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Shop Vac 9013400 2 Inch 10 Foot Replacement Cover
3.2 pounds
19.75 x 9.37 x 19 inches

I got this to take my outfeed from a table saw and a couple of other woodworking devices that were too big for the default 1" hose. This does the job perfectly. The hose is solid, a healthy length to to the job and appears durable after a couple of weekends of use.

However, as reported by others, the hose arrives with a couple of bits to put together (though it was simple, a little piece of paper shows how to insert the hose into the collar and lock it into place with a plastic key bit).No problems there.

The only reason I haven't rated this a 5 star is that the screw attachment for the shop vac is a little ornery sometimes. Unlike the shop vac branded one where the collar turns easily around the hose, in this case, it seems to just not want to turn easily and cross-threads occasionally.


10' length provides extra reach
Excellent for dry, bulky material like wood shavings
TOUGH & DEPENDABLE: Shop-Vac Corporation is the recognized world leader in wet/dry vacuum cleaners. Since 1965, we have made innovative, high quality vacuum cleaners, filters, bags, & other accessories.
GOT DIRT? Shop-Vac's full line of products includes cordless, rechargeable wet dry vacuums, automotive vacuum systems, air movers, attachments & more. Whatever the job, Shop-Vac has you covered!
AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL: Shop-Vac offers the most complete line of vacuum cleaners, bags, filters, attachments, kits, & other cleaning tools available for home, industrial, & commercial applications.
#TOP 2
Shop Foot 1 25 Inch Hose Cover
12.4 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches
4 ounces

Perfect fit to replace the hose i ran over with my motorcycle on my 1 gallon shop vac. Comes with differing adapters that the hose can be pushed on to for the type of vac you have. Durable and holding up well to the demands of my shop.Glad i bought this.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
ADVENTURER'S BAG $22.1 New 97%
Shop in USA $24.99 New 98%


This Shop-Vac 4 foot X 1-1/4 inch diameter Hose works only with 1X1, HangUp Mini, HangOn, and AllAround EZ vacs.
#TOP 3
Pro Acp410 4 Hose Dispenser Cover
A/C Pro
10.5 ounces
11 x 7.7 x 3 inches

Kept adding refrigerant because I couldn't get it to reach the position on the gauge I wanted to! After I had added a 2nd can of refrigerant and disconnected it from the car, I discovered that the AC was blowing warm air!

I reconnected it to the port to check it and I discovered that the gauge was now reading in the overfilled red zone! I was forced to bleed off probably the entire 2nd bottles worth to get the gauge to read in the zone I was shooting for in the first place!!

Talk about $30 into the wind!!!! Perhaps I purchased a faulty gauge!!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Gatzies $30 New 82%
MaxWarehouse $30.26 New 88%
Autoplicity ✅ $32.51 New 78%
Amazon Warehouse $18.82 Used - Very Good Official


Trigger dispenser for effortless recharging
XL gauge
Push-on quick-connect coupler effortlessly connects to low-side port
Compatible with both sealed and self-sealing R-134a cans
24 inch charging hose gives easier access to hard-to-reach ports
#TOP 4
Broan Nutone Ch235 Crush Proof Central 30 Feet Cover
7.3 pounds
23.05 x 12 x 9 inches
30-Feet x 1-3/8-Inch

I really like this hose. The handle makes it easier to hold in a more natural position to vacuum. It feels different and is lighter weight than my original hose, but that makes it easier to carry. It is a very tight fit into my outlet, but while it makes it hard to manager where the outlet is behind a chair, it gives better suction.

The only negative I have to say about it is that the handle came disassembled and we had to try to assemble it with no instructions. I eventually figured it out, but it does not stay on unless, as I did, one runs a length of tape around it to keep it from separating.

Once I did this, I have no complaints.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Home Controls, Inc. $73.19 New 95%
The Vacuum District $83.49 New 100%
360 Vision $101.99 New 79%
Merchandise Mecca $106.66 New 97%
StoreForParts $110.9 New 92%
Home Essentials ✅ $118.1 New 82%
Amazon Official $119.8 New Official
Buildcom $119.8 New 86%
Vacs Plus More $120.95 New 98%
Amazon Warehouse $70.98 Used - Very Good Official


