10 Best Ball-Peen Hammers

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In this guide, we will analyze a number of factors you should consider before buying a ball hammer. If you know what you are buying, it will be easier to make a good purchase. Nobody wants to regret your purchase within a few months. If you are looking to buy the best ball-peen hammer, you need to follow the buying factors or criteria we are going to share with you.
BEST CHOICE Real Steel 0506 Non Slip Jacketed Cover

Real Steel 0506 Non Slip Jacketed

BEST VALUE ABN Ball Pein Hammer Once Cover

ABN Ball Pein Hammer Once

PREMIUM PICK ABN Hammer Set Shock Absorbing Fiberglass Cover

ABN Hammer Set Shock Absorbing Fiberglass

#1 Real Steel 0506 Non Slip Jacketed

This is a great hammer to throw money at. I'm a mechanic, and I can't imagine spending $80 on hammers. I bought this, and I'm not disappointed. This is a great ball hammer. I use it almost every day. It works as expected.

  • Description:Real Steel 0506 Non-Slip Cushion Grip Jacketed Graphite Forged Ball Pein Hammer 32-Ounce
  • Brand:REAL STEEL
  • Item Weight:2.64 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:5 x 1.88 x 15.75 inches
  • Size:32 oz
  • Material:Steel, Rubber
  • Measurement System:Metric


  • Exclusive special-shaped drop forging heat treatment of high carbon steel with long service life
  • Polished head and ball to eliminate rebound and reduce hand fatigue
  • Soft and comfortable non-slip cushion handle, safe operation
  • Graphite core is stronger and more durable than fiberglass handle.
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#2 TEKTON 30403 Jacketed Fiberglass 16 Ounce

I bought this hammer four years ago. I was a little surprised to find that I didn't write a review for it. My hammer has gone through the bell. Because its price is very low, so I think it is a "throw away" tool.

I intend to use it to weld the school and assume it will break the abuse. That's not true. Well done. I can only hope that the rest of the hammer line is still built in this way. I'm going to buy more hammers from them.

The price of the hammer set there is quite awe-inspiring, and if they build it this way, I don't need another one.

  • Description:TEKTON 30403 Jacketed Fiberglass Ball Pein Hammer, 16-Ounce
  • Brand:TEKTON
  • Item Weight:0.01 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:12.8 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches
  • Size:16 ounce


  • The outer polyethylene jacket protects the handle core from missing the blow.
  • High-strength fiberglass handles help absorb vibration.
  • The permanent head hand epoxy adhesive will not be loosened over time.
  • Soft and comfortable non-slip rubber handle
  • Forged and polished steel head
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#3 5 Piece Fiberglass Handle Hammer Set

This is to do some odd jobs at home when the hammer doesn't work. I admit that, given this price, I think it can only handle the most basic tasks. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the final result. The bar is very sturdy and has completed the work of quickly removing heavy nails and some stubborn rusty screws that need to be removed.

I especially like the thin rubber coating, when you pick them up quickly, other crowbar tends to scratch the surface (metal to metal, metal to wood … You know). This will be a valuable tool in my toolbox in the next few years.

Considering the price is really good!

  • Description:STEELHEAD 5-Piece Fiberglass Handle Hammer & Mallet Set, 16oz Ball-Peen Hammer, 32oz Ball-Pein Hammer, 32oz Rubber Mallet, 3lb Sledge Hammer, 3lb Cross-Pain Hammer, Metal Working, USA-Based Support
  • Item Weight:15.67 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:17.8 x 16.8 x 4.3 inches
  • Color:5-Piece Hammer Set


  • Call on all kinds of industries to be suitable for disassembly metal processing, more suitable for masonry, automobile carpentry and other industries
  • The stopping time includes one hammer, 32 ounces ball hammer, 32 ounces rubber hammer, 3 pounds sling hammer, 3 pounds cross pain hammer per operation.
  • The ergonomic DURAGRIP hitting handle includes an ergonomic comfortable fit profile DURAGRIP covering the mold to reduce fatigue and increase leverage
  • Lifetime American support is protected by unparalleled lifelong American support here in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Forged from heat-treated carbon steel, with anti-rust and anti-corrosion enamel finish, strong and durable, can stand the test of time.
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#4 ABN Hammer Set Shock Absorbing Fiberglass

My technician told me that this set of sneakers is soft. Obviously, the body hammer needs to be soft? This is new to me, we rebuild hydraulic motors, so there are a lot of rusty parts and bearing races, and our hammers take a lot of abuse.

