10 Best Electric Detail Sanders of May 2020

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Product Highlights
  • Compact size
  • Finger attachment and sanding pad included
  • Easily fits in tight spaces
  • 3-position grip for control and ease of use in many applications
  • Included Components: (1) BDEMS600 Mouse Sander, (2) Sheets Sand Paper, (1) Detail Finger Attachment; Tool Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • 1.2 amp motor for material removal with 14,000 orbits per minute
  • High-performance dust collection with micro-filtration
  • Detail finger attachment for hard-to-reach areas
  • Compact body and low-profile legs for maneuverability
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I love this little sanding machine. It does this, and it's interesting / easy to use. I gave it 4 stars because there was no good seal to connect the dust collection container to the unit. I have always had problems with dry walls / paint dust around the units, apparently escaping places, dust buckets connected to the units. I say "connect" instead of "clip" or "click" because you just push it down. There is no satisfactory click to let you know that it is firmly connected. So I must have used it wrong, or my gasket is defective, or I'm missing a gasket or something, but it looks intact and there are no obvious physical problems. In other words, this may just be a design defect on the device. In other words, although it leaks dust from the back of the device and makes it a bit cumbersome to use in a small space, I have to empty the socket a few times in each operation, so it obviously takes a lot of particles out of the air. By the way, I use a vacuum cleaner to empty things instead of dumping them in the garbage, because dumping in the garbage will eventually send the dust back into the air.
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Product Highlights
  • [QUIET & EFFICIENCY] 0.8 Amp DC motor works more quiet that keeps you away from undesired sound. Enertwist Electric Sander boasts 13,000 orbits per minute for fast and efficient woodworking, sanding, detailing, scrubbing. DC motor and sealed on/off switch also behave sander machine more durable.
  • [MINI SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT] Compact and low profile design palm sander weighs in at a mere 1lb 12 oz (0.78Kg), and with comfort handheld grip easier to control for women and small hand users. Features a 5.25"x 3.5" (133 mm x 83 mm) backing baseplate for lightduty sanding jobs, and the finger sander attachment could easily go tight areas to finish edge, corner, hard-to-reach surfaces. Best for Wood/Metal edge and corner finishing.
  • [UPGRADED FINGER PAD MOUNTING] Improve original plastic thread to new brass rivet nut which molding injected directly in the main base, can effectively prevent finger attachment from loosing, screw skidding, melting with detail sander during cabinet, chair, table legs, furniture, wall refinishing projects.
  • [CLEAR VIEW DUST CANISTER] Higher performance 21-holes helps maxmium sawdust dust extraction. The multi-hole design will save your time from matching trouble of selecting sandpaper. Sand papers included. Meanwhile clear view dust canister removes guess work of when to empty container. Velcro baseplate allows for easy sand paper removal and installation.
  • [INCLUDED COMPONENTS] (1) ET-DS-100 Mouse Sander, (10) Sheets Sand Paper (2*80/ 2*120/ 1*240G), (1) Detail Finger Attachment, (5) Finger Sand Paper (2*80/ 2*120/ 1*240G), (1)Scrubbing-pad, (1)Abrasive-pad, (1)Lock Screw, (1)Nylon Carrying Bag, (1) Manual, (1) Welcome Guide, and 30-Days Money-back Guarantee, 1-Year Warranty.
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Absolutely love this Sander! It did a great job of getting into the cracks and extending the nose. It is connected with a small screw to keep it in place and do a good job. They give you a black rope backpack bag, but it suits my toolbox. You can buy a Ryobi Sander for $25, but it doesn't have a nose extension, it's not 13000 revolutions per minute, it's 12500 revolutions. Is there such a big difference? Oh, I don't know. This is small and light, which makes it easier to use for small hands, but big hands will not be a problem.
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Product Highlights
  • 💝 Special Gift for Valentine's Day 💝 Great tool for home décor and perfect gift for woodworking lovers
  • ▲Comfortable Handle: Ergonomic handle covered with soft rubber makes it comfortable in using. Compact and lightweight design prevent fatigue in prolonged sanding
  • ▲Dust Collection: Reusable dust collection bag keeps a clean working area. The fan inside powered by the high-efficiency pure copper motor rotates rapidly to transport the wood dust into the dust collection bag.
