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At first glance, I was disappointed. The bill is divided into parts and I have to piece them together. It didn't take long to assemble, and it felt so solid that when I bought this, I didn't even realize it had a red laser beam, it just added to the cold and the effect. Bows are powerful suction rods that we use in our sliding glass doors. I played for hours, especially during Hurricane Dorian. My son and daughter love these bows and arrows.

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The laser stuff stinks. These mats don't necessarily stick well, but we do stick them to Windows and refrigerators. I think a hot gun might help. The whole is good, the price is good.

23.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches
1.1 pounds
14 years and up
14 years and up
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This is one of the best bows in the market at present and in the foreseeable future. The bow arrives in a perfect state, and unlike the comment, the arrow is in good shape. A good bow for children and adults, my son and my husband have been playing with it since we bought it. Contrary to other comments, if you handle it properly, the silica gel bowstring will not crack and will not dry. I do not recommend shooting others with this bow, because although it is not powerful enough to seriously hurt someone, it is still quite painful if you are shot at close range. In addition, the 125-foot range is not a lie, and as I said before, the bow is more than just a fragile plastic debris. I have shot nearby with this bow (200 feet), but it is not recommended to keep pulling the bow back to its farthest point. I hope this review will help other families looking for bows whose children can have fun and don't hurt each other, but won't break in 30 seconds.

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I doubt it will work. I can't get anything that cheap to accomplish the goal of a bow press. I'm surprised. It works as advertised. This is a great little product. You need to stand on your bow and work effectively, but this thing works well. I recommend it.

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This is my fourth riser. When I started deciding which one to buy, I had read a lot of comments. Some people say that the new riser is different from the old one. Some people say that if the limbs are different, the quality is also different. Well, all I can say is that once I decided to use the Samick Sage brand, I had bought four risers and six sets of limbs ranging from 35 pounds to 60 pounds. All of this seems to work well, albeit with different markings. I don't see any difference in quality, although there are different marks. This is a product of good quality.

Buyer's Reviews 182

A great, intelligent, versatile bow of survival. I like this bow because I can easily use it in Western / Olympic, Eastern / traditional / thumbnails, and fast archery in my left-handed and right-handed positions. I bought number 35 limbs. It performed very well in the first 1000 or so photos. The arrow frame is doing its well-designed work, folded up, and both hands are very dexterous. I put the arrows on my thumb / knuckles and removed the rest of the arrows because of my preference. I suggest buying a better rest (the type of adhesive glued to the bow), if folding and double flexibility are not an important factor for you, because in my opinion it will be more consistent. It also takes a very compact form. Will buy it again.

11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches
7.7 ounces
14 - 15 years
Product Specific batteries required.
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My 9-year-old likes everything that can shoot. When the crossbow arrived, he was so excited that he didn't wait for me to open the box and assemble it. In addition to understanding that there was a problem and needed a little help from me, the crossbow was assembled in about 10 minutes, and we were all startled by the speed of the sucker darts! From 15 feet across the room, the darts slammed into the refrigerator door, motionless. We set up some targets, bottles and so on in the backyard to see how our goals can be improved. As far as we know, the toy doesn't have much to worry about. The rope pulls back and snaps into place, so it doesn't shoot accidentally. Especially because special darts are easy but accurate to sit on a mount. If they're not perfect there, the trigger won't pull. It is very strong and comes with a pile of darts, black and shiny orange. Black darts are hard to see on the grass or on the ground. In fact, we've already lost two. We prefer orange. Our only complaint is the constant loss of sight attached to the front. It will be knocked off and hindered darts from shooting until we remove it all.

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My child wants to learn archery, so I chose this set for him. It's very easy to assemble. It's light and easy to shoot, but it's still powerful. The bow has an accurate shot and a beautiful pull back. The material of the arrow seems to be durable and may last for a long time. Good quality and cheap! This is a great first archery setup to learn the basics. My child really likes it, and it has been his favorite toy since the first day he played.

10.5 x 1.8 x 30.5 inches
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A few weeks ago, I bought this bow for my son (8) and daughter (10) to teach them the basics of archery instead of using a more advanced bow. It has foam rollers for them to use, not the release of a composite bow that you might use for hunting. So far, it has held up well, and they are shooting about 10 Rue 15 yards to learn consistency and shooting form. I do think they will soon use a heavier draw (I believe this goes from 6mur13 pounds) to a bow, but for $30 and to measure their interest in the sport, I think it will be great. It must have satisfied our purpose of buying it. Of course, young children can also use this bow, because my two people may be on the older side, but this is the first time they have learned to shoot with a lot of bows at home. One drawback is that it has only two arrows. We walked a lot back and forth, only for two arrows, so I bought three more, and the effect was very good. Do it again. If someone is looking for advice, I might buy it together. Please note that there is no sight or ability to put the sight on this bow, but again, this bow seems to be more introductory, allowing children to learn how to pull back and shoot arrows rather than becoming an Archer. However, if you want your child to learn archery at a very young age, you won't find much negative impact if you spend $30.

31 x 6 x 12 inches ; 7.2 ounces
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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I was hesitant to buy this bow for my girl because the comments were mixed. Now that we have it, she's already used it, and I'm glad I bought her this. She has shot more than 100 arrows and has achieved a fairly accurate range of about 15 yards. At first, it was difficult for her to get a complete draw, but after working with her for a minute, she now has no problem drawing. The weight and length of the tension are perfect for her average size of 48 inches. I read that the comments in May had negative comments about the power of the bow, loose strings and "cheap" arrows. I don't see anything to support these comments. I don't have any problem with the arrow, it comes and the bow seems to be the perfect pull weight for her. The rope is so tight that it doesn't have any stains. I don't need to adjust the weight because it's the perfect choice for her to use out of the box. She has a little space to grow up with bows, but I do see her grow up in a few years. This is not a deer hunting bow, but it is the perfect choice to teach children how to shoot correctly. I suggest adding a D-loop and releasing the bow. That's what I did, and it turned out to be perfect. I don't think she would have been able to use it without them.