I tested the cross hammer on the edge of one of our steel tables, and there was no mark on the hammer, so I guessed once again that this is how it should be used with the ball PEPES. I was going to write a sharp comment about how useless soft hammers are, but I don't know how the car body works, so I left it here.

If you work with metal and need a ball hammer, find a different setting. I would say that the handle feels good, and we are basically covered with hydraulic oil in the demolition workshop, and although they haven't seen much use yet, the handle does seem to have a good grip.

  • Description:ABN 5 Piece Hammer Set - Forging Hammer Tool Set, Metal Working Tools and Equipment Pein and Sledge Hammer Tools
  • Brand:ABN
  • Item Weight:14.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:18.5 x 6.25 x 5 inches
  • Size:5 Piece Set
  • Color:7ok-2
  • Material:Steel


  • Each forging hammer kit includes: (1) 32-ounce rubber hammer, (1) 3-pound sleigh hammer, (1) 3-pound diagonal pin hammer, (1) 32-ounce ball nail hammer, (1) 16-ounce ball nail hammer, each forging hammer includes: (1) 32-ounce rubber hammer, (1) 3-pound sleigh hammer, (1) 3-pound cross hammer, (1) 32-ounce ball hammer, (1) 16-ounce ball hammer.
  • [grow your tool library] grab the right size with the ABN 5-piece mechanical hammer kit for the first time; whether you need to hit the nail in place or take apart some concrete, you now have the right tools to do any work
  • [shock absorption handle] fiberglass handle reduces vibration and vibration transmission while you are working to enhance control; the Black Smith hammer handle ranges from 11 inches to 13.5 inches and has textured rubber cushion handles to prevent oil and provide more comfort.
  • [each project has a hammer] these blacksmith hammers can be used in a variety of projects, from soft stamping to prevent damage to metal, stone and masonry work, to smashing concrete and piling, chisels and punches.
  • The forged carbon steel head provides strength balance, while the fiberglass handle absorbs shock and vibration to ensure a strong connection and long service life; reliable and easy to clean
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#5 HORUSDY 5 Piece Hammer Rubber 3lbCross

Good tool. I work as a mechanic, so the hammer is hit to remove the stuck parts. The value of money is very high. Sometimes it's hard for me to knock out the hammer. It's done very well. The hammer is in good condition.

My only problem is that it's a little weaker than the black rubber hammer, the Marco hammer is heavier and allows it to be harder to swing.

  • Description:HORUSDY 5-Piece Hammer Set, 16oz Ball Pain Hammer | 32oz Ball Pain Hammer | 32oz Rubber Mallet | 3lb Sledge Hammer | 3lbCross Pain Hammer
  • Brand:HORUSDY
  • Item Weight:14.12 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:17 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Color:Orange
  • Material:Alloy steel


  • Including 16 ounces. Ball pain hammer, 32 ounces. Ball hammer and rubber hammer, 3 pounds. Sleigh hammer and cross hammer.
  • The 5-piece hammer set is made of high-quality steel, strong and durable, and is widely used to knock on all kinds of objects.
  • We provide high-quality after-sales service, if you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us.
  • The comfortable anti-skid handle reduces the damage to your arm and allows you to work long hours.
  • Fiberglass shock absorber handles can reduce vibration and shock, increase comfort when used, and are more effective for you.
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#6 Vaughan TC2012 12 Ounce Commercial Hammer

Is that what you've been doing since you drank too much? It's a mystery. Anyway, nice hammer. It's a good weight for most home users. If you are not a mechanic or blacksmith, it is sufficient. Good steel, perfect processing and arrow straight white pecan handle.

