13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
8.93 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 20958

I read some of the posts here, and the brewer inadvertently stopped working. I quit the first one two days later. The replacement stopped working after 2.5 weeks and worked the same way-just not making coffee. If this happens to you, the problem may be (I stumbled upon this, I blame Keurig for not writing some instructions or instructions in the file). The puncture needle is blocked by fragments or coffee grounds. The device detects excessive back pressure and stops. All everyone needs to do is take a paper clip and open a piece of wire to insert both sides of the needle to remove and fragment. After doing so, the unit will work properly. If you call Keurig, they will also send you a device to clean up that port. If your unit tries to make a cup, then stop filling the cup and try this first.

10.2 x 6.5 x 13.35 inches
3.22 pounds
Hamilton Beach
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Buyer's Reviews 2848

My Kuerig is broken and I need a quick and cheap substitute to get me through the holidays. I ordered this and thought it would be all right in a week. I was really surprised when I used it. Whether you use pods or your own ground, it can make good coffee. It has two parts, one for pods, the other with a built-in ground filter, you just pop one according to what you have / what you like, and then add a cup full of water to the reservoir, and coffee, you have a very good cup of coffee in 1 minute. The coffee machine is small, but it looks good. That's what I want! Warning. The reservoir is small, so just fill your cup with water. It will continue to be distributed until the reservoir becomes empty, and if you pour more water than your cup can hold, it will overflow.

17.32 x 14.17 x 14.41 inches
13.47 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 5826

My first four glasses of wine at this winemaker were very frustrating. Three glasses of steamed milk (no foam) and one glass of cold milk (no foam). I think I've tried everything. Skim milk, almond milk, whole milk.. Latte, cappuccino. I'm ready to put it back in the box and return it because it would be too expensive to make just one cup of coffee. My last effort paid off! I want to know, why did they give me this foam lid? Maybe it played a role in the process. So I put 2% of the promised land milk on the cappuccino and the lid on the foamer. Success! It's not just a small bubble or thin. There's a lot of foam, and it's thick. So, if you have a bubble problem and you haven't used the lid yet, try it! For some reason, it makes everything different.

6.1 x 13.6 x 14.7 inches
2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 6510

I was one of the first people to buy Keurig K-Cup machines before they became such ordinary kitchen accessories. When their machines went from being built to basically discarding garbage, and when they tried to lock users to pods that used only their own brands, I insisted on using suspicious locking schemes. In order to get the quality they want, I moved from their plastic home winemaker to their commercial product, and I now own a K150, which I think is one of the best products they've ever had. So first, I'm no stranger to the Keurig ecosystem, and the second is that I really don't need another winemaker. At least I don't think I did. ORIGIN of the Mini however, when I traveled, I noticed that many of the hotels I stayed in had the original Keurig Single SERVER compact brewer, so I always brought a few cups of coffee, tea, and sometimes hot chocolate pods so I could make a fast food cup in my room. The hotel room version is very good, but the design is very poor, not very suitable for family use. When I first saw this newly upgraded K-Mini model, I was really interested. I hope it can be a viable option when I travel because it is small and can be used in our cabin or resort, even something more special, something close and dear, I need-as a single cup hot water dispenser for tea bags or other instant drinks. Hot water magic TRICK you see, the world desperately needs a good song.

17.4 x 14.9 x 14.6 inches
12 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 12

I have a Keurig, that has broken down recently for many years. I'd like to try this latte with foaming agent instead of my basic model. It works! The only problem is that it takes about 30 seconds more to make coffee than I did before (I think this is a basic single service). Must learn to spin the black thing to spin the milk in the foaming agent! Who knows! A very good price!

7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches
2.53 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2737

So, I replaced my iCoffee machine with Nespresso Virtuoline w/frother. I'm very excited because I like foam coffee. However, I was really disappointed because the coffee was never hot enough. For my "regular" morning coffee, I turn to heating it in the microwave and then put it to work in my travel cup. So-I'm looking for a different single cup coffee machine, and I'm ready to buy Keurig mini, but the price is $99 (if you use your bed bath, good $79 & more than a 20% discount), but decide to do some research. I stumbled upon Spoli's serve. The price is correct and there is a "discount coupon" added to my shopping cart! I got it, took it out of the box and scratched my head. How exactly did you use the K cup? It has a brewing basket, but the K glass swings and the needle does not pierce it. Finally realized that there was no K-cup bracket in the (Duh) box. I immediately emailed Sboly and they replied within a day. They apologized to me and sent me a new coffee pot. That's it! Now, this little coffee maker is a bomb! Its footprints are very small. I like it very much. I posted a picture next to Nespresso (yes, I'll leave it on my latte, haha!) What I like about this little guy is that it's a single serve-which means you have to put water in it every time. Now I don't mind at all. I don't like the water in the reservoir. In other words, it does take 3-4 minutes to add hot water and make coffee. Well, as I continue to do things, it's brewing. C 。

11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches
6.4 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 3885

Okay, so I saw the comment on this coffee pot, it made noise, it didn't spit out coffee / made warm coffee, and I made the same mistake. It's not a $175 Kuerig,. It takes a little time to make a cup of coffee in a lamp-sized machine. Add water to the reservoir, add a cup, press the button. When you don't get your coffee right away, resist the urge to go crazy. It makes a noise, and the light on it changes from a solid to a slow pulse. Once the coffee is hot enough, it will spit it out. When you panic, you get warm coffee, because you don't fix it in time, so you add more water and hit the button like a drug addict (blender, which mixes boiling hot water with cold water you add, and wastes a cup) the TL;DR machine works well, set to a cup, press the button, and wait two minutes to cheer up.