  • ▲Mini Size and Mouse Head Design: It can easily reach narrow spaces to finish edge, corner, and any other hard-reach spaces so that you can deal with the detail of the wood working perfectly
  • ▲High Efficiency: The sander runs at 14,000 orbits per minute with 1.1amps of power; 1.5 mm diameter high eccentric orbit creates larger sanding area, which makes sure users finish their work efficiently
  • ▲Additional 12Pcs Sandpapers: 12Pcs Sandpapers(60 grits*6 & 120 grits*6) to meet your various needs. Velcro base plate makes it simple to change sandpapers
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I am always looking for a special balance between high quality and low cost to add to my collection. I have worked in the construction industry for several years and am fully aware of the importance of using high-quality, reliable tools. Now, my project only includes home maintenance and upgrading, I no longer care about the best quality power tools, and found some entertainment tracking ultra-low-cost projects, and ended up doing well. This sanding machine takes care of it. When I bought it a week ago, it was either the cheapest electric Sander available, or it was followed by some cheap GM brands that looked like toys. The sanding machine moved smoothly on the wood and actually remained flat rather than part of a preference for sandpaper pads, which is why I bought and returned 3-4 different brands at HD. So it solves the biggest problem of hand-held electric sanding machines, not only does it exceed my standards, but it also comes with some sandpaper pads that make it an absolute perfect package for people looking for high-quality sanding machines, so that they have their own home tool library.
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Product Highlights
  • ★【EFFICIENT MOUSE DETAIL SANDER】Compact sander with 13500RPM and 1.0A of power, great for sanding, polishing small areas and paint repair
  • ★【HIGH PERFORMANCE DUST COLLECTION】With a dust collection port can keep the work area clean. The buckle connection design keeps the box from falling off during work, it is an ideal tool for indoor detail works
  • ★【WITH 16PCS SANDPAPER】With 16pcs sandpaper (8pcs 80Grits & 8pcs 180Grits) to meet your different applications of removing paint from wood, metal, or plastic of corners and other hard-to-reach areas. With self-adhesive disc design and it is easier to replace sandpaper
  • ★【DUSTPROOF SWITCH】Prevents dust from entering to keep the switch clean and extend using life. Strong heat dissipation, not easy to burn the machine. The switch also can be locked after activated or closed to reduced the hand control
  • ★【ERGONOMIC HANDLE】All-inclusive rubber handle effectively reduces vibration during use and relieves fatigue. What’s you Get: Meterk mouse detail sander, 1*Vacuum cleaner connecting pipe, 16Pcs grit Sandpapers(8Pcs X 80 & 8Pcs x 180 Grits), use guide, and our 30-days money back guarantee, 24-month warranty and friendly customer service
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This sanding machine has made my life easier. I've been fiddling with bits and pieces on the furniture lately. I have several different types of Sanders,Plug-in and Composer, but they are all inclusive. I've been using the old-fashioned folding sandpaper to make corners or small edges. This Sander is a better solution. It is smaller and its shape allows for smooth grinding in a straight line. It is also equipped with sandpaper. It's easy to control with one hand. I should have got it sooner.
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Product Highlights
  • ♥Ginour provide free replacement & LIFETIME Warranty☛✉[email protected]
  • 【POWERFUL WITH 10PCS SANDPAPERS】 Ginour 1.6A mouse detail sander run 12,000 orbits per minute; Equipped with 10pcs sandpapers (5×80grit+5×180grit), it can be use for polishing when replacing sandpaper above 180grit
  • 【360° ROTATABLE SANDING PAD】 Under the help of 360° rotatable sanding pad, it can turn to any angle, perfect for sanding small spaces and all kinds of corners without adjusting the machine itself . Small size but wide applicability
  • 【DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM & LOCK BUTTON】With a dust Collection can keep the work area clean and the buckle connection design keeps the box from falling off during work; Locking switch enable keep working without pressing continuously to reduces fatigue
  • 【LOWER VIBRATION &ERGONOMIC HANDLE】The sander runs stably, with low vibration and noise, helping you to get the job done better; Soft rubber coated hand grip is ergonomic and easy to handle with one hand, ideal for long-term use
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】1 * Ginour Mouse detail sander; 10 * Sandpaper (5×80grit+5×180grit); 1* Dust container; 1 * User manual; Lifetime Warranty and Best Customer Service
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I make custom cedar furniture and have many types of Sanders. I usually only buy high-end Sanders. However, when I saw the Sander at a friend's house, I was immediately attracted because of its handle and unit cost. My hand is arthritis, and the handle on this Sander allows me to guide it with less tingling in my knuckles. Overall, it does a good job of light sanding machines and smart accessories. Based on the cost and what it does, I think it's a project Sander. The 2-year warranty is a big bonus, especially given that small accessories can wear out or break down for continuous use. Therefore, I recommend that this is a light detail Sander.