DURABLE: Vinyl reinforced construction with a dark gray finish provides long lasting use
HIGH-QUALITY HOSE: Crush-proof, low-voltage vacuum hose springs back to its original shape after use for easy storage
UNIVERSAL: Includes patent-pending universal hose end which fits all Broan-NuTone vacuums and most other standard inlets for your convenience
IDEAL SIZE: Vacuum hose measures 30-feet in length and has a 1.38" inner hose diameter to make cleaning easy!
EASY TO USE: Features an on/off switch to simplify controls - making it easy for everyone to use!
#TOP 5
Froliclean Replacement Rotator Professional Lift Away Cover
16.7 x 10.9 x 1.8 inches
1.75 pounds

I am very satisfied with my purchase. This hose handle fits my Shark NV500 perfectly! I clean houses and have already used it and everything went just as expected. My original house had holes in the top where the handle bends and I used duct tape for a while but decided it was time to splurge for a new hose handle.5 stars!

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Filters For Shark Vacuum $28.99 New 92%


DURABLE & SOLID: The NV500 hose is made of premium quality material, washable and durable. Regularly clean the hose to ensure great suction for the vacuum without blocked.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible With Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum hoses for the following models: NV500, NV500C, NV500CO, NV500Q, NV500W, NV500WC, NV500WTV, NV501, NV501GN, NV501PR, NV501C, NV501 31, NV502, NV503, NV504, NV504Q, NV505, NV510, NV510 31, NV520, NV520Q, NV520QR, NV520QPR, NV552, UV560, UV560 31, UV561, UV561Q, UV561 31, V32915.
GOOD JOB: The hose is a great part for the vacuum. The suction captures mites, pollen, household dust, and other particles to provide your clean and healthy environment.
EASY INSTALL: Only need to do is remove the older and dirty hose and replace the new one. Our hose fits with Shark vacuum cleaners. The hose is flexible, you can easily winds in any direction.
AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If there are any question, please contact us. We will solve the problem in 24 hours.
#TOP 6
Atrix Replacement Hose Backpack Vacuums Cover
18 x 14.7 x 2.55 inches
1.25 pounds

Excellent seller and the product is 100% what he said was!!Thank you x1000

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
My Goods $26.76 New 81%
STL PRO, Inc. $27.67 New 87%
UnbeatableSale, Inc $40.21 New 88%
DataAlchemy $35.84 New 59%
Test Equipment Depot $33.29 New 89%
TEKBIR STORE $42.68 New 86%
Marketplace Essentials $44.38 New 84%
SHOP NET $44.38 New 56%
EMPIRE MARKET $44.94 New 85%


Color: Black
Replacement hose
For the Backpack Series Vacuum systems
#TOP 7
Bissell 203 0151 Hose Crushproof Garage Cover
22 x 7 x 22 inches
1 pounds

Long story short, I ran over the hard plastic hose tip and cracked it into 4 pieces. This may or may not have involved 2 of my boys goofing around and forgetting to hang the hose back up on the wall properly.

The tip itself is unavailable for purchase, so this is the next closest option. Pricing wise, at the time of my purchase amazon was the cheapest. However, I have to say, this is not very environmentally friendly. The hose itself was in perfect shape.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Official $42.09 New Official
Buy-it-now-store $42.09 New 92%
Home Essentials ✅ $60.8 New 82%
TheDancingBroom $69.95 New 93%


Gray The Country of Origin of the product is China
Made to fit Bissell Garage Pro 18P0
Package Length of the Product: 23.0"
Oem #203-0151
#TOP 8
Ecomaid Cleaner Universal Attachment Discharge Cover
16 x 13 x 6 inches
2.55 pounds

This long hose should have been the best tool for cleaning the vents. But because the design is not perfect, it can not place its role. If the curve suction can be taken away after connecting with the long hose ,or provide a flexible suction which can be adjusted from curve to straight or vice verse, then it will be a excellent tool to clean everything in the house including cleaning the vents (not just the surfaces of the vents).

