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Garmin Etrex Rugged Handheld Navigator Cover
4 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches
5 ounces
Road-Routable TopoActive Maps

I've been using an eTrex 10 with a paper map for about a year. When they announced the topoActive map with this I decided to give it a try. The additional features are great. The attached picture is a topoActive map.

Putting the pointer over a street gives the street name. The distance and direction to the location are shown. Hitting select gives you data on that selected spot. This morning I made way points and a route from the map and walked it using the compass.Very accurate.

The only deficiency that I can see in the topo active maps is that they have no elevation contour lines so if you plan to do some serious mountaineering where elevation is part of your pathfinding you might want to buy the 24 full topo map for where you are going.

Correction, it does have elevation lines, see photo. At this point in my life I don't need that. I bought the North America automotive map and it works quite well with this. I used it this morning to navigate somewhere where I had a back way.


2.2 sunlight-readable color display with 240 x 320 display pixels for improved readability
Explore confidently with the reliable handheld GPS
Support for GPS and GLONASS satellite systems allows for tracking in more challenging environments than GPS alone
Preloaded with Topo Active maps with routable roads and trails for cycling and hiking
Battery life: up to 25 hours in GPS mode with 2 AA batteries
8 GB of internal memory for map downloads plus a micro SD card slot
#TOP 2
Tracker Tracking Vehicles Equipment Valuables Cover
Spy Tec
3 x 1 x 1.5 inches
5.6 ounces

Verified my (now ex) girlfriend was cheating. Sucks but it's better than never knowing the truth. The tracker was incredibly easy to set up. Charge lasted longer than what other reviews stated (mine is still 55% after just over a week).

The best feature by far is the Geofence; I would get text alerts whenever my ex arrived or left the dude's apartment complex. I placed the tracker under her vehicle using the Spy Tec M2 Waterproof Weatherproof Magnetic Case for STI GL300 / GX350 Real-Time GPS Trackers which I also recommend.

Since the job is done, I submitted a form on their website to cancel the service. If they continue to charge my card (as other reviews warned of) I'll be sure to change this review to a one-star. UPDATE: They confirmed my cancellation request within 24 hours.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Spy Tec $39.95 New 96%


Discreet & Versatile: Compact and concealable, the GL300 is a mini tracker that is just one-inch thick, making it discreet and highly versatile. Its battery lasts up to two-and-a-half weeks, so you won't have to worry about removing it each night to charge. Simply set and activate the tracker and slip it into a backpack or conceal it under a car seat to remotely track movements.
Real-Time GPS Tracking: Track vehicles, valuables, and loved ones in real time, 24/7. Our GPS system uses 4G satellite technology to give you an accurate location, whether you are tracking in dense urban areas or on remote country roads. Receive the location data of your tracker directly to a phone, tablet, or computer via our iOS and Android apps.
Safe & Secure Tracking & Reporting: Privacy is among our top priorities. The Spytec GPS Platform does not store your information. All account details and data tracking are securely encrypted.
Precise Insights, Custom Alerts, & Boundaries: Using cutting-edge GPS technology, the Spytec GPS iOS and Android apps can be customized to send SMS and email alerts anytime the tracker enters or exits a defined zone. You can also receive data that monitors trips in their entirety with their starting and end points. Create summary data reports to capture movement over time and provide historical insights, like speed of travel, total distance, and more.
Affordable Subscription & Free Customer Service: A data plan to access our iOS and Android apps is required for use, starting at only $24.95 a month with no hidden activation or cancellation fees. The tracking service is month-to-month so you can easily cancel and reactivate at any time. Each tracker also has a lifetime guarantee, so if there is any damage we will happily replace the GL300 for free.
#TOP 3
Logicblue Technology Levelmatepro Wireless Leveling Cover
LogicBlue Technology
5 ounces
5 x 2 x 1.25 inches

I love this thing!Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but I always struggled leveling our motorhome (25' LTV Unity). I ran across this device on an RV blog and immediately began investigating. It didn't take long to realize I had to have it.

The box arrived quickly.Yay! I checked out the instructions and You Tube installation video and downloaded the app. Set up was easy and straightforward. I gathered the tools necessary... Level, tape measure and small phillips head screwdriver and attached the device to the wall inside a closet.

I then took (and wrote down) the required measurements between the tires and set out to find a level spot so I could initialize the unit. It needs to set a basis for "level", so it's necessary to level your rig or find a level spot.

That was the hardest part as most all parking lots have some slope for water drainage. I finally found a level area and was good to go. We just returned from a 3 week trip, and at each campground, leveling our Motorhome was a breeze.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
LogicBlue Technology $144.99 New 96%


Entirely redesigned smartphone app with great new features
On/off switch provides complete control over battery life
Smartphone/tablet are not included with product.
Enables dynamic site evaluation before you park; accurate to 0.1 degrees.
Drastically reduces setup time--works with RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels.
#TOP 4
Bouncie Connected Location Geo Fence Diagnostics Cover
1.75 x 1.87 x 1 inches
1.2 ounces

I love this thing.My daughter just started driving, and I wanted to help her make good choices and be safe. This device is perfect. Set up was a breeze. Download the app on your phone, create an account, then plug the device into the OBD port on your vehicle.That't it.

