10 Best Corded Drills of May 2020

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Product Highlights
  • 26,000 RPM motor delivers fast cutting in drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, plywood, etc.
  • Tool-free for fast and easy bit changing without a wrench
  • Dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingestion for longer tool life
  • Bright LED light illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately
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As a drywall contractor, I was impressed by this router. I'm not a big fan dragging wires around, it's a good solution. The difference between RPM and the wired default router is imperceptible. The only time I noticed a big rpm drop that affected performance was when I needed a new battery. I will recommend this to anyone who is currently using wired router settings.
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Product Highlights
  • Matrix Quick Connect System allows for tool-free change of a variety of tool attachments
  • Powerful 4.0 Amp Motor provides enough power for a full range of applications and attachments
  • Compact and lightweight design allows users to carry out drilling/driving tasks in confined spaces and with ease
  • 11 Position Clutch provides extra level of control to prevent stripping and overdriving screws
  • Chuck Size: 3/8" in; Clutch Setting: 11; Included Components: (1) Double Sided Bit Tip
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Bottom update: the video speaks for itself. Great products. Especially for the things around the house. Even if it is a medium to a little heavy project, this thing will still have its own. It's perfect for being in your hands. It's not as crazy and heavy as some drills, when they have to have a lot of power. All the attachments are great. And your money gets a lot of things. Will buy again. But I don't think I'm going to do that for a long time. It's strong. And it doesn't overheat. Blake and Dirk have improved their game. P.S. I was not paid or compensated for this review. I really like these products. Update: 3-25-18 so I had to laugh, considering that I had just commented on the exercise and gave it a glowing score the next day. It gave me a pile of rubbish and almost caught fire. This is skinny. I used this drill to mix something (mud, mortar, cement, etc.) in a five-gallon bucket, which is not necessarily easy, but I think how strong the drill is, it won't flinch at all, but humans have done it. And for a long time. It smokes like crazy, and then there's the bang you hear from the wire, and then. Burst. I make sure I put it outside and put it on a surface, and if the worst ha...
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Product Highlights
  • Powerful 7.0 AMP motor delivers 0 to 1,100 RPM & 0 to 4,500 BPM for the most demanding applications
  • Torque limiting clutch engineered to prevent gear damage by automatically disengaging gears if the bit binds
  • Sequential impact timing delivers timed hammering during rotation to minimize overlapping bit impacts resulting in up to 50 percent faster drilling
  • Makita Motor Advantage engineered with field core interlocking steel laminations, dual ball bearing armature and more copper commutator bars, increasing energy transfer efficiency for more power and longer tool life
  • Extended life brushes are longer for more work between service intervals and less downtime
  • 40 bit angle settings allow the bit to be set at different positions for operating convenience; Optimum Range (concrete drilling) 3/16 to 1/2 inch max. capacity (concrete drilling) 1 inch
  • 3 mode operation for ""Rotation Only"", ""Hammering with Rotation"" or ""Hammering Only"" for multiple applications
  • Powerful 7 AMP motor; 0 to 1,100 RPM & 0 to 4,500 BPM for demanding applications
  • 3 mode operation: "rotation only", "hammering with rotation" and "hammering only" for multiple applications
  • Ergonomic D shaped handle with rubberized soft grip for increased comfort and control
  • One touch sliding chuck allows for quick bit changes
  • Built in Torque Limiter ensures stable torque control
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I rented a $3000 Hilti Hammer rig and broke a few 3 or 4 tons of boulders in our backyard-they couldn't really move them, but they were in the wrong place. When Hildy gets into them like butter, it costs $80 a day. I drilled holes about eight inches apart and used a tapered punch to split the rock. Although the boulder is two to three times the depth of the bit, an 8-or 10-inch bit is long enough. The pieces I ended up getting were still big because I wasn't sure what I wanted from them, but I had to return Hildy. I looked at it on Amazon and found this. I think I should try. If it succeeds, there will certainly be something in return. It wasn't as fast as Hildy, but it worked! I have attached a video using 5 inches of bit. I really want to test it, even if I use 1 inch bits to split the rock.
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Product Highlights
  • Quickly converts to & from an auto-feed collated screw driving system
  • Change screw sizes, driving depth & install/remove the attachment without a tool
  • Disassembly release button (for occasional blow-out/cleaning)
  • Accepts most major/generic screw strip brands
