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Rocaris Woodworking Drilling Countersink Automatic Cover
5.5 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches


3/8" shank 8pcs wood plug cutter drill bit set made of durable carbon steel material,used for tapered 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" ,5/8" wood plugs to cover recessed screw holes or hide blemishes,able to cut plugs to 22mm/23mm/25mm/26mm in length.
Package included 23pcs woodworking chamfer drilling tool, 6pcs 1/4" Hex Shank HSS 5 Flute 90 Degree Countersink Drill Bits, 7pcs Three Pointed High Speed Steel Countersink Drill Bit with One L-wrench for Wood Drilling or Woodworking Chamfer, 8pcs wood plug cutters drill bit set and 1pcs Automatic center punch for marks workpiece with a dimple, creating a starting point that prevents screws and drills from wandering
7pcs three pointed countersink drill bits made of high speed steel with good abrasion resistance and durable,includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm for drilling pilot holes,the drill bit large chip flute and five edge chamfers allows faster and easier discharge of sawdust.
1/4" hex shank 5 flute countersink drill bit made of high speed steels and with 6 different diameter sizes 6mm(1/4"), 8mm(5/16"), 9mm(3/8"), 12mm(1/2"), 16mm(5/8"), 19mm(3/4"),used for sinking 90 Degree 6 different sizes Holes into Wood and PVC boards Countersunk Screws and Fixings.
#TOP 2
Dewalt Dw2535 Piece Countersink Assortment Cover
1.92 ounces
7.76 x 3.88 x 0.75 inches

I like these bits.Nice to use and really help fore making neat pilot holes and hiding screw heads. The length of the pilot bit is adjustable, but I wish there was a depth stop you could set for the countersink part of the bit because its easy to drill your countersink deeper than intended with these bits.

They seem to hold up okay, but replacement pilot bits are quite pricey.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
TheHardwareSource $19.71 New 94%
RS_Presbyterian $19.95 New 89%
Amazon Official ? New Official
Express Tool Supply $21.23 New 96%
Fat Boy Tools $29.5 New 91%
Escorp $34.49 New 91%
Kitchen Dazzle L.L.C $34.52 New 64%
MeetzUrNeedz $34.52 New 67%
Veterans Sell $34.52 New 72%
Bubblysuz $34.52 New 64%


Easy and simple use kit
The product is 3PC Countersink Set
The product is manufactured in China
Replacement tapered bits offered
Four cutter countersink and tapered drill bit provide superior speed and ideal finish
Drill, countersink and counterbore in one step
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Snappy Brand Quick Change Countersink Proudly Cover
Make it Snappy
5 ounces
8.5 x 5.65 x 0.8 inches
5 Piece Countersink Set

They're a little pricey but it's definitely a case of getting what you pay for, and maybe a little more compared to cheaper products that break and don't perform well. These feel quite hefty in your hand, they're sharp and the bits actually fit the countersink sleeves!

I mention this because many of the bits on others I have owned are noticeably small for the sleeve hole and therefore are never properly centered and make poorly sized and shaped holes. I really like the substantial size and clean machining of the set screw system.

They're easy to loosen and they tighten back up easily after you adjust drill depth, and then they stay where you put them no matter how many holes you drill, whether it's in softwood or hardwood. This design uses two chamfered flutes, so I get the best results when I keep my drill speed on the high side and take my time completing the cut.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Junipers' $24.21 New 88%
MaxWarehouse $24.46 New 89%
Prime Tools $24.58 New 99%
Life and Home $24.81 New 88%
Bowers Tool LLC $26.59 New 95%
Suppliesonline $28.49 New 89%
Hartville Hardware $29.98 New 95%
Tapper's $30.59 New 97%
Make it Snappy Tools, Inc. $30.99 New 88%
VirVentures $35.61 New 90%