Once you're set up, you have to drive for a bit for everything to sync up and start working. Don't get alarmed if you don't see trip data. It will show up once installation and syncing are complete. Trip data is comprehensive and accurate.

Won't take the time to list all the data that is available, since it is outlined in the product description. Suffice it to say it does everything that is says it does. No issues with the app. It always seems to run smoothly, and information seems to be up to date.

Why a 4 instead of a 5? I turned on the alerts for extreme braking and extreme acceleration. I purposely did a hard brake and hard acceleration, but I did not get an alert. I was able to reach someone from Bouncie on chat, and they told me that the car is still syncing, and eventually alerts will show up.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Akijitsu $62.00 New 75%
Bouncie $67.00 New 99%


#TOP 5
Jiobit 4188N8762W Location Tracker Lightweight Cover
1.96 x 1.45 x 0.47 inches
0.8 ounces

I bought this tracker to be able to track down my son, in case he should suddenly run away from us, when we are out. As the owner of a software company that develops software for transportation and data collection on the road, I know that small sized trackers are very difficult to make.

On one side you need as a minimum a built in data cellphone module to be able to send frequent updated positions over the internet, and a built in gps receiver to be able to get the childs position from satellites.

On the other side you want the tracker to be extremely small in size and light weight. We have used this tracker now for a month in 3 different countries with very good results and we have had a very long battery life between charges, at least a week.

I am extremely impressed by the Jiobit, the free app and the battery life of the Jiobit. However, it is important to fully understand how this unnatural long battery life is achieved: When the child is within proximity of your phone, the Jiobit switches to a power saving bluetooth technology.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Jiobit $129.99 New 76%


The first-of-its-kind Jiobit TrustChip delivers unmatched security and encryption, meeting or exceeding US-government standards. It's a parent's dream and hacker's worst nightmare.
REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN: Jiobit requires a data plan to track location. Your monthly plan is selected during activation in the free Jiobit app available for Android & iOS. No separate cellular contract is needed.
Track at any distance - even indoors. Not only will you know WHERE your child is, but WHO they're with. Departure and arrival notifications to-and-from home, school, or other trusted locations to allow parents to track kids from anywhere at any time.
Small, lightweight, and durable design allows you to discreetly clip onto clothing or shoes for a simple wearable GPS tracker. Jiobit is an excellent option for your toddler, child or Mom/Dad (seniors) - especially those with sensory sensitivities.
Jiobit is proud to be a U.S. company with 100% U.S. based support out of our headquarters in Chicago.
#TOP 6
Spy Tec Portable Waterproof Weatherproof Cover
Spy Tec
4 x 4 x 4 inches
10.4 ounces

Definitely worth the money! Looked into hiring a private investigator but tried this at a fraction of the cost after reading the reviews. After charging and playing with it for a day before planting device to get in tune with it's operation and all functions with the aid of customer service via chat and then installed.

I had an answer within hours of it's use. Also be prepared for what you'll see and or learn! I used the 5-second updates for smoother map markings. Although tracking device does give an address on the map I found it easier to use the satellite image function on the map to look for property layouts and then google maps to match the layouts with the actual house numbers to get things exact.

I would say car being tracked was within 10-ft of it location indicated on map at any given time. Also worth knowing tall buildings with narrow streets make it tough for the satellites to pinpoint exactly but should have you within 100-ft tops.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Spy Tec $59.95 New 96%
Amazon Warehouse $52.28 Used - Very Good Official


Durability, Connectivity, Versatility: The GL300 GPS tracker with M2 waterproof magnetic case has up to 2.5 weeks of battery life and a sleek and compact design, and reliable 4G LTE coverage. Set it and forget it on a person or car, truck, bike or any vehicle. Our GPS tracker is advanced enough for private investigators and professionals, but simple enough for anyone to set up
Real-Time GPS Tracking + Visualization: Straightforward and stealthy, our gps tracker for vehicles, cars, teens, spouses, seniors, luggage and all sorts of important belongings. Simply slip it into a backpack or hide it under a car seat to remotely track movements in real-time using Google Maps GPS data. Our sleek and easy-to-use app can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer, providing you with all the GPS tracking data you need
Precision Insights, Custom Alerts, & Geo-Fencing: Use cutting-edge GPS technology to get alerts anytime the GPS tracker enters or exits an area that you define. Customize your settings to receive key updates like proximity alerts and notifications about the trackers movements via text, push notification, or email. You can even create summary data reports that capture movement over time and provide valuable info about the tracker, like speed of travel, total distance, and more
Affordable Peace of Mind: Data plan required for use, starting at only $24.95 a month with no cancellation fees. Sign up for a Spytec gps tracker annual plan and save
24/7 Customer Service: Were here to help with around-the-clock chat-based support to field questions and help troubleshoot if you need a hand. The SpyTec GPS team stays awake so you can rest easy. Currently compatible in the United States
#TOP 7
Landairsea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location Cover
2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches
4.8 ounces

Updated: October 2018Many reviewers say do not buy this if you don't want to know the truth about a cheater. I second that statement. This device will lead you straight there, so be sure you are ready to stop denying and are prepared to see the cold hard facts.

