10 Best Lunch Boxes

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#1 Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Lasting

In favor of: clean, uniform, sturdy disadvantages: I don't think as long as the soft gel package will stay cold, although I finally like this one rather than the cold bag, because I have opened and leaked, or it takes up more space in the refrigerator and lunchbox.

  • Description:Fit & Fresh XL Cool Coolers Reusable Ice Packs, Long Lasting Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 4, Blue
  • Brand:Fit & Fresh
  • Product Dimensions:7 x 0.5 x 4.75 inches
  • Item Weight:2.22 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Fit & Fresh


  • Colder and longer: bigger than our original freezer, keeping food and drinks cool and fresh for longer
  • Larger size: the set includes 4 rectangular packages suitable for daily use, each with a size of 7 "x 4.5" x 0.50 "
  • Safe and durable: non-toxic without BPA, safe in cold storage. Wash it by hand. Don't use the microwave.
  • Go anywhere: lunchboxes and freezers of all sizes-work, school, parties, picnics, beaches, tails, etc.
  • A variety of shapes: packaged at the bottom and / or side of a lunch bag or freezer, using multiple packages for greater cooling capacity
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#2 Bentgo Kids Prints Unicorn 5 Compartment

I definitely like to put my daughter's lunch in these lunchboxes. The different cubicles are the perfect size for her little fingers and appetite. Once you close the lid, everything is airtight. I've packed oatmeal, noodle soup and yogurt, no problem. Well, I have a bunch of lunch boxes like this, so I can prepare some cubicles at the beginning of the week. Tip: if you pack foods together according to their moisture levels, it's really easy to fill them with a variety of different foods (for picky diners). For really clean, crispy edges & fluffy bread, cut the bread to a certain size with scissors before making sandwiches. Press the lid until you close the front label. The new prints are beautiful. My daughter likes them.

  • Description:Bentgo Kids Prints (Unicorn) - Leak-Proof, 5-Compartment Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box - Ideal Portion Sizes for Ages 3 to 7 - BPA-Free and Food-Safe Materials
  • Brand:Bentgo
  • Package Dimensions:8.8 x 7.1 x 2.25 inches
  • Item Weight:1.45 pounds


  • Ideal food for children: 5 practical cubicles that perfectly satisfy the child's appetite to encourage a healthy and balanced diet (recommended for 3-7 years old)
  • Fashionable lunch: Bentgo Kids has upgraded the most popular children's lunchbox in the United States, using interesting patterns to show children's personality.
  • Purposeful purchases: Bentgo remains a proud supporter of 501 (C) (3) non-profit organizations that provide hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bengo has donated more than $200,000 to help end hunger
  • Leak-proof technology: keep meals and snacks fresh and tidy during transportation-two child-friendly latches are designed to facilitate the opening and closing of small hands
  • Anti-fall design: uses a durable rubber coating edge to protect the lunchbox when it falls.
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#3 Blue Ele Reusable Lightweight Colorful

The color and size are good. Because there are four ice cubes in a group, there are many matching options. In addition, the ice is very thin and takes up only a very small amount of space in the food bag. I used to worry that my lunch would go bad because of the heat, but now the problem has been solved. I love it!

  • Description:Blue Ele BE01 Ice Pack for Lunch Box and Cooler, BPA Free, Reusable and Long Lasting, Slim and Lightweight Design for Kids, Set of 4, Fun & Colorful
  • Brand:BLUE ELE
  • Product Dimensions:6.26 x 4.33 x 0.59 inches
  • Item Weight:1.71 pounds
  • Department:Unisex-teen
  • Manufacturer:Blue Ele
  • Warranty:For any quality issues, Blue Ele guarantees a life-time new replacement.
  • Batteries Required:No
  • Origin:Imported


  • Convenient-can easily hold all types of lunch bags, lunch boxes, freezers and grocery suitcases. It is very suitable for use in a small space, or several are stacked together to get more cooling power.
  • The perfect size of cymbal-the ideal size for daily use. The size of each ice bag is 6.26 "x 4.33" x 0. 59 ". The slim, lightweight and durable design makes your insulated lunch bag colder and more durable.
  • Your child will like it-interesting and cheerful colors and fashionable snowflake patterns, and your child will like to add these lovely and colorful things to their lunchboxes. It's also a perfect gift.
  • New replacement for life-rest assured that we provide a 30-day refund. For any quality problem, Blue Eagle provides a new substitute for life.
  • "make lunchtime better! Let's use blue ELE cold bags to keep your child's refreshments and snacks cool, crispy and delicious at lunchtime.
  • "Daily safety-the usable blue Ele ice bag is leak-proof and sturdy, made from a 100% bpa-free food-grade high-density polyethylene shell filled with non-toxic gel.
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#4 HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Black

