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#1 Burts Bees Butter Butter Vitamin

Some people seem to think it's a copycat version of "real" belly butter, but it's not, it's just a new package. I've been using this product throughout my pregnancy, and it feels, smells and works surprisingly well. I don't even have a pregnancy mark. I mixed it with a few drops of Bio Oil and applied it to my entire abdomen, side, chest, everything. The happy mother and a very soft stomach have no stretch marks. I highly recommend it! For the record, I have now ordered / purchased about 4-5 times because I use it every day. It worked!

  • Description:Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Fragrance Free Lotion, 6.5 Ounce Tub
  • Brand:Burt's Bees
  • Product Dimensions:3.4 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches ; 8.5 ounces
  • UPC:794866472438 787734291507 794168534384 773490275226 792850010307


  • Pregnancy Lotion: soften and soothe the skin with this lotion that contains natural moisturizing cocoa, shea butter and jojoba butter.
  • Shea jam belly butter: specially designed for mothers to nourish your belly with this moisturizing little bee belly butter before and after pregnancy.
  • Restore body butter: use 99% natural belly butter to help skin recover after pregnancy, soothing and soothing stretched skin.
  • Odorless lotion: this spice-free belly butter gently and safely moisturizes your abdomen and skin during pregnancy.
  • Natural skin care: this lotion for mothers is non-irritating, 99% natural and contains no phthalates, p-hydroxybenzoates, Vaseline or SLS.

#2 Yellow Brick Road Unrefined Butter African

Made a beautiful bath lotion and bath bomb with this oil! It feels great on my skin, and the price of making these products is only a fraction of the price compared to buying them at lush. Many different online recipes-this is a key ingredient! If this comment is helpful, please comment as follows! Thank you!

  • Description:Yellow Brick Road 100% Raw Unrefined Shea Butter-African Grade a Ivory 1 Pound (16oz)…
  • Brand:Yellow Brick Road
  • Product Dimensions:6 x 8 x 2.5 inches ; 1 pounds
  • UPC:711830171456


  • Good for dry skin, hair and blemishes, unrefined shea butter is naturally rich in a variety of vitamins. Vitamins A, E, F and K are the most popular
  • Accept and welcome customized orders of any size, from 1 pound to truck (through Amazon). Just contact us on Yellow Brick Road and we will set up the whole facility for you.
  • Vitamin F-plays a role in skin care and rejuvenation. It soothes rough, dry or cracked skin when in contact and helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F is composed of linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid.
  • Vitamin E balances and normalizes the skin. Helps keep skin clean and healthy, especially for skin that is dry or exposed to the sun.
  • Vitamin A has soothing and moisturizing properties and provides healthy skin collagen to prevent premature wrinkles, premature facial lines and premature skin relaxation.

#3 African Butter Unrefined Ghana CONTAINER

Ah, I like this! Bought this and coconut oil mixed to make my hair mask, very cute. I've only used it once so far, but my scalp feels so healthy and happy, and my purpose is thriving! I don't see a lot of comments about using this product in your hair, so I'm a little nervous, but I hope this comment will help those who are looking for shea butter in your hair!

  • Description:REAL African Shea Butter Pure Raw Unrefined From Ghana"IVORY" 8oz. CONTAINER
  • Brand:Natural Cosmetics
  • Product Dimensions:4.4 x 4.4 x 1.7 inches ; 7.4 ounces
  • UPC:636225991078


  • Unrefined shea butter will not expire. Please put it in a cool place.
  • African ivory shea butter 8 oz

#4 Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter Moisturizing

I like this butter. It reaches a sealed, airtight and fresh, but still soft touch (this is a shea butter tree I have never experienced before). This is a very good, medium size brick, I hope to complete my total batch at a time. I used only half a piece (a mixture of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and essential oil), which produced a 16-ounce jar. In my picture, I have been mixing butter for two months. It's holding up well. The best part is it's not granular at all! I originally intended this to be just my hair butter, but it was so luxurious that I used it as my daily skin "lotion". I was thinking, I don't need to invest in Aveeno anymore. My mixture spreads easily and penetrates well into my skin. A little bit can go a long way. I like to use this after the shower. The baby has soft skin and well-nourished hair. I'm sure I'll buy it again.

  • Description:Unrefined African Shea Butter - Ivory, 100% Pure & Raw - Moisturizing and Rich Body Butter for Dry Skin - Suitable for All Skin Types - Use Alone or in DIY Whipped Body Butters - 16 oz (1 LB) Bar
  • Brand:Better Shea Butter
  • Product Dimensions:7 x 6 x 3.5 inches ; 1 pounds
  • UPC:794168024212 082013328111


  • Your purchase includes an ebook of DIY skin care recipes that can be downloaded for free. This e-book includes several kinds of whipped body butter using shea butter, cocoa, mango and sorghum butter, as well as various carrier oils. You will also learn how to make filling oils with dried flowers, calming creams, soaps and other great skin care recipes that can be easily made at home.
  • Benefits of unrefined shea butter: relieve eczema and similar skin irritation, moisturize dry, cracked skin, promote collagen production, and eliminate scars and stretch marks. It doesn't clog pores, so it's the first choice for moisturizing acne or occasional outbreaks of skin.
  • The color of unrefined shea butter varies slightly from batch to batch: it can be ivory, yellowish, gray, and occasionally a little green. The nose is slightly smoky and nutty.
  • Our wonderful shea butter is made by the Ghanaian Women's Cooperative in West Africa. It is authentic, 100% pure and filtered to ensure that the butter is clean and suitable for your skin. This butter is always fresh and made from recently harvested shea nuts to ensure that you get the highest quality shea butter.
  • Our iconic shea butter is brick-shaped and packed in a sealed food-grade plastic bag in a standing re-sealable cowhide bag.

