13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
8.93 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 20958

I read some of the posts here, and the brewer inadvertently stopped working. I quit the first one two days later. The replacement stopped working after 2.5 weeks and worked the same way-just not making coffee. If this happens to you, the problem may be (I stumbled upon this, I blame Keurig for not writing some instructions or instructions in the file). The puncture needle is blocked by fragments or coffee grounds. The device detects excessive back pressure and stops. All everyone needs to do is take a paper clip and open a piece of wire to insert both sides of the needle to remove and fragment. After doing so, the unit will work properly. If you call Keurig, they will also send you a device to clean up that port. If your unit tries to make a cup, then stop filling the cup and try this first.

5 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches
12 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 8422

I've always preferred cold drinks to hot drinks, so imagine how happy I would be when the company started selling prefabricated cold coffee at the grocery store. However, buying it for about $7 a bottle is much more expensive than making your own hot coffee with ice. Until I read YouTube, carefully and saw one of my favorite YT'ers pour her own cold drinks out of the freezer. I immediately switched to Amazon to search for a similar product, and I found it. After comparing the price with the comments, I decided to try this. After 3 weeks and several brewing, this is my harvest: advantages: easy to clean and use, coffee tastes good, will not go back to buying prefabricated! The downside: durability seems fragile because the soft foam on the handle already appears, and if you don't tighten the lid, it will leak, so be careful, because it has to bubble down, and it takes up more space in my mini-fridge, albeit generally more than I expected. This is a much cheaper option than pre-cooled coffee, and you can control the strength and taste of your coffee by choosing the brand / coffee grounds / roast coffee you want and by adding more or less ground to the filter. Special note: I read a lot of comments, and it seems that the main problem for most people is that coffee grounds seep into the liquid. From reading responses from manufacturers and from my own experience, they have created a smaller mesh filter and have stopped shipping products in the old style. Well, that.

12.1 x 5.6 x 5.2 inches
2.2 pounds
Mueller Austria
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Buyer's Reviews 7411

This coffee machine is made of solid stainless steel and includes a good measuring jar. There is no fluid measurement inside and outside the press. I'm not sure how much coffee I need until I measure how much hot water the printing press can hold. The printing press has two metal screens, which have a very fine mesh. Because the screen has a thin mesh, it is a bit difficult to squeeze the screen through coffee particles. The extra power required to press the screen may be due to the fact that I used a finer coffee grinder. When using this press, the resistance to grinding coffee may be small. The advantages of this press: 1) compared with the glass press, the thicker stainless steel helps to keep the coffee warm for a long time. 2) A finer screen does make the coffee taste better, without any particles, which usually allow the coffee to pass the sieve. 3) the press is not made of glass, so there is no risk of breaking. The disadvantages of this press: 1) the finer screen requires more force to press over the coffee 2) there is no liquid. 3) the press is not made of glass, so there is no risk of breaking. The disadvantages of this press: 1) a finer screen requires more force to press over the coffee. 2) there is no fluid. I'm sure 32 ounces is enough to make a pot of coffee.

7.75 x 9 x 14 inches
8.75 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 11132

We have replaced the older dcc-1200dcc-1200dcc-3200 with Cuisinart-3200. Because it's a popular route, I think other people might be interested in them. (in the attached contrast photo, 1200 is on the left and 3200 on the right): taste: the coffee in 3200 is more delicious. The new machines may be better, but I think they have made the flow and temperature of the bubbling process better. Temperature: the coffee is much hotter. Both devices have three hot plate temperature settings, but the settings on the 3200 are hotter. Size and capacity. Compared with 1200 of the 12 cups, 3200 can handle 14 cups. However, as you can see from the photos, they are the same height and can be placed on the counter. They seem to get extra capacity by making the 3200 a little deeper from front to back. We were surprised how useful the extra capacity was. Calaf: the new glass Calaf is the same as the old one, but bigger. With or without a lid, it can be poured out well. The new lid works the same way as the old lid. I read some complaints about the middle lid with spring openings, but if so, they solved the problem by going back to the 1200. As far as I know, no version of the 3200 is designed for heat dissipation, unlike the 12-cup model. I prefer glass bottles because they make coffee hotter, and I can pour coffee into a hot bottle at any time if I want. The larger size also increases S.

