10 Best Power Rotary Tools

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Professionals and enthusiasts to do things themselves use rotary tools for cutting, roughing, carving, polishing, drilling and much more. The rotary tools can be driven by an electric motor, a compressed air motor or even a gasoline engine. Rotary tools are used on wood, metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces.
BEST CHOICE GOXAWEE Rotary MultiPro Keyless Chuck Cover

GOXAWEE Rotary MultiPro Keyless Chuck

BEST VALUE ZFE Diamond Engraving Carving Dremel Cover

ZFE Diamond Engraving Carving Dremel

PREMIUM PICK Dremel 8050 N 18 Rotary Accessories Cover

Dremel 8050 N 18 Rotary Accessories

#1 GOXAWEE Rotary MultiPro Keyless Chuck

Looks like DREMEL, but it's not that expensive, and comes with a lot of extra stuff (grinders, CDs, drills, felt polishers, etc.. Flexible shaft accessories can help you enter a small space. Suitable for real materials, including wood, ceramics, metal, steel and plastics.

All accessories are standard size, so they can be easily purchased. If you like carving, it is a necessary tool:) you can create all kinds of things you can imagine. Like variable power speed, control RPM. The drum has a variety of abrasive particles to polish.

There are a variety of uses, such as rust removal, old grouting, decorative tiles, can be used for dry walls or wood. Wire brushes can be easily polished and cleaned. Very good at shaping different materials. Ton of Extensions/Extras provides a wide range of options to use.

  • Description:GOXAWEE Rotary Tool Kit with MultiPro Keyless Chuck and Flex Shaft - 140pcs Accessories Variable Speed Electric Drill Set for Crafting Projects and DIY Creations
  • Brand:GOXAWEE
  • Item Weight:3.31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:11.02 x 9.45 x 2.95 inches
  • Size:Portable
  • Color:Black
  • Style:Rotary Tool Kit
  • Material:Metal, Stone, Plastic, Sand Paper, HSS
  • Pattern:Multi purpose, Universal fitment, Multi function
  • Shape:Scrolling, Circular, Cylindrical, Cone, Cup, Pen, Wheel, Needle


  • 140pcs accessories and accessories-flexible shafts are held on your precision project like a pen. The cover plate provides better protection for cutting and grinding. Bit locators help to work accurately on wood. Diamond cutting wheel is the best patch for glass, ceramics, floor tiles and so on. Multi-functional accessories include an extra carbon brush, saving money and trouble finding a new set.
  • Quick bit change chuck-equipped with three-claw universal chuck, better stability is applied to your project, allowing you to change accessories on rotating machine tools quickly and easily. GOXAWEE multi-chucks can accept accessories with 1x64 "to 1x8" handle and have a wider range of compatibility than other products. It is suitable for applications where accessories need to be replaced many times.
  • The variable speed compact type-the transmission disc is easy to use. The variable speed adjustment handle shows a speed of 5 steps, from 8000 to 30000 revolutions per minute. By adjusting the speed, you can easily carve fine sculptures on wood, glass, metal, plastic, tiles, and other materials. Its ergonomic compact rotation tool is designed so that it is small in size, light in weight and does not make too much noise.
  • Magic gift for DIY enthusiasts-packed in a sturdy suitcase. Stronger, anti-falling, moistureproof. The machine and accessories are neat, easy to place, light in weight and easy to carry. The GOXAWEE Rotary Kit G4007 is ideal for DIY craftsmanship and small family projects. It is also a gift for people who are keen on making by hand.
  • High performance process tools-suitable for sanding, polishing, cutting, shaping, drilling, deburring, grinding, cleaning, carving, edge trimming, etc., so that you can efficiently complete different process work. Whether you are fixing housework or lighting up your work, this is a very cost-effective investment.
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#2 Dremel 8050 N 18 Rotary Accessories

I bought this Dremel 8050 to trim our puppy's nails because he always makes a fuss when I try to use scissors. I use 120 sandpaper rollers and use about 10krpm. It is quite quiet and does the work well, quickly and efficiently.

We trim his nails every week. He's used to it now. I never had a dremel, before, so I started using this microcomputer at home and soon realized that it didn't have the energy to cut wood or metal, except for very thin fragments.