#5 Shea Butter Sky Organics Moisturizing

This thing saved my dry winter skin in one day. I'm so surprised. The smell is almost inconspicuous-just very dirt and natural, which is good for my super sensitive skin. It doesn't clog my pores or cause acne, just as coconut oil does on my face. And the container is big! This will last me at least a whole year! I am very pleased with this and recommend it 100%. Explicitly spend a little extra money to get this, believe me:) Update: I recently started using this holiday in combination with my conditioner in my hair. For reference, I've never had extra long hair before, so I don't know how to keep it healthy, but it's great! My hair became very dry at both ends, but my scalp became greasy, so I tried to find balance for a while. I have sparse Caucasian hair, so I just use a little bit and mix it with my hair conditioner so my hair doesn't get pressed down or anything else. But I definitely like this product still! Next, I'll try to make some kind of homemade hair film:)

  • Description:Organic Shea Butter by Sky Organics (16 oz) 100% Pure Unrefined Raw African Shea Butter for Face and Body Moisturizing Natural Body Butter for Dry Skin
  • Brand:Sky Organics
  • Product Dimensions:5.3 x 3.7 x 3.3 inches ; 1 pounds
  • UPC:640925997964


  • Deeply moisturize dry skin: our unprocessed organic shea butter moisturizes the skin, helping to soften and smooth dry areas.
  • Contains: 1 x 16 ounces. A barrel of unprocessed organic shea butter produced by Sky Organics
  • Responsible production of African shea butter: Sky organic shea butter is a responsible source, 100% vegetarian and free of cruelty.
  • Facial and body butter for dry skin: apply shea butter to the face and body for lasting moisturization.
  • 100% raw and unrefined shea butter: Sky organic shea butter is 100% pure and unrefined to retain all its cosmetic properties-it is not a raw body butter or shea butter lotion.

#6 Palmers Formula Ultimate Moisturizing Blemishes

I had a lot of problems choosing lipstick. I'm allergic to real Chapps (it burns my lips) and nothing else. Baby's lips are a good day, but it doesn't do anything to me because it slips off after I eat it. The bee is good, but it is sticky, it does not do what I want, and that is to prevent my lips from cracking (as lipstick should do). I bought someone else, but I didn't get a price comparison. In the past three years, I have occasionally had lip peeling problems, and in the past three weeks, my condition has deteriorated seriously. Every day, I can't stop and peel. I know I'm bleeding, but I still have a patch of skin. Peel off. Lips are red and swollen. I've been trying to drink more water because I can do without it, but my lips tell me I need more. Even so, drink three bottles of water a day, put on lipstick before going to bed, when I wake up and do nothing, I still have dry skin to peel, I am very depressed and sad, because I want beautiful wet lips. The day after using the Palmer's cocoa butter formula, I fell in love with it. My lips are not as dry as they used to be-and they've been used all day! I know I am on the road to good recovery, I have felt more bosom friends and happiness! Before I wake up, I can feel a (very thin) crisper layer of lip skin, and I know it pulls and stretches, making me want to peel. Today-it's amazing-my lips feel moisturized! This is the first time in a long time!

  • Description:Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Swivel Stick with Vitamin E (Pack of 3)
  • Brand:Palmer's
  • Product Dimensions:1 x 2.5 x 6.4 inches ; 1.28 ounces
  • UPC:885140745734 885872051479 884981553997 000001018158 890626162479 010181000058 885820526752 885606610156 885369867866


  • The best raw materials: we strive to use only the best natural raw materials to bring you soft, moisturizing and beautiful hair and skin. We support the sustainable production of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil worldwide.
  • Moisturize locally where you need it: our cocoa butter formula has a convenient rotating stick that moisturizes dry, cracked lips and treats marks, blemishes and rough, dry skin anywhere on your body.
  • Special formula: cocoa butter, which is naturally moisturizing, shea butter, which contains essential fatty acids and nutrients, and vitamin E, which helps improve scars, stretch marks and skin defects. With a hint of cocoa.
  • Palmer's skin care products: our cocoa, coconut, shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E product lines include creams, sesame oils, lotions, oils and soaps for hand and body, face, lips, sun care, hair care, stretch marks and stretch marks care.
  • Choose the real product: our beauty products and hair and skin care use truly high-quality botanical ingredients in the formula, from lipstick to bar soap to body butter, which can really moisturize and soften.