Snappy Tools Countersinks will drill the pilot hole and countersink or counter-bore for screws in one step. Countersink to drive the head of the screw flush with or slightly below the surface
In one step, you can drill, countersink and counter bore the perfect sized hole for #4, #6, #8, #10, or #12 screws.
Made in USA by Snappy; Includes 5 Gold Screw Countersinks: 5/64x3/8, 3/32x3/8, 7/64x3/8, 1/8x3/8 & 9/64x1/2
Ideal for plugs or dowel buttons. The 1/4" hex shank can be used with power drills and quick-change chucks.
Experience the higher quality of Snappy Tools. Combining higher quality materials and patented technology, Snappy delivers industrial quality tools to the tradesman and do-it-yourself markets at an affordable price.
#TOP 4
Countersink Baban Degree 6Mm 19Mm Moworve Cover
0.32 ounces
3.94 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches
Countersink Drill Bit

I picked these up after many bad experiences with a countersink bit that included a lead. None of of the counter sink bits that included lead bits I tried were ever true and would always wobble leading to bad pilot holes anyway.

I purchased these primarily for wood but they obviously work on metal too. Before these, the only experience I had with this type of countersink bit was the one I picked up from Harbor Freight for 4 bucks. That bit was so bad that I threw it in the trash.

I never throw away tools, who does? These bits produce clean counter sinks and they include many sizes. I primary use one of the smaller ones but it makes very quick work. I just leave it in the bit holder of my impact driver fro q

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Moworve $9.99 New 93%
Asymden $11.99 New 67%
Phycomn $11.99 New 64%


Eliminates Chatter&Vibration - All have a 90 angle on the point for sharp and precise countersinking. The cutting edge is hardened and honed for sharpness. A Chatter-Free,five-flute designed with staggered cutting teeth aranged to insure free chip flow and rapid chatter free cutting.
Special Reminding - These flute countersink drill bit set are machined from high speed steels and are available in 6 different diameter sizes. Size - 6mm(1/4''), 8mm(5/16''), 9mm(3/8''), 12mm(1/2''), 16mm(5/8''), 19mm(3/4'')
Sweet Tips - 1/4 hex shank countersinks are fine for a quick drill. They don't slip in drill chucks. You can make deep countersinks easily by setting the countersink's depth stop to allow the countersink to drill more deeply into the worksurface. Be sure to measure the size of your plug to be sure your countersink's body will make the right-size hole. IF you have any problem about the item,please contact us first so that we can help you out.
Premium Design - Great for Sinking 90 Degree Holes into Wood and Soft Metals Countersunk Screws and Fixings.Suitable for DIY, Home and General Building/Engineering Using. NOTE:There will be a slight color difference between the picture and the actual product. Please you can refer to the photos of other customers'review. We will promise that our products are 100% brand new.
Mutiple Application - Ideal for wooden planks,fiberboard,particle board,plywood,plastic,alumiumn board ,pcb board and more
#TOP 5
Comoware Countersink Center Degree Change Cover
2.55 pounds
7.4 x 4.6 x 0.5 inches

So just wanted to start off this review by saying I am NOT a professional carpenter. I do alot of my own remodeling and will probably take 5 years to completely redo my own house. So I would say that I am very skilled, but it is not my profession.

I do woodworking a lot of weekends just for fun, and then when the wife wants me to make her a custom table, shoe rack, bench, or whatever new idea pops into her head:)With that being said I do like these bits a lot.

I have been doing carpentry as a hobby for a long time(prob like 25 years). These bits are well made and do the job well. If you are looking for a bit that will get the job done and you are just getting into carpentry these are great.

They are not expensive and very good quality. If you are looking for these as a present to a guy, and he works on his own home like me it would be a good gift.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
TG tools $11.99 New 99%


PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: 1/4 inch hex shank, fits most power tools. ALL have 90 degree on the point for sharp and precise countersinking.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of Industrial grade high carbon steel. Titanium coated, Durable & Long service life.
WIDELY USED: Great for wood openings, reaming, chamfering, screw head and so on.Suitable for wooden planks, plywood, aluminum board, fiberboard, particle board, plastic, PVC board and other various soft material chamfer.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6 pcs Drill bits size:6 mm(1/4''), 8 mm(5/16''), 9 mm(3/8''), 12 mm(1/2''), 16 mm(5/8''), 19 mm(3/4''); 1pcs Center Punch.
EXCELLENT PUNCH: Perfect Helper Center Punch, Marks workpiece with a dimple to prevent screws and drills from wandering.
#TOP 6
Qwork Centering Change Hinge Drill Cover
7.5 ounces
7.9 x 4.7 x 0.6 inches

Never had a set of these before and while I have them pretty much figured out, it is because I've seen them used in videos. Still not really sure what all the features are or are for, but they will do the job I needed them to do with what I know.

