1 pounds
3.25 x 8.38 x 22.63 inches
1 Lithium ion batteries required.
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I'm including a video comment as a way to supplement what other commentators have already said. This is a beautiful little ukulele-this is the Kala KA-15s mahogany soprano-I like the concept of the "beginner" kit; it solves some things-tuning and some initial chords-what a new player needs most. However, I prefer clip tuners like Snark or Hola to application tuners. Although this will add a little bit to the price, I think it is a bit imprecise for new players to use clips more easily than applications. The online course is straightforward and useful.

1.3 pounds
24.41 x 8.27 x 2.76 inches
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
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Note: the first part of the video was recorded on the beach, so there is a lot of background noise. Switch to indoor recording so you can really hear the ukulele playing. I live in Hawaii, and the ukulele is a big part of my life, so I'm really happy to try this concert-sized Lohanu uke. This could be one of the better deals you'll find in beginner Yukri. It is a fully laminated body, which means that it is not as fragile as solid wood or sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. It also means that the sound does not have a completely wooden body tone or resonance-but if you want an all-wooden ukulele, you will have to triple your budget. The uke is not designed for high-end users. It is a good beginner uke, or a very good backup device that can be used to facilitate trips or parties to the beach, where there may be a better uke. For price, it comes with a lot of extra stuff, and you'll end up buying things like concert bags, tuners and belts. It also has options, but you can throw those away-you shouldn't play uke with a choice, it makes it sound rough and sharp. If you want a more real sound from the ukulele, just play with your fingers-thumbs down, index fingers up-sounds more pleasant and warm. The uke is roughly the equivalent of a Kuroha concert, where the warehouse sells for $99. This is a better deal for uke, which is similar in every way. I have a dozen friends who have Koa..

1.08 pounds
24 x 6.5 x 10 inches
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This is a small upgrade for me, mahogany from the ADM concert. I bought two for me and a friend, and I had to return one of them because there was a very obvious hum on all four of the first six strings (there was no hum to open the strings), making it impossible to play. I tried to raise the saddle a lot, but there was still a buzzing that couldn't be played, and the movement became so high that I didn't want to lift it anymore. I could have smoothed my troubles, but I didn't want to make permanent changes on the uke I just bought. Fortunately, I bought this from Amazon! I can return it and get a replacement. The first uke on the first order sounds perfect and the replacement is perfect. So I'm happy right now. Make sure your uke doesn't buzz after tuning, especially if you use a good quality uke like this. This is my second concert size, uke. I like the size and tone of the concert. It has a warm tone, even more than my previous concert uke (ADM concert mahogany, I also have 2). ADM is also good, some people may like a brighter voice, but I prefer the warm voice that Cordoba gave me. The structure is perfect (Cordoba is a very good guitar maker), it is a very beautiful uke. Compared to concert ADM: using lower annoyances, they sound very similar and equally good. As I said, ADM has a brighter tone and Cordoba a warm tone. It's a matter of taste. Using higher annoyance, Cordoba's quality comes out more.

1.8 pounds
20.8 x 6.7 x 2.2 inches
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I am a relatively novice ukulele player, so I am very satisfied with this beginner-style ukulele kit. This is exactly what I expect and hope. I like simple brown. So far, I only know a few chords, but I must say that these chords sound incredible! I have learned to play and sing a few songs. What I like most about ukulele is the convenience of travel. With the included box, I can throw it in my bag and take it with me wherever I go, if I have this tendency. Next time I go camping, it will be an interesting campfire instrument. In addition, it will be fun to play some songs on the beach with friends. I play the Taylor acoustic guitar, so I'm a little spoiled and rarely need tuning. This ukulele seems to have only a day or so. Fortunately, there are only four strings, so it's simple. When it arrived, I received the ukulele, suitcase and cleaning cloth in the bag. I am disappointed because there is no tuner, belt, string, or pickup, because it has been advertised. However, when I informed them of the problem, they sent me something extra and arrived within 11 days. Overall, if you are learning the ukulele, I think this is a good deal for small instruments and accessories.

1.32 pounds
21.06 x 7 x 2.37 inches
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Earlier, I wrote a comment on the soprano Ukulele of Shark Bridge in Makala. Unfortunately, it arrived in a very disappointing way for that particular uke,. Craftsmanship (or lack of craftsmanship) and quality control problems forced us to return the goods and spend an extra $10 on Kala mahogany Soprano Ukulele. I just want to say that the difference between these two ukuleles is really like night and day. For those who have not read my previous comments, I would say that I have been a guitarist for more than 25 years. I have a lot of experience in the construction, installation and performance of acoustic and electric stringed instruments. Specifically, I am a rock and metal player, but with culling experience from almost every music genre. My wife and I are looking for a cheap beginner ukulele for a 5-year-old girl to dabble in music for the first time. After ordering the uke, we delivered them to us so that I could view them and make sure they were properly constructed and set up before sending them to her. Because I take a lot of lessons every day and encounter many different instruments, I know that the most common reason for a student to give up a stringed instrument is that it is not well set up (that is, it is physically difficult to play). No stringed instrument should require great strength. Kala Ukulele arrived in a very well-packaged. Provided by Amazon and the company. When I took ukulele out of the second innermost box, I could see it right away.

