4 x 4.4 x 1.9 inches
7.2 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 2184

I saw a previous comment describing the binoculars as having "the look and feel of children's toys"-"underperforming". Well, I can't talk about the experience of another host, but I can't hesitate to say that these binoculars have a lot of weight and feel, and perform as well as my Nikon Aculon 10x25, similar in size and configuration, and five times my price. In addition, I am experienced in optics and have had dozens of binoculars and binoculars with different price ranges over the past 40 years. The color sensitivity and image clarity of these bios are well in line with my expectations, taking into account the limitations of design and construction (the most important of which is the inherent small aperture of all compact bios). Compared with the Nikon mentioned earlier, I can't tell any color difference, and Nikon's price is much higher. To put it simply, in my opinion, this is a very cost-effective deal. However, I would like to add that this situation is lacking, and the box claims that these are "night vision" BINO has no value because the aperture is too small for construction and optical quality to allow people to use any significant observable visual enhancements in the dark. However, in terms of the price you pay, I believe this is a very good pair of binoculars, and I will not hesitate to recommend them.

5.75 x 4.95 x 2.1 inches
1.1 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 3288

I had to buy a new one for my two-week trip to Kenya in East Africa on a limited budget because my old Bushnell was lost on my last trip. I didn't expect much. At first I bought them at a very low price on Amazon. But its performance was completely unexpected. By the way, it's a little nervous to watch the lion at such a distance. This is what I get from using it frequently on the road: 1. It provides a very clear image, as the ad says. Compared with H2O Bushnell, there is no significant difference. 2. Lighter. Adorrgon 1.2lb vs Bushnell 1.6lb. I used to feel pain from Bushnell's disease. Light weight is really a relief to my neck because I usually walk a long way down the path in the wildlife area. 3.Focus works well. Rapid focus is the foundation of hunting. It only takes me a few minutes to start. 4. Good price, about half the cost of H2O Bushnell, but with high quality optical devices and all other accessories (beautiful bag / connector, comfortable carry, lens cap, rag, etc.) 5.12x magnification ensures a closer field of view and more details, more suitable for me personally. Greater distance means that it is safer in some cases. When I met a lion in the forest, I felt like a butterfly in my stomach. 6. The only regret is that it does not have a mobile adapter and needs to be purchased separately. But the seller contacted me and sent me another one. 5 star customer service! I rarely write comments unless I am extremely poor or overexcited. But these.

5.3 x 2 x 4.9 inches
1.75 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1081

These turned out to be my favorite binoculars. The scenery is really good, they are perfect for my hands, the focus is buttery smooth, they look really good. I have been looking for the best 8x42 I can find in my price range for bird watching and nature watching. In the process, I have tried many different brands / models. I did a lot of research and read every review, test and recommendation I could find. My budget is as high as $400, but I still try more expensive binoculars, just to have a good basis for comparison. The binoculars I tried above the budget are Whirlpool Viper, Whirlpool Razor and Zeiss conquer HD. Again, these are just for comparison and "benchmarks". These have only been tried in the store, but it is a big store with many bright and shaded areas. Plus many "stuffed" wild animals hang high on the wall (deer, etc.). The following binoculars are compared outdoors, and I have a pair of these for a week or two, so I have time to make a very thorough comparison in many different lighting conditions. Including: avant-garde Spirit Edition, Olympus Magellan EXWP I, Carson HD, Celestron TrailSeeker, and Atlas Dauntless Edition. I also have / have some other sizes to compare. Sightron Blue Sky II,8x32 Alpen Apex 8x32 Magnum Alpen Shasta Ridge 10x42 Magi Atlas Intrepid Ed 7x36 and Kenko UltraView 10x42. Many of you already know that stargazing through binoculars is very demanding.

7.48 x 3.97 x 6.69 inches
1.76 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2931

Large lenses have a loose retaining ring, ultra-fine threads, and you can hear them deviate from the center. I would say optics is very good for $. A great family / bird watching, etc. Focus knobs, etc., are impressive, and I like a bigger Pinot Noir because it has a better view of the (FOV). If I can fix this front lens before the moisture comes in. I'm not sure if it's a transportation problem, because these come in time and are well packed. When I can sit down and fix it, I will try to reposition the front lens ring. All I have, I find these are the better Wally world dwarf types at a better price. If my hiking is reasonable, I don't mind a little weight, these shoes are worth it. If the repair is successful, I will update it. Overall, I would recommend the updated $from what I have seen on November 21, 2018. The seller contacted me, asked for a quick photo, and quickly offered to send a new pair! I told them that bios worked well, but I was worried about the dust / moisture invasion, and they still offered to send a new pair. Quality service and quick response! Great seller! Thank you!