If these will be your first set, would suggest you watch some youtube videos first and see if what you see there makes sense to you, if not might be worth the money to find a set that comes with instructions.

Other than that, they seem to perform as expected.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
QWORK $12.99 New 93%
Qshave $12.99 New 96%


1) Drill bit size: 5/64", 7/64", 9/64", 11/64", 5mm,13/64", 1/4"
2) Self-centering function of drill bit for precise positioning and drilling without walking arround
3) Clic-Change design of 1/4" hex shank (6.35mm), fast, one-handed load and release of bits
4) Side hole on drill bit cylinder cover supports fast remove of sawdust with no jam
5) Handy and precise drilling of cabinet and door hinges pilot holes
#TOP 7
Anytime Tools Center Countersink Tooling Cover
Anytime Tools
3.34 ounces
3.7 x 3.3 x 0.95 inches
M2 High Speed Steel

I did a quick check with a caliper when I received the bits. The following table will hopefully eliminate confusion about the cutting diameter of the bits:No. = Engraved number on bitUGS = US Gauge number sizeDia. = Cutting diameter of bit (min/max dia.

Each end)CN = Closest neighborShank = Shank diameterOAL = Overall lengthNo.UGS Dia.CN Shank OAL5 11 .192-.193" 3/16" .435" 2.762"4 30 .127-.128" 1/8" .308 2.148"3 33 .113-.115" 7/64" .248" 2.030"2 47 .079-.079" 5/64" .184" 1.906"1 55 .052-.054" - .117" 1. 275"All measurements +/-.001"3/16 = .1875"1/8 = .125"7/64 = .109375"5/64 = .078125"

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Anytime Tools $13.99 New 99%


Drill accurate center holes in material prior to turning, or use as a starter bit for accurate holes
Top Quality M2 HSS
Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 60 tip angles.
#TOP 8
Neiko 10218A Countersink Carrying Tri Flat Cover
7.7 ounces
4.8 x 3.62 x 1.42 inches
High Speed Steel, Metal

A full set of countersink bits for the price of half the set, if bought individually. Bits came in this cute little case that will probably never be used again. These bits will get used and I do not have time to mess with the case.

I am making the point because I would rather not have the case and get the tools for a little bit less. Can not comment on durability, yet. This set came pre-used. Covered with wood chips. Not even put into the individual foam cutouts, just set on top of the foam and forced shut.

I imagine some unscrupulous person is using Amazon to "rent" tools by purchasing, using, and then returning them. This is not the vendors fault but, rather, an oversight on the part of Amazon.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $23.42 New Official


Made of high quality M2 material construction for extended bit life and 1/4" shank fits common handheld power drill
Set of five 1/4" countersink drill bits with precision-ground 82-degree tips for drilling into wood, soft metals, rubber, plastic, and more
Sturdy aluminum case with handle included for carrying and storage
Set contains 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" countersink drill bits that are very commonly used
Five-flute design reduces vibration for smoother drilling and tri-flat shank allows easy gripping
#TOP 9
Orx Plus Tools Po 045 Set Cover
2.39 ounces
1.14 x 1.14 x 1.77 inches
Deburring Drill Bit 3mm-19mm

During working on my car i had to disconnect the control arm at the ball joint. Its an older VW which still had the ball joint and control arm as one piece. At some point the bolt for the ball joint got stripped near the top.

I tried to so many different tools. Ie thread file, thread correcting nut..To no avail. My new plan was to dremel off the bad bolt threads and then buying a cheaper deburring tool that is all over amazon under different names.