I started with the 30 second plan to save money but it was too slow for me. I moved to the 10 second plan and it worked well for me. Everyone I spoke to at the company is amazing. The tech support is incredible.Based in the US.

Very responsive and helpful. I only used it for 2 months, called and cancelled the subscription.Simple. Although you can use it on the exterior (under the vehicle) I preferred putting inside the truck and found it to be just as accurate as exterior placement.

Previous Review:It's All TRUE. Let me begin with this: I am NOT a techie type person. I avoid tech whenever possible. Having said that certain situations in my life require me to step up to the plate. I read at least a hundred reviews of this GPS unit as well as multiple others in the same price range.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
LandAirSea Systems $29.95 New 95%
Amazon Official $29.95 New Official
RitzCamera $49.95 New 89%
Prepodobnui $87.00 New 86%
Amazon Warehouse $26.36 Used - Good Official


TRACKS MOVEMENT IN REAL-TIME: Track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or SilverCloud App for reliable live tracking of people, vehicles or assets, and receive up-to-date text and email alerts
PERSONAL GPS TRACKER: Our small tracking system includes a SIM card, fits into your pocket, attaches to your car, fits into luggage, or can be hidden discreetly to ensure you have maximum visibility at all times
WATERPROOF WITH BUILT-IN MAGNET: No additional accessories necessary! Our GPS locator device includes a built-in high strength magnet and is easy to install in or on your vehicle; Device measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.80 inches
SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED: The 54 requires a monthly data plan starting at $19.95/month with 2 year prepay subscriptions as low as $9.95/month; 24/7 customer support available
DISCREET TRACKING: The ultimate in discreet tracking or out of sight, out of mind'; LED lights can be disabled via the app so the device won't give away its location with glaring flashing lights
DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Unlike other GPS systems on the market today our products are built in the USA
#TOP 8
Trak 4 Mobile Tracker Tracking Vehicles Cover
4.1 x 2.25 x 1.1 inches
6.3 ounces

Bought this after my robot lawnmower was taken. Was able to install it inside the mower and power it with a USB service port with some silicon to waterproof the connection. At first my mower (worx landroid) didn't like the tracker plugged in but after slicing the data wires in the charger, it works perfectly!

GPS is always at 100% and reports every 15 minutes.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Trak-4, Incorporated $48.80 New 93%
Amazon Warehouse $43.99 Used - Very Good Official


$6.99 a month (prepaid annual) or $12.99 a month (paid monthly) for hourly pings with options for 10-min and 1-min
Simple to use - start tracking in minutes | Email & text alerts | Geofencing
Up to 18 months on a single charge | Change your ping rate to manage battery life | Rechargeable with a cell charger or USB cable
REST API | Unlimited cellular data | No contract | No activation or cancellation fees | SIM included
Computer, Phone, or Tablet | Great for GPS tracking of assets, inventory, and vehicles | Compact Size
#TOP 9
Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Software Battery Cover
15.8 ounces
2.56 x 1.97 x 4.72 inches
1 Inches

This device worked great!!! The battery life is amazing, no less than 6 weeks. The accuracy is on point, within 20 feet or less. I also liked how you can see the time at each location where the device stopped and started, and the route.

The charging time is long once it dies but, as I stated, the battery lasted 6 weeks for me each charge. The case has a very strong magnet, very durable and water-resistant, no problems. The device sometimes is a little slow to activate but, it usually starts to activate a block or two after movement.So, that's good.

All and all, I would definitely recommend and but again. Be sure to know the laws in your state. If you are using it on something that is not in your name, it may be illegal to use the device.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
GlobalView $99.99 Used - Acceptable 96%
Amazon Warehouse $100.31 Used - Acceptable Official


2 Month Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Best In Class!
GPS Tracker - Easy 10 second installation - Simply attach it to a flat magnetic metal surface on your vehicle
Plan Starting at $18/month - No Contracts, No Fee's, Cancel Any Time Service Includes access to a Free GPS Tracking App, Cloud Hosted Web Application (accessible from any web browser), Data Plan, and up to 12 months of Data Storage.
Our Magnetic GPS Tracking Device and Fleet Tracking Service work worldwide! Over 140 countries are included in our standard service!
Automated Alerts - Receive an e-mail whenever your driver leaves a designated area, speeds, when the vehicle tracking device starts to move, etc Generate Reports so you can see trips taken, speed, stops, and more.
#TOP 10
Acr Resqlink 400 Buoyant Personal Cover
5.3 ounces
4.52 x 2.03 x 1.49 inches

Great for peace of mind. Anywhere in the world, any time, you'll be found if you can see the sky. So please don't activate it indoors, it must see the skies to see the satellites. As for the guy who strapped it to his jet ski, this made is for terrestrial endeavors.

