10 Best Bonsai Knob Cutters of April 2020

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Product Highlights
  • Use these high quality knob and concave cutters to make clean cuts in your bonsai tree that will grow back flush with the surface, leaving little or no scar!
  • Set includes 8" Concave Cutter, 8" Knob Cutter and Bamboo Brush. Metal tools are hand forged from carbon steel.
  • These traditional looking bonsai tools are very high quality, and an amazing bargain at this price.
  • These tools are great for the advanced or starter bonsai enthusiast. They will last a lifetime with proper care. Wipe clean and lightly oil after every use.
  • This tool kit is made in China with very high quality control. We guarantee you won't be disappointing with a 3 year replacement warranty.
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I know that some bonsai tools are essential for decorating your bonsai. That is to say, I am a beginner and some tools, I tend to buy as a beginner. The spherical cutter works well and is essential for cutting close to small branches. Another flush cutter keeps you just as close. Similarly, you can't do these tasks with a typical set of gardening tools. I tried.-No way. As I move further into bonsai, I may buy a better setting, as I have done with other tools, once I know I will spend time and energy, but for beginners, I think they work well. Those bonsai lovers who disagree with me, please forgive me, I am a beginner, as any beginner, you begin to afford, and then as you become more experienced, you buy the best money, such as my woodworking tools.
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Product Highlights
  • Material is 4Cr13MoV (Stainless Steel Tool) and High-Carbon Alloy Steel (Carbon Steel Tool), handmade by professional technicians from TianBonsai.
  • Hardness is over HRC55, also with high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability.
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This cutting machine is a very good quality project. Its price is also reasonable. It makes precise cuts that should last my life. I strongly recommend it because it is of high value and quality.
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Product Highlights
  • U-nitt Premium carbon steel bonsai tools: due to the nature of carbon steel, in rare cases, spots of light rust can occur on some tools. A dab of 3-in-one should take care of it. This procedure should be a routine maintenance of carbon steel tools in general.
  • tools will come in a leather case, fully inspected and lightly oiled, with a 3 year extended warranty
  • 4 tools included: 8.25" concave branch cutter, 8.25" knob cutter; 8" wire cutter; 7.5" Ashinaga
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I think these are good prices. I think these are good for beginners to get the tools to start using. Although some bonsai masters laugh at these tools, why start with $25 each when you can spend $25 on four tools plus a box totaling about $25? In any case, this is a good start, it will buy you some time to see if you stick to your hobbies. This tool is really stiff. Again, it's not a first-class tool, but it gets the job done. In my opinion, the end result is great. This tool does a good job of doing their job, and that's what we're going to do in the end. Includes scissors, knob cutters, angle branch cutters and wire cutters. Pro-cheap settings let you go-situations include-tools cut good Con-Stiff tools
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Product Highlights
  • Product inclusion : 8inch Concave Cutter, 8inch Knob Cutter,8inch Trunk Splitter and 8inch Bonsai Scissors
  • Concave Cutter:used for pruning bonsai fork branches. After the concave cutter are pruned, a concave fish-shaped incision is left, so that the resin healed by the plant will cover the concave incision, and the traces left by the cutting can not be seen.
  • Knob Cutter:used for pruning bonsai tree tumors, knots. When the knuckle is trimmed, a concave spherical incision is left, so that the resin healed by the plant will cover the concave incision, and the traces left by the cutting can not be seen.
  • Trunk Splitter: used for bending or branching.
  • Bonsai Scissors:used for pruning bonsai leaf buds, tender branches, twigs, long handle design.
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Over the years, I have a lot of experience with a variety of tools, forging tools, manufacturing tools from casting to completion. These tools far exceed my expectations in terms of practicality, design, quality and completion.
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Product Highlights
  • Quality: master's grade, handmade by the master worker from TianBonsai, have the best quality in our tools.
  • Including Stainless Steel Knob Cutter (8") / Branch Cutter (8") & Bonsai Tweezers Master Quality
  • Material detail:the Knob Cutter and Branch Cutter , manufactured via 5Cr15MoV stainless steel. the Bonsai Tweezers manufactured via 3Cr13 stainless steel.
  • Hardness detail: Knob Cutter and Branch Cutter were differential heat treatment by the high frequency machine, the working edge's hardness is over HRC58.
  • Quality Assurance: 3 Years, in normal use, if the tools have any problem, we will resending a new one to you without any fee, you just need to take a photo to us to show the problem.
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Tweezers: low quality represents a low cost item for mass production. Because this is basically free with settings, I don't tag the toolkit down for this. They still work and are long, which is good because all my beautiful tweezers are short. Branching tool: a tool of good quality. It's exactly what you expected. My only problem was that after the first bamboo cutting test, there was a slight gap in the edge of one of the two jaws. I sharpened it quickly, and the tool still works. Knob Cutter: is a good quality tool. It's exactly what you expected. Cut well when cutting on bamboo branches for the first time. The mechanical properties of the joint are smooth and accurate, so that the jaws can be arranged correctly. Overall, I would say that edge retention can be better, but these tools are a huge value for the price. Bonsai has a higher level of tool series, called the Master series, with higher tool steel hardness. I look forward to testing these when they offer sales. Fantasy customer service. If you have any questions, they will answer them in time. They are polite and responsive in dealing with any problem. I highly recommend this brand.
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Product Highlights
  • Complete 6PCS Bonsai Tools Set - including Leaf Trimmer, Bud Shear, Jin pliers, Root Hook, Pruning Saw, Knob Cutter, Nylon Tool Case
  • Quality Made Construction - Made of carbon steel fully inspected, ther are sharp, durable and very handy, suitable for beginners or professionals
  • Tool used for leaves trimming, loose the bonsai soil, precise and refined pruning the root, branches, twigs and bud etc.
  • Care Instruction - Remove dirt and debris with a dry cloth and lightly oil after every use.
  • A beautiful and practical tool set, comes with nylon case for convenience, an ideal gift for bonsai lover.
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Just want to let you know that I received my 14 bonsai kits today, I am very impressed! As a result of some negative comments, it far exceeded my expectations. Everything was perfect and I received everything shown in the description. The only reason I didn't show the coils that came with it was because I wanted a picture of all the tools to show how they were perfect.
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Product Highlights
  • Make sure purchase from AonePro, Otherwise no Quality Guarantee & Return Anytime Service. This 10-in-1 Bonsai Tools Kit Set is made of high quality carbon steel and polished by human hands.
  • Including Leaf Trimmer, Scissors, Jin pliers, Root Hook, Knob Cutter, Aluminium Wires and Wire cutter, etc. All well packed in a Nylon zipped case.
  • By using this Popular selection of tools kit, you will be able to loose the bonsai soil, pruning, cut the root, branches, leaves trimming.
  • Ideal for a beginner or a professional or as a gift for bonsai lover.
  • Slight difference between the picture and the real product might exist since a lot of pieces are handcrafted.
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I just got into bonsai and I don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on my first set. This is a good start setting. The quality is good. The scissors are sharp and well cut. Generally speaking, I would recommend this one.
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Product Highlights
  • ✔Made of high quality zinc alloy, resistant to rust,, high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability
  • ✔Remove branches by leaving a small indented cut that heals with little or no scar
  • ✔Creates a spherical cut in a hollow concave shape that will heal with the least visible scaring and thus create a more pleasing aesthetic
  • ✔Ideal for removing small branches, protrusions and knobs by cutting into the wood at a concave angle
  • ✔Ergonomic handles gives you a comfortable hold and allowing continuous use without fatigue
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The quality is excellent. To achieve its purpose perfectly.
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Product Highlights
  • Used for pruning bonsai tree tumors, knots.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 210mm
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A well-designed tool. It's perfect for the job.
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Product Highlights
  • High Quality Professional Bonsai Tools
  • Promotes Rapid and Smooth Healing of The Cuts
  • Razor Sharp Cutting Blades
  • Created by Japanese Master Craftsmen with Highest Standard
  • Made in Japan
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I get these to help me bite for special occasions, which is sometimes necessary to deal with trimming my donkey's hooves. I have also been very successful in using them to trim sheep. They're great at it. Especially the one on the straight side. But semicircular pliers are very useful for trimming hooves, rotten walls, or something in my donkey. It's expensive, yes. There are few heavy tasks as my regular hoof pliers, but they are not doomed.
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Item Weight 13.6 ounces 8.8 ounces 2 pounds 1.69 pounds 1.05 pounds 2.55 pounds 4.1 pounds 7.4 ounces 8 ounces 9.6 ounces
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Best Bonsai Knob Cutters Buying Guide

