7.4 x 13.6 x 17.5 inches
6 pounds
Utopia Bedding
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Buyer's Reviews 17964

This blanket is amazing! I hardly bought it because one chicken commented that she put lipstick next to it and said it was really thin and a dollar store quality. That's not true! You should wash it clean, once you get it, I mean, it's empty, sealed, and of course it'll be a little flat at first. I'm worried about washing it, because other people say the quality is bad, so it's crumbling. My washing machine didn't do that. I had a shabby washing machine that could tear everything apart, so I put it on a mild freezer. It was well washed, and then I made a low heat setting. My blanket comes out so fluffy! My boyfriend likes it, and so do I. For an oversized blanket of this quality, $33 is incomparable to you. It is highly recommended. Its warmth makes my bed feel comfortable. By the way, I put it aside because I like to lie in it and pretend I'm in the cloud. Another option is to show it as thick as lipstick and its soft fluff.

16.7 x 12.5 x 5.8 inches
6.65 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1221

This is the quilt I've always wanted. It is very soft and perfect for comfort during the Netflix carnival. My old quilt always takes at least two drying cycles to dry completely, and no matter what I do, I get super wrinkles, but this time it only takes one cycle, almost no wrinkles. It doesn't agglomerate after washing, so it still maintains the smooth appearance and clean edges I like.

17 x 13 x 4 inches
6.42 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 21808

That's what I'm looking for! I live in Miami, so I've been looking for bedding that doesn't absorb too many calories. I've tried it many times before, but that's it. It's really light, and it's perfect in a duvet. It was laid fairly flat, neither swollen nor heavy. I just bought all the linen bedding. This quilt is definitely made under a duvet. My linen down quilt has a rope in the corner, and the quilt has a small circle in the corner, so the quilt can be tied to the quilt and will never slide back and forth. Genius! Maybe I'm a novice in the bedding world, missing this in the description, but it's like it's designed for down. (by the way, if someone is in the same situation, you live in a hot climate, or you just have a high body temperature, the right bedding, Primary Goods bedding is a full linen bedding that doesn't produce any heat. Fluffy, heavenly linen allows you to breathe and sleep comfortably. Www.primary ygood s.com. You'll thank me later.) Needless to say, this is the only quilt / down to be inserted, and I will recommend to anyone what they need to be light, not too bloated or bulky, but still make you comfortable.

108 x 94 x 0.8 inches
10.01 pounds
Egyptian Bedding
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Buyer's Reviews 1296

I am looking for a new down quilt to replace one of my favorite Eddie Bauer, which I have had for more than 13 years. I need it all down, or very few feathers, very light weight, but warm enough for any season. When I get this, it's a small flat plastic bag, but I know with duvet pillows and duvets, you have to shake it a little bit to make it fluffy for a few hours. I made a mess of it and put it on my guest room bed. A day later, the down was furry, and when I lifted it under the light, I could see how much was filled in each bezel box. The sewing is beautiful, and the Egyptian cotton feels very smooth and luxurious. The down must have checked all the boxes! Its weight is light enough, I will not feel heavy because of it, and it is warm enough to make me sweat in the middle of the night. I may even like this duvet more than my Eddie Bauer (Eddie Bauer) (I paid twice as much for it). I'm thinking about taking the pillows off them next.

88 x 88 x 1.8 inches
4.35 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 984

When we look for bedding in the bedroom, we always strive for comfort rather than fancy design! This one is so soft and comfortable, especially in terms of price! We did sign our queen and buy a king. I'm glad we did. It hung down the bedside in perfect length. Nice purchase!

17.6 x 13.6 x 6.3 inches
7.95 pounds
Sleep Restoration
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Buyer's Reviews 3738

I couldn't be happier about this purchase! The bedding is neatly sealed in vacuum. Once you open the package, it will become very swollen. Sleeping under this quilt is heavenly, light and warm. Just like you feel in a beautiful hotel bed. I highly recommend and will definitely buy it again. I did buy an oversized one, even though we have a large foam mattress. In my opinion, hanging on a thick queen is just right.

7 LUXURIOUS All Season Comforter Egyptian Cotton Thumbnail
Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store
16.9 x 13 x 6.8 inches
5 pounds
Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store
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Buyer's Reviews 579

I like this quilt has a good crisp cool material, is soft and silky touch, but … If you are looking for weight and warmth, this is not your comfort. When I received it, it was very thin because it was sent down for vacuum sealing. However, if you rest on your back and roll in the dryer, it will fluff well after about 5 hours. It looks plump and beautiful, but it's cool and light. Needless to say, I'm going to keep it for a week and give it a try. I'm used to Iver filling instead of quilts, which is very heavy and warm. This is different from white, but elegant and seems to have superior quality. I'm just not sure if it's thick enough or heavy enough to be as heavy as I like it. I'll try. Hopefully this will answer any questions that potential buyers may have. If you're looking for a complete and cool lightweight, DND crisp this is your quilt. Update. After having the quilt for 3 days, roll in the dryer, it has been a lot fluffy! I'm really happy right now. If you buy this quilt, wash it for three days to a week, or roll it at least once. It'll swell. Beauty

15.8 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches
7.2 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 310

Very soft! Use the ladder below. Maybe that's why I gave it a four-star weight. The softest shell we have or feel. It feels too light to say it's heavy. It seems good for the temperature of the year. Very recommended to others.

21 x 15 x 5 inches
4.85 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 1074

Update: divine shedding! If there is no duvet on this blanket, don't plan to wear anything black! Continuous washing does relieve some problems, so if your sheets are darker, keep this in mind. Two months later, the fillers began to transfer, however, even after washing and drying-I decided to keep the fine / air dry for one and completely dry for another in a low cycle. Complete drying in low cycles does cause more clicks, but it begins to show some wear and tear. In exquisite and air-dry looks like the new 15. There is no big or obvious anyone, but pick on me and sincerely look forward to this price point. These projects remain very satisfactory and look forward to their long-term use. Note: the video review is completed before it is actually used, so performance is covered here. Size-the true size in length. It's 1 "short, but it's no big deal to me. Texture-very soft! I was very surprised because I expected a cheap cotton-like feeling, but it was silk. Weight-the best way to describe it is soft and light, but with material. Composite / build quality-complete box stitching all the way through the body, as well as double slit plus pipe edges as well as labels used as inserts. Measure-describe 102x90 ", although I get 101x90". But it doesn't matter to me. It covers all sides of my 13 "thick mattress, unlike the $40 quilt I just bought from another company, which claims to be the same size. Performance-after twice washing (cold rolling.) 。

18 x 14 x 11.7 inches
6.7 pounds
Lavish Comforts
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Buyer's Reviews 636

I want a very good down quilt, but I don't want real velvet. I'm an animal lover, sue me. So I found this quilt, it looked great, so I ordered it online. When I got it, I thought, the damn box is too big! When I opened it and felt this thing in my hand, I knew I had made a great purchase. Really good and fluffy like a real down quilt, it's super soft fabric. I washed it right away and took it to bed. I slept well that night. In any case, this is a good comfort, I suggest it 100%. If you are looking for a "cruel freedom" duvet, this is one.

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