If this value is exceeded, the motor will be turned off. I recently replaced some toilet bolts, and it did cut them, but it took a few restarts to cut them. If I put any pressure on Dremel, it will shut down.

Some of the advantages of this model are: 1. Very lightweight and operable 2. LED lights allow you to illuminate what you are doing 3. Speeds range from 5 to 28k. (starts with 15k at boot) 4. Lithium-ion battery technology-8 volts if you want to use it to trim your dog's nails and light items, this 8050 may be your ideal choice.

I wanted to provide more power for other projects and bought an 8220, a larger, heavier 12-volt model. I have described their size comparisons here and will write a separate review for 8220.

  • Description:Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with Docking Station- Engraver, Polisher, and Detail Sander- Ideal for Glass Engraving, Wood Carving, Sanding, Polishing, and Cutting- 18 Accessories
  • Brand:Dremel
  • Item Weight:1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:9.75 x 6.5 x 3.75 inches
  • Style:Rotary tool
  • Material:Composite
  • Power Source:Battery-powered
  • Voltage:8 volts


  • LED project lights-the front lights illuminate the project for better visibility.
  • Excellent function-the cordless rotation tool with LED lights provides the perfect combination of size, ergonomics and power for precision and light DIY projects.
  • VERSTATILE Toolkit-includes 8050 cordless rotation tools, 18 high-quality DREMEL accessories and a charging base.
  • Ultra-thin and ergonomic fuselage-increases comfort and grip during extended use
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery-8V lithium-ion battery provides compact power and longer operating time. Always ready, no memory effect.
  • LED dial speed change-use the LED speed dial indicator to achieve the best speed between 5000 and 25000 RPM
  • Expansion base-constantly recharge the tool so that it is always fully charged and ready to use. The LED battery life indicator lets you know when it is ready to charge. The charging time is 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  • 2-year warranty and US customer service-chat, email, phone or visit our service center in Racine, Wisconsin.
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#3 TACKLIFE Accessories Attachments Multi Functional Projects RTD35ACL

I made a solid cut on my acrylic instead of making it look like Spider-Man made a web on it. I used tacklife dremel on thin metal and acrylic sheets. Since I didn't want to comment again, I cut my photos to only four.

This project is great at a good price. When using this tool, it is easy to modify the computer chassis, and the parts that follow are made of high-quality materials. The best part is I didn't buy anything extra. It comes with everything I need.

The photo of cracked acrylic acid was done by another Dremel, which costs twice as much and should be first-rate. However, this low-budget machine works so well that I can cut my parts once, which is a blessing.

  • Description:TACKLIFE Rotary Tool Kit Variable Speed with Flex shaft, 80 Accessories and 4 Attachments and Carrying Case, Multi-functional for Around-the-House and Crafting Projects-RTD35ACL
  • Brand:TACKLIFE
  • Item Weight:3.59 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:11.4 x 9.4 x 3.3 inches
  • Size:Medium
  • Color:Black & Orange
  • Material:PA6+GF30
  • Power Source:Ac
  • Voltage:120 volts
  • Wattage:135 watts


  • Shield 4 accessory support: in this rotation tool kit, we have a set of special rotation shafts, which can improve the flexibility of products and make your precision projects more comfortable and easy; Shield provides perfect protection when you carry out cutting and grinding work; Detailer handle allows you to focus on accurate carving, grinding and carving, giving it more stability; The cutting guide is suitable for cutting at different depths and maintains good perspective and stability.
  • Special gifts for Father's Day
  • Versatile accessories: 80 accessories cover a variety of applications from cutting, carving, drilling, sanding, polishing and even grooming pet nails. There are more applications and projects waiting for you to discover.
  • Excellent performance: high-performance rotary tool motor is strong, rotating power is strong, low noise. A 6-level shift from 10000 rpm to 32000 rpm makes your DIY project easy.
  • Comfortable operation: the product is light in weight and easy to use. The ergonomic design of supermodel makes it easier and more comfortable to work long hours.
  • "friendly customer service and support: you will receive rotary tools, knitting boxes, accessories boxes, 80 accessories, 4 accessories (cutting rails, detail fixtures, flexible shafts), and user manuals.
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#4 WEN 2307 Variable 100 Piece Accessories

My third Dreymel rotation tool ($100 EA) has been burnt out over the years. I have done a few small jobs with this WEN version now, and I will never buy Dreymel again. At this price, I can buy 4 of these per 1 Dreamel.

