96.45 x 5.5 x 96 inches
7.9 pounds
Sun Joe
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Buyer's Reviews 1850

I am very satisfied with this chainsaw. I bought it at a discount in November, but I just started using it last weekend. It does some quick work on fairly large limbs (8-10 "in diameter). This saw looks good, is suitable for seasonal housing, and should serve me well in the next few years. If you are a professional or have a large fortune with a large number of trees, you may want to invest in higher quality tools. It's easy to assemble, basically all you have to do is install bars and chains. Just make sure you put the chain in the right direction, or it won't cut very well. All the tools required for assembly are included, as well as a pair of safety glasses and a set of wall-mounted brackets (feel good). The only thing not included is bar / chain oil, so be sure to pick up some and don't use a saw without it. Last time I cut down a tree, I used gas chainsaws and ladders (a hard job), but I found it faster and safer to work from the ground with this retractable rod chainsaw. I strongly advise your average homeowner to trim a few trees every season.

8.25 x 8.13 x 44.5 inches
9.06 pounds
Black & Decker Outdoor
1 Lithium ion batteries required.
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Buyer's Reviews 2286

Lightweight. After a few cuts, be sure to stop and tighten the chain, loosen the two black cap screws on the side, and then use the attached tool to rotate the screws clockwise (on the front of the housing) until the chain is a little loose. I got the chain stuck several times, probably because the new chain stretched and had a "slope", which made it stuck in the groove of the cut limb. Overall, this seems to be a very good addition to my toolbox. The battery is full. It's great that there's no rope to drag around, or no moody gasoline chainsaw. This is supposed to be the perfect Joe owner. Just don't expect it to be a tool of business responsibility. Please note that the chain must be manually oiled using a spray bottle or other method. There are no oil storage tanks on the saw. It looks a little strange, but it works fine. It may have saved a few dollars in original manufacturing costs and did simplify a considerable number of saws.

42 x 8 x 9 inches
10 pounds
Positec/Worx - Lawn & Garden
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Buyer's Reviews 947

So I put this little saw through its paces and it definitely works well. In 1day I used it to take out some overgrown evergreen shrubs then trimmed some pine trees, cut down a pesky birch tree and finished with some super tuff oak and maple limbs.The saw does need chain oil which is not included. The chain needs to be tightened before the first use, simply turn the bright orange knob and you're good. The chain did come off once but it was due to hard wet oak and all that was needed was to loosen the tension, reseat the chain and tighten again. The instruction book could have been easier to understand. The saw is very easy to use and figure out but the book was a little confusing.Yes the saw is top heavy on the poll. Anyone who understands physics should know an 8 pound saw on an 8 foot poll is going to be heavy. However the saw's own weght can push it down through the limbs. Just be careful to know your limits and not let the saw fall when it cuts through.I had it on and off the poll all day with jo major issues. It paid for itself already.

77 x 7.5 x 9 inches
8 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 246

I am very satisfied with this purchase. I don't have an accessory ability to trim the line, so the gas-based version is not a good choice for me, considering how much it might be used around my house. I bought this mainly for higher branches on trees that need to be pruned for a period of time, which are between 2 and 4 "in diameter." The project seems easy to assemble, basically four screws to connect the handle, and the chain / rod installation is tool-free. I'm a little skeptical about the tool-free stick adjustment, but it seems to work, and it's super easy to use. After filling and testing some 7-10 'tall 3 "ISH branches with rod oil, I found it cut very well, fairly fast, and very easy to use. After filling and testing some 7-10 'tall 3 "ISH branches with rod oil, I found that it cut very well, quite quickly, and that the bite marks on this blade looked very suitable for these small and medium-sized branches and did not take much effort to fall off. I would suggest that if you are a smaller person, this may be a bit heavy when promoted and managed in a way that has been extended. Even so, at 5 feet 9 and average size, there is no trouble. I would estimate the best maximum height for a person my size is 13 'off the ground. As a test, to see how much this can handle, I use it to remove a branch from a tree that I will cut down in the near future. I used a rangefinder to measure the branches 14.5 feet above the ground. This required me to stand flat on the ground, the pole stretched, my arms stretched, and only my second hand close to the base.

5.5 x 3.6 x 112.7 inches
7.9 pounds
Snow Joe
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Buyer's Reviews 1259

I don't write too many comments, but I think this product is worth one, and I have a hint that might save you time. First of all, the company is already in operation! Although this product is not expensive, it is really well designed and produced. The key parts are well marked and very intuitive. Even their registration pages are well designed and easy to complete. They include a bright yellow card with a model and S, so it's easy to find without having to leave the computer at registration and try to find it somewhere on the device. They deserve five stars because they put obvious ideas into the product and packaging. The 27-month warranty makes me comfortable buying products because I know that to get in, I have to make it cheaply according to advice and retail prices. If I'm disappointed with anything, it's that you should hold on to your extension line, which is a little too big for the standard orange extension line. Another disappointment, and my advice, although the instructions are very good and easy to follow, but they have a short video on YouTube that saves me about an hour to adjust the tension if I try to put it on the chain, so it doesn't fall off. Just type the model in YouTube and you'll find the video. Https:/youtu.be/rPBQcQdOdWk Sun Joe, if you are reading this article, there is a bright card with this message in the box that will make me wish to give you 6 stars! Use it to.

