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One way to relieve stress from our home and our lives are through entertainment with music. For this, you must acquire a good sound system and we want to help you choose the best boombox in the market. After an exhaustive study, taking into account the costs, connectivity, and versatility of different models, we have come up with a buying guide.

BEST CHOICE Sony Portable Bluetooth Cd Player Cover

Sony Portable Bluetooth Cd Player

BEST VALUE Sylvania SRCD243 Portable Player Boombox Cover

Sylvania SRCD243 Portable Player Boombox

PREMIUM PICK Sony Portable Player Boombox Digital Cover

Sony Portable Player Boombox Digital

#1 Sony Portable Bluetooth Cd Player

I gave this to my father as a gift so that he could play a radio on the deck outside. It works better than expected! The sound is great and there is no need to raise the antenna with tin foil.

This old radio needs tin foil to listen to any station. My father loved it, and it had an added advantage, which was that it was Bluetooth, so I could pair it with my phone to get more music! In addition, it needs CD, so it covers all your music needs.

Overall, I give it 5 stars of great value, super high sound quality, and several ways to play your music list. I would definitely recommend this.

  • Description:Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner AM/FM CD Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System
  • Brand:Sony
  • Product Dimensions:5.5 x 15.2 x 2.7 inches
  • Item Weight:1 pounds


  • Bluetooth Audio streaming-use compatible devices to enjoy a convenient Bluetooth connection to stream audio without wired
  • CD playback-enjoy your favorite CD or personal recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs, including those CD-R and CD-RW discs with MP3 files
  • USB recording and playback-use the CD synchronization feature to easily burn your favorite tracks in CD or CD to a flash drive in MP3 format
  • Enhanced subwoofer, FM/AM radio with 30 memory presets and LCD display, battery life up to 26 hours
  • AM/FM tuner-built-in digital FM/AM stereo tuner with 30 radio preset memories (20 FM,10 AM),) allows you to choose from a variety of radio, talk and music programs
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#2 Electronics NPB 268 Portable Cassette Boombox

I spent quite a lot of time reviewing countless sensational comments. A lot of negative comments. I am cautious about newer products with fewer (of course) comments and do tend to be more positive. Reluctantly bought the new model NAXA NPB-268.

Everything works according to the product instructions. The sound is good, both the music and the sound. It's worth it. Hello again. It's been three years now, and what I want to write is that I don't have any problems with this product, even after playing CD and tapes every day.

  • Description:NAXA Electronics NPB-268 Portable CD/Cassette Boombox (Silver/Black)
  • Brand:Naxa Electronics
  • Product Dimensions:11.7 x 5 x 8.86 inches
  • Item Weight:3.4 pounds


  • Play and record to cassette
  • Play CD and CD-R/RW CDs
  • Digital AM/FM radio with 40 preset memories
  • 3.5mm AUX audio input for smartphones, iPod and other devices
  • 3.5 mm headphone Jack
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#3 Jensen Bluetooth Boombox Portable Headphone

At first, I just wanted the cheapest, smallest one for my daughter to play her piano lesson, CD-, which I wanted to cost about $20 to $25. But players in this price range are either individual players (who need headphones) or ugly players who don't comment well.

And then I came across this-very compact (about).5.5 "x 5. 5" x 7 ") and Bluetooth, which got me thinking about how good it might be. For us, it plays CD, well. I can connect it to my iPhone via Bluetooth. We also use it to play reading books on CD.

We don't use its radio, but I can imagine how it leaves something imprecise to simulate the control knob. In addition, I hope there is a place where the antenna can be stuffed into the antenna (we don't need it) so that it doesn't bulge clumsily from behind (see figure).

Otherwise, I definitely recommend this player to those who want a simple, mostly well-designed, ultra-compact small CD player with Bluetooth.