And while it will float, it's only made for water pressures found at the water surface. They have beacons for marine use. You might as well complain about your jet ski conking out when riding on land. Pick right tool for the right job.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
VirVentures $299.89 New 90%
Survival Shop (Authorized Dealer) $299.95 New 93%
11 Bravo Sales $299.95 New 100%
Orbital Satcom Corp $299.95 New 100%
ISave $299.95 New 91%
The GPS Store, Inc. $299.95 New 100%
Max n Company LLC $299.95 New 96%
Less Is Always More ✱AUTHORIZED SELLER✱ $299.95 New 88%
SJK Products $305.73 New 75%
Midway Auto Supply $324.56 New 83%


406 MHz Emergency Distress Signal / Homing signal
No Subscription Required
LED Strobe and Infrared Strobe
Global Coverage / Cospas-Sarsat / MEOSAR
GPS and Galileo GNSS
#TOP 11
Spark Nano Micro Gps Tracker Cover
Brickhouse Security
3.3 ounces
3 x 1.58 x 1 inches

The Spark Nano 7 is an excellent device for many reasons! I've never owned a GPS device like this before (aside from the find my iPhone app) and I was honestly a bit intimidated at the start. However, once I opened up the package, there were clear and concise instructions with images that explained all of the steps needed to use the device and to get started.

After charging for the recommended time, I was able to get started on the app and website. I experienced slight issues getting my credentials to work in the app and website, however the IT department were extremely helpful with a chat feature so the issue could be properly resolved and in quick timing!

Now to the device itself. It's small, sleek, and very minimal with a panic button in the middle (really awesome feature). There are three different LED lights on the bottom right of the device that show you it is on, battery level, and tracking.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Brickhouse Security $29.95 New 86%


Reports Automatically Every 60 Seconds: The exclusive BrickHouse Security GPS software provides up-to-the-minute reporting with complete tracking data reports, making it easy to know where your assets are at all times. Tracking intervals are easily adjusted, more or fewer check-ins are needed.
Full 4G LTE Coverage Across North America: Track assets across the entire 4G LTE cellular networks throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada for seamless reporting even when crossing borders.
View the GPS Tracker's Location In Real-Time: Access reporting from virtually anywhere via your web browser or phone app to access real-time and historical reports of speed alerts, geofencing settings and violations, detailed travel reports, and panic button settings.
No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the Spark Nano 7 requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month, able to cancel at any time.
Compact and Lightweight Design: Achieve ultimate versatility with this slim and easily mountable GPS tracker, allowing you to attach to virtually any asset or stash within your teen's car for unnoticed peace-of-mind.
#TOP 12
Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance Cover
8 x 5.25 x 3.25 inches
1.19 pounds

After having a nightmare experience with an atlas maker's GPS system on a route to an unfamiliar Rockaway, NJ from Stuart's Draft, Virginia, I decided to return the other GPS and purchased this unit from Garmin. On a second run from the same point of origin to to the same destination, but this time with the Garmin Dezl OTR 700, what a huge difference!

This unit's route was longer in distance, but it didn't take me through little streets in little towns, and I arrived at my destination with a lot less stress in a lot less time. I really appreciated this after the atlas maker's GPS thought I was on another road and kept telling me to take the ramp to the road I was already on at a most crucial time when I was about 25 miles away from Rockaway, NJ.

The atlas maker's GPS then put me onto small town roads a good 20 miles from my destination and said to take a U-turn if possible. U-turns are a big "no no" when driving a truck at most carriers, and doing a u-turn at my carrier would get me fired.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $399.99 New Official
17Photo, Electronics and Outdoors $399.99 New 95%
Beach Camera Same Day Shipping $399.99 New 90%
GPS City $399.99 New 95%
Trade Ace $659.00 New 100%


Get custom truck routing (Not available in all areas) based on the size and weight of your truck, and see alerts for upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves and more
Large, easy-to-read 7 touchscreen offers a bright, crisp, high-resolution display
Works with Garmin eLog compliant ELD (sold separately) for subscription-free Hours of Service Recording (You must pair the Garmin eLog with the Garmin eLog app on a smartphone or tablet to complete your ELD compliance solution)
View truck-friendly parking information along your route
The voice assistant allows you to talk to the dzl navigator while keeping your hands on the wheel
See popular routes used by fellow truckers to navigate new areas and increase situational awareness
Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory allows you to filter truck stops by brand or amenities
Industry-best load-to-dock guidance shows potential loading zones or storage lots when approaching your destination
#TOP 13
Invoxia Gps Tracker Motorcycle Belongings Cover
4.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches
1.05 ounces

TL;DR By far the best value I could find for a GPS tracker, very happy with the device and app to secure my motorcycle. After a few days of researching, I decided to take a chance and purchased the Invoxia GPS device.