I like this tool better! Every Dreml accessory and bit I have fits this tool. The cost of this tool (new) is the same as the cost of replacing only the parts (switch module) to repair the damaged Dreeml I have.

If I fail within a year, I am still far ahead. If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you have a failed Demer in your hand and curse. If you buy this, you can't go wrong.

  • Description:WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessories
  • Brand:WEN
  • Item Weight:1.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:10 x 2.4 x 4.9 inches
  • Size:Medium
  • Color:Blue
  • Style:Basic Model
  • Power Source:Ac
  • Voltage:120 volts


  • The variable speed is between 8000 and 30000 RPM per minute.
  • Suitable for cutting, sanding, polishing, shaping, drilling, deburring, polishing, etc.
  • The on-board spindle lock can change the bit conveniently and quickly.
  • Including a set of 100 accessories, including drill bits, sand plates, polishing pads, spindles, etc.
  • Backed by an one-year warranty
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#5 KeShi Cordless Accessory Swap Able Multi Purpose

I have a port cargo plug rotating tool, which is about $10, which has at least the same strength in the cordless variety. A high speed of three speeds is a good power, but it certainly doesn't work like a high-power one that costs about $100.

This will be very useful for light industry around the house. It mainly comes with sanding accessories, so if you're looking to polish or cut off the wheels, you need to buy them separately. I'll give it a nine. This is a light battery-powered Sander or buffer rotation tool.

It's not expensive, Dreymeyer. If you need to find other places at high speed, if you want some small jobs, this may be it.

  • Description:KeShi Cordless Rotary Tool, 3.7V Li-ion Rotary Accessory Kit with 42 Pieces Swap-able Heads, 3-Speed and USB Charging Multi-Purpose Power Tool for Delicate & Light DIY Small Projects
  • Brand:KeShi
  • Item Weight:8 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:6.5 x 3 x 1.7 inches
  • Material:Metal ABS
  • Shape:Straight
  • Power Source:Battery-powered
  • Number Of Pieces:42
  • Accessory Connection Type:3/50" - 9/100" - 3/25" Copper Chucks
  • Display Style:Red Speed Indicator


  • * * check the chuck size before wearing the correct head * *
  • * * not applicable to heavy projects * *
  • [precision control versatility]: whenever you think about engraving, grinding, grinding, polishing or sanding, you will find that this electric rotary suit is necessary for you to create lightweight works of art with the best accuracy and controllability. Suitable for wood, plastic, ceramic tile, glass, stone, metal and so on.
  • [grooved power button design]: grooved power button design, no longer have to worry about the rotation tool will stop because of accidental touch of the switch, all the engraving / polishing work is uninterrupted. Ideal choice for DIY and professionals
  • [42 high-quality interchangeable heads]: there are a total of 42 attachments and attachments, which makes it great, and it's so easy to switch from one bit to another. Chuck x 3 (1ram 16 ", 3ram 32", 1ax 8 "), mandrel x 1, drill bit x 1, polishing drum x 1, abrasive belt x 25, grindstone x 6, binary tip bit x 5, accessory storage box x 1
  • [3 powerful speed settings + great innovation]: 3 powerful speed options with scattered vents. The speed of 5000rpm up to 15000 rpm makes it quite easy to create your work of art DIY, while the vents in the fuselage effectively dispel the heat released when the electric rotary tool is running, prolonging battery life and achieving long-term safe use.
  • [2-hour USB fast charging + overcharge protection]: are you tired of recharging? It's time to try this electric rotary machine. It can work for 90 minutes after 2 hours of full charge. Built-in overcharge protection, even if you forget to remove it from the wall outlet or computer after being fully charged, the battery can still be well protected.
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#6 Cordless Accessories Engraving Masterworks MW324

I bought this mainly to trim the dog's nails, which is very useful. Its RPM is higher than many tools designed for this purpose, and I think a higher speed is good-I just touch it on a nail and no one panics.

