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My dog DexX can play for hours! The maximum setting is 40 feet. Not very close. It took him about 20 minutes to put the ball into the machine-he was a very smart dog-and once the ball was "wet", it lost some traction. That's a good idea. Is it worth so much money?. I'm going to give it a few days.

10.5 x 8 x 7 inches ; 3 pounds
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I bought this on August 27, 2016 and have been using my German shepherd to this day. In terms of battery life and launch distance, it appears to be just below the advertised launch distance of 10,15,40 feet. I have no problem using the battery, although it has been plugged into the power supply most of the time since we used it exclusively indoors. At first it seemed to keep it light, but over time, my dog had learned to use it himself, coupled with his insatiable desire to take the ball. The rubber gear of the ball doesn't look like it's going to last long. The rubber had begun to rub, and more often I heard the ball being fired once or twice, then the hiss of losing its temper, and my dog clasped the machine with its claws because the ball was stuck. I couldn't let him use it unless I was by his side and untied it like everyone else, and he vented his frustration on the machine, chewing rubber feet and, more recently, the blue ring in front. I hope the rubber will support better, unfortunately, just after the six-month warranty period, I encountered these problems, so I was unlucky. All in all, I would say that most of the machine works as advertised, and my dog likes it very much, but it doesn't seem to last longer with the wear and tear of the gears. If you have a dog that insists on playing FETCH, and it may make him happy, if it uses a lot, don't expect it.

12 x 12 x 12 inches ; 8 pounds
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We've had the PetSafe automatic ball launcher for about 10 days, and our crazy puppy can't be happy anymore! She learned that the sound of the music bell meant that the ball was about to be launched and in place (as you can see in the video). The actual pitch was loud and it didn't scare her, but I was worried about our neighbors, but they said they could hardly hear when they sat on the other side of the wall! Now we're just trying to get the willow to throw the ball into its body. When she ran out to catch the ball, we put a small gift on the edge of the launcher. Then when she comes back with the ball, she will notice the treat and put it in! The security sensors work every time, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about her getting hit in the eye. For future models, we would like to see an adjustable timer. For example, if Inread is turned on in 15 minutes / off in 15 minutes, we want to be able to adjust it in increments of 10 minutes, or we can choose to overwrite it completely.

7.5 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches ; 3.53 pounds
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When we got the ball launcher, I almost gave it up and sent it back because my dog would take the ball and chew it. But I decided to teach her to bring it back right away, and under supervision, it happened. Every time Lucy didn't bring the ball back right away, I picked up the launcher and put it out of reach. But it's an extra step, and it works well for Lucy. Lucy is very competitive. So I'll get the second ball on the machine, and she doesn't like it when I put the ball in before she can bring her ball back. The combination of these two ideas produced the results I wanted. Lucy brings the ball back at once every time. No, I was sitting there with that extra ball in my hand. I really thought Lucy would chew the ball to pieces. Lucy has not worn a ball off the launcher since she was trained. But the balls must be soft, so they are unlikely to hurt the dog when they are launched. As a result, they will need to be replaced over time. If your dog can follow the "backup" command like Lucy, it will really help. "back, back" suits us very well. Update: if you have any questions, please call customer service. I found them very helpful. And-we just let our dog shit outside and play. She's never had an accident now!

8.3 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches
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Great toy. My puppy is very clever, but he is frightened by the loud noise. I introduced the bone to her and just kept it around her other toys for a few days until she was used to using it as a toy. Then, before I opened it, I smeared some peanut butter on the grooves of the tires and let her play by herself. When I first opened the bone, she was ecstatic! Even if there was so much noise on our hardwood, she wouldn't mind. I'd rather she put it on our carpet, but Oh, okay!

5.6 pounds
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I returned the product, but not because there was something wrong with the product, nor because I didn't like it (that's why I gave it four stars). The product works exactly as advertised-it's super easy to use, and there's nothing wrong with starting the mini ball. My dog absolutely loves it! For me, however, the problem is the size of the ball. They are about the same size as ping-pong balls. Although my dog likes him very much, he sees the ball more as a chewing toy than as the ball itself. I know from the past and his experience that he will eventually swallow them. If you have a puppy that usually plays with a smaller ball, or a dog that can play with the right size, I highly recommend this product. Unfortunately, my dog is not suitable for this group, and I'm sorry I had to give it back.

13.4 x 13.4 x 9.8 inches ; 9.37 pounds
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My dog loves this thing! They only have a week or two, and as you can see, they soon figure it out. If you have a dog chewing ball, I suggest letting the hole squeak the ball as they hold. My dog raises eight claws!

12 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches ; 8.96 pounds
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This ball launcher is definitely the best toy we've ever bought for our dog. They play with it every day. Advantages: we have used it both indoors and outdoors because of the use of power plugs or battery-powered options. Adjustable force / distance and throwing angle. The big open basket makes it easy to use both our German shepherd and our toy poodle (although she has to lift it with her hind legs to put the ball in the basket.) Cons: bona fide safety features-motion detectors and automatic rest. 1. The motion detector was designed to prevent the dog from being hit on the head by the ball, but it was seven feet away and I couldn't keep my dog in the back that far-they were so excited that they wanted to stand in front of it and catch it in mid-air. So, in the end, we just put masking tape on the sensor so that the dog could play at will. The ball is not thrown hard enough to cause serious harm to the dog. 2. Automatic rest function. This feature puts the transmitter into standby mode after 15 minutes of pitching. The goal is to let the dog play for 15 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes, and then continue to play. However, my dog usually doesn't play with it all the time. They would play once or twice, then either chase each other, or lie down and chew the ball, and when they were ready to use it again, 15 minutes had arrived, and they didn't know why it didn't throw the ball. I understand your intentions, especially if the dog is out there.

13.4 x 13.4 x 9.8 inches
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Warning: not to be used with Australian Bulldogs. They're so smart. We bought one in the hope that it would save us from the merciless needs of Bulldog 24. He soon learned how to throw the ball in. However, he also quickly learned to stand directly in front of the parachute and catch the ball in 10 "." Alas, there was no solution to the sphere he needed to chase, so we got stuck in pitching.

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Give this as a gift to a mother dog who has a favorite dog! He understood at once, and liked it very much! He will have many hours of fun. This is the perfect gift for dog owners. I highly recommend it.

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