30.2 pounds
20.3 x 15.5 x 24 inches
Stationary Table
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This is the cheapest example of an almost identical batch of sanding machines that vary only according to the color of the paint and the ring. The internal structure of the work is the same. So if you don't care what color your Sander is, this is the best choice. And it looks good! Although my plastic ring is yellow instead of orange. In operation, the swing action is smooth, and the worktable and axis are flat and square. Dust collection is great. Some people commented that the dust port is not suitable for the end of their hose. For them, I would recommend the unsung hero of the dust collection connection: the adjustable rubber pipe connector. They come in a variety of sizes, and the stainless steel belt clip at each end allows you to adjust the final inner diameter for a perfect fit. This is the well-sealed, securely connected one I used to get the end of my Festool 27 mm hose: Fernco P1056-125 1-1 inch stock couplings, which are also available at any large box home decoration center. Just get one end 1-1 and the other end of the appropriate size to provide a safe friction for your hose. Slide the end of 1-1 to the outside of the dust port of the plastic Sander with the smallest gap and tighten the tape clip to make it a semi-permanent part of the Sander.

34 pounds
18.5 x 16 x 20.5 inches
TSPS450 Spindle Sander
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I used it to polish the internal curves of wooden toy parts, and it worked very well. I gave it a four for a couple of reasons. The inserted content is not inserted all the way to the top of the table. This leaves the lip of sight when capturing a smaller part or starting from the end of a larger part. Inserts are only set in the table and are not safe. In addition, the largest washers provided for larger spindles and sleeves are not suitable for shaft rods. Washers are easy to find locally, but people expect the tool to have the right parts. On the plus side, the spindle / casing is easy to replace.

34 pounds
14 x 15 x 17 inches
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Since I have made quite a few curvilinear cuts for the template, I would like a spindle Sander. Before buying this particular product, I looked at a model sold by Harbor Freight and read reviews of similar products on Amazon. The bottom line is that I may not be able to find a better Sander within this price range. In addition, for whatever reason, I think Shop Fox is an American brand and what may be right, but it turns out that the Sander was built in China, which is not necessarily a quality problem, but the first thing that happened to me was a rubber barrel. Mainly because of most of the larger radius curves, I use a 3 "drum. So the first one I installed. Unfortunately, I couldn't tighten the (M10-1.25) nut to get enough rubbing paper sleeve. Even if there is a very light sanding pressure, the sleeve will run to the drum. Mm-hmm. I tried to tighten a little more, but it didn't work. Using the caliper, I measured the bulging (expansion) at the top, center and bottom w / and w fastening. The results are not much different. The sandpaper sleeve measurement is close to 3 ", so it seems OK." The other drums (2 ", 1.5", 1 "and 0.75") do well, meaning that the sleeves will stay where they are. Then I measured the rubber hardness (hardness tester) of all the drums. The results show that the rubber compound of 3 "has higher hardness than all other rubber. In addition, the shape factor of the 3 "drum (cross-sectional area and free expandable surface area) is a factor, resulting in relatively less Brin."

6.49 pounds
11.8 x 11.3 x 3.8 inches
Spindle Sander
Portable Sander
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I was happy to find this tool because I did some laminated carpentry, which allowed me to shape and maintain a beautiful 90-degree angle with the edge of the sand. As for going there, it worked really well and saved me a lot of time to polish. I use it in a handheld position instead of installing it on any working face. The first sanding machine I worked on, I got a fairly hard sanding lamination edge 2-3 "thick." This is the maximum you can get from this Sander. It went well, about 20 minutes, and then the Sander stopped oscillating. It still rotates and polishes. I also noticed that the handle next to the spindle was getting hot. I'll cool the Sander a little bit, and then I'll try again. The oscillation returned, but only lasted about two minutes. I sent the Sander back to Amazon and bought another one. So far, this one has done a good job. The sanding machine has a variety of spindle sizes, as shown in the figure. The only problem is that the smallest spindle is smaller than the shoulder nut that keeps the spindle, which limits the thickness of work you can do without bumping into the nut during vibration. Another problem is the biggest spindle. The gasket provided is first placed on the spindle to prevent the sandpaper drum from entering too far, the diameter is not large enough to grasp the sandpaper sleeve, and the sandpaper slides on the drum. I dare to tighten the nut with my hand, but I can't let the drum clamp the sleeve well enough to prevent the sleeve from slipping. I don't want to.

