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This review updates my experience with ID collars. My dog has a 16-inch neck, so I ordered a medium-sized collar after looking at the size chart. When I received the collar, I found that when the collar was adjusted to the correct size, the collar length adjustment slider obscured the 2-digit phone number ID; because I bought the ID collar mainly for easy identification, so I found it unacceptable. I corrected the visibility problem, cut the collar ribbon on the slider, and shortened the total length of the ribbon by about 3 ". Reassemble the collar and adjust the collar to the correct size. The slider now does not matter and provides an unimpeded view of the ID. I was satisfied until I realized that since I had to cut my collar short anyway, I could / should order a large size instead of a medium size. I would have a 1 "wide collar instead of 3", with larger buttons, belt accessory rings, and ID letters / numbers. This is due to my perfectionism: I decided to spend another $18.95 and ordered a second large collar. I expected to have to shorten this one because I made it medium size; to my surprise, this was the focus of this comment, and I found that by adjusting the slider until it touched the belt ring (beyond the intention of the collar manufacturer), I was able to shorten the collar without having to cut the belt, beyond the size chart indicated, and achieved a perfect fit and unobstructed ID. Bottom l. No, no.

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Finally! I've been looking for leather collars in some colors. I have a black dog. I don't want a traditional black, brown or dark red collar. I bought a light blue one. It looks great on him. This collar looks beautiful and of good quality. The leather is soft and the details are attractive. I've only been using it for a week, so I can't comment on its durability yet. I'll order another one, that is, I have one on hand. My only problem was that my dog's neck was 18 inches long, just between medium and large, so I ordered a large one because I didn't want to be too tight. Well, it's a little too big, so we end up a little more than we want. I emailed the company to say that it would also be helpful to include the collar length and size in the description, from button to end, so that customers can make better decisions, rather than just measuring the pet's neck. I think you'll be happy with this collar. Highly recommended. Update 7-6-18: I want to change the color, so I ordered yellow and it looks great on my black dog! I like these collars. They are durable and of good quality. Once again, I strongly recommend. I would like to ask the company to provide more colors, such as fluorescent, or at least lighter green and red.

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This is a dog collar. It is reflective. The embroidery is beautiful. In terms of price, this is great. There are no complaints here. The other dogs in the neighborhood were jealous because Henry looked stylish and shiny.

1 x 1 x 0.5 inches
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This is our third Fedciory collar, which has completely changed the rules of the game. Our Boston puppy came to us when she was four months old. She couldn't live on a train, not even a basic connection. She was extremely anxious. We tried another calming collar sold by veterinarians, and it did help a little bit. When I read the comments on this article, I thought it was worth a try. It changed our lives! It helped Daisy so much that when we left home, she was able to live in the house, train and deal with the problem of packing. I wish I had bought this in the first place when we realized something was wrong with her. We've had dogs for decades. We don't know. Daisy came with her luggage. So I buy a collar once a month, which is the best dollar I've ever spent. Happy puppy, happy normal life. :)

5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
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I bought this collar for my new puppy. It didn't fit at first, but when my puppy was 2 weeks old, it was suitable for my puppy. It was very comfortable, easy to buckle and unbuckle, and it didn't hurt the puppy!

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This collar is a lifesaver. We have 11 puppies, which were ordered shortly after they were born. The collar will be here soon. They are very soft and super strong. The repair is adjustable and on site. We assigned each puppy a color and gave them collars. They are connected to nylon buckle type materials, but it is very flexible. There is no problem putting the largest in the nest in the smallest place. We never fell off our collars. They were well washed and soon dried up. Each puppy has a unique color, so keeping records is easy. Very valuable.

0.64 ounces
3.8 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches
2.5 x 0.45mm x 15mm
Basic pack
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I'm glad I met this replacement set of metal nails for our PetSafe collar! I usually don't mind that our yellow lab likes to enter our swimming pool, but then her claws bleed and try to pull herself out (instead of swimming two feet and walking out the steps). In addition, she likes to drink water while swimming (which is not very good for her because it is a saltwater pool). So, we buried the underground fence, and she knew her boundaries right away. When the first nail fell and was lost, it took us a long time to keep her away from the swimming pool. Until I found these substitutes! They fit perfectly. We have a variety of sizes, which is good in case we need to replace them.

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I bought four embroidered reflective collars for my four pets (two dogs and two cats). They came to the end of February and they have been wearing it for more than four weeks on a daily basis. The cat is indoors, and my dog comes out every day, running and rolling around in the dirt, grass, dirt and snow. The collar is strong and well made; you can choose the color of the background and the name and number of the embroidery. They do reflect in the dark, and if you wear it, pets are easy to spot. We live in the country, with little public lighting, and my dog is easy to see when running in the dark. My cat has no hair removal and often combs and scratches their bodies; compared with my male cat's collar, the female cat's collar shows wear and tear. The dog collar showed no wear and tear. I noticed that the collars caused little discomfort, just like the other collars they wore, scratching my dog's neck. I will recommend this product to any animal owner who wants to protect their pet when their pet is lost.

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My job in pet services means I often save kittens and puppies, so there's a way to track every cat and puppy, and it's easier to keep them upright when I have a few cats and puppies that look alike! Velcro makes it easy for them to adjust because they grow up and can be suitable for kittens or bigger kittens or puppies. I can now accurately track the number of food, water and urinals per animal to ensure that all animals eat and grow properly! Thank you.

0.32 ounces
1 x 0.5 x 1 inches
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I bought these bells because I had just adopted a blind dog and my other two dogs kept bumping into her. They had bells on their collars and a third bell on my ankles. She could hear where the three of us were and she could tell who the jingle pattern was. I'm glad there are three bells jingling around and can hardly be seen, but she can certainly hear them falling at her level.