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#1 MUSICUBE Percussion Instrument Beginners Professionals

Ah, what a lovely voice.

  • Description:MUSICUBE Bongo Drum Set, 2 Sets 7” and 8” Percussion Instrument, FSC Wood and Metal Drum for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals with Tuning Wrench
  • Brand:MUSICUBE
  • Item Weight:5.59 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:14 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Back Material:Wood
  • Body Material:Solid Wood
  • Top Material:Natural skin heads
  • Neck Material Type:Wood
  • Material Type:Metal, FSC Wood
  • Musical Style:World-music


  • Classic Good Tone- selects authentic natural skin head to provide tough, excellent lively tone and good melody choice. Natural gloss surface treatment to ensure the good performance of your hands. At the same time, it is equipped with tuning wrench for accurate tuning.
  • FSC certification-all packaging and wood products are certified by FSC. Under the (FSC) system of the Forest Stewardship Commission, we have a responsibility to help the management and production of the world's forests. FSC sets high standards to ensure that forestry is implemented in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.
  • Environmental protection-the packaging of our products is made of Kraft paper, which is more environmentally friendly than color composite cartons. We care about our environment and the health of our customers' environment. TUV ASTM certified products.
  • Attention, please-in the box, there is a tuning wrench. To get accurate sound quality, you can easily adjust the drum. If the drum is not in use, set it to a relaxed state for better protection.
  • "well-designed structure-superb craftsmanship, together with experienced European designers, help develop excellent hardware. Smooth black powder coated hardware and naturally smooth surface, both professionals and beginners.

#2 RockJam Bongo Padded Tuning Natural

First of all, I am an amateur musician. I play a variety of musical instruments and buy them from many manufacturers. I'm used to buying on budget because it's a hobby, not a profession. However, I often realize the good quality of the product, I think I am very fair to the poor quality. First of all, these Bongo drums are very good. They played well, they sounded good, they felt good. I can't physically compare them to any other Bongo, but they seem to be quite similar to many of the drums I saw in the video while I was doing my research. After you tune them correctly, they sound the same. As for this, don't expect it to be perfect out of the box! The drums have been adjusted a little to prevent them from collapsing during transportation. I will add a short adjustment note at the end of this comment to help buyers of these drums make them available for playback in a short period of time. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. They seem to be comparable to other Bongo. They are a good size, sturdy building, and with a surprisingly happy voice. If you hear overtones in the drum, you can minimize them by adjusting the instrument appropriately. However, even pro-Bongo has this implication, so this is probably just what all Bongo would do. A overtone is a high-pitched sound that occurs when a drum is played.) Now, it's a fairly standard toat bag for the bag, although it has some pads to protect your instrument from impact and bruises. It has a belt that allows you to choose whether or not.

  • Description:RockJam 7" and 8" Bongo Drum Set with Padded Bag and Tuning Key, Natural
  • Brand:RockJam
  • Item Weight:5.29 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:15.35 x 7.09 x 7.09 inches
  • Color Name:Natural
  • Size:-inch


  • Chrome hardware
  • Authentic leather head
  • Note: the skin must gradually tighten evenly, not one side at a time. This puts pressure on the frame and skin.
  • Natural luster finishing
  • Including padded suitcases and tuning keys
  • Head size: 7 inches and 8 inches

#3 Remo KD 5400 01 Kids Percussion Bongo

Remo KD 5400 01 Kids Percussion Bongo Cover

Watch out! Long-term use review here! About a decade ago, we bought this on Amazon as one of our (then toddler) son's first instruments. Now it has been used by two growing boys, their friends, as stools, action figure transmitters, and who knows what else. This thing is of good quality. Remo is a great instrument. They also make strong musical instruments. This drum is good because you don't have to worry so much that the children will hurt it. My soundtrack guitar is hanging high on the wall. My tuba is hidden (as much as possible, you can hide a tuba) in a hard shell. This is public playing music, or just playing. The voice is quite deep, so when your young drummer finds his or her beat, you don't have a violent headache. Buy with confidence. Our team has been defeated in many ways and it still looks new.

  • Description:Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum - Fabric Rain Forest, 5"-6"
  • Brand:Remo
  • Item Weight:2.45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:18 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Color Name:Fabric Rain Forest
  • Material Type:None
  • Musical Style:WorldMusic
  • Size:-inch


  • Product number: KD540001
  • Brand: Remo
  • Part of the Remo Kid Percussion Collection
  • Bongo with 5-inch and 6-inch drums
  • Acoustics on the shell

#4 Eastar Percussion Instrument Beginners Natural

Travel with a nice set of bongos. The suitcase is easy to move. The tambourine has a decent sound. The quality is good and the price is cheap.