The kit includes sandpaper wheels for grinding claws and the like. Sandpaper does slide periodically to the neck of the tool, but it's not a big problem. It did what I needed it to do, and more. Maybe one day I'll use it for other important projects: -)

  • Description:Avid Power Cordless Rotary Tool 8V Li-ion with 2.0 Ah Battery, 5-Speed, 4 Front LED Lights and 60pcs Accessories Kit for Carving, Engraving, Sanding, Polishing and Cutting
  • Brand:Avid Power
  • Item Weight:10.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:8.5 x 3.6 x 3.3 inches
  • Size:8V Rotary Tool Kit
  • Color:Red & Black
  • Material:Other
  • Power Source:Battery-powered
  • Voltage:8 volts
  • Type of Bulb:LED


  • Ergonomic design: the compact and lightweight fuselage makes it lightweight and easy to handle fine tasks and fine work; the rubber-covered handle has anti-skid function, providing comfortable grip and better control.
  • Strong speed change of the motor: 8 volt output, 2.0AH lithium-ion battery, can produce strong and stable power. The speed varies from 5000 to 25000 rpm, allowing the speed to be adjusted flexibly.
  • What you will get: 8V 2.0AH cordless rotation tool, tool bag, 60 accessories, accessory box, battery charger, user manual. Don't worry about it!
  • Multi-functional 60PCS accessories: this rotary tool comes with 60PCS accessories, which can be used to complete a variety of household projects or process work, such as grinding, cutting, sanding, carving, polishing, drilling, etc.
  • Convenience and high performance: 4 front LED lights illuminate the dark workspace; gearshift lights and battery charging lights are easy to use; spindle locks can easily and quickly replace accessories.
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#7 TACKLIFE ARTO2C 282 Piece Accessories Sharpening

I always wanted a rotation tool, so when I saw the Tacklife rotation toolset at this price, I jumped on it. I have several other Tacklife products, and I am very satisfied with them. This set of rotating tools is equipped with a variable speed rotating tool, 80 accessories, a handle attachment and a flexible shaft extension, all of which are in a hard shell.

The tool has a rotation speed control, from 3200 to 10000 revolutions. I've tried to use it to cushion some of the scratches on my glasses because they're plastic lenses, and they wear out the surface, not polish the scratches. However, I've read that you can't really get scratches on plastic lenses, so it's not a tool mistake.

It does show me how the tool works, and it's easy to use, but the torque is not very large, so I can slow it down by pressing hard on the polishing tool I'm using. I tried to get into the wood, and it worked very well.

I didn't try all the other accessories, but it has a lot of polishing, drilling and cutting accessories. I also knew it would accept many other rotating tool accessories, but I went on to buy another 282 kit in a clear plastic shell.

Overall, that's what I've been looking for.

  • Description:TACKLIFE Rotary Tool Accessories Kit 282 Pieces 1/8-inch Diameter Shanks Universal Fitment for Easy Cutting, Grinding, Sanding, Sharpening, Carving and Polishing-ARTO2C
  • Brand:TACKLIFE
  • Item Weight:2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:10 x 7.7 x 2.6 inches
  • Size:ARTO2C
  • Number Of Pieces:282


  • The 282PCS rotary tool kit includes a wide range of rotary tool accessories, including cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, polishing, engraving, drilling and cleaning, to meet your application requirements.
  • Rotate is the perfect partner for most rotating tools.
  • The handle has a wide range of uses and is compatible with most rotary tools. It is very suitable for home decoration, hobbies, craftsmanship and any time that needs polishing, grinding, drilling, cutting, carving, etc.
  • Solid storage boxes-PS plastic boxes are more sturdy, fall-proof and moisture-proof, easy to carry and hang, and the parts are neat and orderly to prevent disarray and chaos.
  • New accessories for TACKLIFE-1.6 mm, 2.3 mm and 3.2mm, with special chucks for TACKLIFE (1CM16 ", 3CM32" and 1R8 ") and cloth wheels specially used for polishing jewelry, glass and jade; wheels for polishing and removing heavy-duty materials; diamond cutting plates for cutting jade, thin iron plates
  • "you will get: Tacklife ARTO2C282 piece rotation tool kit (for Tacklife RTD35ACL multi-function rotation tool kit and most other rotation types of tools)
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#8 DEWALT DW660 Cut Out Rotary Collets

I have done a considerable amount of plasterboard installation and maintenance last year while working in my house. I think this purchase makes sense after just a few jobs, because it makes cutting plasterboard, a usually less enjoyable job (especially during the renovation work) much easier and faster than hand tools.