7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches
2.53 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2737

So, I replaced my iCoffee machine with Nespresso Virtuoline w/frother. I'm very excited because I like foam coffee. However, I was really disappointed because the coffee was never hot enough. For my "regular" morning coffee, I turn to heating it in the microwave and then put it to work in my travel cup. So-I'm looking for a different single cup coffee machine, and I'm ready to buy Keurig mini, but the price is $99 (if you use your bed bath, good $79 & more than a 20% discount), but decide to do some research. I stumbled upon Spoli's serve. The price is correct and there is a "discount coupon" added to my shopping cart! I got it, took it out of the box and scratched my head. How exactly did you use the K cup? It has a brewing basket, but the K glass swings and the needle does not pierce it. Finally realized that there was no K-cup bracket in the (Duh) box. I immediately emailed Sboly and they replied within a day. They apologized to me and sent me a new coffee pot. That's it! Now, this little coffee maker is a bomb! Its footprints are very small. I like it very much. I posted a picture next to Nespresso (yes, I'll leave it on my latte, haha!) What I like about this little guy is that it's a single serve-which means you have to put water in it every time. Now I don't mind at all. I don't like the water in the reservoir. In other words, it does take 3-4 minutes to add hot water and make coffee. Well, as I continue to do things, it's brewing. C 。

6.1 x 13.6 x 14.7 inches
2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 6510

I was one of the first people to buy Keurig K-Cup machines before they became such ordinary kitchen accessories. When their machines went from being built to basically discarding garbage, and when they tried to lock users to pods that used only their own brands, I insisted on using suspicious locking schemes. In order to get the quality they want, I moved from their plastic home winemaker to their commercial product, and I now own a K150, which I think is one of the best products they've ever had. So first, I'm no stranger to the Keurig ecosystem, and the second is that I really don't need another winemaker. At least I don't think I did. ORIGIN of the Mini however, when I traveled, I noticed that many of the hotels I stayed in had the original Keurig Single SERVER compact brewer, so I always brought a few cups of coffee, tea, and sometimes hot chocolate pods so I could make a fast food cup in my room. The hotel room version is very good, but the design is very poor, not very suitable for family use. When I first saw this newly upgraded K-Mini model, I was really interested. I hope it can be a viable option when I travel because it is small and can be used in our cabin or resort, even something more special, something close and dear, I need-as a single cup hot water dispenser for tea bags or other instant drinks. Hot water magic TRICK you see, the world desperately needs a good song.

10.63 x 12.2 x 13.7 inches
10.06 pounds
Hamilton Beach
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Buyer's Reviews 9945

I'm changing what may be the best coffee machine I've ever had. I've had a 12-cup Braun coffee machine for 20 years, and finally the bottle was broken. This Hamilton Beach single service is a good alternative, and I'm used to Braun's paper filter, even though it has its own reusability, I prefer my coffee without oil, the film at the top and bottom of the cup, the paper filter completely gets rid of this. My way around the residue with this coffee machine is to trim the big round coffee filter, which is the cheapest I've ever found. The best way to brew coffee is to put the trimmed filter in the silver bowl at the bottom, not in or under the reusable filter, at least for me. When the bracket is in the lowest position, the bracket can hold a 7-1 "high cup, and the highest position can hold a 4-1" cup. Coffee is hot enough, and it's pretty fast. I've read some articles saying that HB can't make coffee hot enough, and it's like that for me. It might help if you preheat the cup with some hot water before handing out the coffee, as I always do. I got the Kurig K55 coffee machine for Christmas, and it's doing well, too, but I'm not going to put all my money into K cups of coffee. I also used reusable K cups, most of which were not very good. If you like to grind beans yourself, course grinding or French press grinding is best for this manufacturer. I used some Pete's French roasted coffee powder with it, press.

9.96 x 10.55 x 14.61 inches
7 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1315

This is an independent comment. I bought a coffee machine on a whim. I hope it will succeed. I must say I absolutely like this coffee pot. Everything that is designed makes perfect sense, starting with removable water accumulators, which make cleaning very easy compared to basic coffee pots, and in basic coffee pots, it is built into the main unit. You basically clean the water accumulators in "clean" mode (they always get annoying over time). Second, you can brew different beers, starting with "small batches", I like it very much, because I only made two glasses in the morning. On 12 cup makers, it is difficult to get a taste suitable for a small batch. It also has "classic" or "rich" brewing, and you can tell the difference. Classic is what it sounds like, classic taste, and full-bodied coffee, if you like stronger coffee, it will be a little stronger, that's what I do! Finally, there is a spoon connected to the side of the unit, which is very convenient. I haven't had a maker for a long time, and my only hope is that it will last! Love this design!