  • Description:Eastar EBO-1 Bongo Drums 6” and 7” Congas Drums for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals Wood Percussion Instrument Bongos for Kids Adults Beginners with Bag and Tuning Wrench, Natural Finish
  • Brand:Eastar
  • Item Weight:6.34 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:16.7 x 9.2 x 8.2 inches
  • Color Name:6” and 7” Bongo Drums


  • Perfect for all ages: this Bongo drum suit has no sharp edges, and the inside of the drum is polished into a smooth arc, which is safe for children without scratching their hands. It is suitable for beginners and beginner Bongo drum lovers.
  • The sound of the Bongo drum is very clear and bright, with good durability, and it can also make the drum sing at the same time.
  • Simple circles: Eastar EBO-1 Bongo drums are equipped with simple and innovative circles that make it easy for even beginners to adjust their pitch and sound.
  • Package contents: Eastar EBO-1 6 "+ 7" Bongo drum x 1, tuning wrench x 1, light hard bag x 1
  • It uses real leather: natural timbre and 6 "+ 7" drum head configuration, which makes it convenient for players to play different timbre. This size is also the most portable, with an 8mm thick bag that performers can carry with them.

#5 Bongo Beginners Professionals Upgrade Packaging

I bought these for my kids. Okay, me, too. Considering the lower price, I'm not sure how good these will be. But when I opened them and began to recite Grand Slam poems, I was surprised. Okay, that didn't happen. But seriously, these bongos are first-rate. It's well built. It sounds great.

  • Description:Bongo Drum Set for Adults Kids Beginners Professionals, Upgrade Packaging, Set of 6 and 7 inch Tunable Percussion Instruments, Natural Animal Hides Hickory Shells Wood Metal with Tuning Wrench
  • Brand:Hip Bongo Drums
  • Package Dimensions:16.69 x 8.98 x 7.64 inches
  • Item Weight:5.94 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Hip Bongo Drums
  • Assembly Required:No
  • Batteries Required:No


  • Stylish gifts, decorations and occasions-our suits have an exotic natural luster and are ideal for Latin percussion in your home or music room. This is a wonderful musical souvenir for your loved ones, beach parties and parties! High-quality design ensures resonance, non-cuboid sound, no dirt deposition space-of course, is the best choice!
  • The well-designed Bongo-Hip Bongo Drums (TM) with authentic natural animal skin is a set of 6-inch and 7-inch Bongo drums made of high-quality, weather-resistant and durable wood and metal, with authentic, ethical animal skin clinging to the top of the pecan shell.
  • Safe and comfortable playing-this set of percussion has a minimalist design, no sharp edges and rims, and is surrounded by protective rubber feet. It is safe and comfortable for children, beginners, professionals, teachers, students and Bongo enthusiasts to carry and play with them.
  • Enjoy the promotional deal now-free bonus adjustment wrenches and upgraded packaging and shipping insurance, what are you waiting for? If these Bongo drum sets do not bring electricity to your life, please return them along with your money within 30 days! Click the Add to Cart (add to shopping cart button to order immediately before the inventory runs out!
  • Easy to tune without damage-Hip Bongo drum (TM) has a pecan shell and four easy-to-tune lugs, making it the best quality of a tambourine! Unlike others, our tops do not tear or fall off easily during tuning. If the head is damaged, you can apply for free head replacement within 3 days after arrival!

#6 Meinl Shells NOT China Natural Suspension HB50BK

Pictures online don't do that. When you see these with your own eyes, they are beautiful. Daylight processing really looks good. These are also very strong. They're heavier than I thought. They're quieter than I thought. If you shove each of them into a T-shirt, you can really surround them so you can practice without making too much noise. I am a musician and have been playing many musical instruments for many years, but hand percussion is new to me. So this is a good thing, I can practice quietly until I learn well. Especially because I can play a lot of patterns over and over again until I put them down. If you are a novice to tambourine or percussion, you can find a lot of teaching videos online. When playing tambourine, there are a lot of skills and skills to learn. That's why I suggest you look at online videos, because there are some good players in these videos that give you a good understanding of the real features. Just don't let the example of their amazing musical talent scare you or discourage you. I learned from playing other instruments that it takes some time and effort to be really good at a musical instrument. Realizing this, I was inspired when I saw someone playing the tambourine very well. I think the quality of these tambourines is worth it. I wanted to buy a cheaper Bongo, but in the end I decided to pay a little more, and I'm glad I did. I think.

  • Description:Meinl ABS Plastic Bongos with Durable Synthetic All-weather Shells — NOT MADE IN CHINA — Natural Buffalo Skin Heads, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (HB50BK), Black
  • Brand:Meinl
  • Item Weight:6.61 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:8.46 x 9.45 x 17.52 inches
  • Color Name:Black


  • Durable synthetic shell (black)-the Meinl Journey series Bongo is made of synthetic shell, rugged and resistant to weather changes and common travel hazards, while providing resonance, projection, clarity and warmth.
  • Meinl Journey series Bongo is suitable for any background-whether you are expanding your percussion settings, adding Bongos, to your drum kit to play casual improvisation or simplified soundtrack music, Meinl Journey series Bongos is suitable for almost any style in any music background.
  • Traditional solid block connections (compositing)-two separate drums are connected with solid blocks, a style that has been used by top recording and touring artists for decades-this connection block can be used with any Bongo bracket.
  • Round rims (black powder coated steel)-round rims sit lower than traditional Bongo rims, with rounded edges, comfort and control-this design helps you avoid harsh or unnecessary contact with the flanges while playing with your hands
  • Manufacturer disclaimer-typesetting or grammatical errors found in bullets or description texts on this product page are the result of this website system, not the fault of manufacturers or market sellers
  • Including tuning wrenches-four tunable lugs on each drum so you can easily dial in the desired pitch-these tambourines come with a tuning wrench for quick, on-site adjustment or head replacement
  • Hand-selected buffalo skin head, classic sound-equipped with natural hand-selected buffalo skin head, you get a response full of dynamic warmth and depth, as well as sharp height and excellent feel-head sizes of 6.5 "and 7.5", respectively.