It does raise a little dust, which can be mitigated to some extent by painting the tool in one direction rather than the other. The quality of the build is solid; I have no concerns about this aspect of the tool.

I must blow it out with a compressor after use, because although it has a sealed motor, it is best not to move any type of parts. By using a splint screwed to the wall, you can easily cut long, straight lines yourself, which is also useful.

Finally, I find it much more comfortable to use it in remodeling than with a bayonet saw. Cutting into the wall without knowing what is behind it, even the most educated guess, is a serious matter. Because you can use this to fix the depth of the dry wall thickness, it actually eliminates the risk of damaging electrical and data cables, which is very important in my book.

  • Description:DEWALT (DW660) Rotary Saw, 1/8-Inch and 1/4-Inch Collets, 5-Amp
  • Brand:DEWALT
  • Item Weight:3.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:11.5 x 5.62 x 3.5 inches
  • Size:iphone
  • Color:Yellow
  • Material:Other
  • Power Source:Corded-electric
  • Head Style:Flat
  • Measurement System:Metric


  • The on / bump close switch allows the user to easily close the tool.
  • The DW660 includes a gypsum wall cutting bit and a 4 ", 1" 8 "chuck for the plaster wall.
  • Ultra-thin body design to reduce fatigue when used for a long time
  • Dustproof sealing switch to prevent vacuuming and prolong switch life
  • 5 amp, 30000 rpm motor provides greater cutting power
  • 120V AC 5.0 amperes
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#9 ZFE Diamond Engraving Carving Dremel

These bits are holding up quite well. I carved river rock, so it was hard at any point. I bought it again.

  • Description:ZFE Diamond Burr Bits, Diamond Burr Bits Drill Kit for Engraving Carving Rotary Tool- 1/8"(3mm) Shank Pack of 90Pcs/ 3 Sets
  • Brand:ZFE
  • Package Dimensions:6.3 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight:12 ounces
  • Manufacturer recommended age:18 months and up
  • Mfg Recommended age:18 months and up


  • The storage boxes sold by PC are sturdy and durable, fall-proof and moisture-proof, easy to handle and hang, and the parts are neat and tidy to prevent disarray and chaos.
  • "90pcs diamond burr-ideal for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving, decoration and finishing; glass, metal, stone, ceramic, wood, plastic work
  • What will you get-Zfe90 pieces rotating tool engraving, engraving bit kit and our best service
  • The handle has a wide range of uses and is compatible with most rotary tools; it is very suitable for home decoration, craftsmanship and work requiring polishing, grinding, drilling, cutting, carving, etc., together with most rotary tools, it can be carved on a variety of materials, including: Wood, ABS, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, plastic, etc. Ideal for detailed work, such as building and polishing dollhouse furniture, train models or micro-buildings, highly recommended for jewellers.
  • Different sharp bit accessories-30 different styles of different sharp milling cutter bits can achieve more carving, very suitable for all types of detail work.
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#10 Performance Accessories Attachments Universal Engraving

I've always wanted to carve wood and maybe do some carving, but I never wanted to do it with non-power tools, so I bought this as a trial tool for my adventure. So far, this tool is great! It's worth it!

  • Description:Populo High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with 107 Accessories, 3 Attachments, Variable Speed, Flex Shaft and Universal Collet for Abrasive, Polish, Cutting, Engraving, Drilling and Crafting DIY Project
  • Brand:populo
  • Item Weight:4.09 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:11.8 x 9 x 3.3 inches
  • Size:Rotary Tool Kit with 107 Accessories


