#1 RSP QuadraLean Supplement Suppressant Metabolism

I'm not a bodybuilder or a fitness addict. I just want to lose weight after the holidays. As a result, combining this product with a better (and less) diet and regular exercise (mainly running and cycling), I have lost 13 pounds since January 1, 2018. Not bad. Since I use this product as part of the process, I have to give it credit. Even if it's just psychological, I feel like I'm maximizing my effectiveness when I use this product. For me, there is one thing that makes it stand out-and why I continue to use it as my "fat-free burner"-because it is doping-free. It's important to me. I like to drink a few cups of black coffee in the morning. It's the only product I know. I can take three tablets on an empty stomach and start drinking coffee in fifteen minutes without any tension or excessive caffeine. For me, the product is exactly what I need.

  • Description:RSP Nutrition QuadraLean - Stimulant Free Weight Management, Metabolism Booster, Energy & Appetite Support - CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Non-Stim Formula, 50 Serv (Packaging May Vary)
  • Product Dimensions:2.9 x 2.9 x 5.2 inches ; 3.52 ounces
  • UPC:854446006696


  • Natural appetite support-Green Tea extracts help promote natural weight management and act as antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.
  • Stimulant-Free weight Management and Metabolic Booster-QuadraLean stimulant Free uses only the best and most effective ingredients in its formulations. Packaged in caffeine-free capsules that are easy to swallow, our mixture perfectly satisfies anyone's supplementary plan.
  • Scientifically proven ingredients-clinical studies of paradoxine and L-carnitine help your body break down body fat and stubborn brown adipose tissue.
  • Safety warning: the label of this product conforms to American standards and may be different from similar products sold in other places in terms of composition, label and allergen warning.
  • Non-STIM weight control-most people who burn fat consume large amounts of caffeine and stimulants. QuadraLean stimulants provide you with crash-free male and female weight management free of charge.
  • Ingredients: Nobio (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea extract, Chromium, Parodoxine
  • 100% transparent: tested and GMP certified-each ingredient in the QuadraLean stimulant Free has been scientifically studied and the dose has been fully disclosed. Get out of the guessing game, control your supplement stack, and know exactly what you get from each serving of food.

#2 Acetyl Carnitine ALCAR Supplement L Carnitine

I have been using Jacked Factory products for several months. They are great dietary supplements that help me lose stubborn fat. It was difficult to go on a diet and exercise alone, but when I added this product to the mixture, I immediately noticed the difference! I am a very paranoid consumer, but it works for me! I don't eat such a big one anymore, and I still have a lot of energy all day.

  • Description:Acetyl L Carnitine Supplement - Premium ALCAR L-Carnitine Supplement for Energy, Body Recomposition, Memory & Focus - Zero Fillers - 120 Non GMO Veggie Pills
  • Brand:Jacked Factory
  • UPC:628250670011


  • Energy, focus and memory support. Acetyl-L-carnitine is a powerful brain sex-promoting supplement that helps increase motivation and reduce brain fog.
  • 1500 mg per 2 tablets of pure acetyl L-carnitine. Acetyl-L-carnitine produced by Jack factory is the most effective and purest source of acetyl-L-carnitine, containing 1500 mg of pure active ingredient per 2 capsules. Don't be satisfied with low doses of L-carnitine supplements.
  • The best quality, zero filling. Our ALCAR is a truly pure supplement, delicate and meticulous: no magnesium stearate, no food dyes, no fillers at all. Compare the label with any other acetyl L-carnitine to see what the difference is. Gluten-free, ketone-friendly, non-GM.

#3 Jarrow Formulas L Carnitine Tartrate Capsules

The price is much better than my drugstore. Excellent products. One of the few over-the-counter drugs that are more effective than prescription drugs. Completely eliminated the back and leg cramps I've been suffering for years. Recommended by my doctor, one tablet, twice a day.

  • Description:Jarrow Formulas L-Carnitine Tartrate, for Brain Energy and Heart Support, 500mg, 100 Capsules
  • Brand:Jarrow Formulas
  • Product Dimensions:6 x 5 x 4 inches ; 3.36 ounces
  • UPC:790011020028


  • Service size-1 vegetable lid
  • Please note that all L-carnitine is now tartrate, not fumaric acid.
  • No: wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, eggs, fish / shellfish, peanuts / nuts.