  • Description:Jensen CD-555 White/Silver CD Bluetooth Boombox Portable Bluetooth Music System with CD Player +CD-R/RW & FM Radio with Aux-in & Headphone Jack Line-In
  • Brand:Jensen
  • Product Dimensions:7.1 x 6.1 x 10.2 inches
  • Item Weight:2.3 pounds
  • Department:Electronics


  • The Bluetooth wireless version supports all the latest Bluetooth devices
  • The top-mounted CD player is compatible with CD-R/RW and supports A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Programmable memory FM stereo receiver subwoofer Boost headphone Jack
  • Blue LED CD track display skip / search, forward and backward repeat 1 or all
  • Auxiliary input Jack for connecting to your iPod, MP3 or other digital audio player (built-in handle)
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#4 Sylvania SRCD243 Portable Player Boombox

Sylvania SRCD243 Portable Player Boombox Cover

We bought Sylvania SRCD243 portable CD player and AM/FM radio, Boombox (blue a month ago) on 4-19-16 replaced her old one for my 9-year-old granddaughter. It's by her bed, and it's easy to use. She loved it. She listens to CD, while she's sleeping, sometimes while she's playing in the room.

It never leaves her nightstand. I don't know what everyone is commenting on. Amazon brings together comments on similar products, but our players perform well. Follow-up: as of June 1, it was still working well. It is very light and probably made cheaply.

As a result, it cannot withstand too many impacts. However, it has a good voice, very clear and clear. The radio is much better than the one we used last time. We don't have an antenna on our phones. She got her favorite radio station without an antenna, and she couldn't get it on an old player with an antenna.

  • Description:Sylvania SRCD243 Portable CD Player with AM/FM Radio, Boombox (Blue)
  • Brand:CURTIS
  • Product Dimensions:10 x 9 x 5.7 inches
  • Item Weight:2.98 pounds


  • Skip / search function, repeat 1 / all function
  • Portable CD speaker with AM/FM radio
  • This unit uses 8 XeroC' (UM-2) sized batteries or the accompanying AC120V/60 Hz line power supply
  • Number of pallets: 32
  • LED display. Note: please refer to the user manual before using this product.
  • Auxiliary Jack-allows you to play music from any audio device
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#5 GPX BCA209B Portable Boombox Cassette

I bought this to play old CD and tapes I gave toddlers when I was a child. The size is suitable for children's rooms and is easy to transport. It doesn't think it's going to collapse or break anytime soon.

It's of good quality and I like the simplicity of all buttons / functions. Very straightforward, my three-year-old can already use stereo in less than a day. The sound quality is good. All in all, I think $40 is too much for such a simple player, but I understand that owning a tape player makes it rarer and less competitive.

The photo shows the size of the player compared to a regular CD box.

  • Description:GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black
  • Brand:GPX
  • Product Dimensions:9.53 x 8.87 x 4.88 inches
  • Item Weight:4.05 pounds


  • The tape end automatically stops the LCD display with a white backlit radio and CD recording
  • Portable speaker with AM/FM radio CD and cassette player, CD player can be loaded
  • Powerful built-in stereo loudspeaker metal loudspeaker grille
  • Portable black portable handle
  • Including AC power cord, DC battery requires 6 C battery (not included)
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#6 Sony Portable Player Boombox Digital

I need a small portable CD player for my apartment.Good. Sounds good. Easy to use.

  • Description:Portable Sony CD Player Boombox Digital Tuner AM/FM Radio Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System
  • Brand:Sony
  • Package Dimensions:12.9 x 9.6 x 5.8 inches
  • Item Weight:4.79 pounds


  • USB playback-USB recording and playback-use the CD synchronization feature to easily burn your favorite tracks in CD or CD to a flash drive in MP3 format
  • Portable CD player-CD playback-enjoy your favorite CD or personally recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs, including CD-R and CD-RW discs with MP3 files
  • Integrated AM/FM broadcast tuner-AM/FM tuner-built-in digital FM/AM stereo tuner with 30 radio preset memories (20 FM,10 AM), allows you to choose from a variety of radio, talk and music shows
  • Battery life-the device works on battery. Radio reception FM: about 26 hours; CD playback is similar. 9 hours (excluding battery)
  • Audio input port-Auxiliary input-Audio connector 3.5 mm headphone Jack, 3.5 mm stereo Jack black
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#7 LONPOO Portable Boombox Bluetooth Earphone

We bought this for my son's room, and it worked very well. The sound quality is good. He likes the way it looks. So far, we've only used CD and Bluetooth, both of which work well.