#7 Certified Nourishment Mary Tylor Naturals

Very satisfied with this, I will certainly order more! The smell is sweet, all natural, and I can't wait to see the impact on my natural 4c hair and skin. Will be updated

  • Description:Organic Shea butter (1 lb) USDA Certified, Raw, Unrefined, Ivory From Ghana Africa, Amazing Skin Nourishment, Eczema, Stretch Marks and Body by Mary Tylor Naturals
  • Brand:Mary Tylor Naturals
  • Product Dimensions:2 x 4 x 2 inches
  • UPC:765738989262


  • Pure organic shea butter: USDA certified organic, free of any pesticides and other chemicals-no flavors or preservatives added. No additives.
  • USDA certified organic shea butter 1 pound, 100% natural, unrefined shea butter.
  • Uses: our soft, creamy African shea butter is perfect for your DIY soaps, butter lotions, creams, lipstick deodorants, etc.
  • Us manufacturer: we are the American manufacturer and sole seller of the Mary Tylor Naturals brand, and we support every product we offer.
  • Advantages: unrefined shea butter is rich in natural vitamins Amine E, natural antioxidants and fatty acids for maximum natural moisturizing.

#8 Tree Hut Intense Hydrating Tropical

53 years old, dry and wrinkled skin. I had so much fun in the sun. I stopped wearing shorts last summer because there was something wrong with my leg. This product is incredible to me. The pancake crust is gone. Permanent, no. But I massage this onto my skin in the morning, and the lizard's skin looks great. Apply a little more at night. Your legs look great for days.

  • Description:Tree Hut 24 Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter Tropical Mango, 7oz, Hydrating Moisturizer with Pure Shea Butter for Nourishing Essential Body Care
  • Brand:Tree Hut
  • Product Dimensions:3.7 x 3.7 x 2 inches ; 9 ounces
  • UPC:075371010019 737003719614 678213683558


  • Safflower seed Oil-this amazing skin conditioner found in safflower seeds prevents dryness and gives your skin a delicate and healthy sheen.
  • 100% natural shea butter-high-quality deep moisturizer to soften and smooth dry and cracked skin.
  • No p-hydroxybenzoate-absolutely no p-hydroxybenzoate or formaldehyde donor! Healthy skin care products that do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Mango paste-A high-quality moisturizer that softens and smoothes the skin and brings ideal fragrance to the senses.
  • Made in the United States-made in the United States proudly by the world-class professional cosmetics team of the American Beauty Lab.

#9 Okay Naturals Butter Yellow Smooth

This Shea is pure! My 3-year-old daughter has sensitive skin, so pure white is the only thing she can stand. I like it, too. I read several reviews, all of which mentioned the smell. This is the taste of pure shea jam! I'm African, and that's how I grew up. It's a bit like any nut you buttered, it won't smell like a flower (unless added). The lovely thing is that it doesn't stay in this state all the time when it's in use, and it can absorb any perfume very well. FIVE STAR (over-value price)

  • Description:OKAY | African Shea Butter -Yellow Smooth | All Natural, 100% Pure-Unrefined | For All Hair & Skin Types | Adds Shine, Luster To Hair | Moisturize & Soothe Irritation | With Vitamin A & E | 13 Oz
  • Brand:Okay
  • Product Dimensions:4.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  • UPC:810367015391


  • Use this emollient-rich beauty product to nourish, replenish, moisturize and repair your hair and skin.
  • Yellow smooth shea butter for all hair textures and skin types-good for moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, smooth skin, reducing wrinkles, eczema, blemishes, wound healing, sunburn, dermatitis.
  • Vitamin An and vitamin E can not only maintain the best health of the skin, but also protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun-vitamin E can also relieve dry skin and improve skin elasticity.
  • This African shea butter is pure natural-imported from Africa and Ghana-and is safe for the whole family.
  • It is made from 100% shea butter (Butyroperum Parkii).

#10 Queen Helene Creme Cocoa Butter

I love this kind of stuff. It was used to prevent stretch marks during both of my pregnancies, and it worked very well. Last time I ordered it from Amazon, it wasn't as creamy as it should be. It's almost like there's a little sand in it. However, if you know Amazon and order regularly, then you know that the products you receive do not always reflect the real products you buy from the store. This kind of cocoa butter is the best and cheap, but it is bought from the store, not Amazon.

  • Description:Queen Helene Natural Cocoa Creme - 15 fl oz
  • Brand:Queen Helene
  • Product Dimensions:3.4 x 3.4 x 4.1 inches ; 17.87 pounds
  • UPC:883356924417 793889091640 885934727533 632181595176 882117366992 787734790529 885189329957 079896653836


  • Rich, non-greasy cream that mixes supplementary natural cocoa butter with moisturizing lanolin
  • Recommended as an effective facial moisturizer for use during the day or night. Our cocoa butter Cr è me is ideal for overexposed skin to the sun or wind, helping to relieve skin stretching during and after pregnancy. Massage cocoa butter Cr è me to the face and body to make the skin feel softer, smoother and more comfortable.
  • Soothes and softens dry, irritating skin.
  • Made of all natural raw materials
  • It is very good for skin that is overexposed to the sun or wind and helps to relieve skin stretching during and after pregnancy.
  • Helps reduce dry skin wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet

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