For each working day, I intend to bring pickled / prepared raw food to the office, put it in the oven in the morning, and eat fresh food at lunchtime. After testing the unit in my home, I concluded that I had to add one more step: scorch / yellowing any meat before putting it in the oven. Otherwise, this unit is great and worth every penny. Note: if you register an oven, the manufacturer will provide a 2-year extension of the 1-year warranty. So don't forget to sign up! -Test.-I put frozen rice and thawed raw chicken in the oven. Three hours later, the food reached an edible temperature. The chicken looked terrible when it came out. So I burned it a little on the cast iron pan. -data-temperature is measured by infrared thermometers and meat thermometers. In more than three hours, the oven raised the temperature of rice from-5F to 132F and the temperature of chicken from 35F to 153F. The table temperature under the device is 129F (+ 55F). The heating plate rises to nearly 200F; similarly, the bottom of the giant glassware at the top of the plate reaches 162F. As for the electricity used, the unit alternates from 0W to slightly less than 50W. In three hours, it took only 0.11 kilowatt hours, which translates to a dollar figure of less than a penny (using my electricity price).

  • Description:HOTLOGIC Food Warming Tote, Lunch Bag 120V, Black - Food Warmer and Heater – Lunch Box for Office, Travel, Potlucks, and Home Kitchen
  • Brand:Hot Logic
  • Product Dimensions:9 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight:1.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer:HotLogic


  • Your food is fully cooked: evenly cook or reheat fresh or frozen meals-or even leftovers-in about an hour without scorching or drying your food.
  • Hot food within reach: ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen box lunches and heating comfortable food at home, office or party.
  • Throwing away MIC: no longer overcooked meals, freezing centers, waiting in line or handling spattered food; HOTLOGIC is revolutionizing the way you cook without old microwave ovens
  • Set it up, forget it: no need to monitor-just put your meal in, plug it in, and start your day, whether it's work or play, and when you're ready to eat, enjoy it.
  • Heating: compatible with most flat-bottomed, sealable containers, including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil and cardboard. Containers that can hold up to 8.75 "wide x 6.75" long x 2.5 high "or 1.5 quarts of food
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#5 Wildkin Olive Trains Planes Trucks

This bag is perfect for school / nursery lunch. The dimensions in the instructions are accurate (9.75 "x 7" x 3.25 "). It can hold either children's Bentgo boxes or Ziplock split containers (both are sold separately). I can hold two small thin ice packs, like Cool Coolers thin ice packs, but it's very tight. I usually put one on the bottom and one on top of the lunch container. Therefore, the lunch bag is not big enough to hold a beverage bottle. I can squeeze an honest kid juice bag or machine valley 6.75 Florida. Oz. The milk box is next to its top ice pack, but it is next to each other again. With a lunchbox, two thin ice bags and a juice bag, the zipper can still be easily zipped up. There is a small zipper area outside the lunch bag for silverware. I have never used it because I only bring finger food. The lunch bag keeps his lunch cool until he is ready to eat. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with this product.

  • Description:Wildkin Insulated Lunch Box for Boys and Girls, Perfect Size for Packing Hot or Cold Snacks for School and Travel, Mom's Choice Award Winner, BPA-free, Olive Kids (Trains, Planes and Trucks)
  • Brand:Wildkin
  • Product Dimensions:9.75 x 3.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Item Weight:7.2 ounces
  • Department:Unisex - Child
  • Manufacturer:Wildkin


  • Bold patterns-Wildkin's lunchbox series is not only one of the best choices on the market, but each pattern provides an interesting and bold appearance, making it fun to carry with you. Choose your favorite color, or let your child choose the pattern of their favorite theme.
  • Do your part for the environment at a good price-say goodbye to the days of those Kraft paper bags and say "hello" to a greener lunchtime. Use our reusable lunchboxes to reduce waste and save money!
  • Zipper front bag
  • Travel-friendly design-each compact, lightweight lunch box can hold a container the size of, with plenty of space for snacks, cutlery and juice boxes. Features include a zipper front bag to hide surprise desserts or interesting notes, as well as a convenient inner mesh bag for perfect napkins and cutlery.
  • There are many great styles to choose from.
  • The winner of the mother's choice award-Wildkin is the winner of the prestigious mother's choice award. MCA evaluates products created for parents and is recognized globally for establishing excellence benchmarks for family-friendly products. Through a rigorous evaluation process, we scored in terms of quality, design, educational value, originality, attractiveness and cost. Around the world, parents, educators and retailers trust the MCA Seal of Excellence when choosing quality products / services for families and children.
  • The pattern is in harmony with other WILDKIN and OLIVE KILD items-make it a theme! Each lunchbox is designed to coordinate with other Wildkin equipment and Olive Kids items. From backpacks to duffel bags to sleeping bags, your children will like to take their favorite styles with them.
  • Spacious design-9.75 x 7 x 3.25 inches. You will find it so spacious that you can easily put your lunch in it. Best of all, our lunchboxes are compatible with Bentgo Kids lunchboxes and Yumbox Original, Panino, Tapas and MiniSnack lunchboxes. So go ahead and bring extra food!
  • Rugged fabric structure, product size: 7 x 3.2 x 9.8 in.
  • Recommended age for manufacturers: 3-15 years old
  • High-quality fabrics make this lunch box durable, strong and easy to clean. Thermal insulation helps to maintain hot and cold temperatures throughout the day, improving food quality, freshness and taste.
  • Heat insulation and easy cleaning
  • Guaranteed satisfaction-free of polyvinyl chloride, bisphenol An and phthalates, which is an environmentally friendly choice with unparalleled quality and reliable replacement warranty.
  • Free of PVC, BPA and phthalates
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#6 Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box