I ended up returning the cheaper tool as it barely shaved any metal off the bolt let alone make it so a nut could scrrew go on. Then i found this tool after watching a youtube video. I must say it shaved the bolt down and made it so that the nut could go on.

This was my last hope over replacing the whole expensive control arm, and it worked! I attached picks of the bolt after dremel, then after using the orxplus, and then with the nut on!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
ORX PLUS TOOLS $34.29 New 98%


Cost-Effective- These deburring external chamfer tool can be used for repairing damaged bolt and tightening the nuts in place. You do not need to spend time and money to find hard-to-find or expensive replacement bolts.
Easy to work- Attaching the deburring external chamfer tool to the end of your power drill, Use the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr.
Widely Application-Effectively used in Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic
Safety Design- Quickly repairs damaged bolts and tightens the nuts in place without hurting your hand, no sparks, and no burns; Simplifies the repair process.
Fit Size- Drill use 0-400 RPMs. Fit 1/8' (3mm) to 3/4' (19mm)
#TOP 10
Mohoo Countersink Woodworking Chamfer High Speed Cover
9.6 ounces
8.66 x 6.69 x 0.79 inches
Black and Silver

Most everything I do needs to be caulked and painted, which covers a multitude of sins. But, I recent project involving stained oak was different. Normally, I would just allow my drill to do the countersink for me, but since I was staining and not painting, and I was working with a harder wood, I decided to invest a few dollars into the right tools.

It made a huge difference, with the toughness of oak Im not sure I could have gotten the screws to countersink any other way. And, the gap that would have resulted from a protruding screw could not be fixed with caulk and white paint this time.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Lailyeah $9.99 New 82%
DrillproDirect $9.99 New 91%
Gruory $9.99 New 95%


HIGH CARBON STEEL MATERIAL: Countersink drill bits are made of high carbon steel which offer high hardness, superior cutting power, good abrasion resistance.
TRI-POINTED DESIGN: The countersink drill bits set with tri-cuspid centering that make sure drills will not produce offset, not easy to slip, no bias, good for accurate and fast drilling. The five-edged chamfer design of the countersink drill helps to remove chips from the holes on both sides automatically and quickly.
EXCELLENT AFTER-SELL : Within 90 days, if the quality of countersink drill bit set is not completely satisfied, contact us by email, we will provide a best solusion for you.
PACKAGE CONTENTS: One set of countersink drill bits comes with 7 pieces of countersink drill bits in 7 size, #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #10mm, and 1 piece of L-shape Hex wrench included.
REMOVEABLE& ADJUSTABLE: It is easy to adjust or disassemble the countersink drill bit and the five-flutes chamfering with the provided L-shape hex key.
#TOP 11
Greenlee Dtapkit 6 Piece Combination Drill Cover
0.64 ounces
10 x 10 x 12 inches
6-32 to 1/4-20

I've been using these to drill and tap holes in mild steel plates for electrical distribution boxes that I have I am using for something other than circuit breakers. This has meant using the mid-range of these taps: 10-24, 10-32 and 12-24.

I will have future use for the others and am also purchasing the next to sizes up to add to this case. Using a power driver (Milwaukee 12v lithium) has allowed me to get through the mild steel with use of cutting fluid in relatively short order.

Threading using a power driver takes a lot of patience and some skill, and if you have any scrap metal to practice on, I advise you to do so first as you can easily strip out threads with a driver.

In fact what I have done is go to a ratcheting hand driver that accepts hex bits, and then hand tapping after I get the initial hole drilled (stopping at about 1/3 the way up where the first threads appear on the bit).