Buy Made in the United States. I bought almost all my hammers from Vaughn. For some reason, I like to think that by spending money on American-made tools, I may actually be helping some fellow Americans put food on his table.

It feels really good. Give it a try. Anyone who buys tools from HF for the second time will get what they deserve.Ha. Highly recommended. Thanks for reading the update: I think I need to clarify something. I got some feedback on my attitude towards Chinese manufacturing.

I have absolutely no problem with Chinese workers. I believe that if you have to choose between making garbage and producing a tool they can be proud of, almost everyone will choose the same thing as you or me, which is by no means the fault of the workers.

I also believe that they will choose to support their countrymen as I do. What I complain about is the flood of rubbish pouring into the American market. Put Americans out of work. I hate that. There are no individuals targeted at any individual in China.

I hope things can be figured out.

  • Description:Vaughan TC2012 12-Ounce Commercial Ball Pein Hammer
  • Brand:Vaughan
  • Item Weight:1.12 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:12.8 x 4 x 1.2 inches
  • Size:Pack of 1
  • Material:Steel
  • Measurement System:Metric


#7 KING Fiberglass 0088 0 Portable Polished

I need a small hammer to hold my shooting bag. I don't want a claw hammer that might hang on something in the bag. This Ball Pein Hammer meets the requirements. It weighs only enough to accomplish small tasks. Small enough to save space in the bag.

The black part is grasped soft rubber, and the red panel is hard plastic. It fits well in the hand, and you get a safe grip.

  • Description:KING 8 oz Stubby Ball Pein Hammer w/Fiberglass Handle 0088-0 | Portable Mini Small Peening Hand Tool for Metal Working | Drop Forged, Heat Treated and Fully Polished Steel Head
  • Brand:KING
  • Item Weight:12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches
  • Size:Pocket Size
  • Color:Red, Black
  • Material:Steel


  • 8 oz solid steel head, full-size round surface, can be hit accurately-ideal for most hammering operations such as at home, office or pitching tents.
  • Drop weight forging and heat treated steel head structure-provides additional strength and toughness
  • With hemispherical hammerhead-shot peening used in metalworking.
  • The hammerhead is fully polished, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • The fiberglass handle adopts special-shaped anti-skid rubber handle, which has the functions of weather resistance, anti-shattering and vibration reduction, which can relieve arm strain.
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#8 Great Neck Saw BP12 Hammer

Great Neck Saw BP12 Hammer Cover

The 8-ounce hammerhead size is very convenient for family use. Bigger than a nail hammer, not as clumsy as a full-size frame hammer.

  • Description:GreatNeck BP12 12 oz. Hickory Ball Peen Hammer | Perfect for Riveting, Shaping, Bending Metal | Ball Peen Hammer is Ideal for Striking Chisels & Punches | Rugged Ball Peen Hammer with Hickory Handle
  • Brand:Great Neck
  • Item Weight:0.64 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:12.3 x 3.7 x 1.2 inches
  • Size:12 OZ
  • Material:Steel


  • Reduce the strength and durability of forged steel heads
  • Authentic hickory handle
  • Used for striking chisels and punches, riveting and forming, bending metal
  • The head is fixed with two steel wedges
  • Limited life cycle
  • Fully polished without rusting
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#9 ABN Ball Pein Hammer Once

A hammer that did a good job. The handle is cushioned, but the sturdy rubber and neck handles are rigid fiberglass and are very comfortable. The weight of 16 ounces is just right for family use. This is a completely good tool for the price, better than I expected.

