
Smith Wesson Swbg2Ts Serrated Aluminum Cover
Smith & Wesson
1.85 x 5.95 x 1 inches

This is exactly the knife i was looking for. Its big and SOLID and doesn't cost a fortune. Just an FYI - not really made by S&W, just uses their branding. Its made by Taylor Brands. Grip: The grip has textured inserts that are extremely gritty, and combined with the finger grooves and thumb groove provide excellent grip.

The grip frame is made of steel and the grip facade is (anodized? Aluminum plates and then the rhino liner like gritty inserts. Knife can only be properly held in one position - blade up, edge facing away. Blade: Chinese steel, but sure to meet the desired contractor's hardness specs.

Taylor Brands website shows this blade as 7Cr17 steel which is about 440A SS to us in the US. Blade is thick, and sharp. No nasty machining marks and the coating is perfect. The blade can be opened and locked into position with minimal force, one handed using the thumb assist.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $15.39 New Official
Stealth Rabbit $24.65 New 89%
ECop! $24.86 New 82%
Audiovideodirect $25.94 New 95%
Buffalo Gap Outfitters $26.08 New 87%
Courage Tactical $26.28 New 91%
Rocky Mountain LLC $26.32 New 87%
M&D ONLINE DEALS $27.68 New 88%
BeachAudio $27.69 New 87%
John B Outdoors $27.70 New 92%


DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black aluminum handle with Trac-Tec inserts
DIMENSIONS: 10 inch (25.4 cm) overall length with a blade length of 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) and a weight of 8.8 ounces
Sport type: Hunting
SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]
DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
#TOP 13
Cold Steel Latin D-Guard Machete 18" Cover
Cold Steel

Ok.Just finished testing it out. So lets get this started. Cold Steel Tactical Wakazashi tanto review:First off Id like to commend Amazon for another speedy delivery. I ordered this on the third.Got it on the 5. Five stars for amazon yay..Why did I buy this?: well I was looking on a cheap alternative to replace my Condor el Salvador.

I needed something that needed more combat oriented capabilities. Something of the same size as my Condor, or close enough, easy to carry, easy to maintain, and could keep a sharp edge for a reasonable amount of time.So how did it do?

Steel: 1055 high carbon steel tempered to, what my best guess is, a spring temper. Maybe it says so in the discription and a I missed it.It happens. 1055 is an incredibly tough steel and when its tempered correctly as a knife the result is a tool/weapon that will survive most anything.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $34.49 New Official
VM Express $36.99 New 88%
Thunderfightgear $37.95 New 72%
The Blade Emporium $39.99 New 95%


Sport type: Tactical & Military
Included components: Machete, Sheath
Care instructions: Hand Wash
#TOP 14
S Tec Tactical Knife Swivel Sheath Cover
13 x 11 x 1 inches

This knife feels perfect in hand the control ring adds stability and flexibility I have nerve damage in my right hand but the addition of ring allows for hold it firmly and confidently. The only reason I didnt give 5stars is the sheeth the swivel on sheeth does allow for a more ergonomic and comfortable positioning that previous sheaths offered however I found it made exceeding difficult to slide on due to swivel allowing the sheeth and knife to change positions while trying to tuck into waist and over a belt.

Still a highly satisfying purchase and look forward to future innovation in design.


9" overall length. 3CR13 S. Steel 4.5 inch Blade with a 3.5mm thickness. Great for hunting and outdoor activities.
SWIVEL JOINT Sheath with paddle holster!! S-TEC is the first in the industry for this unique design.
The swivel joint on the paddle holster allows a unique 360 degree draw in any placement
Functions and affordability in one package.
4.75 inch ABS handle with herringbone pattern coupled with finger loop allows for a secure grip in any situation and response time.
#TOP 15
Kccedge Best Cutlery Source American Cover

This knife is way pretty.The blade is nice.It seems sturdy. My only issue is holy moly I was not expecting this to be so big. I was looking for an EDC for my husband for school while we wait for tax season to get him a concealed carry.

Good thing my husband has huge hands. I carry the pink one pictured every where I go. I was looking for something the same size as mine. To say I was surprised is an understatement. My husband says it fits in his pocket but he definitely notices it's there due to its weight.It's beautiful.It's sharp.