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This sorted screw magazine is doing a good job. Most of it is made of thick plastic, and there is some metal. Overall, it is very strong and firmly attached to the DCF620 screw gun. As you can see from other comments, DeWalt sold only the crossheads of the screwdriver in this comment. DCF6201 comes with 2 digits. If you want to use a calibration screw that requires a # 2 square bit, and there are a lot of square bit screws, then as far as the DeWalt bit is concerned, you have bad luck. In addition, this attachment only allows bits to have shafts about 4 mm wide, and most third-party bits have shaft widths of 5 or 6 mm. If you have about 15 minutes and some DIY technology, here are the things you need to do to get a square bit: 1) purchase this bit http:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003X4YYNE? Keywords=forney%20bit&qid=1447868248&ref_=sr_ph&sr=1 。 (1) purchase this bit http:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003X4YYNE? Keywords=forney%20bit&qid=1447868248&ref_=sr_ph&sr=1 。 This one is still too thick, but only a little. You need to grind the axis down a little to fit it. 2) from the tip back about 3 ", you can see the ridge where the axis thickens. 3) I installed the bit in the conventiona...
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Product Highlights
  • Maximum comfort; Anti-Vibration feature reduces tool vibration by over 30 pre when compared to standard air Hammers in it Class
  • Maximum power: 15 pre increase in impact force over standard air hammer product offering
  • Maximum productivity: quick change retainer allows for faster chisel changeovers, so you can get the job done
  • Kit includes: air hammer, quick change retainer, 5 piece chisel set, carrying case
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Marcellus Wallis would fully approve of this air hammer. I've not used the famous SnapOn 3050, which everyone says is the benchmark, but this Ingersoll has knocked apart every ball joint and bushing I've thrown at it. And, it's done so with AUTHORITY.Pro Tip: Regulate your air supply to control how hard it hits. I've found mine to be very sensitive to air pressure. At 115psi, this thing is an animal, to be unleashed only on things you want to destroy in short order. Controlability is not very good when you unleash this beast @ 115psi. At 95psi, it is far more docile. Capable of much higher precision, and delivering considerably softer blows. It still knocked out/apart everything I tried it on, but much much slower. At 75psi, this hammer is useless.
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Product Highlights
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: 1,000 Watts motor delivers powerful 5 ft-lb impact energy to complete heavy duty projects on concrete, brick and solid steel
  • THREE FUNCTION MODES: hammer only (chiseling-only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), and drill only (rotation only)
  • CAPACITY: 1-1/2” for concrete and 1” for steel, no load rotation speed 0 - 800 RPM; No load impact frequency 0 - 3500 BPM; 6 Various speed control
  • 360 DEGREE SWIVEL: auxiliary handle with textured grip provides maximum control and comfort
  • SET INCLUDES: bonus accessory kit in blow mold case: 1-pc universal chuck with adaptor and key, 1-pc depth gauge, 1 bottle oil, 3-pcs 6” SDS drills (8mm, 10mm and 12mm), 2-pc 10” SDS chisels (flat and point)
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OK, don't think this is a heavy professional machine for a minute. I know, because for about 12 years, I have a Bosch 11 "spline handle rotary hammer, which is a cruel device." The weather will get so hot that you can't touch it without gloves, exhausting a grown man, but still ready for more challenges. In those 12 years, I rebuilt it twice, and if it hadn't been stolen five years ago, it would still have. But I don't need that kind of tool anymore, so it doesn't make sense to spend the necessary money to replace it now. At best, it's Bosch's shadow, it's a very good piece of equipment, but even so, it still works well enough to do the job, at least what I've given it in the past few weeks: basically making 12 1 "and 4 1" holes in a 5-inch concrete slab, and cutting 4 1 "holes into a 4" square. Then make a few holes in the 4 "cinder block filled with concrete (I don't know where the concrete is) and let some 2" PVC through. If the next time I pick it up, it dies, it will have more money itself. The first thing you have to do is throw away the drill that comes with it. Calling them complete garbage gives them too much praise. They're not worth the effort to lock them up, and don't...
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Product Highlights
  • 6.5-Amp motor delivers power in demanding applications
  • Keyless 3/8-inch chuck provides fast and easy bit changes
  • 0-2500 RPM variable speed trigger provides the best results for drilling and driving
  • Lock-on button provides easier control during prolonged use