  • Description:LONPOO CD Player Portable Boombox with FM Radio/USB/Bluetooth/AUX Input and Earphone Jack Output, Stereo Sound Speaker & Audio Player,White
  • Brand:LONPOO
  • Product Dimensions:8.27 x 9.84 x 4.72 inches
  • Item Weight:2.84 pounds


  • [portable speaker & wireless connection] play music wirelessly from a Bluetooth device, or you can use a speaker plugged in a 4*UM2-C 1.5V battery outdoors. (including battery number)
  • [top CD player] CD/MP3 player. Compatible with MP3/CD/CD-R/CD-RW, please remove the laser lens protection stick before using the CD function.
  • [widely used] it is suitable for all kinds of places: study, family gathering, Valentine's Day dating, personal leisure, dance, fitness, outdoor activities and so on. This is a good gift for children, the elderly, family and friends!
  • [multiple audio modes and headset output] support FM radio / USB/AUX-IN input, a key switch, easy to use. Support CD player headphone Jack output, privately enjoy your favorite songs, will not disturb others.
  • [high configuration and multi-function] full LCD display, stereo speakers, electronic digital buttons, previous / next song, automatic stop (recording playback) function.
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#8 ILive IHB624B Bluetooth System Changing

If you are looking for a cheaper music system than iLive IHB624B is one looking for it will not cost you an arm and a leg plus this system comes out of the music mirror a system, it will cost you hundreds.

I have no problem with this system and suggest anyone to buy a similar music system for their friends or family.

  • Description:iLive IHB624B Bluetooth CD and Radio Home Music System with Color Changing Lights, Includes Remote, Black
  • Brand:iLive
  • Product Dimensions:20.9 x 10.5 x 12.9 inches
  • Item Weight:11.65 pounds


  • Equipped with top CD players: CD, CD-R/RW, FM radio, with built-in wire antenna and USB port for mobile phone charging
  • Supports Bluetooth 2.0; 3.5 mm audio input for non-wireless devices
  • Make a loud noise, suitable for any room
  • Discoloration lights with automatic and manual discoloration modes to enhance the fun of listening; wireless range is 33 feet
  • Digital volume control, built-in 2-channel stereo speakers, digital clock and sleep timer; built-in AC power cord
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#9 JENSEN CD 490 Portable Stereo Player

This is a true comment from the actual paying customer, not a good comment from the seller's discounted products. I have been a mechanic / engineer for 40 years and I own 3 Bose Wave radios and a Bose home theater surround sound system, so I know that pay and demand high quality real life sound.

I work in a dirty, noisy, mechanical environment and need a small, lightweight unit to play CD's, with acceptable sound. This is perfect. It can play high-quality Jensen speakers without the amplified, artificially enhanced "subwoofer" that everyone seems to want.

I have a very eclectic taste in music, from fluent jazz to real jazz to blues and classical music. I've been in symphonies for many years, so I know what real live music sounds like, not the huge, artificially amplified percussion in indoor or outdoor concerts.

Bose produces a really realistic sound, and surprisingly, because of its price, this is done very well. It is small and light and can easily fit into my folding toolbox compartment. If it is ruined at work, I will buy another one for less than $50.

My Bose Wave radio costs $500 each, and I won't even mention the cost of the home theater system! For this price, there is not even a very good voice close to Bose.