17 x 15.5 x 11 inches
10.18 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 284

I'm a little nervous about buying K200 refurbishment, but I'm glad I did! Its appearance and function are brand new. It's original. To be honest, I can't distinguish it from a brand new machine. I like its setup and ease of use!

7.5 x 4.3 x 9.8 inches
2.31 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 9830

I've had my "CHULUX single service coffee maker for K cups" for a year and a few months. During that time, I used to make six perfect cups of coffee, and there was almost nothing wrong with it. I used to be the owner of at least six Keurig-branded coffee machines that worked well but failed about eight months later. Yes, it is. They all lasted only about eight months. Tried all the ways to get them back to work on YouTube. But there's nothing. So I had enough of their shoddy qualities and decided to try CHULUX. This little thing is like a "tank". It's been running! From the big, bulky Keruig's to this little thing is a little surprising. But now I like its smaller size and footprints. The design of Keurig water tank and water treatment system is flawed. The whole system keeps the water in the internal pipe. I found that this is a breeding ground for mold (after taking apart a few of my parts and trying to diagnose the problem), you can't see it (without disassembly), and you can't get rid of it. Rinsing with vinegar or their brand of detergent will only "kill" the mold. This leaves "dead mucus" from the mold hanging in the system. Keurig pumps are definitely not as long as CHULUX. For those who have a CHULUX overflow problem, the problem is that there is a small particle filter at the bottom of the throat, where you pour the water in and the water goes through the filter into the tank. These holes are just for.

11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches
8.45 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 461

We spent Christmas with our out-of-state family, and my parents had a Keurig in their new house. It took me a week to fall in love with it the next day, and I ordered ours even before we left. It's exactly the same model, different color. It's only a week or so, but we all like it. Although my husband didn't understand, "but our coffee maker is very good, we don't need that!" Nobody needs Keurig. There are a lot of things that no one really needs. That is to say, this is really a good supplement / upgrade to our morning coffee routine. Would you like a cup of smooth French vanilla? Maybe hazelnut? Do I just want to put Folger in my cup? Do I need a large Starbucks (double caffeine) every morning? Whatever! If I choose, I can have all of the above in one day. And the center and I don't need to drink the same thing (don't touch my Starbucks Plus-those things aren't cheap, but if you don't need to share, it's worth it). Although you may not need Keurig, you will be glad you spent the money. A piece of advice, stick to it, because it's on sale. It was $99 when I ordered ours. Now it's 129 dollars. I would never spend $130 on a coffee maker. I can definitely accept an investment of $100.

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Best K-Cup Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Joseph Davisson
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Finding the ideal K-cup coffee maker can be quite a journey. Among the types of press, processes, designs, functions, and brands, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Learn some basic points to find the coffee maker of your dreams. Read on!

Type of Coffee Makers

The first thing to consider is the type of coffee you want and the time and money you want or can invest. There are four essential types of coffee makers:

K-cup is the best known and used. If you are looking for a simple and dark coffee, this is the perfect option. You just need to fill the filter with your favorite ground grain, add water, and press a button.

The machine will take care of the rest. It comes in one capacity – i.e. An individual cup. They are not usually expensive but keep in mind that you can only generate the most basic coffee.

Coffee makers specifically for certain capsules. They have the advantage that there is more variety of flavors (vanilla, espresso, chocolate, etc.), however, you can only make one cup at a time, only of a certain amount (the pod will yield for a specific amount of milliliters), and the coffee maker will only be compatible with pods of that brand.

An additional point is the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste they generate. It is the least recommended.

The capacity of K-cup Coffee Maker

Two things are essential to choosing the type of coffee maker: the capacity and the types of flavors. Most automatic coffee machines allow you to make 1 cup or more, while specialized machines are usually individual such as K-Cup.

Are you in a hurry or can you honestly not function in the morning? Consider a programmable coffee maker that you can make ready the night before. Your system will automatically activate at the time you indicate and you can wake up with fresh coffee.

Filters and Time

Coffee machines with filters, whether they come with a pre-incorporated filter or that require a paper filter, allow you to obtain a cleaner, lighter, and impurity-free coffee.

If you are going to make coffee that will be served all day and must stay hot without burning or spoiling the taste, look for a coffee pot with a steel jug instead of glass. This will preserve the heat without the coffee turning stale during the hours of rest.


Some K-Cup Coffee Makers have automatic cleaning detection, which means they will notify you when they need to decalcify. This can be more annoying than useful since the coffee maker comes into this mode just when you need it most, so finding a machine with these features does not have to be a priority.


Many brands exist on the market. However, not all of them are best when it comes to brewing high-quality coffee. In this regard, we recommend you to look for Keurig Coffee Makers, which are specialized in K-Cup Coffee maker machine products. Make sure you check the features as well as the warranty because you don’t want to lose money. Good Luck!