10 Best Dremel Rotary Tools of May 2020

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Product Highlights
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE, & POWERFUL: 12V Lithium-Ion battery provides maximum performance and run time at all speeds (5,000-30,000 RPM).
  • VERSATILE ROTARY TOOL KIT: includes 8220 cordless rotary tool, 1 attachment, 28 high-quality Dremel accessories, charger, plastic storage case, and accessory case.
  • QUICK ACCESSORY CHANGES – Patented EZ Twist Nose Cap makes accessory changes fast and easy without the need of a wrench
  • REMOVABLE LI-ION BATTERY: Always ready with no memory effects. Charges in one-hour.
  • SLIM & ERGONOMIC BODY – 360-degree grip zone & lightweight design allows you to work comfortable in tight spaces.
  • ACCESSORY & ATTACHMENT COMPATIBLE: Accommodates all Dremel rotary accessories & attachments for thousands of applications. Kit includes Multipurpose Cutting Guide Attachment.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY & USA-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Available by chat, email, phone or visit us at our service center in Racine, WI.
  • Can be used with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
  • One-hour charger for minimal downtime
  • High-performance motor designed for demanding applications
  • Kit contains 28 accessories, carrying case, 1-hour charger, and one 12V max lithium-ion battery
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When I bought this Dremel, I wasn't sure. I've been using wired Dremel tools for more than 40 years, and I've even replaced the brushes of the motor on one or two of them. I'm not sure if this battery operates one will be able to have power wired. I was surprised that it was able to keep in touch with my cable TV. In addition, because of the battery, I can take it to places where I can't use wired batteries. So far, I haven't run out of battery, so I don't know how long it will last, but for most of the tasks I need it, it will last long enough. I find myself more and more exposed to cordless phones, and fewer people use wired phones.
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Product Highlights
  • PREMIUM ROTARY TOOL KIT- includes 4300 high performance rotary tool, 5 attachments, 40 high-quality Dremel accessories, and plastic storage case.
  • HIGH POWERED MOTOR – Our most powerful motor delivers maximum performance even in the most demanding applications.
  • VARIABLE SPEED - 5, 000 – 35, 000 RPM with electronic feedback for consistent performance & accurate tool control
  • UNIVERSAL 3-JAW CHUCK – allows the use of ALL Dremel accessory shank sizes making it compatible with the entire line of our high-quality accessories.
  • PIVOT LIGHT – rotates to illuminate your projects even in difficult to reach spaces
  • INNOVATED AIR FLOW SYSTEM- ventilation mechanism helps prevent heat build-up for smoother, cooler, and quieter operation
  • REPLACEABLE BRUSHES – motor brushes can be replaced to extend tool life
  • SLIM & ERGONOMIC BODY - for added comfort & grip during extended use
  • SEPARATE ON/OFF SWITCH & SPEED DIAL – for added convenience & control
  • ACCESSORY & ATTACHMENT COMPATIBLE: Accommodates all Dremel rotary accessories & attachments for thousands of applications. Attachments in the kit include Pivot Light, 675 Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener, A550 Shield Rotary Attachment, 565 Multipurpose Cutting Kit, A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide
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My previous Dremel lasted 23 years (just broke the bcs, and I bent the shaft and fell off). Although this beautiful kit is very expensive for me, if it lasts for a long time, it will cost less than $1 a month. To increase the life of your Dremel and make project preparation easier: * before use: run Dremel at high speed for five minutes & lift the tool to the top of the flexible shaft for two minutes. Add labels to your stone collection to remind yourself to run each stone for 1 minute. * maintenance: blowing out with compressed air. Fold a long masking tape in half and place it on the Dremel wire and mark each hour of use. When you reach 40-50, it's time to check the brush. Add another masking tape to the flexible shaft to mark each hour of use. When you reach 35-40, add $5 Lucas ball bearing grease. * use the correct speed: go online and print out a chart of Dremel showing the speed of each accessory and project material. To make it work for you, you need to trim the width of the paper before laminating & add a keychain so you don't lose anything. * collate attachments: if you already have multi-purpose kits / accumulated loose spaces, you may find that by removing the excess foa...
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Product Highlights
  • Multipurpose rotary tool – from woodworking, carpentry, car care to jewelry making and more; The versatile 7760 Lite is the diyer’s go-to solution for small home improvement jobs, and crafting projects. Includes 10 accessories to kick start your projects right out of the box.
  • Quick accessory changes – with the patented EZ twist nose cap, accessory changes are easy and done without the need of a wrench. Collet size is 1.8”.
  • Variable speed - Seamlessly adjust to the ideal speed from 8, 000 to 25, 000 for optimal control & maneuverability
  • Easy battery charging- the rechargeable 4V li-ion battery & convenient USB charger ensures that it’s ready whenever you are.
