12 x 4 x 5 inches
1 pounds
M&R Industries
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Buyer's Reviews 5900

First of all, I want to eliminate the myth that window feeders are dangerous to birds. Birds collide with windows for two reasons: either they try to avoid predators, or they are unfamiliar with the area. Placing a feeder in the middle of your window will break the reflection of the birds seeing your yard, and they are unlikely to try to "escape through your window." I have noticed that birds that use this feeder for the first time may find it difficult to land on the habitat and may slap on the glass for a second. But once they land and get their position, the subsequent landing will proceed smoothly. Birds that have visited the feeder several times may occasionally land on top of it before flying to the habitat, but don't quiver on the window. Installing the feeder in an area where there was no previous feeder can cause a long delay until the bird finds it. It took three weeks for the first bird to arrive in one of my cars. However, once there is one bird on it, the other birds will soon notice the source of the food and arrive more frequently. If it is difficult for birds to find your feeder, piles of the same bird feed scattered on the ground in the area can attract birds accustomed to looking for seeds on the ground. When the original accumulation runs out, they will look for similar seeds nearby and find the feeder. From a design point of view, the feeder is first-class. Architecture is great.

2 Natures Way Bird Products CWH4 Thumbnail
Natures Way Bird Products
8.1 x 7.5 x 12 inches
3 pounds
: Nature?s Way Bird Products, LLC
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I fell in love with the house of the cedar bird. I didn't get any bluebirds this year. Unfortunately, I have two other bird families that build nests there. The house is great because it can be opened by sliding the side to see the bird's nest. After the bird left, the screen at the bottom made it easy for me to clean up. Cedar repels other insects to nest in it, and the house looks lovely! Update a year later: I have a bluebird this year! I installed a deterrent device on the house to keep the sparrows away, and the bluebird moved in! I read about putting yarns on roofs to scare off exotic birds, such as sparrows. It seemed to work because the male sparrow seemed to be associated with the place and began to nest, but was scared away. As soon as I let him leave and tear up his nest, the Blue Mockingbird moved in. We don't have a litter of birds. We can peek inside. The house is holding up and still looks great! I am still very satisfied with this purchase!

11.5 x 7.5 x 6.2 inches
2.9 pounds
BFG Supply
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I bought one of them and put it on my deck and was soon found by a pair of gray birds ready to nest. I don't remember whether it was a tit or a hut. It's a pleasure to watch them come and go, first nest in a box, and then often feed their chicks. I'm sorry to miss my day on the run, but I'm glad to see a pair of salamanders moving next week. Now a pair of bluebirds are checking it. The nested box is easy to clean and well designed. It brought me so much happiness that I bought two more as gifts. I dressed them up beautifully, painted the roof a little blue, and glued a weathering flower to the front-very cute.

4 Natures Way Bird Products CWH1 Thumbnail
Nature's Way Bird Products
8.9 x 8 x 8 inches
2.08 ounces
Nature's Way
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For years, salamanders have shown interest in a rectangular nest box I installed east at the top of the fence; they laid eggs at least once, but never hatched their cubs. New year, new house, new result: soon after I bought the house on Nature Road in March, I hung it on a maple branch about 10 feet above the ground, facing south / southeast, not far from the post where the other box was located (now it's in a different position). A few days ago I heard some small ones and attached a picture of my mother looking after them. I'm glad to finally see in my yard that most of the credit for young WERN, belongs to this box.

6.5 x 7.5 x 14.1 inches
1.43 pounds
Perky Pet
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On Mother's Day, I want to draw a birdhouse for Grandma. All the unfinished birdhouses except the arts and crafts store can't be opened and cleaned. So, I found this one, I like it is not super expensive, and the design is also very cute. This birdhouse suits my needs very well. We use acrylic paint and seal it so that it can be on the outside. I'm not sure how this proves the predator, because you can lift the roof and have vents under the roof, but the design looks good. I also like the taste of cedar, although I know some animals cedar is not good for them, but I am not sure if it is the same for birds there are no cracks or anything, although there is a gap in a corner of the roof, but I think this is the case in the production process, because there is no excess wood in the box. I don't mind the price. I'll buy another one.

8.3 x 9.8 x 4.3 inches
6.4 ounces
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These are so cute! I see no comments yet, so I have a few photos here. They're better than I expected, because there's another similar product on Amazon, (Trio), with mixed reviews. One of the three was made of pine needles & the comment said it collapsed. These three are well woven baskets and decent sizes. I live in Arizona and we have a lot of buzzer & some finches, although I can see some sparrows want to squat down, too! If they can gain a foothold in the heat of AZ, it is hoped that they will provide a small refuge in the hot weather and summer monsoon. Each has a small ring hanging from the tree, under your eyes, where your feather friends may gather. If you hold a wait-and-see attitude, give it a try. I think they are cute and look well made. Enjoy it!

9 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches
8 ounces
American Seller LLC
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Easy to install. There are no birds so far, but I hope this spring.

10.8 x 5.6 x 5.4 inches
5.6 ounces
The Lakeside Collection
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It's not just hummingbirds that use it. So is the little crow. When I bought it, my husband rolled his eyes, but now he is happy to see the birds fill their beaks and fly away. Posted together a month ago & they're all half empty. I hope I can have a refill next year.

4.5 x 4.5 x 8.6 inches
2.72 ounces
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I saw that my neighbors had got these, because we all like to watch hummingbirds, so I also bought two. There is no activity yet, but it is hoped that if not this year, they may inhabit next year. I left the plastic on it, which is a good suggestion for the long-term life of the birds using these huts. Plastic stays away from mold and provides a drier, warmer place to give birth to their babies! Go, go! Take out your stuff today before I buy them all! Ha!

18 x 19 x 20 inches
8 pounds
S & K Mfg.
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I definitely like these Martin houses. Not only do they look really cute, but they are durable, well-crafted, affordable and quick to match.

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