Buyer's Reviews 79

These are a little difficult to inflate, but once inflated, they remain the same. I bought these for our high school basketball team's Christmas floats, and the boys threw them along with candy to the other kids on the way for our parade. They're perfect for this!

1.6 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches
8.2 ounces
4 years and up
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Buyer's Reviews 787

Despite other comments, I am satisfied with the product. Yes, as others have mentioned, the actual size (when inflated) is about 8 ". However, they are your standard beach balls, acting like this. We recently went to Mexico, which allowed the little girl to do something with the friends she met at the beach / swimming pool. In addition, when she was excited that one child had taken her ball, I simply blew up the other because they were too cheap, and I had a dozen. In fact, I really prefer this size because we can deflate quickly (or partly) and put them in beach bags without taking up too much space. I ended up giving some random people so that when we left, their children had something to play with. This is a dozen beach balls, the price is really cheap, I can't believe you're still reading this comment. Buy it. You'll be happy.

Buyer's Reviews 45

My class uses these beach balls as ice-breaking activities. The questions are written on and around the beach ball and thrown around the room. When the students catch it, they have to answer the question closest to their right thumb. It hasn't been damaged all day. It's a little hard to inflate, otherwise, it's a great purchase. I'm going to use something else to write different questions about our novel. Can't wait!)

Buyer's Reviews 80

We are the promoters of the concert and like to make our local band feel like a party. We usually use balloons, but this time we decided to use a summer theme and bought two balloons. Balloons are small, but we know that. They are easily inflatable, and although we do have difficulties once or twice, and a few balloons are not fully inflated, all of this is fine.

8.7 x 6.1 x 2.6 inches
10.4 ounces
3 years and up
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Buyer's Reviews 308

I love these mini beach balls, they fit my theme perfectly, but knowing that they're not expensive and how much they sell, I want them all to work. One of the 12 is not completely sealed on a seam, so it is not filled. I bought them as party gifts, but luckily I didn't need the one that wasn't filled. I do like them, even though they're super cute.

0.8 x 6 x 10 inches
9.6 ounces
5 years and up
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Buyer's Reviews 234

We bought this three bags of beach balls to take pictures. The size is good and very easy to manage, but the photos do not depict a panel on the ball covered with black typing-warnings in about 30 languages. It doesn't make the ball as photogenic as I'd like, but if you just want cheap, inflatable beach balls, these are great.

7.9 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches ; 2.88 ounces
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Buyer's Reviews 113

These two bags are great for having two children and save us the trouble of buying two things! They are clearly not "globally accurate", but that is not what we expect. They did give you some good "dad jokes". Example: while blowing them up, "I'm going to blow up the world!"

8.4 x 5.2 x 2.3 inches
6.4 ounces
12 months and up
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Buyer's Reviews 290

These are exactly the same as the pictures. Beautiful dark, very cute. Yes, it's tricky to blow them up, but once you've mastered it, it's easy. I used a pair of jewelry pliers (because I had them, and better, because they were smaller), and before I put the stem in my mouth, I gently placed the pliers around the lower stem, close to where it entered the ball. Then I began to blow it up and tighten the pressure on the pliers at the same time. When the ball is fully filled, I hold the stem and tighten the clamp on the pliers (be careful not to damage the stem by pressing too much of the pliers, close the lid with your fingers and still hold the stem with your fingers), then release the pliers and push the stem into the ball. It took me a few times to try to get the hang of it, but after that everything was fine. I've blown them up (maybe a month or so) since they were delivered, and some of the balls have lost a little air and need to be blown into a perfectly tight ball.

Buyer's Reviews 148

My children like to play and pitch, which is great when we are outside, not so much, when we are at home! I bought these so that they could have a good time in their game room without having to worry that basketball had broken one of my windows. Because it's packed in 10, and it's great, because there are a lot of things to choose from, and my kids don't fight about who gets the ball. Of course, these inflatable beach balls can be used for many purposes, but that's how I use them, and that's what we need.

Buyer's Reviews 70

I give these five stars because a lot of people are confused about the product, and you really just need to use them correctly. First of all, if you want the beach ball to last, you need to use an air compressor. These remain inflated for four days before they begin to deflate. Even when I opened the seal, it took them two more days to deflate. Only two of my two orders have a complete ball, and I think it's my fault, overinflated. Their plugs and seals are good. As for dimensions, all three dimensions are good, as described in