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This bit is a serious heavy commercial grade. The shell is cast metal, so the bit is quite heavy, and it has more power than an ordinary cordless bit. The power cord is 6 feet long, the perfect length for most indoor work. The variable speed is controlled by you gently pulling the trigger. The strange device at the top is to hook the drill to your belt. I like it as a big two-finger trigger to reduce fatigue, which is very smooth and predictable rather than messy. Another big advantage is that it is a keyless chuck, which means you don't have to use hand tools to change the bit every time! I didn't even take this into account in my research, but it was much easier to replace the bit without using the tool. The drill clamp stretched out and could hold even the largest bit, and I tested the size of the bit by putting a standard pencil in the hole & I didn't see a bit thicker than a pencil. Another great feature is that the button that changes the direction of rotation of the bit is right in front of the trigger, unlike some bit switches on the housing or handle. This kind of bit is louder than the less powerful cordless bit, but the noise is not unusually loud or annoying. It drains...
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Product Highlights
  • 55-degree angle allows drill to reach into places other drills won't, 3/8-inch keyed bit chuck with chuck key included
  • Ergonomically designed paddle trigger and pistol grip for precise drilling and RPM control; grip is slightly textured to prevent slips
  • Variable speed ranges from 0 to 1400 RPM for precision drilling in tight spaces, forward/reverse switch allows easy directional changes
  • Suitable for use on wood, composition materials, plastics, masonry, metal, and screws
  • Power Supply: 120V ~ 60Hz, Motor Power: 3.8 Amps, ETL approved
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I polished these drills on the wooden lathe. About once a year, they slow down and then stagnate. The bearing on the motor will be stuck, if the running time is longer, the plastic shell of the bearing will melt, so do not run longer. R4 bearings are shielded, and I replace them with seals, which have a longer life. I like that they can run with one hand to polish it, so I occasionally put up with the bearings getting stuck. The gearbox is dusty and mixed with grease, and the gears must be cleaned and re-lubricated when replacing bearings. I have a three-year bearing that has only been replaced twice, and there is nothing wrong with the bearing on the gear. These are replicas of the old Milwaukee close exercise. The new Milwaukee close training is just uncomfortable. A lot of complaints about gear noise, most angle bits have noisy gears, and this is much better than port freight!
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Product Highlights
  • N/A
  • Imported
  • Delivers increased drilling performance and increased overload protection for added durability
  • This product is manufactured in Mexico
  • This product meets customer requirement
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I have read other reviews that had issues with the speed control. Fortunately mine has good speed control from 0 RPM up. This makes me think that the other reviewers probably had factory defective triggers/mofsets. Triggers tend to be a weak point on most prosumer power tools. I took a star off because this size drill is imported. The smaller DeWalts are USA made and I wish it was that way across the board.
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Product Highlights
  • N/A
  • Imported
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Powerful 8.0 amp motor delivers 0 to 850 rpm, variable speed control
  • Heavy-duty keyed chuck, all-metal gear case and diaphragm
  • 8-foot, 3-wire rubber cord and 360-degree locking side handle
  • Ergonomic textured grip and two-finger trigger for user comfort and balance
  • Limited Warranty
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The drill worked great for a few weeks. Good power for the size and weight. It developed a short which kept tripping a GFI switch. What really impressed me was how well and quickly Gatzies handled the defect. I had no expense or trouble in returning it.
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# TOP 1-DEWALT DCS551... 2-BLACK+DECKER... 3-Makita HR2475... 4-DEWALT 20V MA... 5-Ingersoll Ran... 6-Hiltex 10513... 7-PORTER-CABLE... 8-Neiko 10529A... 9-DEWALT Electr... 10-Milwaukee 029...
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Item Weight 2 pounds 3.31 pounds 10.7 pounds 1.2 pounds 10.3 pounds 16.65 pounds 4 pounds 3.25 pounds 6.9 pounds 5.85 pounds
Product Dimensions 4 x 3.8 x 10.5 inches 10.5 x 3 x 10.9 inches 4.4 x 19.2 x 13 inches 9.1 x 2.8 x 5.4 inches 12.4 x 2.2 x 6.9 inches 17.3 x 13.2 x 5.1 inches 10.9 x 3.2 x 10.9 inches 12 x 2.9 x 4.9 inches 10.2 x 13.1 x 3.2 inches -
Color Black Yelow Black Teal - - - Speed Drill - Yellow Red
Power Source corded-electric Corded-Electric corded-electric corded-electric Air Powered Corded Electric corded-electric Corded Electric corded-electric corded-electric
Voltage 20 volts 120 volts 120 volts 20 volts - 110 volts - 110 - 120 volts
Warranty Description 3 year limited warranty Comes with Manufacturer Warranty. 1 year - 2 Years - 3 year limited; 1 year free service; 90 DayMoney Back G... - 3 Year Limited Warranty / 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Limited Warranty
Date First Available June 12, 2014 August 31, 2012 May 16, 2006 March 13, 2015 June 29, 2017 May 4, 2007 January 21, 2010 October 26, 2007 January 1, 2006 November 7, 2002
Size - - - - 3/8 in. 1-1/2" Pack of 1 120V/0-1400 RPM 0.5 full size
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Best Corded Drills Buying Guide