  • Description:JENSEN CD-490 Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio and Aux Line-In, Red and Black
  • Brand:Jensen
  • Product Dimensions:12.5 x 9 x 5.9 inches
  • Item Weight:3.4 pounds
  • Department:Electronics


  • Forward / backward jump / search, repeat 1 or all, programmable memory
  • Top-mounted CD player, compatible with CD-R/RW,LED CD repertoire display
  • Power supply: ac 120V/60 Hz or 8 xtriple C'(UM-2) (not included)
  • Auxiliary input Jack for connecting iPod, MP3, or other digital audio players, output: 2 x 1.5W rms
  • AM/FM stereo receiver, foldable handle, telescopic antenna, stereo headphone Jack
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#10 Sony Bluetooth Boombox Bundle Cassette

The sound made by this small speaker is impressive. I bought this for my mother, who is in the assisted living facility. When I walked down her hallway, I could hear the radio on. It sounded great! She was satisfied with it and found it easy to operate.

I'm glad she likes it and is using it.

  • Description:Sony Bluetooth Boombox Bundle – [2] Piece Set Includes Classic Stereo Boombox w/CD/Cassette/Radio & 3.5mm Include A NeeGo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver; Stream Music from Device
  • Brand:NEEGO
  • Package Dimensions:13.7 x 8.9 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight:5.19 pounds


  • Classic stereo speakers-high quality battery powered speakers (optional) with Mega Bass Response to play CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 CD, cassette and FM/AM radio (battery not included, purchased separately)
  • Sony Music package-the kit includes [2] multi-functional portable music playback devices that can be used with your existing entertainment accessories
  • The perfect portable pair travel device is the perfect hands-free solution for listening to music playlists, podcasts or streaming services anytime, anywhere.
  • NeeGo 3.5 mm mini Bluetooth receiver included in the package-tiny but powerful devices can convert any AUX speaker to Bluetooth so you can stream music or answer calls from your cell phone or tablet
  • Decades of equipment-use a convenient package to play all your cassettes, CD, MP3, playlists and other old and new entertainment products
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Boomboxes Buying Guide

Fredrick Kidd

The widespread use of wireless speakers requires more and more power in small equipment. However, there is a very peculiar market sector that is committed to more traditional and even classic designs that emulate the protagonists of the 80s, the ghetto blaster renewed with the wireless technologies of the current Bluetooth speakers.

If you belong to this exquisite group of customers but do not know what aspects to look for in your new music player, we recommend you to follow this guide to buy the best Boombox on the market, so that you stand out in sound and style wherever you go.


Regardless of how economical the Boombox you chose is, you should make sure it has the connectivity interfaces you use most today. Bluetooth, indispensable in this wireless era, will allow you to synchronize the player with your Smartphone, tablet and even laptop if it has such an interface to play your favorite mp3 files and music lists.

Taking into account the different storage devices that we generally use, the perfect boombox for you must include a USB port and if it has an SD memory reader it would be much better. This way, your connection possibilities are extended much more, giving the equipment versatility.


If you are one of the people who keep a box full of old cassettes with your classic artists in their trunk of memories, that music of the 80s and 90s that marked a whole generation, then you will want to have a device where you can remember those times with the sound Nostalgic of your cassettes.

When making a comparison of Boomboxes in the market, you will find models that have a cassette player to recover your musical box of memories but also include the new connections that we mentioned in the previous sections combining the classic design of the ghetto blaster. However, it is with a totally contemporary touch that will allow you to adjust the sounds of your music independently from the selectors.


It is important that when choosing your Boombox you verify the level of Bluetooth range that your player has to know how close or far you can have your Smartphone from the device.

The average range in these players ranges between 4 and 10 meters away, which means that this is the number of meters that you can move away from the source of your boombox files without losing the transmission of the files and losing the sound.

For its part, a plus in these devices is the fact that it has a built-in microphone so you can use the hands-free function and answer your calls while enjoying your good music.

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