5.6 x 9.6 x 10.6 inches ; 1.61 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 2912

Look out! These bowls are rusty, which is a danger to your PET (S). Update (July 5, 2017) at the request of the seller, I uploaded pictures to show people how the bowls began to rust. These should be stainless steel bowls and should not be rusty in theory. I initially bought three of these bowls during Amazon's Deal of Day, but because of these problems, I got rid of them and bought plastic bowls suitable for leather cases. The bowls rusted after less than two months of use. Update (July 10, 2017) although the bowl began in a hurry within a few months, the seller offered me a full refund and apologized for the inconvenience. I really like the design of the bowl rack because my dog sprinkles water when he drinks and drops food when he eats. But what is most noteworthy is the seller's attitude and desire to correct the mistake.

14.8 x 8.6 x 1.3 inches ; 7.4 ounces
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I like the concept, but the bowl is much smaller than I thought. The seller is very good at shipping things to me. This scoop is really convenient. I got a small one and had a pretty small dog. The mat itself is still sliding on the floor, so even if my dog no longer messes up the food, it can still move the mat to get our attention. I put a gift card in the bowl showing the size of the two bowls and spoons. I have Bixiong chicken, so he doesn't eat too much, which is why I am satisfied with my purchase.

Buyer's Reviews 310

Hello, everyone! There are seven cats in my house. I don't have an easier way to feed them. I saw this bowl, and I ordered one (to see how it works before I buy more), and I was surprised! I used it with my picky eater the first night, and he ate up every bite! I ordered six more until they arrived and they would have to take turns eating out of the fancy bowl! It has a perfect angle for cats to eat all their food instead of leaving it all over the floor. This is a good thing, because my mother doesn't like to step on dry cat food in the middle of the night! This is a super product!

7.2 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 525

This review is for excellent Dr.Catsby's Food Bowl for Wisker Relief.TL;Dr products. This is a strong and heavy wire drawing stainless steel bowl. Personally, I think the price is reasonable. Recently, my cat has become more picky and more like a cat. Then I noticed that her mat was getting dirtier and dirtier. I did think about a raised food bowl, because that might be one reason. When she eats, I never really look at her (who wants to be stared at while eating?) But when I watched her eat, I saw her pick out food with her mouth, put some on her mat, and eat there. So after reading it for a while, I thought it must be her beard. She is an English short-haired cat, and she has a short nose. The solution? A shallow food bowl for kittens. That's why I bought this product. This is the only product I like. I can buy it the next day. What kind of bowl + shallow bowl do I like? + minimalist design doesn't look really cheap. + solid heavy wire drawing steel, although it is hollow. + the groove on the side (notch / hole), which is easy for Human to pick up. + includes black rubber mats. + reward: the company currently sells only this project. I think that's a good thing. + reward: PRIME (Seattle Metropolitan area for one day free delivery. What I don't like is that I want it to be a little higher (higher). X is not cheap for the cheap. The PACKAGE box is a very simple blue box that is "sealed" with clear tape. Plastic container for actual bowls. Stainless steel bowl. Round black rubber pad. Blow the air. No, no.

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My only worry is that I can't find a mild enough detergent for the silver bowl. When I cleaned the dishes, I noticed some black or gray residues coming off them. I'm not sure, but I think it could be any material these bowls were originally used to polish. Use it carefully. Update: good customer response. The company clarified that what I saw was a polishing agent for bowls and that it was safe.

Buyer's Reviews 967

I can't believe such a simple design allows my kitten to eat all her food! I was shopping for my kitten (as usual) when I stumbled upon this. To be honest, when I saw this dish, I was both excited and suspicious (it looked too good to be true), which was exactly what we all needed! She wasted so much money on wet food she had never eaten. If I use a plate, wet food overflows the edge & her cat castle carpet is all over the place. If I put her wet food in a bowl, she won't eat the whole floor. So I had to throw a lot of things away: in the photo I posted, I showed how successful she was after she ate the food. The second photo I edited to "sharpen" the image to show you the details of the bowl (I know, my iPhone took a bad picture), and I hope it helps!

8.9 x 7.3 x 3.1 inches
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My father's dog, Zeke, is a famous alcoholic. I don't even think he swallowed his last mouthful, just filled his mouth and walked away, leaving a trail of water behind him. When I found out my parents were going to live with us for a month, I needed a solution to protect my wooden floor. I am very interested in this bowl, because I hope it will make him drink more slowly, I am right! To train your dog, let your dog know there is water in the bowl, take away all the other water sources, and fill it up so that there will be a little water above the claw hole in the center. You can also gently press it with your hand to show them that there is water. Both Zeke and mu dog have adapted well to this, and my floor is drier. Occasionally there are still droplets on the floor, but it is no longer a puddle, but I blame the dog, not the bowl. The only thing I can change is the size. Two labs drink a lot.

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This is a good, sturdy ceramic cat bowl. I am worried because it is fragile, it may come broken, but its packaging is safe enough to prevent this from happening. You can choose to use bowls as food or water plates. I choose to make food because I already have their drinking fountain. Both of my cats liked the bowl very much and immediately fell in love with it. My blind cat, in particular, seems to really like it, because the tilt of the bowl makes it easier to get food. His neck is also smoother than his previous bowl, which is why I am looking for a tall cat bowl to start. It's also good for wet food. My other cat was very messy when eating wet food, and the higher end of the bowl prevented it from popping out the wet food.

Buyer's Reviews 434

I love these dishes! At first I was disappointed because (obviously I didn't read the product description completely) I thought they were supposed to be ceramic. After a few unexpected kicks, I am grateful that they are melamine! They are super cute and easy to clean. Dry wet cat food is easily soaked, and then I throw them in the dishwasher. They look as good as new! I also like the rubber at the bottom, which prevents them from sliding on the floor. Now reread the description, which is as good as the seller describes it. I definitely recommend them!

9 x 2.5 x 9 inches ; 10.2 ounces
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I read all the comments before I bought this, and I was a little hesitant. I have a very curious cat. He tests the boundaries, and he has shown who owns most of our cat toys and accessories. I tried many different ways to prevent him from splashing all the water out of the cat bowl. I've tried small dishes, I've tried big dishes, I've tried heavy dishes, and I even tried to give him water to sit down and drink once. It's not working. I'm glad he can't splash water on the floor of my kitchen since we received the dish. I'm really worried it won't work. There's nothing I can do about wet socks. You're smarter than my smart cat! I thank you. He might hate you.