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Product Highlights
  • 【3 in 1 Multifunction Sander】High performance 3 in 1 sander with orbital/sheet/detail sanding pad options which ideal for sanding tabletops, doors, cabinets, skirting boards or corners and very tight spaces etc.
  • 【Powerful Performance】Adjustable 6-speed position dial, 1.67A(200W) great power, be supports to monitor the exact right speed that adapt to different application.
  • 【15 Pcs Sandpapers】Sanding pad can be easily and quickly replaced, this multifunction sander comes with 15pcs 80 grits sandpapers(5 pcs orbital sander sandpapers&5 pcs sheet sander sandpapers&5 pcs detail sander sandpapers) that last the sander a long service life.
  • 【Dust Collection】Electric sander is equipped with a microfilter system that traps particles as small as 1/2 micron in diameter, Removable dust box collects sanding debris that provide you a cleaner work environment.
  • 【Ideal for Indoor Work】Precision engineered all-ball bearing construction for reduced vibration and noise, the sander machine works stably with low vibration, low noise, ideal for indoor work. Not suitable for wall sanding, dust of the wall is too thin to block the collecting system.
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This TACKLIFE electric three-in-one Sander is one of the essential tools in every home workshop. This tool has an easy-to-use "ON" switch at the top of the tool. It has a good design with paper clips, locked in the proper sandpaper. The kit is equipped with 3 interchangeable head Orbital/Detail/Sheet sanding machines plus 15 pieces of sandpaper 5 for each type of head, a very beautiful and sturdy carrying bag and a filtered dust collector to keep the work area clean, which makes the sanding machine very suitable for indoor use, and the dust collector is very easy to install and empty. Sandpaper is easy to design with magic stickers. The tool weighs only about 5 pounds, so the Sander is light enough to be processed in many types of sanding projects. The speed of the sanding machine can be set from 7000rpm to 12000rpm, and six speeds can be adjusted according to different needs. This is a very good sanding machine for anyone who collects power tools and likes woodworking projects. My husband was excited to try it by polishing our kitchen cupboard door, and its work was perfect. Sanding machines do not make noise and do not require additional pressure to achieve perfect results. I hig...
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Product Highlights
  • PP plastic plus TPE soft rubber
  • 【1.7AMP & 15,000 OPM】EFFICIENCY IS UP TO MOTOR! 1.7amp/200W fine copper motor runs at 15,000 orbits per minute with low resistance , 1.6mm working pendulum diameter creates more even and larger sanding area.
  • 【12PCS SANDPAPER】12pcs sandpaper (6*80 Grits & 6*120Grits) for fine and rough sanding according to your requirements.VELCRO-TYPE FASTENING SYSTEM make it fast change of sandpaper. Suitable for sanding and polishing wood and coatings.
  • 【BETTER DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM】REDUCE DUST EXPLOSION! Built-in zinc-aluminum vacuum fan blades, 140*140*80mm (5-1/2x5-1/2x3-3/20inches)sanding pad is visibly suck up any debris and dust left behind from your sanding job into the collection box to keep your workshop cleaner. Clear box allows you to see if it is full. This detail sander can be connected to 35mm tube of vacuum cleaner. Please regularly empty the dust in collection box during prolonged use
  • 【COMPACT & ERGONOMIC】2.53lbs weight makes it easy to sand any surface even for extended periods of time. All-inclusive soft rubber handle reduces the fatigue caused by the vibration of the sander, elliptical design can perfectly fit the palm of your hand and provides greater softgrip control. The Teardrop shaped base allows an excellent accessibility in tight spaces.
  • 【TIPS FOR USE】AlWAYS READ THE GUIDELINES BOOKLET THAT COMES WITH THE TOOL.This Detail Sander is small but powerful, avoid applying too much pressure to the pad as this may cause the sander to sand deeper than it’s required. Also, too much pressure may damage the pad and the material. Wear protective goggles when sanding. Tilswall devotes to serving for you!
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After using up the money to buy a big brand, I bought this sanding machine, until now there is no regret! I have tools from ryoby to Milwaukee, and this mouse Sander is great! I didn't expect too much power, but im, was glad I was wrong. It has 12 sandpaper mats and different grids. I can polish our kitchen cabinets and paint before I thank you. It's fine, too. It has a dust collector, and I can hook to our store vacuum cleaner.
