13.1 x 9.5 x 5.6 inches
1.7 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 823

So, my girlfriend is CNA from the local nursing home. She was surprised to see it in one of the residents' rooms! She thinks it's the coolest thing, but there has to be one! She took a picture and sent it to me to see what it was and where to find it. We searched Amazon for a few minutes, and we found it. Basically, this is a 16th century weather station. The tall cylinder holds several floating balls, each filled with different liquids, each with a different density, so as the temperature rises or falls, the ball rises or falls. You read the temperature on a small metal label on each ball-the lowest is the temperature. Cool, huh? And a globe.-it's a barometer. Only half of it needs to be filled with water (preferably distilled water to avoid hard water precipitation in the interior of the earth) and check the water level in the tube. The higher the water in the tube, the lower the atmospheric pressure, indicating a low pressure system and an upcoming storm! There is a small syringe and a thin plastic tube to fill the earth. Just wet the tube, insert it into the globe, inject it into the syringe, and squeeze it. It takes 4-5 to fill the earth. The glass part is suitable for a beautiful wooden base, and each part is cut. Very cool, retro conversion!

TRAC-Outdoor Products
4 ounces
4 x 1.8 x 5 inches
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I'm really skeptical about buying this barometer. After reading the comments, I think I will get some light Chinese plastic waste. Mine arrived a day early, and it's in good shape. It has a feeling of being built, much better than some comments suggest. I set the barometer to the local news and compare it to my glass barometer. They are not only the same, but also rise and fall synchronously. The brass pointer is just a marker to track where the actual barometer begins, which makes no sense to me. Anyone should be able to see these numbers and be able to judge whether they are rising and falling. That's the only reason I gave it four stars, otherwise it would have received five stars in my book. For this price, it is well worth it. I am satisfied with my purchase and I will recommend it.

5 x 3 x 0.3 inches
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What else can I say?! If you have a golf cart, you need some time and weather information. It was a great piece. I bought two for my shopping cart, and everyone who saw them asked me where I got it and ordered it. Is it perfect? But its work is well worth the price. Please note that I have been working very well for nearly two years!

2 x 9 x 9 inches
11.2 ounces
Ambient Weather
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Very accurate, it took about two weeks to fine-tune it to adapt to the local weather pressure. Now it measures the pressure perfectly. Yes, when you look for the current reading, you have to tap it like all other barometers.

15 x 9.2 x 7.3 inches
2.56 pounds
Lily's Home
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This is a neat little thing. I was looking for a Galileo thermometer and stumbled upon this. With a wooden base and a barometer, it has more items than I was looking for in the first place, but I really like the look of the design. I am very satisfied with this purchase, which I think is cleaner than the independent Galileo thermometer, because other items make this more complete and more eye-catching when placed on the table. The contents of the box include a wooden base, a Galileo thermometer, a glass storm barometer, syringes and tubes for filling the barometer, and a small amount of food pigment in a small zipper bag. It is packed in a box made specifically for the project, using molded foam inserts to ensure that it does not move around. The packing of this item is safe enough to protect fine glass during transportation. -description & read the TEMP 11 1 inch Galileo thermometer, which measures temperatures in increments of 4 degrees Celsius and has a colored spherical float with a brass plaque showing temperatures of 64,68,72,76 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature of the surrounding air changes, the temperature of the water in the thermometer changes (slower) and depends more or less on the temperature. The float closest to the actual temperature is the float floating between the top and bottom, or if there is no floating between the two, then I …

8 x 1.5 x 8 inches
1.65 pounds
Ambient Weather
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Buyer's Reviews 38

I didn't expect such magnificent weather equipment. Beautiful! Mineral glass is harder than ordinary glass (so you can "tap" the glass for pneumatic movement), and the brass shell is brilliant. The wooden base is a very beautiful cherry. It's important for me to follow three things. This is a good gift for anyone-something that people will notice and comment on. I went to the weather application on my iPhone, looked at the current pressure levels in my area, and set up the barometer with a special key tool to adjust behind the device. There are too many nice things to say about it. I looked at all their boring details. Buy this!

Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
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Buyer's Reviews 28

A decent little wall indicator. Remember, the change is expressed in inches of air pressure. The measurement is indeed accurate. The old English languages "change", "rain" and so on are just ancient ways of communicating the weather. Because the dial is low or "rain" reading doesn't mean it has to rain. Learn your local barometer reading, which will be awe-inspiring!

5.1 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches
13.6 ounces
La Crosse Technology, Ltd.
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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What a product does when it advertises. It has the information I need: only batteries, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, time. Use battery power only. Unlike color screen models, AC is not required. It can be installed on the wall with some works, see pictures installed on the mirror, pay attention to the notches and shortened ends prefabricated with a sharp xacto knife. In my case. Mounted near a bang door, the mount may not be safe and the moon phase is reversed. The white on the moon is the black on the screen. Technical support tells me that this is how non-color screens work. Remember that humidity information is a monitor, not a cost to the quality of the weather station. That's enough for today's dress. The fisherman is a gimmick, so buy another model if it's not your thing. The body remains the same. Sleeves and trouser legs come and go according to the outdoor temperature. 3m command bar: 17001-VP-6PK and 17067-MPE.

4.5 x 8.4 x 16 inches
2 pounds
Stanley London
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I bought this as a substitute for my parents. Their old barometer fell and broke, and my mother was very specific about the size of the replacement, which was perfect. It worked. They're happy.

7 x 3 x 18 inches
2.6 pounds
Ambient Weather
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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Buyer's Reviews 69

A very attractive device. This is not science or laboratory quality, but it should not be. When shopping, I want to know if the thermometer has degrees Celsius, and whether the barometer includes millimeter / hG or hundred Pascal (the same thing). Look at the product description to show that it does, and the attached picture looks like it has only English units. I made a bet, and it was just as I wanted it to be, except for a quip. Metric numbers are difficult to read on the internal scale. Still, it's a convenient device, and calibration is advantageous compared to the other devices I use. It looks good on the wall. Delivery was timely and arrived through the USPS and the military postal system in good condition. In my opinion, the money is worth it.

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