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Bottom line: I definitely recommend these to all those who are skilled and interested in billiards. In terms of price, it's really great, as I expected. I play billiards a few days a week, a few hours a day. Looking for an affordable / simple glove and stumbling on it. I've tried other gloves in the $2-10 range, but I'm not completely impressed. Usually, the whereabouts of cheap (and sometimes expensive) gloves is that my sweat accumulates in the gloves, and in any case, it only makes the gloves "dead." So far, the glove has more than 500 matches, and it looks like it will last for some time. I doubt it will last at least a year. I ordered an extra one as a spare for anyone who might need it, and I put it in my stick box. Sensible size: if you wear XL size "clothes" or motorcycle gloves, their big gloves will suit you. If your hands are really big, such as 2XL's glove size, these may be too tight. About wear: I attached a photo showing the most commonly used gloves (blue) and new out-of-the-box gloves (yellow). You will notice two things in the picture I attached. The white rubber "mark" on the side of the palm of the glove has been partially worn out. It doesn't bother me, but I think I should mention it. As you can see, the open fingertips have "loosened" a little. It didn't look like it was going to collapse, but it could be something that bothered some people, so I showed it.

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It's a little small for me, of course I'm super big on most things, I ordered a big one, but I like adjustable wrists, and I'm very comfortable. My problem is that there are a few very annoying lines that have been poking my net between my fingers, which is an easy problem to solve. There is a big benefit now. It's not as frayed as the other gloves I used in the past (which means it survived some pretty good abuse). It's very easy to clean, it doesn't shrink, and it doesn't stretch out through game consoles and washing machines. I might buy another as a backup because I don't like using talc on my clubs.

4.2 ounces
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I bought a pair of gloves for $10, and these are just as good. I have a table at home. I may play 200 balls a day. The first couple lasted about two weeks, and then a small hole appeared in the gap. Because it was only $1.25 each, I threw them in the trash and took out a new glove. I cut off the tips of my glove fingers because I liked how they felt and my hands kept cool. These gloves will not disintegrate when the tip is cut off. I just started with a pair of scissors / Arch fingertips from the other side of the arch end. These gloves are very good. I'm going to order another set. I've been handing out these to my friends, and everyone likes them.

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It's definitely worth the cost of six pairs. They haven't been used long enough, I don't know how long they can last, but suitable for very comfortable and smooth poisonous snakes, after changing 3 times at 18.00 times in 6 weeks, even if they stick to the price and comfort you go to IT, you won't be disappointed!

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You can buy a well-known brand of pool gloves for $40 to $50. I'm sure they're fine. But as a weekly player in the league, some people even say the word "humidity", he will sweat, I can say it is the perfect glove for semi-serious players. I can't stand my club sticking to my skin during the shoot. This glove not only solves the problem, but also doesn't significantly warm my hands. The Velcro tag makes it easier to pull and close (this is helpful because it does fit a little tight, because it certainly should).

0.64 ounces
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I just started playing APA Pool. This is my first glove. It's been great so far. If your hands are very sweaty, I don't recommend it. It's not super absorbent. Usually my hands don't sweat so much. But in one of my games I was really nervous and my hands were really sweating. There are so many that the area of my palm becomes saturated and sticky. I like this glove, so I just bought a few more in case it happens again. I can get a new glove. Besides, blue looks cool.

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I bought this glove because I believe in the Kamui brand and it suits my black and white theme clues, conditions and accessories. I also like the fact that it has an adjustable belt, because I hate having to pull out the gloves, so it ends up from the inside out and has to be repaired before putting it back on. Unfortunately, it's so tight that even if the wrist strap is loose, you end up having to turn it out or pull your finger sleeve to get it off. Doing it a few times later causes it to tear along the seams you see in the picture. PROS: is very comfortable for gloves. I like the webbed part and the way it breathes. The gloves look very beautiful; suitable for the Kamui brand. If the CONS: is accidentally removed, it can be easily torn open. Just like under normal circumstances, you take out your gloves more carefully. The sleeves are a little too long. I have fat hands and long fingers, so it works for me, but they must be longer than it takes to cross any contact point with a normal clue. OVERALL: is satisfied with what he bought, and when the tear gets worse, he may replace it with the same gloves. But now I know you have to be very careful when you take off your gloves to avoid tearing the material.

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Ten pairs, very valuable. The fingers are as long as they show me in the picture. But I have a medium-sized hand. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, and the widest part of my palm is about 8 inches and 25 inches. But they tend to slide their fingers down and roll them up a little bit. It was a little annoying because my QUE started rubbing my fingers. They also have some cheap stitches and their wrists are a little wrinkled like sleeves. I played my first time these for the first time now just let me wait until the really beautiful gloves I ordered on ozonebillairds.com got here.

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I like these gloves. I'm a beginner in billiards. I'm a caregiver at a men's personal care home. They like to play billiards. They finally persuaded me to give it a try. Actually, I'm fine. I hate Chaulk,. I don't think it can help me control the stick. So I started looking for my own equipment. With these gloves. First of all, they make you look like a professional. Second, they can help you slide the stick without resistance. Now, if you can help me control the ball, I'll take all their game fees. I highly recommend these gloves. Height.

3 x 3 x 0.5 inches
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Update * someone contacted me from Unglove and made a small version of this glove for me! Just play it for the first time, and like it! I attached a picture of the original and new gloves next to the Roku remote control for size reference. Huge! If you don't have monster hands, don't buy this. Yes, I do have a relatively small pair of hands (the ring finger is size 4), but seriously, it's ridiculously large for a person of the right size-especially given how flexible it is. I very much hope this will work, because it is naked, small, less eye-catching than gloves, which makes people look clumsy. (if you take all the pictures and put on gloves, you look like a bad @ $, but when you don't take all the pictures, you look like a @ $) I even tried to sew it smaller. But I was disabled in the country, and it came out disgusting, like every finger had a little Mohawk. Please, someone makes a small version of this!