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Product Highlights
  • SANDING HEADS TO SUIT YOUR PROJECT: High performance 2 in 1 sander with triangular and square sanding options – ideal for an array of sanding tasks including smoothing doors, worktops, skirting boards, window frames and more. 14,000 RPM and 6ft power cord.
  • INCLUDES SANDING SHEETS: 6 X interchangeable sanding sheets in coarse, medium and fine for wood, plastic or metal applications.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: for a comfortable grip over longer periods of use.
  • DUST EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Removable dust box collects sanding debris as you work for a cleaner work surface and increased visibility
  • SIMPLE HOOK & LOOP BASE: Easily change sanding heads – ideal for minimizing downtime
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I'm hesitant to buy it. I'm not a great carpenter, but on the splitter on my gear, I have to do something. This product has two tables and two shapes, and their keys enter the product directly. This line is a beautiful ten feet or so, and it works really well with the extension line. I soon polished the table. But I took all the paper. Be sure to buy extra sandpaper. You're gonna need it. With such a powerful sanding machine, the paper will soon wear away. It's a complete bargain at this price. If you had wood, you'd want this. :)
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Product Highlights
  • Does the job of 5 different sanders - random orbit, finishing, detail, contour and finger sander
  • Hyperlock quick toolless pad change assures bases never get loose
  • Mode max technology ensures maximum sanding efficiency no matter the base in use
  • Large orbital radius for aggressive debris removal when needed
  • Variable speed adapts to variety of materials and application
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I like Worx products because they are wireless, light weight, and can get the job done. This Sander is a good supplement to my electric Sander. It's light. I've only used it once, and it works well.
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Product Highlights
  • ▲【FINGER PAD MOUNTING DESIGN】Finger pad mounting design, which molding injected directly in the main base, can effectively prevent finger attachment from loosing, screw skidding.
  • ▲【360° ROTATABLE SANDING PAD】Unique 360 degree rotatable sanding pad allows you to turn it at left 90° or right 90°, and finger pad helping you to enter the corner that you usually not able to, increase the frosted area.
  • ▲【ANTI-FALLING BUCKLE DESIGN】 The dust container adopts a new type of anti-falling buckle design, which keeps attaching firmly to the mouse sander, removing all your troubles about the dust box. Detachable dust box allows you a fast dust cleaning.
  • ▲【HIGH SPEED & LOWER VIBRATION】12,000 OPM high sanding speed helps you to finish your sanding project efficiently and precision engineered all-ball bearing construction designed to reduce vibration and noise.
  • ▲【COMPACT BODY & SMALL HANDLE】 A compact body of 2.43lbs with soft rubber grip guarantees you a comfortable feeling, reducing fatigue for long time work. Small handle also suitable for small-hand ladies.
  • ▲【DUST-PROOF SWITCH & HOOK AND LOOP PAD】Dust-resistant switch keeps all dust and debris out, ensuring a safer operation. Equip with 20 pcs Hook and loop base allows an easier and fast sandpaper change
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There are a lot of good things about this Sander, and there's a little thing to pick on. The advantage is that it is the best tool for small places. Using this sanding machine to clean the door of the dresser in my bathroom, the filter left me with the least confusion. My other Sander doesn't have this function, and I can tell you, I'll never go without a filter again. There is still some dust but some sanding is a significant difference from my hair. The nylon buckle pad at the bottom was much stronger than I thought, and there was no doubt that the sandpaper was left in the same place. It's easy to use. The power was good, but here's where I was picky: I realized I should read the details of the purchase, but I thought it would have enough sandpaper to satisfy a job. Give me a surprise. It came with a rough piece of sandpaper that forced me to go out and buy more sandpaper. Well, it's not exactly their fault, but it doesn't make me completely warm and warm about this purchase. For those who have actually read the accompanying content, I will recommend it to you.
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Special Features - Mouse shape pad TECCPO TAMS22P Mouse Detail Sander features: ▲14,000 OP... ▲13500RPM Detail sander▲Vacuum cleaner connecting pipe▲... ➤360° Rotating Sanding Pad ➤10Pcs Sandpapers ➤Dust Coll... ► TACKLIFE MDS01B Multifunction Sander ► Automatic vacu... ✔ 1.7AMP & 15,000 OPM pure cooper motor ✔ 12PCS SANDPAP... - Portable ★360 degree rotatable sanding pad ★Upgraded finger atta...
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