In the past two years, I have bought five of these lunchboxes, two of which are still in business. The upside: you can pack a lot of varieties without getting a ton of Tupperware dirty every day. For this reason, many parents in the nursery want to know where I got it. Disadvantages: the seal is moldy and the bolt is broken. After a month, at least a few small mildew spots will stain the rubber seal. These containers spin so hard that they are cleaned quickly. The broken latches were caused by day care workers sticking them, not by the child's rough handling. They always break in the same place, where the latch grabs the lid, not the latch itself. I also advise against washing these. I can see that the rubber liner is very different from the rubber liner I bought when my dishwasher broke down. The ones I put in the dishwasher not only look weathered, but also absorb the smell, so after a while, they smell like refrigerators that haven't been deodorized for years. It doesn't taste good. All in all, I still think these lunch containers are great, but there are some annoying questions. I may consider continuing to buy at a discount, but not for the full amount of $30. If my comments inform you, please click the help button below, thank you!

  • Description:Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box - Bento-Styled Lunch Solution Offers Durable, Leak-Proof, On-the-Go Meal and Snack Packing
  • Brand:Bentgo
  • Product Dimensions:8.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight:1.23 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Bentgo


  • Leak-proof technology: keep meals and snacks fresh and clean during transportation-including two child-friendly latches that make small hands easy to open and close.
  • Children's section: 5 practical cubicles, fully suited to children's appetite (recommended for 3-7 years old). In addition, anti-fall, rubber-coated edges and rugged design are suitable for active children.
  • You will receive: Bentgo children's lunch boxes, user manuals, industry-leading 2-year warranty and caring customer support.
  • Purposeful purchases: Bentgo remains a proud supporter of 501 (C) (3) non-profit organizations that provide hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bentago has donated more than $200,000 to help end hunger.
  • Microwave ovens and dishwashers-safe: removable compartment trays can safely heat food in the microwave and easily clean in the dishwasher (it is recommended that the shell be hand-washed to maintain a leak-proof seal and extend the life of the product).
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#7 Fit Fresh Coolers Penguin Multicolored

A) adorableb) efficient c) Compact d) ADORABLEPenguins. Cold penguin I'm a grown man, and these are the best things I can pull out of your lunchbox at work, like, yeah, this is a little orange cold penguin.

  • Description:Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers, Slim Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Bags and Coolers, Penguin Shapes for Kids, Set of 4, Multicolored
  • Brand:Fit & Fresh
  • Product Dimensions:4.75 x 2 x 3.15 inches
  • Item Weight:15.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer:MEDport


  • Perfect size: ultra-thin size, can be used alone, suitable for all types of lunch bags and boxes.
  • Light up their day: a set of 4 lightweight reusable ice bags with bright and interesting colors
  • Size: each ice pack is 4.75 "x 3.15" x 0.25 "
  • Reliable material: ice bag is non-toxic, food safety, does not contain bisphenol A
  • Nursing tip: ice bags should not be put in dishwashers or microwave ovens. Hand washing only
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#8 Thermos Soft Lunch Kit Minecraft

Thermos Soft Lunch Kit Minecraft Cover

I bought this as a substitute for our beloved Planetbox (children can't hold thermos for days if they want soup). I like it, but it took me a long time to find a box that could be put at the bottom. We try to put the thermos or water bottles at the bottom, but because the thermos are round, they tilt when the lunch box is upright. Anyway, what works for me is to put HusKitchen's small stainless steel lunchbox food container at the bottom to hold their fruit and other things. Then I put their thermos and water bottles in the top compartment. HusKitchen's container is very strong, so it can bear the weight of thermos and water bottles, so I don't have to use a lot of plastic bags to store their fruit and other items at lunch.

