10 Best Braille Aids

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BEST CHOICE Bump Dots Mixed Sm Med Lg Round Orange Red 80 Pk Cover

Bump Dots Mixed Sm Med Lg Round Orange Red 80 Pk

BEST VALUE Braille Store Pocket Money Brailler Cover

Braille Store Pocket Money Brailler

PREMIUM PICK MaxiTouch Dots Package 640 Assorted Cover

MaxiTouch Dots Package 640 Assorted

#1 Bump Dots Mixed Sm Med Lg Round Orange Red 80 Pk

Bump Dots Mixed Sm Med Lg Round Orange Red 80 Pk Cover

I bought these for my visually impaired mother to use them on appliances so that she could use her sense of touch to find her way visually. Overall, I'm a little disappointed because it looks like you get a lot more than you really get, but that is to say, they work well for visually impaired people.

You have to really press hard for about 30 seconds to make sure they stick to the shiny surface.

  • Brand:MaxiAids


  • Used for electrical appliances, keyboards, telephones, televisions, etc.
  • Small, medium and large mixed flowers, orange-red leaves, rounded top.
  • Suitable for any clean and smooth surface
  • 80 bumps (30 per sm and med; 20 large)
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#2 The Braille Superstore Alphabet Tray

The Braille Superstore Alphabet Tray Cover

I am blind and am working hard to learn Braille. So far, this is a good tool!

  • Brand:The Braille Superstore
  • Manufacturer recommended age:10 years and up
  • Mfg Recommended age:10 year and up


#3 Mixed Bump Dots Sizes Colors

Mixed Bump Dots Sizes Colors Cover

These simple bumps are necessary for people with low vision. I bought these for my mother with advanced macular degeneration. I used the following: her cordless phone handset hang up button, her microwave oven 30 seconds cooking and clear button, her washing machine on / off button and dryer button.

These are great. My 86-year-old mother couldn't see the hang-up button on her phone & her phone was on all the time. I will have to drive to the retirement home and reset the equipment at least three to four times a week.

When I couldn't reach her, we stopped worrying, and we've eliminated the problem now. She felt the bump effortlessly and pressed it to hang up the phone. They have stayed on all four of her phones, without sliding or falling off.

She only used her microwave oven 30 seconds button and clear button so fast, now she can use the microwave again! Something like a washing machine / dryer. I have preset her machine to hot / light load, and she can also use it.

I'll get the second set because I know there are more things I can use. I recommend it to anyone who tries to help with limited eyesight, because using these tools has made a big difference to us (her).

  • Description:Mixed Bump Dots, Mixed Sizes and Colors - 80 Count
  • Brand:MaxiAids


  • There are 80 bumps and bumps in each package.
  • Convenient multi-packaging allows multiple uses
  • It is suitable for the blind, people with low vision and people with eyesight.
  • Different colors and sizes can meet any of your needs.
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#4 Braille Store Pocket Money Brailler

Braille Store Pocket Money Brailler Cover

This small, plastic device can really come in handy. Whenever someone hands you paper money, just slide a corner of the bill into the pocket Brailler, squeeze the appropriate number, and presto! The bill is Braille labeled so you can tell it apart from other bills by touch.

Our clever Pocket Money Brailler can mark $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 currency. Measuring only three inches long and an inch and a half wide, this unit comes complete with an attached metal ring so you can clip it onto your keychain. Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, and labeled in both print and Braille so everyone can use it, this convenient Money Brailler is the ticket to swiftly identifying paper money independently.

  • Description:The Braille Store Pocket Money Brailler
  • Brand:The Braille Store


#5 Bump Dots Mixed Sm And Med Round Orange Red 60 Pk

Bump Dots Mixed Sm And Med Round Orange Red 60 Pk Cover

I brought this to a 95-year-old woman with macular degeneration. She used them to mark the power buttons on her stove, remote control, radio, thermostat, etc. Great products, whether you buy them through Amazon or directly from field manufacturers, are too expensive to ship.

I'm happy to pay the high freight, but what I mail in flat, smaller envelopes seems ridiculously expensive. I'm just saying. The freight is almost twice the price of this project. Ridiculous!

  • Brand:MaxiAids


  • Used for electrical appliances, keyboards, telephones, televisions, etc.
  • Small and medium mixed leaves, orange-red, rounded at the top.
  • Suitable for any clean and smooth surface
  • 60 bumps per packet (30 per SM and MED)
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#6 Braille Store Liquid Level Indicator

Braille Store Liquid Level Indicator Cover

It worked very well. There are two prominent problems. First of all, the sound of the buzzer is deafening. You can't make tea without the whole family knowing it. Second, there are two small holes at the top of the unit, which may make it unwaterproof.

Well done. Covering these holes has little effect on sound levels, so I don't know why they're there. So, yes, it's designed for people with ear plugs welded to their skulls, but at the end of the day, I can pour myself tea and coffee without having to worry about whether my cup is half full, or whether pouring it for another half a second will cause burns to my fingers.