10.1 x 7.25 x 11.8 inches
2.87 pounds
Mr. Coffee
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Buyer's Reviews 1597

I'm not sure what kind of cups they use to measure four cups of coffee, unless they are made by Mattel for Barbie. This coffee machine made 1 1 stroke 2 cups of coffee. I want to put it in my office, so in fact, 1 1 take 2 cups is good for me. I don't need more. But don't count on four real cups of coffee, because you won't bet on what you will get from this baby. This is an unadorned coffee machine that can fully get the job done. It's definitely worth it. There is a spring button at the top of the bottle that shuts off the coffee flow long enough for you to pour a cup of coffee. It went too far on this little coffee pot. I found that when I put things together in the morning, I put the coffee in the oven, buckled the water reservoir, and then slid the kettle under it. Don't try to put the pot on the stove before putting the coffee in the basket. The spring button pushes the basket up and the basket shakes. A very small weird thing, but I got the hang of it.

4.25 x 4.25 x 6.75 inches
13.6 ounces
Maxi Matic
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Buyer's Reviews 1062

It worked very well. I think the price is a little high for the simplicity of the product, but it works very well, and I can't find a competitor. If you want to make a good iced coffee or cool a drink, that's what you have to do. Finally, imagine: you've had a tough day. The boss is an asshole. The client is driving you crazy. You stop at that liquor store. They have your favorite beer, but it's not refrigerated. So you run home, wrap it in a wet towel, and put it in the fridge, hoping to get better soon. But never fast enough. You wait. Expectation turns into disappointment. That moment is over. By the time it finally cools, it's too late: you've said something mean to a friend or spouse. You lashed out and vented your frustration. It's not their fault. It's not your fault. Bring me this super cold thing.

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Item Weight 8.93 pounds 12 ounces 2.2 pounds 8.75 pounds 2.53 pounds 2 pounds 10.06 pounds 7 pounds 2.87 pounds 13.6 ounces
Manufacturer Keurig Takeya Mueller Austria Cuisinart Dengxiong Keurig Hamilton Beach SharkNinja Mr. Coffee Maxi Matic
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Best Coffee Makers Under 100 Buying Guide

Joseph Davisson
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Are you searching for the best coffee maker under 100? This buying guide tells you how to choose the right type of coffee maker with best value for money.


The first thing you will focus on the options within the budget. It is sure that you want to get the highest level of value with a competitive price. It should be of optimal quality among the list of options in market. It is a good way to choose a reliable one with price pick or on sale. On the other way, if you want the best, then you may need to spend more money on it.

Easy to operate

According to working methods, coffee makers can be divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. Put coffee beans into the bin of full-automatic coffee maker and you will get a cup of flavorful coffee. It is easy to use but consumable. Semi-automatic coffee makers need some manual actions. You will have to add coffee powder into extract handle and then fit onto the coffee maker. Some experienced drinkers would like to use it to make quality coffee. But you have to consider extra expense on the grinder, and the cleaning take efforts.

Extraction methods

There are three types of coffee maker for your selection. Traditional drip filter, high pressure pump, and capsule coffee maker. Traditional drip filter coffee maker has a funnel container on the top for grinded beans. When water in tank get heated, it drip into the container and then to the pot below. It is handy and swift to process which is a good choice for beginners and family use. High pressure pump coffee maker use high-pressured hot water to brew concentrated coffee. You can get pure and intense drinking with various styles. It is usually for commerce use with large size and high cost. The capsule machine is handy and simple to use. Put a piece of capsule put into the coffee maker and press the button, you will get a cup of nice coffee right soon.

Body material

Currently you can find three materials for the coffee maker. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy and paint baked plastic coffee maker. The stainless steel is common used for daily life with safety and good appearance. It is better to use specialized detergent to for cleaning. And automatic power-off function is suggested for service life. Aluminum alloy is common and safe for boiling. But scaling on inner tank requires regular cleaning with appropriate cleaner. Some may worry that paint baked plastic is not so secure and its scents will affect the taste. Actually well-processed plastic is safe enough without giving away any scents. Please pay attention to the thickness. Thin plastic body will get worn very easily. And it is more possible to produce scents during heating. And avoid black color if you want paint baked plastic coffee maker. It is known that some manufacturers use recycled plastic. That is unnoticeable in black color.