I was looking for something that would give me peace of mind with regards to my motorcycle security, and I wanted some thing that utilized the 4G/5G network. At first I was wary, because I had never heard of the product nor company before, and it can be hard to tell with a foreign company (I live in the States).

I was also unsure about the network used, because I at first thought that Invoxia uses the SigFox network, which is a new, somewhat obscure network with limited coverage in the US. But I later found out that in the US, Invoxia uses the LTE 4G/5G networks, which have the highest speeds and most coverage.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Invoxia inc. $159 New 88%
Amazon Official $159 New Official


NEVER WORRY: real time anti-theft alerts to react in time in case of suspicious activities. Set custom zones and be notified when the tracker enters or leaves them (geofencing alerts)
PROTECT & TRACK: 24/7 monitoring to ensure your peace of mind from anywhere. Perfect to track cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, people, strollers, boats, teens, valuables, bags, assets
STANDALONE & TURNKEY: no need to plug it, place it anywhere in your car or the valuable you want to protect. Lightweight, compact and discrete
NO MONTHLY FEES, NO HIDDEN FEES: SIM card and 2 years of subscription included, then 39.90 USD/year. Uses 4G & 5G LTE-M. Works anywhere in the USA (depending on AT&T's 4G coverage)
EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: up to several months of battery life, various tracking modes available. Rechargeable in 1h
#TOP 14
Optimus Tracker 6543857646 Gps 2 0 Cover
Optimus Tracker
3.3 ounces
1 x 1.5 x 3 inches

I bought this as a gift for my friend that really needed it. I did careful research for awhile before deciding on which one to buy. I had a few different ones that I was looking at, and was really weighing all the options.

Since this was for my friend I had the added pressure not to let them down. I settled on this product for many reasons. I would definitely say that overall, this is the best unit you could purchase for the basic user like us.

Super easy to set up... Super easy interface and app... Super easy to decipher the data. This is important for me because the person I bought it for is not a native english speaker. My primary concern was the battery life.

We did the least frequent updates option (the standard on the site) and that was completely efficient at giving you the information you need. With that option, the battery lasted between 4-6 days... The entire process is pretty easy to figure it out, If you cant figure it out, the customer service is fantastic.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Kcameron1 $49.95 New 80%


$19.95 per month - All features included - Cancel Anytime - No Contract - No Hidden Fees - Free upgrade to 10 second report frequency
Accurate, Discreet, Real-Time GPS Tracker with POWERFUL Twin Magnet Case.
Track your vehicle, machinery, valuables and loved ones LIVE 24/7 from our EASY TO USE State-of-the-Art Tracking Software.
Set up custom INSTANT ALERTS text and/or email - App available on IPhone and Android - SIM Card and Data Plan Included - FCC Certified Unit - Coverage for USA and Canada.
Battery Life up to 2 weeks reporting at the default 1 minute update setting
#TOP 15
Personal Gps Tracker Portable Tracking Cover
2.7 x 1.51 x 0.92 inches
2.24 Ounces
IOS, Android, PC, MAC

The first device I received was defective. I sent out an email not expecting much as it was Easter Sunday. To my suprise I received a response almost immediately along with a phone call from the company. They took care of the problem and had me up and running in less than 3 days.

This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had on Amazon. The new tracker works perfectly as advertised. I use these trackers for work and this one is great. Precise location and long lasting battery. The few tech questions I had were answered immediately and competently.

I cant say enough good things about the excellent customer service I have recieved from this seller. If you're looking for a GPS tracker, stop looking and buy this one. You won't be disapointed.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
PrimeTracking $49.97 New 98%
Spring Lake Products $19.95 Used - Good 97%
Amazon Warehouse $42.06 Used - Very Good Official


PUT IT ANYWHERE: The tiny, lightweight Prime Tracking GPS fits and conceals easily in strollers, vehicles, backpacks or pockets. So small, it's virtually undetectable.
NEVER WORRY OR WONDER AGAIN: Make sure people get where they're going, or where they say they're going. Get alerted if they go too far. Monitor drivers, speed, safety and logistics for businesses. Keep employees and spouses honest. And never lose your valuable possessions or assets again.
TRACK ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Easily and privately track any location in the U.S., Mexico and Canada from your computer, tablet, or phone. Works on multiple devices and networks, wherever there is cellular service.
MONITOR AFFORDABLY: Just $25 /month, or $20 / month for 6 months. Cancel anytime, no contracts or activation fees. SIM Card INCLUDED.
GET INFORMATION INSTANTLY: State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology means you get location, movement and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds in our smartphone app or desktop interface.
#TOP 16
Acr Resqlink View Buoyant Personal Cover
5.3 ounces
4.52 x 2.03 x 1.49 inches
1 Inches

I opted for the slightly more expensive version..PLB 425 .. It has a nice screen that gives you instant acknowledgement the unit is on and working. (I have only tested it - not actually activated it) Comes with a carrying case ..