  • Description:The Braille Store Liquid Level Indicator
  • Brand:The Braille Store

#7 The Braille Superstore Clothing Colors

The Braille Superstore Clothing Colors Cover

So; you've just returned from clothes-shopping with your best friend. "Now; be sure and always wear the blue pants with the white shirt;" she says; "never with the green one. Oooh; that would look hideous. Of course; the striped shirt will go with just about anything; except the black pants.

Hmm; now; for this light-grey jersey ..." These are pretty simple instructions to follow; once you know what color your clothes are. If you don't know that; though; you're in big trouble ... Even something as straightforward as separating the light clothes from the dark is going to be tricky.

With this pack of aluminum clothing tags; however; things are considerably less dicey. Here is an assorted package of 100 clothing markers; labeled in print and Braille with all conceivable colors. Each tag is only half an inch wide; and can be safely machine washed and dried on your clothes.

The markers have holes on their corners so you can easily sew them on; or secure them with a safety pin. If you're overwhelmed by colors; grab a pack of these clothing markers. They'll truly take the guess-work out of your wardrobe.

Package includes: eight Black; eight Dark Blue; four Brown; four Light Blue; four Tan; four Dark Green; four Gray; four Light Green; eight Red; four Teal; four Dark Pink; four Orange; four Light Pink; four Mauve; four Dark Purple; four Print; four Light Purple; four Yellow; four Plaid; four Striped; and eight White tags.

  • Brand:The Braille Superstore


#8 Braille Keyboard Stickers Visually Impaired

Braille Keyboard Stickers Visually Impaired Cover

I bought these for my blind brother, he was very tech-savvy, he used his computer more than anyone else in the family, and lately I was curious about how he did it, and I noticed that he only quoted it on the keyboard, because those were the only ones with raised lids, so I asked if such things would help, and after installing them, it was a very simple process, and he immediately said, wow.

I've been fighting for years, and I'm glad someone was there to help create and make things that could be so small and simple, so thank you for your amazing product, and we're sure to buy another one for his laptop!

  • Description:Braille Keyboard Stickers for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Brand:DataCal
  • Item Weight:0.32 ounces


  • These stickers are installed using a simple method of peeling and pasting.
  • Braille stickers are a very economical option for creating bilingual Braille keyboards.
  • They do not ooze the adhesive, dry or damage the original keyboard keys.
  • Braille stickers are printed on Clear Lexan, so the original key legend is displayed; this allows you to add Braille stickers to existing keyboards, making them the original language of bilingual keyboards (Braille) and keyboards.
  • (Windows PC)
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#9 MaxiTouch Dots Package 640 Assorted

MaxiTouch Dots Package 640 Assorted Cover

What you get is a high-quality styrofoam mat with a small circular notch about 1 inch high and about 1 inch wide. This material is similar to the foam pad you might buy and is used to stick to the bottom of something you don't want to slip or scratch the surface.

I find that the adhesives are quite good-it is the high profile of these points that may make them unsuitable for certain uses, such as medicine bottles or keys. If the hands or surfaces are greasy or dirty in any way, they are likely to be pushed away.

I mark my computer keyboard with a few keys because they are good. I'm actually looking for something very low-key-like the nipples you find on the five keys on the keyboard. I have visual impairment, touchpad control is a curse in my life, and I can't get them to work to mark those touchpads-they're so eye-catching.

But they can also be used for other things, and I now have a lifetime supply.

  • Description:MaxiTouch Dots- Package of 640 - Assorted Colors
  • Brand:MaxiAids
  • Product Dimensions:4 x 6 x 0.7 inches


  • Just peel off the backing and smear it.
  • Tactile self-adhesive dots
  • The diameter of the super thick (3 Mm) dot is 1 inch 4.
  • Achieve safety, efficiency and productivity at work and at home
  • 640 points: 64 for 10 different colors
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#10 HI MARK TM Tactile Pen

HI MARK TM Tactile Pen Cover

+ durable + comfortable Touch + removable + Fine nozzles if necessary for detailed use (slightly more than 1 mm wide + can be smeared thinner with toothpicks, pen width lines-may take a while to dry-only shallow marks, as it spreads rather than accumulates. My game keyboard died on me, I replaced it with a Logitech washable keyboard, which is a good keyboard, and finally I prefer the new keyboard, but the W key has no texture, and I have been pressing the wrong key, because I can not find the "game main row", so I got this, put two points in the top corner of the key.

The liquid did not flow. It keeps it smooth. After drying, the bulge feels strong, smooth and perfectly mixed with the white key. However, I realized that the bumps needed to be at the bottom, not at the top. I put the dots in the bottom corner and now I play like a professional and I can type at the same time.

"I put the dot under it and made a few strokes." 。 Even after hard work and long hours of work, the texture does not cause any form of blistering or rust. It is smooth, soft, comfortable, but sturdy, without accidental shedding or excessive wear and tear.

This is a good way to modify the keyboard to help you reduce the amount of time you spend watching keys and pay more attention to the screen.

  • Description:HI Mark -TM Tactile Pen - White
  • Brand:Reizen
  • Product Dimensions:3 x 2 x 0.7 inches

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