  • Description:Thermos Soft Lunch Kit, Minecraft - Upright
  • Brand:Thermos
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Item Weight:3.2 ounces
  • Department:Unisex-child
  • Manufacturer:Thermos


  • 100% PVC,-free lining is PEVA
  • Reduce waste and save money by packaging your child's lunch in a reusable Thermos-branded lunch bag
  • High quality closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation material
  • Detailed screen printing graphics
  • Comfortable cushioned handle
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#9 Enther Containers Compartment Stackable Dishwasher

I bought 12 packs of these containers because I wanted a way to bring lunch to work without having to carry multiple containers or mix flavors for different foods. About half of the packaging has been used, and here are some of my preliminary ideas: the advantage container has very deep pockets / bags. This allows you to carry a considerable amount of food in one of the about six containers I've used so far, with a general consistency (that is, you don't have some containers that are more suitable / buckled than others). This is perfect for both Western and Asian lunches, accommodating one main course and two sides. As you can see from the picture, the container is not so large that you can't eat it on your desk. The drawback although the corner buckle is quite tight, but the side can be one to allow air to enter. Maybe a little looking forward to plastic containers, but because of the deep pockets, if you store greasy food, washing these containers can be painful. In short, when I bring lunch to work, I will be happy to use these containers and use them again. It checks the boxes of what I'm looking for (you have to store a lot of food and separate it), and I can feel comfortable with some of the shortcomings. Recommendation!

  • Description:Enther Meal Prep Container 20 Pack 3 Compartments with Lids Food Storage Bento Box BPA Free/Reusable/Stackable Lunch Planning, Microwave/Freezer/Dishwasher Safe, Portion Control 36oz
  • Brand:Enther
  • Product Dimensions:7.5 x 1.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Item Weight:2.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Enther


  • There will be no more disappointment. Gone are the days when you had to worry that the container broke or couldn't stand the heat of the microwave oven. Our containers do not contain bisphenol An and can be heated in a microwave oven and can be used many times.
  • Simple, fast and easy to use-most cutlery won't stand the test. They break after a few times of use and cannot even be used in a microwave oven without burning or melting. Not worse, our bento boxes are durable and contain the best features.
  • Trust-use a cutlery you can trust. When you have to buy a new container after several uses, it becomes old. Enther containers are friendly to both washing machines and freezers. With our bento boxes, you can believe that they will last longer than any other kind. Can withstand temperatures of-40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is completely safe for microwaves and refrigerators
  • The Entler container in your mind is tailor-made for you. We listened to your request, and this is our response: a safe, stackable and reliable container with separators for partial control. This bento box has everything you need, and more!
  • Our containers are made with quality as the center. If your container does not meet your expectations or there are cracks within 10 times of use, you will get a refund of the order. This is our promise.
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#10 Electric Lunch Truck Work 110V

My boyfriend is a technician, he is always on the road, not to mention he hates microwave food, so I struggled how to pack his lunch, and the sandwiches began to get old. Nothing can keep the food at home hot enough, especially when he works long hours. At last I met this, and I was very happy. Forget me, he couldn't be happier. He plugged it into his car and 20 minutes later he had a completely hot meal. It's big enough to add up to fill him. He's not a little guy. I'm sure I'll buy it again!

  • Description:TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1 - Portable Food Warmer for Car, Truck, Home and Work 12V & 110V 40W - Includes 2 Compartments, Removable Stainless Steel Food Heater Container
  • Brand:Travelisimo
  • Package Dimensions:9.5 x 6.8 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight:1.65 pounds


  • Because our dual-purpose self-heating lunch box has two different plugs, we can eat anywhere. 110v is used for hot lunch boxes in the office, and 12v portable microwave adapters are used for cars and trucks.
  • Plug in, finish eating and enjoy a home-cooked meal, warm and fresh. Travelisimo's electric lunchbox food heater can be used for driving trips, work and other activities, allowing you to eat at home anytime, anywhere.
  • It will be hot soon! Don't wait in such a long line. Our portable food warm lunch box can immediately heat a healthy, hot lunch box set meal. Plug in the cable-warm up the lunch. You're only a few minutes away from "um".
  • It is easy to clean and the dishwasher is safe. High temperature resistant hot food box tray. Including spoons. Spicy food can be added to the shopping cart anywhere.
  • Are you still hungry? We made heated lunchboxes for adults with an appetite. Each portable food heater contains a removable food-grade plastic container for more storage. Perfect car food heater, suitable for car travel snacks.
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