I hope the manufacture can think about that, provide a better and useful tool. If such kind of tool can be shown up in the market (on Amazon), I will definitely buy one.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
EcoMaid $25.99 New 91%


[APPLIANCE PLACES] :Vacuum Attachments ideal for any places without moving heavy furniture, perfect for upholstery, sofa, floor,drapes, venetian blinds, fine furniture, car interiors,drawer,etc.;
[ 20 FOOT HOSE ] :VVACUUM HOSE that replace your worn out and cracking hose to clean any where with this 20 foot hose;
[Warrenty] : 3 Months Warrenty or 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that you are fully satisfied with dryer vent cleaner kit or receive your money back.
[Universal] : Fits all vacuums that accept standard 1 1/4 inch inner diameter attachments (Shop Vac,Hoover, Dirt Devil, Bissell, Miele, Samsung, Electrolux, Kenmore, Panasonic, Siemens, Kirby, Rainbow), fits most central vacuum Systems. If unsure, please measure inside diameter (across the opening) of your vacuum hose attachment. PLEASE NOTE: DOES NOT FIT CLIP-TYPE WANDS (LIKE DYSON, SHARK, etc.);
[30 FLEXIBLE TUBES SUCTION] :High Efficiency Dust and Lint Tubes Removes Years Dust Dirty From Corners, Blinds, Drawers, Air Vents, Keyboards, Jewelry, Cars;
#TOP 9
Atrix 10 Foot Stretchable Vacuum Express Cover
10 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches

Good replacement for the rubber grounded vacuum hose that came with the 3M vacuum system. This is flexible, yet stretchable enough (10 feet plus or minus), to use so you can set the vacuum in one place. Has the grounding/bonding wire built in.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Atrix $28.8 New 100%
Amazon Official $30.55 New Official
Hardware & Garden Supplies $49.13 New 89%
Materro LLC $44.15 New 91%
IndustrialSupplies $55.95 New 85%


STRONG MATERIAL - The Atrix vacuum hose is made of a strong carbon impregnated PVC hose ends, PVC/TPU Material, and 0.047 diameter hard drawn spring steel coil for the interior of the hose.
STRETCH AND ADJUSTABLE SIZE HOSE - The ESD safe vacuum hose has a range of 39.5" to 10' this allows for easy storage when not in use, as well as the ability to reach those hard to reach places.
GET THOSE HARD TO REACH SPACES WITH ATTACHMENTS - With the ability to stretch up to 10-feet, the Atrix stretch hose allows you to reach behind the couch, under the bed, behind your desk and all of those awkward spots. The hose end is 1.26" tapered to 1.20" that allows you to add new nozzle and attachments.
ESD SAFE GROUNDED SYSTEM - The service vacuum utilizes a ESD static safe design for both the vacuum and the accessories and attachments included in the system. ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown meaning there will be no electronic shock that could damage precious electronics.
#TOP 10
Shark Navigator Lift Away Replaces 156Ffj Cover
9 x 6 x 2 inches
4.8 ounces

This was a perfect fit for my Shark Lift Away vacuum that I've had for several years. So far I've had to replace both this short hose assembly as well as the long one due to cracking. Installation was extremely easy and my vacuum continues to function well for relatively cheap replacement costs thanks to products like these.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Tidy Vacuums $16.59 New 94%
Oliveleaf $21 Used - Very Good 93%
#TOP 11
Ch230L Performance Wire Reinforced Central 42 Feet Cover
3 pounds
23.05 x 12 x 9 inches

The hose is not wired reinforced like the older one I have from the early 80's BUT it is much lighter and easy to maneuver around the house. Since it's lightweight it doesn't scrap against the furniture either. It is described as wire reinforced but that's wrong.

I have suggested to Amazon during a chat to have the sellers changed that. In that chat I was told that IF it wasn't wire reinforced that Amazon committed to give me the option of returning it at no cost to me.

However, I decided to keep it.... The handle is great.... I bought the 42 foot long and have no reduction in power using one that long. You do have to unwind it before you start to vacuum or it will kink.

That's not a big deal to me. I believe this will last many many years. I have my original hose sine 1981 and I still use it as well. They are made a little different today but I think it is a very good product for the money.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Central Vacuum Sales $121.39 New 89%
Amazon Official $122.87 New Official
StoreForParts $132.06 New 92%
TheEnergyConscious $187.15 New 53%


DURABLE: Vinyl reinforced construction with a dark gray finish provides long lasting use
HIGH-QUALITY HOSE: Standard, low-voltage vacuum hose makes cleaning your living room a breeze
UNIVERSAL: Includes patent-pending universal hose end which fits all Broan-NuTone vacuums and most other standard inlets for your convenience
IDEAL SIZE: Vacuum hose measures 42-feet in length to ensure no spot is left untouched!
EASY TO USE: Features a rotary control and an on/off switch to make using the vacuum simple!
#TOP 12
Shop Vac Jen 606 Cover
19.25 x 5.8 x 17.88 inches
2 pounds

This hose has a curved end which gives wrist relief for those who use it on a daily basis. The extra length is just what I need to clean high, low and behind without being too long that the vacuum won't follow you without getting stuck.