  • Battery life indicator- LED light illuminates to notify you when the battery needs to be charged
  • Portable & lightweight – 360 Degree soft grip material allows for comfort & precise control. Cordless design offers the freedom to take it anywhere
  • Compatible – can be used with most Dremel accessories and a selection of attachments
  • What’s in the kit – 7760 Lite 4V Li-on cordless rotary tool, 10 piece Accessories, accessory case, USB charging cable & power adaptor, user Manual, quick start guide, 2 year warranty card
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So far, I've only used it once to trim my dog's nails. I use this tool with Dremel cemented carbide tip. I have a big half Staffordshire Terrier very long, very hard fingernails and this combination works great work, painless dog. This tool is very powerful, and adjustable speed (preset, rather than continuous variation) allows you to use the correct speed for the task. I also used the carving techniques provided to etch the dog's name and my phone number on the back of his dog tag. So far, it is very suitable for the purpose I want. If I have any questions, I will update them later.
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Product Highlights
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM; easy-to-understand speed dial features
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Includes 30 Dremel accessories and 2 Dremel attachments
  • 360-degree grip zone for control in any position. Cord Length:: 6ft
  • Carrying case is included
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There are quite a few comments here about buyers' chuck-related issues on this Dremel. I just bought this model, and I think I might understand at least some of the problems with users. First of all, about terminology. The solid shaft on which the cutting or grinding tool is mounted is the mandrel (or Dremel also known as the accessory handle). When you install the cutter on the Dremel, the mandrel slides into a silver hollow tube called a chuck. The dark metal nut that wraps the chuck and screws it onto the device is the chuck nut. All accessories shipped with this Dremel model use mandrel / handles with a diameter of 1 ". Most other accessories sold by Dremel also use this size, although some use 3 ", 1" or 1 "calves. When my Dremel 4000 arrived, I noticed that none of them included a 1 "calf fit chuck." I think some other buyers who have encountered this problem have come to the conclusion that their Dremel s has the wrong size clip. However, when I took it apart a little, I found that the chuck was just tightly stuck in the chuck nut, closing its diameter so that the handle did not fit. I unscrewed the chuck nut from the Dremel and pushed the chuck out of the back end of the ch...
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Product Highlights
  • Stroke adjustment dial regulates engraving depth from fine lines to deep grooves
  • Replaceable carbide point lets you engrave on most surfaces
  • Optional 9929 diamond point (not included) for heavy-duty use on hard surfaces
  • Letter/Number template helps etch words and numbers ; Soft grip adds extra comfort and control
  • The 290-05 kit contains the 290-01 tool + additional accessories.
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In order to work, I had to carve serial numbers on about 70 large steel tools. I ordered this and a few diamond bits because I was worried that the cemented carbide bits (with four) might not be hard enough to carve all the tools. This engraving machine works very well. I used only one piece of cemented carbide to carve all the tools, and it was still very sharp. It should provide a long carving life. I also tried a diamond bit on a pair of tools. As good as Kabid. Have a nice carving!
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Product Highlights
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 32,000 RPM
  • Improved design for multiple grip positions
  • EZ Twist Nose Cap for quick accessory changes
  • Includes 2 attachments: a sanding/grinding guide and a cutting guide
  • 2-year limited warranty
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My boyfriend likes his Demel! It was affordable and did the work. Five stars! His first project, he made me a ring (: I would definitely recommend this product!)
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Product Highlights
  • Multi-vise tool that helps you secure your project or free up a hand
  • Rotates 360° and tilts 50° allowing the user to lock the workpiece in any position
  • Clamps to any work surface up to 2-1/2" thick
  • Tool holder turns Dremel rotary tools into a stationary sander, grinder or polisher
  • Removable clamping jaws create a stand-alone bar clamp
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There is a large vice for the cast iron workshop in my workshop. I have been using it all the time. I am looking for another fixture type of tool to accommodate some of the small pieces of wood I am burning and sealing, as well as for leather and other small jobs. I saw the unit from Dreymel and had to give it a try. It cost about $25, and this tool really did a lot. It's like one more hand! I sandwiched it to my homemade workbench and first used it to support a piece of leather, where I was polishing the edges. Work like a champion. It clips the hides firmly enough that it never slips. The "ball catch" function works very well because I can adjust the angle of the artifact quickly and easily. Next, I use it to hold some lacquered trimmed wood chips. Today, I had to make a custom "tool" to take out the screws from the generator's carburetor. I clamped the screwdriver with pliers, took an angle grinder, and made this tool. The pliers held the screwdriver without sliding, preventing me from using a big face in the store. Remember, if you have to process some steel or want to knock out nails with wood, this is not a tool for this work. However, it is very convenient for smaller tasks,...
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Product Highlights
  • VERSATILE ROTARY TOOL KIT: includes 4000 corded rotary tool, 4 attachments, 34 high-quality Dremel accessories, plastic storage case, and accessory case
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR – Provides maximum power and performance at all speeds. Variable speed (5,000 – 35,000 RPM) and electronic feedback circuitry for consistent performance even in the most demanding applications
  • INNOVATED AIR FLOW SYSTEM- ventilation mechanism helps prevent heat build-up for smoother, cooler, and quieter operation
  • SLIM & ERGONOMIC BODY – 360-degree grip zone for added comfort & grip during extended use
  • SEPARATE ON/OFF SWITCH & SPEED DIAL – for the perfect speed every time
  • 34 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Ideal for DIY or crafting projects like sanding, grinding, cutting, carving, polishing, and drilling.