You can attach to your belt or Velcro loop to something. I ordered mine from Orbital Satcom corp.. An outfit from the United Kingdom. My first unit had an issue with the labels - the date of manufacture was missing (thus I was unable to register it with ACR for the warranty.

After contacting both Orbital Satcom and ACR.. I was sent a new unit...Problem solved. Check your label on the box and the unit itself.. Make sure date of manufacture is on there.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
LtdService $348.64 New 85%
Atrex86 $349.75 New 97%
Natural Green Products $349.95 New 96%
BOE Marine $349.95 New 90%
VirVentures $349.95 New 90%
The GPS Store, Inc. $349.95 New 100%
Jarboys Outdoors & Marine Supplies -AUTHORIZED $349.95 New 96%
Survival Shop (Authorized Dealer) $349.95 New 93%
Max n Company LLC $349.95 New 96%
Less Is Always More ✱AUTHORIZED SELLER✱ $349.95 New 88%


406 MHz Emergency Distress Signal with Homing Signal
No Subscription Required
LED Strobe and Infrared Strobe
Global Coverage
GPS and Galileo GNSS / Cospas-Sarsat / MEOSAR
#TOP 17
Landairsea Silvercloud Real Time Tracking Vehicles Cover
1.7 x 1 x 2.2 inches
3.2 ounces

Overall, this device works well if you chose the 10 second update subscription. You don't need to download the app, I used only the web browser. Here are the things I wish they can improve:1) Have the ability to disable the LED indicator lights.

This could be an easy implementation through the web interface. Of course, you can always use electrical tape, or paint over the LEDs, but it won't be as clean or pretty. 2) The vehicle doesn't always follow the curves of the road during historical playback.

Your car may look like it had cut corners instead of rounding them, making it seem like it was driven by someone under the influence. 3) Your device often will report minor (and erroneous) drifting while the car is actually parked.

For example, if your car arrives at the destination at 8:00am (start of work time), and the driver works until 5:00pm. During this 9 hour period, it will often report the car made small movements after its arrival (i.E.8:28am).

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
LandAirSea Systems $74.95 New 95%
Prepodobnui $169.99 New 86%


TRACKS MOVEMENT IN REAL-TIME: Track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or our SilverCloud App for reliable live tracking of vehicles or fleet related assets, and receive up-to-date text and email alerts
THE ULTIMATE GPS VEHICLE TRACKER: Our ultra compact tracking system attaches to your car, truck, or SUV, and can be used to track your fleet, business vehicle, or even your teen driver
PLUG AND PLAY DESIGN: No additional accessories necessary! Our GPS locator device does not require a battery and plugs right into the vehicle's OBD-II port.
DISCREET TRACKING: The ultimate in discreet tracking or out of sight, out of mind'; LED lights can be disabled via the app so the device won't give away its location with glaring flashing lights
DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Unlike other GPS systems on the market today, our products are built in the USA
1 YEAR FREE SERVICE: Price includes 1 year operating license and includes SIM card. Additional year renewal only $68.40.
#TOP 18
Brickhouse Security Magnetic Resistant Cellular Cover
Brickhouse Security
15.2 ounces
5.5 x 5 x 4.1 inches

I must say that I am quite impressed with the device. Unfortunately I'm dealing with someone who lies more than a politician so this device is most useful. The maps is powered by Google and you get to choose which map setting works for you.

The accuracy is almost perfect - it's not an exact location but if you zoom in and pay attention to the landmarks you will find what you are looking for. You can also see movement on the map. Another thing I thought was helpful is the tutorials on the company website.

They help a lot with understanding how to use the device and with setting up your settings. So far it been worth the money. The monthly subscription is a little pricey. In my opinion, busting a liar and a cheater is priceless.

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Brickhouse Security $49.95 New 85%


Fast 4G Coverage Across North America: Travel across state and country lines without missing important data. The Spark Nano 7 operates on super-fast 4G networks across the US, Canada, and Mexico.
Smallest GPS Tracker: The compact design of this location and speed tracking tool makes it perfect for attaching to any mobile asset or vehicle. No one has to know it's there but you!
View The Trackers Location In Real-Time: Access reporting from anywhere via any web browser for real-time and historical reports of speed, geofencing violations, detailed travel reports, and settings.
No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the Spark Nano 7 requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month, with the ability to cancel at any time.
Magnetic Waterproof Case: Made to specifically house the Spark Nano 7, keeping it securely attached to cars, trucks, RVs, and high-dollar assets, continuing to record through rough conditions.
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Hbutler Orb523 Orbit Glasses Cover
0.24 x 1.2 x 0.24 inches
0.064 ounces

It works after customer service told me to reset the locator by shorting the two charging terminals together with tweezers until it beeps. The instructions to do this are in a nonworking link on their website. An important tip like this hardware reset should be in the APP, so I am leaving the original comment here hoping they will improve the instructions.