#4 Supplements Acetyl L Carnitine Amino Capsules

I used to have nerve pain, radiating from my ass to my heels. I started taking this every day, and now I'm 100% painless! I've tried gabapentin, and I didn't like its side effects before. I am a nurse who spends more than 12 hours a week standing on my feet 3-4 days a week. No matter what my body goes through, I have no pain. A real life change supplement!

  • Description:NOW Supplements, Acetyl-L Carnitine 500 mg, Amino Acid, 50 Veg Capsules
  • Brand:NOW Foods
  • Product Dimensions:6 x 5 x 4 inches ; 1.76 ounces
  • UPC:733739000750


  • Brain and nerve cell function *
  • Non-genetically modified organisms
  • Transport fatty acids *
  • Increase cellular energy *

#5 GlycoTraxTM Extra Large Bottle Propionyl L Carnitine

I like this product. It worked well for me. Definitely increased the power of my erection. Thank you!

  • Description:GlycoTrax™ GPLC Extra Large Bottle - 120 Capsules of High-Absorption Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine with No Artificial Fillers - Glycine Propionyl L Carnitine Supplement
  • Brand:VitaMonk
  • Product Dimensions:2 x 2 x 3 inches
  • UPC:045079325531


  • GlycoTrax is an advanced version of glycine alanyl-L-carnitine that promotes blood circulation. This bottle provides you with an oversized service size of 120 capsules without any manual fillings to get the best and safe results.
  • Buy more = save more! -when you buy 3 or more bottles and use the promotion code VTAMNK05VTAMNK05, you can save 5% on your order. When you buy 6 or more bottles, you will save more and enjoy an 85% discount under the promotion code VTAMNK15. (cannot be combined with any other offers)
  • Safe and effective-at VitaMonk, we purchase extremely high quality GPLC, and spare no effort to ensure that our supplements meet the highest safety standards. We strictly follow the FDA guidelines and GMP compliance standards for ultra-pure products.
  • Blood flow support-this powerful form of GPLC helps promote blood circulation and supports blood flow throughout the body. This increased blood flow will help you in many areas of your life, including exercise performance, heart health, and so on.
  • 100% refund guarantee-try it now without any financial risk. We guarantee your satisfaction, otherwise we will refund your money. It's that simple.

#6 NOW Carnitine Tartrate 1000mg Tablets

Love Now products trust their pure value

  • Description:NOW Foods L- Carnitine Tartrate 1000mg, 100 Tablets (Pack of 2)
  • Brand:NOW
  • Item Weight:1.06 pounds
  • UPC:632687760009


  • The purest form, clinically tested
  • Fitness support
  • Transport fatty acids-enhance cell energy *

#7 MuscleTech Platinum Carnitine L Carnitine Capsules

For the first two weeks after I took L-carnitine. I've never taken an L-carnitine supplement before, so I'm not sure what the result will be. So far so good. I'm usually the kind of person I like to call "the next day's pain," so if I train my legs on Monday, I won't feel that deep muscle soreness until Tuesday. L-carnitine is not a magic pill, so I still feel pain. It just doesn't happen to be that strong. I am a believer and will continue to buy. I wish you all a happy lift!

  • Description:MuscleTech L-Carnitine Supplement, 500mg Acetly-L-Carnitine, Post Workout & Muscle Recovery, 180 Servings (Packaging may vary)
  • Brand:MuscleTech
  • Product Dimensions:2.6 x 2.6 x 5.5 inches ; 5.9 ounces
  • UPC:885370181579 885400323085 885401119977 631656604740 767644281614


  • There is a scientific basis-the 500 mg L-carnitine studied most-is three times that of its competitors and is worth more.
  • Quick-acting formula-platinum 100% L-carnitine 1500 is a delicious liquid carnitine formula, each serving contains 1500 mg of L-carnitine!
  • Quality and purity testing-purity assurance, laboratory testing, made in the United States.
  • Promote recovery-L-carnitine has been shown to promote recovery after resistance exercise by minimizing muscle damage.
  • Non-irritating formula-for stacking whey proteins and whey protein isolates

#8 Solgar L Carnitine 500 60 Tablets

Conducive to circulation

  • Description:Solgar, L-Carnitine 500 mg 60 Tablets
  • Brand:Solgar
  • Product Dimensions:2.1 x 2.1 x 3.7 inches ; 3.2 ounces
  • UPC:890491215782 033984005716 880913053030 784922932778