  • A 3.5-foot-long flexible shaft with a comfortable handle for precision grinding, polishing and engraving. The cutting guideway helps to adjust the cutting depth, up to 3 bumps and 4 "." Use grindstone to grind tip accessories, especially suitable for grinding lawn mower blades, garden shovels or scissors.
  • It includes 3 accessories and 107 large accessories with drills, discs, wheels, etc. Suitable for sanding, cutting, polishing, grinding, carving, carving, grinding and drilling, etc. It is suitable for home decoration engineering and DIY process conception.
  • Variable speed 10000-32000 rpm, suitable for different applications, on / off switch increases the safety of operation.
  • The spindle lock allows easy and quick replacement of accessories, and the universal chuck selection is compatible with most brand rotary tool accessories, with shank sizes ranging from 1ram 16 "to 1max 8" (compatible with Dremel, Tacklife accessories, etc.).
  • Includes: rotating tool, 107 accessories, kit, 3 accessories (flexible shaft, cutting guide, grinding accessories), user manual and suitcase.
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# TOP 1-GOXAWEE Rotary MultiPro Keyless Chuck 2-Dremel 8050 N 18 Rotary Accessories 3-TACKLIFE Accessories Attachments Multi Functional Projects RTD35ACL 4-WEN 2307 Variable 100 Piece Accessories 5-KeShi Cordless Accessory Swap Able Multi Purpose 6-Cordless Accessories Engraving Masterworks MW324 7-TACKLIFE ARTO2C 282 Piece Accessories Sharpening 8-DEWALT DW660 Cut Out Rotary Collets 9-ZFE Diamond Engraving Carving Dremel 10-Performance Accessories Attachments Universal Engraving
Product GOXAWEE Rotary MultiPro Keyless Chuck Thumbnail Dremel 8050 N 18 Rotary Accessories Thumbnail TACKLIFE Accessories Attachments Multi Functional Projects RTD35ACL Thumbnail WEN 2307 Variable 100 Piece Accessories Thumbnail KeShi Cordless Accessory Swap Able Multi Purpose Thumbnail Cordless Accessories Engraving Masterworks MW324 Thumbnail TACKLIFE ARTO2C 282 Piece Accessories Sharpening Thumbnail DEWALT DW660 Cut Out Rotary Collets Thumbnail ZFE Diamond Engraving Carving Dremel Thumbnail Performance Accessories Attachments Universal Engraving Thumbnail
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Size Portable - Medium Medium - 8V Rotary Tool Kit ARTO2C iphone - Rotary Tool Kit with 107 Accessories
Material Metal, Stone, Plastic, Sand Paper, HSS Composite PA6+GF30 - Metal ABS Other - Other - -
Power Source AC, Corded-Electric Battery-powered Ac Ac Battery-powered Battery-powered - Corded-electric - -
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Power Rotary Tools Buying Guide

David Dawson

Applications, power, speed and drill size

The rotary tools are designed to provide precision and high performance. The rotary tools are simple enough to be used by inexperienced people and in turn meet the needs of professional users. They are ideal for applications at home and at work, there are also different types of accessories to get the most out of the tool.

Essentially, all rotary tools do the same: rotate, but logically their differences exist. Professional rotary tools are high strength rotary tools, sometimes marketed as cutting tools or spiral saws, are more powerful and intended for professional tasks, such as making cuts in drywall, electrical boxes, and other accessories.

They tend to be a little bigger, heavier and usually do not include accessories and complements. They are suitable for the most demanding applications. Light rotary tools are smaller, perfect for crafts, carpentry, and jobs that require fine detail. They tend to be the preferred option for most of those who prefer to do things for themselves and for home users.

What type of Power rotary tools?

Rotary tools exist with both cable and battery. If we do not need to transport it or if we plan to use our tool for long periods of time it is advisable to choose a model with cable, which is also usually cheaper.

The tools with cable offer the advantage of having an unlimited power supply, in addition to being usually lighter because they do not need to charge their own built-in power source.

For both models, both with cable and battery, generally greater power will represent the greater weight and greater size, while with light tools we will have less power but gain in comfort, maneuverability, and control. Nominal powers range from 1 to 5.5 amps for wired models and 4.8 V to 18 V for wireless models.

Speed ​​and size of drill bit

A rotary tool can vary the speed from 5,000 to 15,000 rpm (without cable) or from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm (with cable). A wider speed ranges and higher speed settings will make the rotary tool more versatile.

The tool holder or mandrel are two things, which determine the drill size that your press can accept. A large nozzle/mandrel size increases the versatility of the tool because most can be adapted to hold smaller bits, but cannot be adapted for larger ones.

Most rotary tools can accommodate 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch, although other sizes are available. 1/4 inch offers a wider selection of drill bits, as it can usually be adapted to 1/8 inch.

Many users will appreciate a 1/4 inch capacity for interchangeability with other tools. Accessories are often interchangeable for more versatile use. Specialized rotary tools have few accessories and attachments. A flexible shaft provides maneuverability and control for fine detail work.

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