81.2 pounds
20.8 x 18.2 x 17 inches
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I'm not blaming Amazon, but. I ordered and received the first one. There is no obvious damage to the box. When the sanding machine is turned on, the whole foundation part collapses, the foot is twisted and the weld is broken. I packed the whole thing, returned it to Amazon, and received a replacement. Turn this over and open it from the bottom (remember that this thing is 75 pounds). Thirdly, it was found that the styrofoam packaging was flattened. Once again, the base is damaged to the point of breaking the weld on the base. I returned the second one and drove to Rockler Hardware (for about an hour) and bought the Sander myself. As mentioned earlier, it's not Amazon's fault. This is the manufacturer's fault and does not provide adequate protection for this weight of goods. It's also UPS's fault of hiring gorillas, who don't care what to do with the goods. It is clear that this project cannot be safely delivered by UPS. Last but not least: as I said, I finally bought the Sander from a physical store and took it home myself. I gave it five stars because it was a very good device. I go crazy when the evaluator downgrades the product because of delivery problems.

27 pounds
18.5 x 16.5 x 18 inches
Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander
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Buyer's Reviews 122

My comments are for Amazon 6523 oscillating Sander, which I bought based on non-WEN comments, and I would say, so far, I agree with them. There are a few things that confuse me, but in other ways it is a fairly well designed product. After I get some burn time, I will update this if there is a problem. For more information about the product, see video.

4.29 pounds
6.7 x 5.1 x 6.3 inches
220V power input
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Very good VFD controller, the number of parameters that can be used to adjust is impressive, a bit impressive. I particularly like the ability to set accurate values for maximum voltage and current, as well as the amount of time it takes to increase the speed until the target RPM value is reached. The latter means that you can drive a very heavy motor / device, otherwise it will immediately overload the controller and prevent the motor from speeding up too fast, while adjusting the speed through the front control knob. If there is a more detailed display, because it displays only a single value at a time (the default is that RPM), has voltage and current consumption. For reference only, my application using this controller is to drive a 24V turbine molecular pump. The blade assembly is very heavy and does not have a very slow acceleration, it skips the current limit, so it works well with the controller as long as the correct parameters are set.

28.4 pounds
15.4 x 13 x 17.7 inches
TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle Sander
TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle Sander
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First of all, the overall product design is usually well thought out, and almost everything has a storage point. It does what the manufacturer says it does. Several changes will make it better: 1) the locking knobs at the top of the drive shaft apply only to the belt unit, not the spindle-they give you a standard threaded nut and flat washer. in order to get enough "extrusion" on the rubber spindle to expand and hold on to the inside of the spindle sleeve-a bit tacky, probably in hindsight, 2) the belt tensioner is actually just a tracking adjustment. To prevent the belt from moving up or down at speed-you can't adjust the belt tension, 3) the tilt table hinge is not really in the right position-it should be hinged on the surface of the belt-a design challenge, but it can be done. 4) when mending, it is best to "lock" the oscillation function-sometimes it is difficult to obtain a consistent grinding rate because the spindle / belt oscillates unless the belt is original / fresh. It does have enough energy to support what I do with it. I gave it four stars because of what it was, and it did a good job.

35.6 pounds
17.8 x 22 x 16 inches
Not applicable
Not applicable
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Buyer's Reviews 35

I bought this to help shape the concave curves in the hands of some of my kitchen knives. For this purpose, it works beautifully. My only complaint is that when connected to the dust collection system, the noise is too loud. When the rotating drum rises, the air outlet channel is limited. The result is a painful, loud roar that contains a lot of high-frequency noise. This is one of the loudest machines in my shop. Hearing protection is necessary. By the way, I suggest you buy a 4-1 "grinding wheel as soon as you receive this. They are not expensive, and you can only use the machine to get one of each size in a fair amount of time. Update-6 2016-just a few months later, the edge around the table has been separated from the table. It's not cool. I'm contacting Grizzly about the warranty application.

13.2 pounds
16.1 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches
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Because of the price and the 3-year warranty, I chose Triton T41200BS instead of Makita9403 and 9404. Amazon Prime delivers very quickly. The box has arrived and there is no damage. I need a good belt Sander to smooth a dozen black walnut boards and 10 32-inch black walnut cookies. From the start I found that the belt would stay in orbit, drifting to the sanding machine on the left and wearing out one side of the belt, which didn't take a long time to do. Put the belt in the center, made a few passes, then looked at the belt, and it turned left again. At this point, I reread the manual problem and solve the tracking problem, but found nothing. I looked at Triton's website and FAQ section, and I didn't find any help. At this point, I sent them and emails asking for help with the problem. After thinking it might be the operator's fault, I put on a new belt. I put it in the center. I did it twice, then turned over to look at the belt and found that it had moved to the left. I recentered the belt and did it twice, only to find that the belt was deflected again. A week later, because I had sent my email to Triton and didn't get a reply from them, it was time to return the Sander and order Makita9403, as I should have done in the first place.

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