The hose reaches from one side of the car to the other. The best part is the suction reducer. Since more power is better and the vacuums now have higher suction sometimes it is too much. Rotate the suction ring so that the bypass is open for reduced suction.

If you need extra momentary suction just put your finger over the bypass and increase the suction. So if you have some nuts and bolts with saw dust in between just open the bypass and remove the saw dust without sucking up the nuts and bolts!

It's great for the shop, home, car, computer keyboard, you name it!


This product satisfies the customer requirements
Fits and disconnect easily
Manufactured in China
#TOP 13
Sebo 5040Sb Automatic Xp Professional Cover
11.34 x 9.53 x 1.34 inches
14.1 ounces

This hose was just what my vaccuum cleaner needed!!! Nothing like a new bit of hose to upgrade an old and tired machine. It's just what it says on the box. And seriously it works like a dream now

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Amazon Global Store UK $19.57 New Official
Vacs Plus More $38 New 98%


Suitable for all Sebo Automatic X/XP Professional G models
Replacement hose
#TOP 14
Home Revolution Replacement Professional 156Ffj Cover
Home Revolution
7.6 x 1.6 x 1.9 inches
4.8 ounces

I am completely happy with the product. I didn't give it a full 5 stars only on the account that it is a little long. I imagine this part was made to be used with several models so it kinks in the slightest bit when vacuum is at full upright position.

This does not affect the suction to the best of my knowledge and is in a fully open position when under normal use during cleaning. (Vacuum at an angle) overall I am very happy with this replacement to oem part.

It is a different color white not gray, but who cares it's a vacuum. Ends connected just as factory. I would completely recommend this to anyone and I would purchase again should the need ever arise.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Tidy Vacuums $16.51 New 94%
PrbProducts $16.7 New 96%
DigitalMemories $11.22 New 97%


Replace with confidence: We back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Designed to fit: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV355, NV356 and NV357 vacuum models, compare to Shark Navigator part # 156FFJ
What you get: 1 vacuum replacement hose
The Home Revolution Mantra: High-quality replacement products at a low price
Breathe easy: Fast installation right out of the package so you can quickly begin removing dirt, dust, and allergens from your home & keep the air you breathe fresh and clean
#TOP 15
Dyson Dc07 Aftermarket Vacuum Purple Cover
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Gray and Purple
1.00 pounds

Ok, I am keeping in mind I paid $12 for this hose, 1/3 the price of the one on the Dyson site. The hose is good quality - identical to the original as far as I can tell. The bottom attachment needed a wiggle to get it seated but it is fine.

It's a good quality hose. However, as other users have pointed out, the top end attachment is a nightmare to get on. If your process is like mine, you already duct taped the bejeesus out of the original hose before replacing this one.

As such, I had adhesive residue on the wand shaft, which I removed with rubbing alcohol prior to insertion attempt #1.No go. The little white buttons are a nightmare. Ok, insertion attempt #2 involved a little bit of WD-40.Nope, no go.

Insertion attempt #3 was preceded by the forceful removal of the white button assembly with a screwdriver. I just pried it out in one piece. I got the wand part in.It was tough. I'm a kind of little person, so other people might have an easier time, but it was a beast.

Seller Name Price Condition Positive
Masterpart $13.51 New 96%
#TOP 16
Gib Cleaningtool Replacement Compatible Professional Cover
GIB cleaningtool
7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches
1.54 pounds


This vacuum hose&handle perfect compatible with Shark hose handle vacuum parts. These vacuum accessories also fits Shark Pet Plus NV550, NV560.
Replacement Shark Vacuum Hose Fits Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away for NV500, NV500C, NV500CO, NV500Q, NV500W, NV500WC, NV500WTV, NV501, NV501GN, NV501PR, NV501C, NV501 31, NV502, NV503, NV504, NV504Q, NV505, NV510, NV510 31, NV520, NV520Q, NV520QR, NV520QPR, NV552, UV560, UV560 31, UV561, UV561Q, UV561 31, V32915.
This shark vacuum replacement parts can be use for home, house, office, apartment, large or small tower with this replacement parts.
This hose&handle replacemnets for Shark vacuum parts is made of high quality, durable and long lasting. Easy to install and can extend shark rotator professional lift-away's service life!
The handle is white and burgundy. Recommend that replace the Shark hose every 6 to 12 months for optimal performance

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