#7 Latin Percussion LP601NY VSB City Bongos

Amazing sound and solid structure. It is an excellent musical instrument for both beginners and experienced people. I now take it to all my Latin DJ concerts and share it with my sponsors. It won't ruin you, and it will bring fun to any party for hours.

  • Description:Latin Percussion LP601NY-VSB LP City Wood Bongos - Vintage Sunburst
  • Brand:Latin Percussion
  • Item Weight:9.81 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:8.66 x 10.24 x 18.7 inches
  • Color Name:Vintage Sunburst
  • Size:-inch


  • Black powder coating hardware
  • Siamese oak shell
  • Rubber bottom
  • Rawhide head
  • 9 + 32 "ear piece

#8 Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums

A very respectable Bongo. I bought more for myself, my wife, and as a gift. Seriously. A good purchase at a low price. I'm not a professional drummer or musician. Please ask other commentators for comments on this. These Bongo gave me the impression that they did a very good job and proved a lot of interesting things. It's not that serious: my wife can't beat. I may have to kill her soon: she likes it, I dare say, beating my drum all day! At least at the party. Oh, I love my wife. If you hate your wife, or if she hates you, don't buy her these. She'll drive you to a corner.

  • Description:Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums - Pair of Wooden Bongo Drums, 6.5 & 7.5 Inch - PBND10
  • Brand:Pyle
  • Product Dimensions:8.27 x 16.15 x 7.29 inches
  • Item Weight:5.96 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Sound Around


  • Amazing sound: the drum head is a pure natural "dermis" animal skin, and the drum head emits a crystal clear acoustic percussion sound. With tunable head, chrome plated hardware and tuning key wrench. Work together to make an amazing sound
  • Handmade drums: add jazz tones to your music with Pyle wooden Bongo drums. A pair of hand-made wooden shell Bongo drums with diameters of 6.5 "and 7.5" respectively. This classic / traditional Bongo drum is very suitable for beginners and experienced players.
  • Unlimited age safety: this Bongo drum has no sharp edges, so it is especially safe for children. It comes with a circle so that you can put your drum in any position you like.
  • Perfect gift idea: this pair of smooth Bongo drums are the perfect gift for yourself, friends and loved ones, and you will appreciate it. It is very suitable for children and adults of all ages.
  • Extremely sturdy and durable: the wood, metal and shell are all made of high-quality materials, thus improving sound quality as well as firmness and durability. This set of drums has been ready for you to use for many years.

#9 Tycoon Percussion Inch Ritmo Bongos

I am a very junior drummer. I bought these for study. When I was in class with a drum teacher, he was skeptical at first. I guess he was looking forward to plastic children's drums. After using it, he said, good quality, large quantity. Remember, I am not qualified to comment on quality compared to the more expensive drums. But in terms of price, they are great for beginners anyway.

  • Description:Tycoon Percussion 6 Inch & 7 Inch Ritmo Bongos - Mahogany Finish
  • Brand:Tycoon Percussion
  • Item Weight:7.39 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:16 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Color Name:Mahogany


  • 6 "and 7" buffalo leather buckets
  • Built with hand-selected Siamese oak
  • Tuning wrench included
  • It is an ideal choice for beginners and percussion lovers.
  • Black powder coated with traditional ring, reinforced side plate, 5pm 16 "diameter tuned lug and backplane."

#10 Click Play Percussion Beginners CNP3733

I love it! Bought these for my 8-year-old nephew! They are very durable and have a decent quality voice! Will recommend and order to them again!

  • Description:Click N' Play Percussion Bongo Drum Set for Kids & Beginners, Wooden Base & Natural Rabbit Skin Heads, Acoustic On Shell, 5"-6" (CNP3733)
  • Brand:Click N' Play
  • Item Weight:2.35 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:13 x 7.2 x 7 inches


  • Made of high-quality solid wood and authentic natural rabbit skin, all materials have been tested and are safe for children.
  • A preset Bongo percussion drum and a great percussion starter for children and beginners
  • It is very suitable for teaching your child the basics of music, about percussion, drumbeat and other music skills.
  • It is a pleasure to introduce your children to the world of musical instruments, to help them develop their musical and auditory skills, and to instill in them a passion for music.
  • Bongo size (inches). 5 "inch high 5"-6 "inch head diameter

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