  • Description:ABN Ball Pein Hammer 16 oz – Fiberglass Handle & Carbon Steel Head for Metal Rivet, Chisel, Punch Peins
  • Brand:ABN
  • Item Weight:1.36 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:11.75 x 4 x 1.3 inches
  • Size:16 Ounces
  • Material:Steel


  • Various uses: pin rivets, chisels and punches, as well as the forming of unhardened metals; 16 oz size for lighter metals
  • Effortlessly polish the metal shape: use ABN fiberglass 16 ounces disposable steel ball hammer, simple and comfortable, easy to handle any hammering application
  • Package content: the package includes (1) 16 ounces of ball hammer to meet your needs.
  • Durability: made of 4T forged carbon steel, mirror polished, maximum strength and maximum life, corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Comfortable handle: textured, molded fiberglass and rubber pad handles, oil resistant, reducing vibration and shock transmission; oversized mechanical shafts ensure that the grip-16-ounce hammer has a 10.25-inch (26.7 cm) handle, from the bottom to the part of the hammerhead.
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#10 Estwing Ball Peen Hammer Metalworking

We often use hammers. I always try to find such a metal handle. Wood and composite handles failed after a period of time. Nice purchase.

  • Description:Estwing Ball Peen Hammer - 12 oz Metalworking Tool with Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - E3-12BP
  • Brand:Estwing
  • Item Weight:1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:11 x 1.2 x 3.6 inches
  • Size:12 oz (Ounces)


  • Versatility of operations-for forming and forming sheet metal, percussive punches, chisels and flat head rivets.
  • All-in-one forging-the most durable and durable hitting tool available
  • Patented shock absorber grip-comfortable, durable, reducing impact vibration by 70%
  • Made in America-our tools are proudly made of the best steel in America in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Designed for professional mechanics, metal workers, jewellers, mechanics, contractors, traders and serious DIY
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# TOP 1-Real Steel 0506 Non Slip Jacketed 2-TEKTON 30403 Jacketed Fiberglass 16 Ounce 3-5 Piece Fiberglass Handle Hammer Set 4-ABN Hammer Set Shock Absorbing Fiberglass 5-HORUSDY 5 Piece Hammer Rubber 3lbCross 6-Vaughan TC2012 12 Ounce Commercial Hammer 7-KING Fiberglass 0088 0 Portable Polished 8-Great Neck Saw BP12 Hammer 9-ABN Ball Pein Hammer Once 10-Estwing Ball Peen Hammer Metalworking
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Ball-Peen Hammers Buying Guide

David Dawson


Remember that “cheap is expensive.” Hammers are economic tools. A hammer rarely exceeds $50 price. With this in mind, we are sure you have a budget and don’t want to spend it. Taking into account the above, if you do professional work, choose high-end models or recognized brands, even if they are more expensive.


Ball hammers, as a rule, are made of metal. The heads are usually made of forged steel. However, in some cases, this steel has a lot of heat treatments, which make it more lightweight and resistant. These heads are better since they facilitate the work and endure for longer without deforming.

The handles are usually made of wood. In the case of ball hammers, beechwood is used, since its fibers absorb shock and vibration. Glass fibers are also used, which make it resistant and lighter than wood. The handles are usually coated with non-slip rubber to improve grip.


You can choose to buy this type of hammer from a popular brand or one without a brand. Unfortunately, the quality and strength of the tool are often directly linked to the brand and also to the price. Our recommendation is that, as far as possible, choose a ball hammer of a reliable brand.

Recognized brands often offer high quality tools, tested by professionals. The brands use the finest quality materials, work with weights and sizes adjusted to the tasks.


The heads are the most important part of a ball hammer. It is the head that supports the blows and the one that does all the work. That’s why you need resistant materials. Look for heat-treated and forged steel hammers that ensure that it is not broken or deformed by continued use.


Weight is a vital factor when you tend to choose the best tool for you. Ball-peen hammers require good strength as well as arm movement can be annoying. In addition, if they weigh a lot, they can cause muscle damage to our shoulders and wrists. It is important to look at your weight, especially if we have any type of injury.


Depending on the use you intend to give the hammer, you must choose one type or another.

A carpenter’s hammer is not the same as a mace. If you plan to work with wood, ball hammers are not the best option. However, if you have a machine shop or want to straighten a sheet, these are the best hammers. Think very well about the use you are going to give it. Ball-peen hammers are widely used in different forging works, as the ball is actually used for straightening and shaping.

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