  • 4 ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED - Multipurpose Cutting Guide, Sanding/Grinding Guide, Circle Cutter/Straight Edge Guide, and Detailer’s Grip
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY & USA-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Available by chat, email, phone or visit us at our service center in Racine, WI
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I am a 59-year-old lifelong carpenter and DIY'er. My home store is equipped with all the tools I can think of, but I've never had a Dremel tool. When I bought this tool, I had to cut some unsupported shower bricks to get a leaking bypass valve. I'm skeptical, but it's much easier to cut tiles than I expected. In fact, it's a rotating tool that allows me to cut unsupported shower tiles without exerting pressure that might damage it. This will be a minor disaster because shower tiles are 15 years old and we do not have any matching alternative tiles. It worked so well that I then cut several times on the drywall using the Dremel tool. This weekend I was using it to cut a window on the metal column of my drilling machine and install a counterweight for my drilling machine table. This tool is my new must-have tool! I can't wait to try it on some of the wood carving projects I've been thinking about!
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Product Highlights
  • Imported from: Mexico
  • Commercial Brand: DREMEL
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For years, I've been using a small battery-powered dremel to file our dog nails. The battery began to die, so I bought a new battery. The charger then decided to take action, and I finished it. My husband bought me a Dremel 3000 from HD, which was nice, but after the first use, the first speed quit, and then 2n. I saw this, and it looked like I wanted it to do. Only two speeds and a smaller size fit my hand. We have two big Danes with thick fingernails. The lower speed is enough to trim and file their nails. High speed will be faster, but they are still young enough that any pressure will turn manicure into a rodeo, too slow! The Dremel has proven to be better than the 3000, at a fraction of the cost of 3000. Very satisfied with my purchase!
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Product Highlights
  • BRILLIANTLY POWERFUL – Cordless rotary tool with LED light offers the perfect combination of size, ergonomics, and power for precise and light-duty DIY projects.
  • LED PROJECT LIGHT - Front end light illuminates projects for better visibility.
  • HIGH CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – 8Volt Lithium-Ion battery delivers compact power and longer run times. Always ready and no memory effects.
  • DOCKING STATION – Continually charges the tool so it always fully charged and ready to use. LED Battery Life Indicator lets you know when it’s ready for a recharge. 3 hour & 45 minute charge time.
  • VARIABLE SPEED WITH LED DIAL – Achieve your optimal speed between 5,000 – 25,000 RPM using the LED Speed Dial Indicator
  • VERSTATILE TOOL KIT – Includes 8050 cordless rotary tool, 18 high-quality Dremel accessories, and a charging dock.
  • SLIM & ERGONOMIC BODY - for added comfort & grip during extended use
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY & USA-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Available by chat, email, phone or visit us at our service center in Racine, WI.
Hot Reviews

I bought this Dremel 8050 to trim our puppy's nails because he always makes a fuss when I try to use scissors. I use 120 sandpaper rollers and use about 10krpm. It is quite quiet and does the work well, quickly and efficiently. We trim his nails every week. He's used to it now. I never had a dremel, before, so I started using this microcomputer at home and soon realized that it didn't have the energy to cut wood or metal, except for very thin fragments. If this value is exceeded, the motor will be turned off. I recently replaced some toilet bolts, and it did cut them, but it took a few restarts to cut them. If I put any pressure on Dremel, it will shut down. Some of the advantages of this model are: 1. Very lightweight and operable 2. LED lights allow you to illuminate what you are doing 3. Speeds range from 5 to 28k. (starts with 15k at boot) 4. Lithium-ion battery technology-8 volts if you want to use it to trim your dog's nails and light items, this 8050 may be your ideal choice. I wanted to provide more power for other projects and bought an 8220, a larger, heavier 12-volt model. I have described their size comparisons here and will write a separate review for 8220.
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# TOP 1-Dremel 8220-1... 2-Dremel 4300-5... 3-Dremel Lite 7... 4-Dremel 4000-2... 5-Dremel 290-05... 6-Dremel 3000-2... 7-Dremel 2500-0... 8-Dremel 4000-4... 9-Dremel 200-1/... 10-Dremel 8050-N...
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Product Dimensions 9 x 3 x 13.8 inches 9 x 2 x 2 inches - 14 x 9.5 x 3.8 inches - 11.5 x 3.1 x 8.2 inches - 15.2 x 10.2 x 3.8 inches 10.2 x 5.5 x 3 inches 9.8 x 6.5 x 3.8 inches
Style Rotary tool 4300-5/40 - Rotary tool - Rotary tool - Rotary tool Rotary kit Rotary tool
Power Source cordless-electric Corded electric Battery Powered electric cordless-electric Electric corded-electric corded-electric corded-electric battery-powered
Voltage 12 volts 120 volts - 120 volts 115 volts 120 volts - 120 volts 120 volts 8 volts
Date First Available June 22, 2012 September 22, 2016 June 1, 2019 November 19, 2003 June 27, 2017 September 12, 2011 July 2, 2004 September 18, 2014 May 29, 2009 August 25, 2015
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