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Fredrick Kidd

Bonsai knob cutters are a handy tool to cut knuckles and other parts of the tree. Knob cutters can be a pretty simple tool to prevent bumps from being created at the trees. Some tend to use the knob cutters after branch cutters to make the tree heal over. There are a lot of models with different features and styles on the market. To choose the best bonsai knob cutter for your needs can be a challenge. If you are looking for a suitable bonsai knob cutter but have no idea how to do a research. This buying guide tells you some vital points that you should consider before buying.


It might be costly to buy a practical and quality tool for bonsai enthusiasts. The case is that a specialized tool can be a necessity when you become more professional. When choosing tools for bonsai purpose, you might need a complete set of units. That comes with a considerable amount of investment. A practical choice is to choose the most frequently used tools firstly. And then turn to further purchase when you need it. Buying a cheaper one does not mean that you have to compromise on its quality. It might cost much more when the cheaper models have to be replaced after short use. If you want to get the best value, more investment in quality can be considerable.


When considering the price, you have to evaluate the quality as they two are closely linked in most cases. A knob cutter with better quality can be fairly light that takes less effort for prolonged jobs. A lot of models use supreme materials of stainless steel that can be rust-proof and durable. The quality metal of fabrication maintains sharp edges even after long time use. When thinking about this, you have to pay attention to both its materials and the design. That means an ergonomic designed tool which can fit your palm and tasks will be better for your needs. However this depends on personal preference. If you need to a tool to use for temporary, a reliable and capable tool can be considerable.

Size and weight

The bonsai knob cutters available on the market come with various size and length. A suitable size depends on what you will use it for. On one hand a reasonable level of size and weight makes it handy and easy to use. A larger one can carry more stress and strength but it might be heavy and exhausting for long hours. On the other hand the size cooperates with the branches to be cut. That means a small size tool could be incapable to handle long branches over its length.


It is important to choose a durable tool for bonsai purpose that can last for long time. You would not want replacement of the tool when you are doing a bonsai art. The materials of the handle, the edges and blades should be of reliable quality. Following full consideration of factors above, you can check reviews from other customers.