70 x 5 x 5.5 inches
8.57 pounds
American Lawn Mower Company
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Buyer's Reviews 50

I did a good job and gave up a few years later.

Buyer's Reviews 19

Magical tools. After working uninterrupted for a few hours, we removed many good-sized branches from our property. The blade remains sharp throughout the work.

68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
7 pounds
Snow Joe LLC
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Buyer's Reviews 3085

I've been using Stihl, for years, but I need a lightweight chainsaw to trim it. This saw is great. PROS- is very light (not cheap to feel)-easy to assemble-easy to use-easy to adjust-there are more than a dozen instructions on the direction of the chain in case anyone is not familiar with how to install it. In fact, it even has a zipper in the right direction on the chain. -scaling is fast and simple. All you have to do is turn the lock ring quickly and gently. The extension rod is rigid and does not wobble when fully stretched. Rope locks are a good function. Use it because you unplug it when you use it, and if you don't-the chain is sharp and it cuts well. Note: cut off the branch to prevent binding, if the branch with a saw, let it go, guide it down, do not force it. It uses ordinary bars and chain oils, nothing special. Pay attention to the oil level, it uses very quickly, this is no problem! Other comments mentioned the leak. I didn't find it. It was hanging in the garage, the bar down, full of oil. Make sure the cap string is away from the thread, which can cause problems. The chain is easy to adjust, just like an ordinary chainsaw. After the previous cuts, it will loosen a lot. The CONS- trigger lock takes a little time to get used to. I'm not a fan of that setting, but it works-if there's a slot or something in the handle to adjust the wrench, I'm generally very happy with the saw. The only unknown is durability.

80.12 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches
11.2 pounds
Sun Joe
1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
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Buyer's Reviews 17

The perfect choice for saws and companies. There was a problem with the chain that didn't get the oil because of the warranty I emailed them and they sent me a brand new saw and a return order. Dinner customer service plus them are all listed on FB. I haven't seen this type of customer and product warranty for a while! A rugged 40-volt chainsaw battery that charges quickly and lasts a long time. I'm fascinated by this saw. I use it to cut everything. My last saw kept running like a bad one because of the faint gas and noise-don't miss the old column saw. I also used it on my bucket truck to cut off the limbs on the signs and pole lights I had repaired.

40.4 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches
12.17 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 7

It's a little too heavy. I'm doing a good job of what I need to trim.

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Item Weight 7.9 pounds 9.06 pounds 10 pounds 8 pounds 7.9 pounds 8.57 pounds - 7 pounds 11.2 pounds 12.17 pounds
Manufacturer Sun Joe Black & Decker Outdoor Positec/Worx - Lawn & Garden WEN Snow Joe American Lawn Mower Company Ryobi Snow Joe LLC Sun Joe -
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Best Electric Pole Saws Buying Guide

Henry Colon
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It can be a tough and exhausting job to trim trees. An electric pole saw make the work easier. Choosing the right type of tool enables you to complete the projects in a quick and efficient way. The electric pole saw cover a wide range of categories. How to choose the best type for your needs? This buying guide will tell you in details. Take these factors into consideration before buying. Go on!


This is the basic element for you to consider. The price of electric pole saw can vary widely according to its features and functions. Choosing the best vale within your budget will help you a lot. Ordinary level can cover basic needs. However if you want the highest level, then you need to invest more.


This is an important factor you need to consider about. But it is difficult to evaluate because no metrics or specs can be referred to on the performance. Even the corded models use the same battery. They are possible to provide different levels of cutting power. It is a general expectation that the corded model can outweigh the cordless in cutting power. This is true when it comes with resistance or dense woods. The pole saw keeps improving on this parameter. You can refer to the gas-driven pole saw if you care much on it power performance.

Corded or cordless

Electric pole saws can come with types of corded and cordless models. Cordless tools have advantages of portability as it is not limited to a power outlet. But you need to spend money on a reliable battery. Perhaps you need to prepare an extra battery for backup. In comparison it turns to be less powerful than the corded counterparts. The corded electric pole saws can provide regular and consistent power throughout processing. Corded ones can vary in power amount especially when it comes with resistance.


Electric pole saw of any kind requires careful considerations on its safety. The tool is designed with a large cutting implement at the end of the pole. If you are not so carful during operation, you may get a branch cut and fall off on top of you. The corded models also have the issue of risk. You have to pay extra attention to the cord during tripping. That leads to a higher level of risk.


Consider that a lightweight pole saw will be easier to operate. A lighter model relieve burden and make a convenient transfer. It takes less effort if you want to change its location. You may do not need to use this tool frequently. It is a common case to move it around. The electric pole saws rarely have straps to support carrying. That a heavy weight would cause fatigue if you use it for extended time.

Pole length

Another primary factor you need to pay attention is the pole length. It makes effects depending on the height to reach. It matters in extreme circumstances, along with the maximum cutting thickness.