But it's big and bulky.But idk.I kinda dig it. If I was a big guy, this knife would be dope.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive


3.5 INCH BLADE - Each blade is professionally heat treated to balance hardness and toughness, increasing blade durability and capabilities. A harder knife blade can perform better than a softer blade. Toughness is the ability to resist chipping, cracking or breaking. Using a very hard blade without toughness, such as a blade made from glass, will be very easy to break. This is why balancing hardness and toughness is so important and why we heat treat every single blade.
8" Overall USA American Flag Inspired Pocket Knife - A MUST HAVE knife for emergencies. The knife is designed to fit perfectly into your palm. A solid grip is necessary. It's safer and good to know the knife in your hand is ready for the task. This emergency tool is produced with "ease of use" in mind and all of our knives are designed as EDC knives. This means your tool is always easy to access when you need it. It also has the added benefit of being used as a light duty hammer if required.
MULTI-USE KNIFE - KCCEdge multi-purpose knife is perfect for all occasions; you can use it for camping, hiking, hunting and any outdoor activity. A MUST HAVE item for emergency preparedness; great gift for outdoor adventurers, campers, hikers, hunters or even constant travelers.
GREAT GIFTS - For Husband or Wife, Mom & Dad, Gifts for Men and Women, Brother and Sister, Son and Daughter, Grand Parents, Relatives, and Friends. We have many styles of pocket knife for men, pocket knife for women and groomsman gifts for wedding
3cr13 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE - Excellent Balance of Hardness and Toughness. Provides Razor Sharp Cutting Performance, High Durability and Easy Edge Maintenance. We chose this steel so the blade can resist any hard corrosion and increase the life expectancy of the blade edge. This allows our knives to provide razor sharp cutting performance over and over again.
#TOP 16
Kershaw Shuffle Folding Multi Function Multiple Cover

The perfect "girlfriend knife". If you're like me and have trouble convincing your girlfriend that she needs to carry a pocketknife if she wants to do stuff like backpacking Isle Royale, then buy her a shuffle. I gave a purple one to my girlfriend and a teal one to my mom (who is also a backpacking-interested woman who doesn't normally think much of pocketknives) and both of their reactions were the same: whoa, cool!

Its so CUTE, which it most definitely is, but also seems to be a perfectly decent pocketknife. The blade, pivot, etc all seem sturdy, it's easy to grip. The bottle opener is maybe slightly gimmicky but hey, why not? It's not like it makes the knife bulkier or reduces functionality in any way, and beer drinking ladies (or gents, not saying this knife is *only* for ladies, just that it seems to appeal greatly to them) will probably get plenty of use out of it.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $18.99 New Official
Blade Shop $20.97 New 92%
ECop! $21.67 New 80%
BladeHQ $22.99 New 92%
Rocky Mountain LLC $23.59 New 87%
National Tool Warehouse $24.02 New 91%
Chicago Knife Works $24.18 New 94%
Dodd's Sporting Goods $24.88 New 71%
Buffalo Gap Outfitters $24.91 New 88%
Best Knife Shop $24.95 New 99%


The Shuffle is a tough folding pocket carry great for backpacking, hiking, tailgating, fishing, hunting, golfing, gardening or office use
2.4 blade made with 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and finished for a matte BlackWash coat for improved edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance
The Shuffle's many uses include opening packages, tightening screws, removing bottle caps, cleaning fish, breaking down boxes and more
Stylish, basic black handle, contoured for comfort and composed of a durable glass-filled nylon with K-Texture for improved grip
A reversible deep-carry pocket clip allows user to adjust side of carry or tip position
#TOP 17
Tac Spring Assisted Sawback Tactical Cover
TASC Force

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite knives. In fact, the brand Tac-Force is has many high end knives at a ridiculously low cost. I have knives I paid over a hundred for that now stay at home while my tac force knives go with me everywhere.

I have one for work, casual, defense.... Well I have enough lol. Anyway, this knife is very well made with a "tight" feel.No play at all. The assisted open is excellent, and the blade lock is also fantastic. I personally think this knife looks awesome.

Good mix of black and aluminum. They come very sharp too. Honestly I have nothing bad to say, and that's very hard to do. Good job tac-force, keep making these knives because you are doing it right!


Partially Serrated Blade, Glass Breaker Stub Seatbelt Cutter
Material: 440 Stainless Steel Blade
Seatbelt Cutter
Overall Length 9", Blade Length 3.5"
Liner Locking System
#TOP 18
Ka Bar Full Size Fixed Kraton Handle Cover
13.25 x 3.13 x 2.25 inches

Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous knife. It's well weighted and feels wonderful in the hand. The kraton grip fits right in, no matter your hand size. Mine didn't come "shaving sharp" but with a decent edge nevertheless. It wasn't difficult to put a fine edge on with a few strokes of the diamond stone.

Honesty, I am a little disappointed with the weird black coating. It makes it feel like a cheap kiddy ninja knife, but it's not a bad tradeoff for not having to keep the blade oiled, and hey, it looks and feels badass.