8.58 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches
2.53 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1141

I read a very good comment. They said they were not experts in binoculars, but went on to say that they had bought a few pairs of binoculars over the years, not as clear as they had expected, and that they didn't start doing so until they bought them. Their comments forced me to write comments! I agree with them 100% that the quality of these binoculars is so good that you can feel its weight at a sturdy but fairly light 33 ounces. (or about 2 pounds 1 ounce) and rubber armor! I have my own binoculars, and when you zoom in and refocus, you can't make them appear clearly unless you zoom out a little bit, and then they become clear. So, if they don't zoom in clearly along the way, what's the benefit of scaling? The good news is good news for those who buy these, because they are crystal clear, and all the magnification is the same! In addition, if you focus on these while zooming in all the ways, they will remain focused when you turn off the zoom! What's not mentioned is that the binoculars are equipped with neck straps, a cushion housing with belt rings, so you can put it on a 2.5-inch wide belt, a lens cap, and a tripod adapter mentioned. I would definitely recommend these things to anyone!?

5.75 x 2.1 x 4.96 inches
1.54 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 886

Before buying these Gosky Eagle views, I really studied binoculars. They have the same features and prism components as the $450-500 units sold by the well-known brands (Nikon Monarch 7, Viper). I even tested them with several other ED prism binoculars, which are much more expensive. I can't distinguish between different views or the quality of construction. Gosky s is slightly lighter (magnesium compared to magnesium). What I read about magnesium alloys is very strong but very light (95% aluminum / 5% magnesium). I see ducks and herons from 10-75 yards away. I looked at the snow-covered peaks. Reina, miles away from Hood and Mt.75-100. I can see incredible details! Everything is sharp and detailed, with no blurred edges or color distortions. I really think there must be something wrong with them being so cheap. Maybe it's because they're made in China? No, I didn't. The more expensive ones are also made in China. Maybe it's material? No, I didn't. Maybe the focus wheel? No, I didn't. Vision? No, no! Gosky Binos is solid! Compact, accurate, fast focus. They're 1 to 1.5 inches longer than the others I tested. This is the only negative. But they do not take into account that their prices are 50% to 75% cheaper than other similar products. I will keep them because of their performances and build them up for a long time.

6 x 5 x 2.4 inches
1.25 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 776

Great binoculars! I took these pictures on a hunting trip in Kenya to take a closer look at the animals. They are lightweight and I can see all the details! Look at the picture I took of lions and leopards sneaking into the African prairie with tall grass. I was impressed by the quality. These binoculars can focus very sharply, have a well-structured and sturdy body, and have a wonderful field of view. I like the compact size and weight enough to keep it very convenient. And these are adjustable, with or without glasses, which is a very good function. The front cover can also be securely connected. One end of the lens cap has a beautiful ring left on the glasses, so all you have to do is pop up the lens cover and it will hang on the glass. Smartphone installation is also easy to use! This is a great photo with or just set the gear and watch the animals over the phone. This is a durable and tough material that can be easily adjusted. I had a problem that the smartphone adapter could not be used for my iPhone8 Plus. The seller offered me a better one for $30 on Amazon. That's great. The price paid is huge. Absolutely recommended.

5.2 x 3.3 x 5.7 inches ; 1.56 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 196

Significantly better than my trusted 10-year-old Nikon monarch ATB8x42 (brighter, warmer, sharper). However, please check the binoculars to confirm the near-focal limit as soon as you receive it, because the first MIDAS 8x42 arrived has a near focus greater than 3 meters, so we will return it. The focus of the replacement is close to 2 meters (up to the specification), which is good, but there are water stains on the eyepiece (if this is a new product, how can there be water stains?!) 99% of the water stains can be easily removed with my old lens pen. Update: each of the four pairs we have tried has different structural problems: two pairs of focus knobs have obvious play, two pairs of focus are longer than the specification, one will fold down when held up with one hand, one is too stiff, and one of them has scratches on the objective lens, and there is dust inside the lens when it arrives. We finally gave up and kept two of them. We will give Athlon the benefit of doubt because we like the two pairs we have. If they have major problems in the short term, we will adjust this comment. Update 10 Nikon Monarch 8x42 31: 2019: although I still like to use Athlon Midas 8x42, I find that I prefer my > 10-year-old Nikon Monarch 8x42. As a senior Birdman, I don't need good image quality, because I need to get a clear image as soon as possible. Songbirds are really fast, and the super smooth Nikon focuses on them almost instantly.