I am extremely nearsighted 20/400, and every few hours I must take my glasses off and let my eyes rest. At least twice a week, I cannot find them, and I spend one to six hours crawling around on my hands and knees, feeling under the furniture, down the chair and sofa cushions, on every table top, even in the trashcans and out in the yard.

No instructions at all in the hard to open package. "Download the Orbit app from Google play store" But there are over 30 apps called "Orbit" some deliberately misleading about the solution for missing items - they serve up ads to sell you NEW eyeglasses, wallets, etc.

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Adorama $39.99 New 93%


LAST KNOWN GPS LOCATION: Want to know the last time and place you had your glasses? Give your memory a break and let the app tell you if you left it somewhere, so you know where to look first.
FIND YOUR GLASSES: Save yourself the stress of searching for your glasses. Attach the Orbit Bluetooth tracker to your frames so you can find them just by using your phone - If your Orbit is within range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: No yearly subscriptions and no product wastage! No need to throw out your Orbit after the battery runs flat (battery life up of 1 months). The Orbit app will send you a notification that your battery is running low.
FREE APP FOR IPHONE AND ANDROID - Orbit's free app works with iPhone 4s and later, or Android 4.4 and above.
DISCREET - The Orbit Glasses is so small that it will fit in most cases on the side of the arms. You will require a frame of at least 4mm to attach your Orbit

GPS Trackers Buying Guide

The use of a GPS tracker is a very helpful resource whose existence many people are unaware of and that could even save lives, since it allows you to locate a person or even your pet, so there are many problems and setbacks that can be avoided. In case you want to buy one that is economical and you don’t know how to choose it, here is a guide to buying the best GPS tracker, considering how much it costs and what benefits it can have.

Design and use

The design of the device is essential to choose from. To do this you must identify the type of function that the device admits, in relation to the use you intend to give it, since there are products made only for people, for objects, for animals, or for any of them.

In this sense, if you already know what or who you want to track, you can choose the specific device for it. You can choose a more general one that allows you to give it various applications depending on each situation and experience that occurs in your daily life.

Dimensions and weight

According to the application of the device, its dimensions and weight may vary, being larger or smaller according to each case. Certainly, it is best to choose the most compact model possible, that is, it has a small size and lightweight.

However, you can opt for a device with greater volume and weight, depending on the use you intend to give it, since, for example sometimes a very small device may not be so convenient, which could be difficult to place.

Type of transmission

These products are configured to transmit the location they collect to other devices, using various mechanisms for them. Among them, is the sending of data by means of a text message, a call, a web application or any resource that implies the connection to the Internet?

In this sense, you should evaluate which of these modes of transmission of information suits you best and make sure you have the necessary equipment to receive the information sent by the GPS tracker. For example, a smartphone, Internet access, balance for calls and messages, etc. that could interfere with the communication between the device and the receiving equipment.

Location technology

Depending on the type of coverage you want to have, the type of tracking you want the device to have, you also have to check the location technology supported by the device. Some only have GPS technology, which is the global positioning service, and that will give you information about the location of what you are tracking.

But sometimes the connection can be lost, and higher technology is required, which would be a more specialized assisted GPS (A-GPS), which will work with the same quality in spaces where there is generally no good signal quality as in tunnels and underground.


Because it is a product that works with battery, you also have to review the options that it offers, knowing that the longer its duration, you can use the device for longer, maintaining its level of efficiency.

On the other hand, you also have to know the charging mode and if possible the time it takes to complete, in case you should plan its use in a specific situation and calculate the activity time. Most of these devices are charged using a USB mode that is very common in most electronic devices today.

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Editor Richard Condie

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2020

FAQs on GPS Trackers

How does GPS tracking work? GPS tracking is the observation of location through the utilization of the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) to track the location of a substance or item remotely. The innovation can pinpoint longitude, scope, ground speed, and course bearing of the objective.

The GPS is a "heavenly body" of 24 very much separated satellites that circle the Earth and make it workable for individuals with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location. The location exactness is somewhere in the range of 100 to 10 meters for most equipment.

Exactness can be pinpointed to inside one meter with unique military-endorsed equipment. GPS equipment is generally utilized in science and has now become adequately minimal effort so that nearly anybody can claim a GPS and many do in a cell phone, tablet, or GPS navigation gadget.

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There are several different reasons that a person might think about installing a real time GPS tracking device in their car. With a Real Time GPS Tracking System, you can obtain detailed and current information about the vehicle that is being tracked through wireless networks.