1.75 pounds
26 x 4 x 9 inches
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Vorson plastic Ukulle first of all, let me explain why I bought this plastic ukulele. Recently I went to Uclair, and now I have a soprano and two tenors. This Vorson will be my first concert, ukulele. I take my soprano to work and leave it in my car so I can practice during my lunch break. My problem is that during the day, the environment in the car is so changeable that it has a hellish effect on my wooden soprano. I hope this plastic UKE will prove more stable when it is stored in my car. I searched the Internet and found a lot of comments about plastic UKE, mostly on YouTube. One brand that stands out in many video reviews is Korala. From what I've seen, Vorson and korala are exactly the same thing. The only difference is the logo on the head and the internal label under the soundhole. At first glance, except for the tuner, the ukulele is made of plastic. There seem to be four parts in the structure: the body and neck are one, the top, the annoyance plate and the bridge. They seem to stick together. I can't find any open seams on mine, so the manufacture of the instrument is solid. The body does have internal supports molded into parts-the body and the top. You can see the lines on the surface of the uke, where the supports are running. It does feel solid when dealing with uke,; it doesn't feel cheap. I will travel with it at ease, don't worry. Mine tuned relatively quickly after arrival, and.

12.7 ounces
20.5 x 6.5 x 2.75 inches
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When I got this about a year ago, it sounded thin, buzzing, and empty. Turns out it was mostly me. I don't know how to play. Now I have a little experience and have tried a few other uke, which is the best so far. And the price-probably the best ever. I believe that if I stick to it one day, I can prove that it makes sense to spend a few hundred dollars on a very good instrument, but this one will always be my first and my favorite. Within the same price range, it plays better than other products and can be compared with (at least in my skill level) expensive models (a lot!) More.

1.25 pounds
13.62 x 8.43 x 2.83 inches
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I tried another, more popular DIY Ukulele, but I was disappointed with the way things were combined and how my neck was not properly aligned with my body. After doing more searches, I found this. For some reason, this toolkit did not appear in my initial search. I decided to try again. I'm glad I did. Unlike other kits that use one or two pins as connection points, this suite uses a more secure dovetail connection. The rosewood board is pre-installed, which alleviates a potential problem with some kits in which the microboard is plastic and uses glue or screws or wood, but is not suitable for the neck (as happened in my previous kit). In addition, unlike other toolkits I have tried, the neck and body are perfectly aligned, and there is no extra material beyond the back of the body (for some reason, another toolkit does this). My only problem is that the holes in the bridge are not in the right place. I also found that the measurement of the bridge in the online description was closed. However, through a little research and communication with the seller (he answered my question well), I found the right place. I did choose different strings rather than include, and also used different tuning nails, because I liked the black knob with my finished better look. However, the nails included will be good. I am very satisfied with the final result. At. During this period, I learned a lot about musical instruments.

1.85 pounds
30 x 10.5 x 3.25 inches
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This is a nice little instrument! Of course, I had to install it, and the strings were a mile away from the fretting plate, but this was to be expected. The machine is rubbish, one is completely rubbish. The voice is beautiful, good, and full! It can be said that it is not a high-quality product, but it is very close! I set my machine to a mandola, CGDA! That sounds great! Editor: after more work and giving up nylon strings, the steel tenor guitar strings are still tuned CGDA, which is one of my favorite instruments!

1.12 pounds
29 x 9 x 17 inches
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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When I first fell in love with ukes, I bought the tenor of Luna Tattoo. It sounds good, but it feels cheap and it's not a pleasure to play. I knew I would never pick up the instrument, and if I had no passion for it, I wouldn't play it very often, so I returned it and bought a very good KoAloha tenor for a considerable dollar. I've been playing this instrument every day since I bought it, and it proved that it was worth it, and even as my first instrument, I finally decided that I wanted a soprano uke, but in order to have the versatility of two instruments with different tuning and portability factors and sounds, I finally decided to have a soprano uke. After shopping on Amazon for a while, I found that there are several Cordoba, although the price is very low, but the customer's evaluation of it is almost flawless, unlike almost all other budget-oriented uke, around, so it is easy to buy. When I took the 20SM out of the package and held it in my hand, I knew it was a good quality instrument: perfect balance, neck-to-body contact center of gravity (like my tenor, the price is more than four times mine), and the gear tuner stays good and compact (just like my tenor, the price is more than four times higher than my tenor). Richness will make any audience grin happily. No, no enthusiast will mistakenly think this is a handmade work of art, but the uke feels, sounds and plays like twice the price of a model. You can easily..

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