4.3 x 11 x 8.7 inches
3.25 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1641

I own Celestron 15x70 and 25x70 binoculars. After comparing the two, here is my conclusion: both binoculars are excellent and have a clear and bright view. Optics is really amazing at this price! I did have to send back a set of 25x70, because when I looked through them, I could see the dust inside, but Amazon sent me a new pair of no problem. Both binoculars use the same body. Due to the shortening of the distance between the eye (eye) and the objective lens, the length of the 25x70 is slightly shorter (1 inch). Due to the increase in magnification, 25x70 also has a larger eyeball lens. Both binoculars require a tripod (especially 25x70, which is more susceptible to shaking). Get a 70 "or bigger tripod! I have a 60 "tripod, I am a 5 to 5" dwarf, but when something is close to 90 degrees above your head, "the 60 height of the tripod does not cut it off. I released an example of the difference in magnification and field of view between 15x70 (the first Pic) and 25x70 (the second Pic). As you can see, 25x70 gives you more magnification, but the trade-off is the field of vision, and the vision of 15x70 is greater. The actual view is clearer from Bino, because the phone doesn't do that. When LOOKING AT Objects: looks at the celestial bodies, the moon fills the picture completely with 25x70. Jupiter's four Galileo moons (yes, you might look) look great in both sets of BINO. The other thing I like to see is airplanes. With a tripod, I can see and follow the jet at an altitude of 35000 feet. I..

9.2 x 7.7 x 5.2 inches ; 3.04 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 355

After a lot of research (my wife Karen said I was obsessive-compulsive when shopping), I ordered the Crossfire binoculars for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. I tried them on a camping trip this weekend and was absolutely shocked by the clarity. I have Crossfire 10x50 and my wife has Crossfire 8x42. These two pairs of shoes are very strong, of excellent quality, and have amazing low-light ability, because one night I saw a deer grazing in a distant field, which I could not see with the naked eye. From now on, Vortex will be my optical company. In the age of these binoculars, you can't beat the value of the dollar.

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Best Binoculars Buying Guide

Emilio Carr
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So that nothing escapes your view, it is best to equip yourself with good binoculars. A product in which it is important both the ability to see and zoom the image and mount quality lenses that guarantee a high resolution and quality of that image, to see clearly.

To see everything at any distance, good binoculars are an excellent help. However, as a precision tool, it is necessary to consider both what you need to see and under what circumstances, as well as the desired level of image quality you need to make a correct choice.

For newcomers, our guide to buying the best binoculars in the market is an excellent help with which to know the key points of this product to make the most of your purchase.


Since some binoculars are to see distant images, one of the fundamental aspects of your choice are the magnification. The more increases our binoculars have, the farther we can see things clearly. Normal use usually requires binoculars from 6 to 10 magnifications, being the most powerful higher capacity, but with the risk of feeling more vibrations by holding them by hand.

In this case, the use of a tripod or stabilizer models that put a little extra firmness on the product is recommended. In any case, as important as the increases is the breadth of the field, which also allows us to define the visible area of ​​the binoculars. This amplitude is measured in degrees and marks the range over which we will be able to look or see ahead.

Obviously, this amplitude is also related to distance, so that, the greater the number of increases, the greater the amplitude of the field we have already mentioned.

Vision and Brightness

When it comes to using binoculars, the ambient light conditions are essential to ensure adequate vision. Depending on the use we are going to give, night or day, it is convenient to choose a model with adequate brightness.

Mainly because a lower brightness than necessary leads us to see nothing in low light conditions, while if we opt for a high luminosity model, it can dazzle us in full sun situations. The luminosity is measured at different levels, based on a factor related to the optics of the binoculars.

The low brightness is for binoculars with factor 3.5 or lower, while the high brightness is for binoculars with factor 6 or higher. In any case and to start you, there are good and economical models of binoculars suitable for normal lighting conditions that are more than enough.


Although we have talked about numerical patterns of luminosity, almost as important as these elements is the level of quality of the optics and materials used in these products.

When we talk about binoculars we are talking about high precision optical elements whose quality is the key to obtaining a good result and in which it is worth leaving aside how much the product costs in favor of higher quality.

This point is so important that, if the optics are of good quality, the patterns indicated above for the different elements have a better performance than those of other products with better nominal standards, but with lower quality in their manufacture.