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
America Tools $38.3 New 98%
Amazon Official $38.33 New Official
Sheraden Lighting & Electrical $32.58 New 90%
Toolup $40.97 New 91%
MaxWarehouse $41.21 New 89%
Southfork Homecenter $41.79 New 84%
Junipers' $42.24 New 88%
YESCO Electrical Supply $43.89 New 95%
Powertech Controls Co Inc $35.48 New 100%
Life and Home $46.92 New 88%


Country of manufacture: China
Manufacturer: Greenlee
Power Cutting & Sawing
#TOP 12
Kaufhof 06 00090 Piece Small Numbered Cover
0.352 ounces
0.25 x 5 x 2.25 inches
High Speed Steel

If you need them this small.... Well, here they are. Be careful opening the case because if they fall out it is doubtful you'll put them back in the correct slots.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $6.25 New Official
ToolOrbit $8.49 New 92%


Package width: 5.842 cm
Package length: 10.921 cm
Product Type: DRILL BITS
Package height: 0.508 cm
#TOP 13
Deburring External Chamfer Speed Remove Cover
2.39 ounces
2 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches

I like that these chuck into my impact driver i used on a couple of 3/8 bolts i had to shorten. Chamfered the threads perfectly and no trouble getting the nut screwed on. As long as i don't lose them they should be very helpful when needed.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
EBigDeals $9.99 New 88%


Exotic Super Hard Steelmade of high speed steel with three shaving teeth,has the feature of high strength and hardness for durability.
Fitment Bolt Tube Size(6mm -28mm). Effective on Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic, no matter it is with or without screw thread.
This Deburring External Chamfer Tool quickly repairs damaged bolts and tightens the nuts in place, saving you time and money.
The operation is simple, using the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr.
NO-RISK PURCHASE!Please feel free to contact the seller if you have any questions about our products. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your the full money.
#TOP 14
Amana Tool Countersink Adjustable No Thrust Cover
Amana Tool
0.006 ounces
5.75 x 3 x 1.5 inches

Der Bohrsenker von Amana Tools kommt schlicht aber gut in Karton verpackt bei euch an. Im Lieferumfang habt ihr neben dem vormontierten Zentrierbohrer einen U-frmigen Sechkanntschlssel bei welchem ein Ende kleiner und in die Schraube des Zentrierbohrers Passt und ein greres Ende welches in die Schraube fr die Tiefeneinstellung passt.

Ich finde das stimmig gelst und beide Enden in einem Schlssel zu vereinen wirklich gut gelst! Die Hhe ist intuitiv einstellbar und sitzt wenn die Schraube normal angezogen ist bomben fest. Wenn ihr ein Loch ansenkt welches im Sichtbereich sein wird ist es bei allen anderen Bohrsenkern immer eine Empfehlung den Stopper festzuhalten weil sich sonst hssliche Spuren bilden.

Sogar beim Festool Senker welcher ca 15 teurer ist wird das in allen Rezensionen angegeben. Ich habe den Amana nun in verschiedenen Holzartenn getestet und dank der breiten Auflage des Stoppers sind keine hsslichen Spuren sichtbar. Nicht mal bei der Birke Multiplexplatte war was zu sehen.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
General Cutting Tool $37.31 New 95%
Toolstoday $37.31 New 95%
Routerbitworld $37.31 New 98%
STAPLERMANIA $37.31 New 83%
SUPPLIES4PROS $37.31 New 87%
Woodline USA $37.35 New 93%


(B) Cutting height 3/64-3/8
(A) angle 49
Overall length (L) 2-5/8
(D) shank 1/4
(D) Diameter 3/8
#TOP 15
Dds 3 Inch Square Driver Systems Cover
1.6 ounces
1 x 2 x 9 inches
Pack of 1

Kreg tools fill a unique hole in woodworking tools and that is they create specialty tools that create solutions to difficult tasks. I am a fan because they think outside the box and look for solutions it would seem. This is just one of their simple tools which is two bits made of harden steel and sizes are 3" for tight sots and 6" for easy use.

I bought these as a back up as they come with some kits. I ave many of the tools and screws for the systems. These tools always more than meet my expectation. I hate to say it but I do not have many if any complaints about these tools as they are quality built.