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David Dawson

A corded drill is usually known as it offers continuous power. Without battery inside, it can be compact size and lightweight to handle. However buying a corded drill is easy but getting the right one for your needs can be a challenge. Once when you are settled down on a corded drill, you can narrow down your picks depending on priority features and your preference. If you are starting the evaluation but do not have any clue how to make the selection. This buying guide helps by offering a line of points that you should take into account before buying.


When shopping for a reliable corded drill, you can confront with a vast array of options out there. How to choose the best model depends on your purpose and preference. A good option should be affordable. Keep in mind that good price does not means it has to compromise on the quality. The fact is you have chances to get the best one by balancing the priority features and your budget. As a general rule, you need to pay more if it is the highest value.

Size and weight

The size and weight are particularly important when you are buying a handheld tool. Compared with the cordless drills, the corded ones tend to be compact and lightweight with portability to move around. That makes it easy for you to handle when drilling on different surfaces. A smaller tool can be capable to process light duties with a delivery of continuous power. If you have multiple tasks or larger projects, a compact size model can relive your hand from pains and fatigue for long hours operation. And that makes for convenient storage after use. Keep in mind the option should be based on your purpose. A considerable size and weight should not compromise on the features of most priority.


The speed rate means the bits of a certain model. It can be measured by rotations per minute (RPM). A higher RPM is supposed to bring about better performance. The speed of a corded drill depends on what you are drilling. That means you should use different speed for different materials. For example, the speed rate required for drilling on wood and concrete can be different. A lot of brands provide variable speed settings to accommodate various drilling tasks. You can adjust the rotating speed based on what you are working on. The general rule is higher speed leads to higher price tag. Choose an appropriate level of speed to save strength.


It is important to choose a durable and reliable corded drill. It ensures that it delivers good performance for long time without any issues. A model with admirable durability should be of quality materials and ergonomic design. Choose the product with high quality metal and plastics. A user friendly construction of the grip with non-slip features prevent the tool form dropping off during use. Some brands offer a certain period warranty. Check this when you are shopping for a good one.