It is called 'Real Time' because you are getting information as it happens. Real Time car trackers require a monthly subscription for a SIM card which is installed in the tracking service. The card sends the information received from the satellite to a secure website where the data can be accessed by authorised individuals to follow the movements of a vehicle in real time.

Step1: Open gear console and take out fuel metre wire through which you can monitor consumption Step2: Voltage reading for full, half and empty tank has to be noted. Keep the engine running Step3: Metre wire is singled out from the gear console so that it can be attached to GPS device Step4: Before attaching the metre wire to the GPS car tracking gadget an earthing wire is also attached to the device Step5: Time to take out the GPS console and check all the three sockets.

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YES!If you have no previous knowledge of the tracker, or have not been possibly informed of the tracker, which could be the case if you are leasing or financing the car, the contract would state its presence. Therefore, Police, FBI, etc.

Cannot place a tracker on your vehicle without a warrant for it. Having having no warrant, then classifies the tracker as an unreasonable search. But, the car is yours, it is attached to the car, then unless otherwise stated it is your property so you can remove it.

At the least, whoever placed it without permission or a warrant is trespassing on your property, and possibly destruction of private property. I believe that if someone placed a GPS tracker on your vehicle without your knowledge or a warrant to do so not only is it trespassing tampering / destruction property I believe it is stalking, even aggravated stalking, someone or group has illegally trespass and tampered with my property to watch me without my permission or knowledge and therefore is invading my privacy as well as possibly jeopardizing my comfort and safety.

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There are 3 types of tracking devices 1 uses Bluetooth, another uses Cell Towers, And the true GPS use the GPS satellites. There are some of the GPS trackers that amount to a mini basic phone that can be used to call one or two selected numbers along with a SOS button that will alert a selected phone and send out your location that can be tracked on goggle maps.

The Bluetooth is very limited in range but most of them will show the direction of travel when the device went out of range. The manufacturers say the range is up to 75 feet unobstructed But they will run from around $2 for a bluetooth to maybe $60 for a GPS unit plus cell service that run around $5 a month all GPS units use GSM service so you have to buy a Simm card that is $5 to $10 depending on the service provider also some of the providers are limited to like the US or UK only others provided coverage to multi countries .

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There are a few GPS tracking devices reccomended for children. Some of them are as follows: 1. Gps watch for kids or gps tracking bracelet for kids for children above 7 years old A GPS watch for kids also called a gps tracking bracelet for kids is your best choice if you always want to know where your child or early teenager is.

Children love the idea that they can always reach you when needed by pressing the SOS button of the gps tracking bracelet . The main feature of a kid gps watch is that you can locate your kid on a map thanks to the gps in the watch.

Not all gps watches for kids have an SOS button, but many do. This type of GPS locator is perfect for children from age 7 and up. Gps tracking bracelets for kids are popular with kids since they look cool. Moreover this type of child tracker provides your child early on with a degree of responsibility and independence.2.

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Broadly speaking you have two options. 1) Dedicated GPS receiver units such as Garmin, Magellan, Tom Tom etc. 2) A smart phone with an inexpensive data connection (3G/4G/LTE) and an app that does what you want in a GPS tracker In my opinion, dedicated GPS receivers used to be very valuable but after Apple incorported the GPS receiver chip in i, Phone and allowed thirdparty developers to develop apps, standalone GPS receivers' 'value' is diminishing very fast as smart phones do pretty much the same thing and then some, at a far lesser cost.

I am not sure what exactly your question is in asking for "Best GPS Tracker for Bicycle" but if you want to "track yourself" on a bike, both, Apple Maps or Google Maps will do just fine. They are built into their respective phones.

Google Maps is also available on i, Phone as an i, OS app. If you want to "track a bike" that someone else is riding, (to the best of my knowledge) there are not that many dedicated GPS receiver units that do that.

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I know a Kid's GPS tracker named Trakbond Trail which is small like a keychain. The device measures 40mm x 45mm x 25mm in size and weighs only 40gm. The GPS tracker is light enough to be carried by small children anywhere with ease.

This tiny locator is suitable for kids for all age groups due to its discreet size and precise location tracking.Trakbond | Trail

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Those are not GPS trackers, they are RFID tags. With the huge number of students on the campus, it is totally justified... They'll probably introduce RFID based attendance recorders too ... It is economical , both in terms of capital and time ....

They are not used to track you, these are passive RFID tags i.E. They do not have a power source, they gain power from incident radio waves and transmit the data back over a short range ( in this case it's about a few inches) , therefore, they can only be read at close proximity, so you need not worry about being tracked .Thanks for the A2A

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Yes, Vyncs GPS tracker provides API integration and makes the supporting app more user-friendly if the project is approved. Moreover, you can customize the page as per your requirements too. This is one of the best features that not many GPS trackers provide.

To know more about what benefits you can get using the Vyncs GPS tracker, visit their official website.

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