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Kids love these. It helped a lot after the initial excitement. Mainly used in it. Grandma commented that the color was good. The 4-year-old likes multiple birds and balls, as well as the substitutes he wants to use.

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The quality of the racket is stitched up very well, the shift strength is very good, the gloves are very poor, give it five of the 1 to 10 ratios on the gloves in a few days, it falls off the tape we use and works better, but I do like this racket, it comes with six packs of badminton, that is, k.a. Now these are 10 of the 10 birds, and they're doing very well, and it's amazing.

Buyer's Reviews 194

The explanation is very clear that this is for beginners and leisure entertainment. Keep that in mind before you buy it. I'm not a professional. I play casually for fun and for 20-30 minutes of easy exercise outdoors. This suit meets and exceeds my expectations in quality and appearance. Even for casual games, I don't recommend getting $8 discount rackets from local retail stores. If there is not a decent racket, it will not only ruin the fun, the line of the tennis racket will begin to fall off in a few days or weeks. Children may lose interest in learning or playing. If you have a child who wants to learn, I suggest you train the racket alone. There will be a big difference at first.) Unlike tennis or other games that require proper space, proper nets, and boundary demarcation, badminton is a game that can be played in limited space-close to home-minimum requirements-suitable for casual players and beginners. Even setting up networks and small cones or boundary markers is a simple thing that most people can do. Outdoor casual games can be played without a net or mark. That's what's in this bag. This set has two nylon badminton. Personally, I'm not a big fan of nylon badminton. I like feathers. I think it's going to be very different. They are not expensive, the only drawback is that feathers need to be replaced after a certain number of games. If you're satisfied.

2.01 pounds
26 x 8 x 3 inches
Original Version
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I bought this set some time ago as a backup / replacement set that I had just purchased from another manufacturer whose rackets broke the first use. This set of rackets works very well. We only use this set of rackets now. No problem so far. We play a few times a week. The kids and I like these colors, too. Based on the quality of the clothes I received, I will not hesitate to recommend them.

4.8 ounces
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For most of the year, I use these when the weather is not too hot and humid. It's definitely a good grip on dry days, but it's also effective for sweating more days. However, if the weather is wet and your hands are sweating. You might need something else. Everyone has a different kind of thing, but I can't play with these in the hot summer, we've been in California valleys for a long time.

1.39 pounds
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I was just hanging out. There's nothing else. So no, I didn't deal with $200 Luckett. That is to say, they feel good quality. After a week of playing, the strings were tight, there was no sign of it, and to be honest, the birds were good, too. The biggest complaint I see is bad birds. We've been using the same bird for a week. It's still strong. We were not careful in any case. Finally, customer service. Some of the best people in the industry. Yeah, I'm serious. Thank you! Edit: down to 3 (2.5) stars. One of the strings of the beat broke in a casual game. I have got a replacement due to the slight rattling, so part of me, good service. But it does suggest that the overall quality seems to be subdivided. EDIT2: customer service did the right thing! Back to five stars. Since then, I have used rackets many times and they have always been great.

Buyer's Reviews 268

I'm fine. But after two months of light play, when the racket hits the ground in a game, the racket breaks. Of course, there are some human errors involved, but I want a good quality racket to withstand some slight impact, like that. I won't buy it again. Updated on July 16, 2018. The Yoga Home extended a helping hand and offered to ship me a replacement bracket for free. Increase customer service and contact efforts by 1 point. I will review the replacement and provide further updates. The update time is 727 2018. Copy that. Change the racket. Improve the review to 4 for good customer service.

28.9 x 8.1 x 0.2 inches ; 10.9 ounces
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I am a very good product. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the sport.

8 x 26 x 1 inches ; 0.32 ounces
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Ever since I bought this racket, I've been sabotaging my wife and kids. Actually, we're getting divorced now, and my kids won't talk to me. This is how great this racket is!

26.4 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches
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After a few days of evaluation, the quality of the badminton racket is really good, it feels good, it is not easy to slide out, and it is worth buying.

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