26.2 x 19.1 x 8.7 inches ; 13.67 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 519

Easy to assemble. It won't take up much space. Strong enough to make my Quaker, no matter how hard he tries to break through.

18 x 17.9 x 32.9 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 540

I think my parrot will like her new cage! Other comments say these directions are terrible, which is correct. They are written in English, but by people from another planet. You may be able to piece it together yourself, but having a second person is definitely helpful. Once you've figured out where everything is going (not because of the direction), it's actually quite easy to assemble. The only difficult part is to put the wheel at the bottom at the end. Some parts are sharp, but once you put things together, the sharp parts seem to hide. Note: there is no storeroom at the bottom of the cage, and it is wider than it is. I see that the only potential problem with the cage itself is that the food door is not properly closed. I think I'll put the little padlocks on it to prevent my students from opening them. The front lock looks strong, but the screws that fasten it to the door stick out from behind-only if you have a curious child who might stick his finger in. I think it will last a long time. The only part that doesn't look very strong is the seed skirt, which doesn't seem to be able to withstand too much pressure. I think I'll replace the perch with a few smaller ones because one of them is quite thick. All in all, I think it's a good price cage, and my parrot will have enough space to move and play around. I added a photo because I thought it would help me decide.

12 x 9 x 15 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 297

I bought this as a travel cage. It's a big size, small enough for me to carry, but it's comfortable for my little red-faced lover. Including accessories work, there is room for other toys. However, I do want to have a bottom shelf so that my bird doesn't have to stand in her droppings while exploring the bottom of the cage.

30 x 18 x 18 inches ; 9 pounds
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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Buyer's Reviews 377

I bought this cage for two parrots, which were bought from a man who put them in a travel cage (I was very angry about it). The cages are spacious enough for them to walk around, as well as a variety of natural habitats and toys. PROS:Size- is a very good price size-suitable for two parrots, maybe two parrots or lovers. The length is long enough that they can stay away from each other if necessary. Wire spacing-wide enough that my bird's feet can move on both sides, but still narrow enough that they won't get hurt or cause trouble. Four doors-like a beautiful car, it has four doors for birds to approach. The included plates-clear, so the possibility of discoloration is not like a color plate-the tray is stronger than the cage itself, and it is a good depth that can keep all kinds of birds in a mess. Including plates-clear, so the possibility of discoloration will not be like color plates-trays are stronger than cages themselves, and it is a good depth to maintain the chaos of various birds I did not notice this problem with other Prevue cages, but cages do not well maintain their shape and bar bending is really easy. It also tends to collapse under its own weight, especially when it comes to attached toys, so I have to lift the top of the cage to get the tray out and in. There is no strong plastic base on the cage, so this cage is much more chaotic than the cage I prepared for other birds. Food / Watergate location-they're really close to the ground! This limits my habitat; I can't, but the habitat is very close to the front of the cage, otherwise the birds will shit in it.

19.3 x 18.1 x 6.7 inches ; 9.7 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 259

First of all, I don't know what those who say cages are hard to put together! I saw a short film about how to assemble the cage (included in the product description in the ad), a few days before it actually arrived. When it was delivered, according to the simple instructions I saw in the video, I completely assembled it in 15 minutes! The cage is too big! It is three feet tall. There is plenty of room for exercise and cage flight. It's almost too big for one of my little parrots! But he loved it! The fact that I like it is that there are four dishes that include covered feed / water. In addition, the front door is easy to enter my baby to play with, but others have commented that once assembled, because it is made of fairly light cage wire, it can be damaged if rudely handled or overturned by a child or pet. I have a very active dog, and even if my cage sits at the top of the shelf, the dog really can't reach it. To be on the safe side, I installed two "command bars" with small plastic hooks on the wall behind the cage. These are hooked through the horizontal rod behind the cage. There is no danger of being knocked down by accident. This is a great cage, for very little money! At PetSmart, a similar cage (not even that big) costs more than $200! I am very satisfied with my purchase, and so are my birds!

Buyer's Reviews 546

In my opinion, this is a kind of farewell. I have three parrots in this cage. The cage is big enough to hold toys and has enough space to move around from one habitat to another. This is one of the easiest cages to clean. However, I did replace the feeder with a smaller plate, because my parakeet likes to go in and waste food. I also have a birdtank connected to the feeder door in the upper left corner, and I will recommend the cage to anyone.

61.3 x 25.8 x 25.8 inches ; 37.6 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 270

Fall in love with this project! I ordered the 61-inch version, which arrived on time and met expectations. My items are packed very carefully and well protected, so I have not experienced any partial damage or bending by other customers. I bought this for my parrot Sonny, which is definitely strong enough to prevent him from bending the railing (read some comments, isn't that fragile? Maybe for a bigger bird.). In my opinion, it has to fall sideways to bend significantly. I do have two cats, and they get very excited around the birds, so I'm worried about the project because it's starting to get down to the ground than my current cage. I did want to give Sonny more space, but it was hard to find a cage that began a few feet above the ground and was relatively large, so I happened to run into it. The seed guards act as a pretty good deterrent, and the overall height gives Sonny enough distance to climb if they want to "play". If I feel the need, I can also cover the bottom with a cloth seed shield / cage, and if I feel the need, I will lie there. So far no problem! On the whole, I am very satisfied with the quality and practicality of the price. Sonny likes to sit on it and look outside. I've been here for 2 days; if anything negative comes up, I'm sure I'll update it, but so far it's good!

Buyer's Reviews 186

It took me about 20 minutes to assemble it, and once I had the parts set up, it needed to be clearer, but if you could follow the picture, you'd be fine. I'm always trying to build a branch, and I'm surprised how easy it is. My baby likes it.

16.5 x 11.8 x 22 inches ; 8.82 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 84

I've searched too many cages. This is the perfect size, shape, color and price. Well done. It has wooden perches instead of cheap plastic, and metal fences at the bottom rather than cheap plastic. I would recommend this.

16 x 9 x 11 inches ; 1.9 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 166

I like it. This size is very spacious for my green cheek cone. Good ventilation and light weight. The installation is convenient and quick, and can be assembled / disassembled in one minute. Nice cage, too. Thank you.

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