The sheath is an exceptional feature of this sale. It's practically indestructible and versatile in ways of carrying. You could pretty much carry any way you want, whether on your belt, strapped to your leg, or attached to your molle pack; sideways, upright, upsidedown, what have you.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
ECop! $117.04 New 82%
SuperBlades $96.28 Collectible - Like New 94%


100% Synthetic
Blade Detail: Plain Edge; Blade Length (inches): 7.00; Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Black;
Carry System: Kydex Sheath; Handle Material: Kraton; Overall Length (inches): 11.75;
Special Features: N/A;
Made in USA

Tactical Knives Buying Guide

In broad strokes, we can differentiate two types: the fixed blade and the folding ones. The first is the classics, those who received the denomination of “tacticians” before. But over the years, manufacturers have focused on other features such as portability and concealment, which are reflected in the folding models.

To correctly choose a tactical knife, we need to look at something more than an affiliated blade. Depending on how we plan to use the knife, we must look for specific characteristics, such as material, the alloy used, resistance to external agents, etc.

Below we detail the aspects that, an expert opinion, should be valued when choosing the tactical knife that best suits your needs:


The choice of color is not just an aesthetic issue. Black finishes will always have a market, whether professional or casual. Either because of the absence of reflections necessary for certain operations or because it reminds us of the classic models of the movies and that attracts other types of buyers.

On the other hand, more striking colors such as yellow or red stand out more against certain surfaces such as snow, or water, so they are used by other types of units, such as firefighters, lifeguards, rescue teams, etc.


One of the basic requirements for tactical knives is portability, so weight plays a very important factor in this. In the end, everything will depend on the use that you are going to give it, but in general, if you need to cut vegetation, for example, it may be better to look for another type of additional knife, always valuing weight, discretion, and portability of the set.

Sheet Type

When choosing the ideal knife, you must take into account the use that will be given. It is not the same to cut rope than fatigue wire, for different purposes we have different sheets. Basically, we differentiate between smooth and sawn edge, although it is common to find models that incorporate a mixed edge.


Many people only look at the blade when the end (handle) is equally important. It must be ergonomic, non-slip and durable. Always check the opinions of other buyers, as some models suffer breaks with falls at low altitude, and of course, that is not something we want in a tactical knife.

A tactical knife will normally have a smooth and sawn mixed blade, a clip mechanism that allows it to be carried without a cover and a quick opening system that allows it to be opened with one hand. As is evident, the locking mechanism must be safe and facilitate one-handed operation.

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FAQs on Tactical Knives

When defining something as "tactical", it is generally implied that the item is suitable and designed for a combat sutuation, which also implies that the item is ultimately reliable and can be depended upon to function properly at all times.

With that in mind, not all Benchmade knives should be considered as tactical" weapons. However, Benchmade knives are of the highest quality, very well made, and can be depended upon to perform according to design intentions.

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I am not any sort of expert on fighting with knives, and my answer is opinion only. Tactical is used to mean a weapon or tool for use by militart units in field manuvers. A tactical knife may be used for fighting, but it would not be ideally suited for such.

A fighting knife is designed for use to kill another human as far as I understand it. As such, the design would be less than ideal for most purposes a military unit would use a knife for. A tactical knife would potentially be used for cutting wire, stripping insulation from wire, hitting an enemy soldier on the head with the pommel to knock them out for capture and interrogation, and other uses.

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When enlisting remember this word: Contraband Go to basic with two sets of disposable civilian clothes, plastic bags to store them in, a backpack or duffle to carry it all, a rugged wallet and a cheap cell phone. Pretty much everything else is contraband.

Do not even bring a butter knife it will be thrown away by you at reception. Choose a god to help you if you're dumb enough to hold onto it. You will be issued and told to buy at your training site.It wont be much.

After that its all about your command and what they allow you to have.

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The term tactical is in my opinion grossly overused. Pretty much any object intended to be carried, for example, in a battlefield or law enforcement environment gets prefixed tactical. Tactical boots, tactical socks, tactical Y-fronts and many of these items have zero use as weapons.

They are instead intended to assist the user to gain advantage in whatever situation they find themselves in. A tactical knife therefore is intended as a tool for cutting things such as ropes or harnesses, clothing, shrubbery but not people.

A small folding knife that is easy to deploy and that can be conveniently carried has many uses but a weapon is not one of them. Other knives are used for that, they are called combat knives and look quite different.

Combat knives are often advertised as tactical knives but in my opinion this is wrong. We have a law which prohibits knives being sold as weapons hence in the UK you can buy survival knives, tactical knives even commando knives but not combat knives (or zombie killer knives since zombie killer also implies weapon) - visually there is no difference, it is all in the name.

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It's not so much the knife that is in question, rather the manner in which it is carried. Culinary professionals carry their knives in bags or knife rolls, not their pockets. Carrying the knives in bags is perfectly legal. Thousands of people in New York work in restaurants and they need knives to make a living.

The city knows this and makes concessions for them to do so. If you are carrying a chef's knife in a knife roll while going to or from work in NYC the cops aren't going to hassle you. If you have it sticking out of your pocket, or something, then they probably will.

It's not what you're carrying, it's how you're carrying it that really matters.

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