  • Exercise assistant: l-carnitine is a dipeptide that supports endurance and recovery after high-intensity exercise. L-carnitine is particularly good for the heart because the heart is particularly dependent on L-carnitine to generate energy from fat.
  • What is L-carnitine: l-carnitine is a dipeptide made up of two amino acids found in cells (mitochondria) that promote fat metabolism and energy production.
  • Optimal absorption: this formula provides free form of L-carnitine for optimal absorption and assimilation.
  • Kosher, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians: these tablets are KOF-K Jewish certified, non-GM, gluten-free. They are free of gluten, wheat, dairy products, soy, yeast, sugar and sodium. They are also free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and pigments.
  • Bonus: Solgar L-carnitine also provides pantothenic acid, which is part of the key coenzyme that cells release energy.

#9 Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Unicorn Servings

If you want to lose body fat, that's great. I lost about 35 pounds in a month. I eat regularly. Drink a gallon of water every day. I no longer lift weights and continue to run on the treadmill or outdoors. It has greatly improved my running time. But, my God, this thing makes you sweat, it's unique! After eating 40 grams before I run, I sweat a lot. I feel good after running, but I sweat after a nice cold bath. This is my favorite! So Deff recommends this product for people who are trying to lose weight or want to lose body fat percentage.

  • Description:Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Plus Metabolism and Weight Management Supplement, L-carnitine Blend, Powder, 90g (60 Servings), Unicorn Sweat
  • Brand:Betancourt Nutrition
  • Product Dimensions:2.8 x 2.8 x 3.2 inches ; 3.36 ounces
  • UPC:857487005512


  • Stimulant-free triple action L-carnitine: strategically formulated with L-carnitine, L-tartrate, L-carnitine fumarate and acetyl L-carnitine to promote absorption, weight management, energy and cognitive function. * Carnitine Plus does not contain all stimulants.
  • Metabolic detonator: l-carnitine plays a vital role in energy production by naturally delivering fatty acids to your mitochondria. By promoting this process, L-carnitine contributes to the body's ability to burn fat as fuel and exercise performance.
  • γ-butylbetaine hydrochloride: GBB is generally considered to be the "advanced" form of carnitine. It is a powerful precursor because our bodies naturally convert it into L-carnitine. Carnitine is added to unitized GBB to produce accelerated amount of carnitine.
  • Quality ingredients: Betancourt Nutrition is committed to providing excellent ingredients and focusing on strong results. Carnitine Plus is a strategic formula that contains scientific research ingredients to help support healthy weight management.
  • 6-Paradol seed, Paradosine of Paradise with a Paradoxine of Paradise: standard content of 12.5% is a powerful spice and comes from the same plant family as ginger. Several human clinical trials have shown that it can promote heat production and reduce body fat.

#10 NOW Sports L Carnitine Liquid 32 Ounce

For me, I worked miracles. I weighed more than 15 pounds, started drinking in the morning, walked fast for 30 minutes in the evening, skipped rope, and lost 20 pounds a few months later. It tastes good. I like sugar, so you can imagine. I also feel energetic and sleep better. I would recommend it and still use it.

  • Description:NOW Sports Nutrition, L-Carnitine Liquid 1000 mg, Highly Absorbable, Citrus, 32-Ounce
  • Brand:NOW Foods
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 3.5 x 8.6 inches ; 2.2 pounds
  • UPC:039897291444 733739000699


  • Amino acid / high absorption / citrus flavor: today, exercise L-carnitine 1000 mg liquid has all the properties of carnitine, in a highly absorbable liquid form, with a pleasant citrus taste. (Keto friendly, non-GM, no steroids, vegetarian / vegetarian, know-choose / know-exercise, kosher, guaranteed quality GMP, free of soy)
  • The same trustworthy quality, a new look! The packaging may be different.
  • The INFORMATED-SPORTS Seal is your guarantee that every production run of these NOW SPORTS products has been tested for prohibited substances by LGC, the globally recognized anti-doping assurance program for sports nutrition products. In addition to production run tests, INFORCED-SPORT certified products are blinded up to four times a year at the retail level, and test results can be found on INFORMATED-Sport.com.
  • Packaged by a family-owned and operated company in the United States since 1968
  • GMP quality Assurance: NPA A GMP certification means that every aspect of the production process has now been inspected, including our laboratory / test methods (stability, effectiveness and product formulation).

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