I recommend all of their toos so do not be shy give them a try. I give these a 4 star because they are nothing fancy but I feel that is a good score for boring old bits.Kreg

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Hearthshire $6.89 New 89%
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware $4.49 New 86%
Samis shop $10.08 New 95%
Woodcraft $5.99 New 91%
Life and Home $11.46 New 88%
Acme Tools $4.49 New 87%


Deep 2 driver recess resists cam-out
3-Inch and 6-Inch lengths offered
Drivers come in standard or hardened tip version
6-Inch length is easy to use
3-Inch length is great in tight spots
#TOP 16
Vonhaus 246 Piece Titanium Drilling Plastics Cover
6.98 pounds
16.6 x 11.6 x 2.8 inches
246 Piece Set

I've only begun to use this product and can only say that I can not imagine ever needing another drill or screw bit. This is as complete as they come and the tools themselves seem to be of at least good quality.

Only time will tell. I have two reservation:1) there are a variety of drill types. It would have been enormously helpful to have some guidance as to what materials and jobs each type were designed for. Such help is nowhere to be found.

That greatly undercuts the usefulness of having so many types of drill bits. Experienced users will know. The rest of us are left to guess. 2) It is very rare, in my experience, to find a drill bit case that does a good job of holding its bits well for the long haul.

Some have been too tight to pull out the bits without a tool, most are too loose to hold the bits and you have to constantly tidy them up. This case has not yet failed. But it is showing signs that with use it will loosen up to the point of not holding these bits securely.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
DOMU Brands LLC $34.99 New 95%


Full set includes 87 X HSS twist drills, 22 X wood drill bits, 21 X masonry drill bits, 4 X drill stops, 66 X 1 bits, 30 X 2 bits, 6 X nut drivers, 2 X hex keys, 1 X counter sink, 4 X hole saws, 1 X arbor adaptor, 1 X nail punch and 1 X bit holder
Comprehensive, high quality 246pc drill bit set made for masonry, wood, metal and plastic drilling as well as multiple screwdriving and fastening applications
Universally compatible with all VonHaus drills and many other popular models. Ideal for DIY projects and household maintenance and repair each bit is colour-coded for easy identification
Comes in a durable carry case with a distinctive black and orange colorways and clearly laid out moulded placeholders - designed to keep all components organised and allow for easy transportation
Bits made from high quality heat-treated steel for long-lasting strength and durability and includes specialist accessories such as hole saws, a countersink and wood flat drill bits
#TOP 17
Aiyun Change Titanium Combination 6 Piece Cover
2.82 ounces
2.83 x 1.97 x 0.63 inches

You get what you pay for it's pretty good product for the price and you get all the standard size M bits really good for drilling counter sinks so that the screws don't show. I screwed it even into metals a few times on accident and the tip is still very sharp which I definitely choose this brand again if I ever need a replace it which I doubt it will be soon

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Rirui-tool $12.99 New 100%


Fast replacement composite cone uses drill edged principle Drilling and tapping in one, one-step processing, greatly save processing steps and time costs, improve working efficiency
[What You Will Have] Drill tap bits - 6pcs M3x0.5 M4x0.7 M5x0.8 M6x1 M8x1.25 M10x1.5 Short size is not easy to shake and can drill accurately
[Quick Change] 1/4 inch hex shank fits into power tools more easily and securely
[Material] HSS4341 (high-speed steel) + titanium coating Classic HSS construction with titanium coating for capability and durability
[Application] Suitable for drilling tapping cutting on light metal aluminum board iron etc. Deburr/countersink also provided on bit beyond back taper
#TOP 18
Panovos Pocket Replacement Collar Accessories Cover
5.3 ounces
8.45 x 3.85 x 0.45 inches
Alloy Steel

At this time I'm giving it a five star simply because it looks like a very good product. I have not had the opportunity to try them out yet. If for some reason they do not work out correctly I will come back and give another review.

But at this time I believe it is a five star

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
PANOVOS TOOLS $11.99 New 96%


Drill guide for pocket holes.work well with the Manual Pocket Hole Jig Master System, or alone
Package Includes:2 x Pocket Hole Jig System drill. Made specifically for Pocket-Screw Joinery.Drilling Jigs Accessory has made your projects that require joinery much simpler.
Small tip includes clearance hole for screw shank
Large diameter creates flat-bottomed hole.drills easily into any kind of wood, and leaves a clean hole.
Drill bit tools for use with pocket hole joinery and perfect replacement

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