34.9 x 24.5 x 14.5 inches ; 37 pounds
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I have four different electric bicycles, suitable for people of different heights in my family: 1) AddMotor Hithot H1-for me, I am 5: 11, which is the perfect size for a tall man. 2) the Genze Series 20016-inch frame passes step by step-for my 5: 5 'wife. 3) Swagcycle EB-6- is my 11-year-old son. Provide the perfect electric mountain bike for children, and it is the only electric pedal bike I can find specially designed for children. And finally, Swagcycle EB-5-, this is the bike you want to buy. Of all the bicycles mentioned above, the most common body of all the different sizes in my family is this EB-5. This is amazing because I can easily adjust the seat and handle bar to fit my 5: 11 'long-legged body type, and it still looks like I can adjust the seat higher. I can ride it very comfortably without being embarrassed. It's like it's a bike for someone my height, and it's the only electric bike I can adjust my height all the time so that it suits my 9-year-old daughter (her height and weight are 45% of her age). The seat and handle extended down to where she could stand comfortably. I must say, at first I noticed that her pedals looked clumsy, like if she had to bend her knees too much, I think it might be because the pedals have a larger adult diameter. But I just raised the height of the seat a little bit, so she has to stand on her pointed toes now, and now her knees look normal and peddled. Not to mention.

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This bike works well. I bought it once a week after this one. It is really difficult to climb a very steep hill. I can still climb the hill, but I usually have to walk. If a lot of people go up the mountain, I can run about 30 miles per charge. If the area is flat, it is easy to do more. It's not hard to assemble. If necessary, I suggest watching some videos or getting a way to book. Once you go out together, you may need to adjust something, such as rest or derailment. I did a lot of research before I bought it. It seems that no matter how much you pay, no bike really comes out of the box. But there are close ones. Amazon provides assembly services at a reasonable price. At the time of purchase, its offer was $89. It would be nice if you couldn't do it yourself. I repeat, it is not difficult. I've never had a bike with a broken plate. I watched a video and asked them to adjust in five minutes. So far, I have covered more than 100 miles. You can adjust how much help you get, or you can change gears. I broke my leg when I bought this. I've always been able to keep it, so it's very easy to move it in the first place, using it as an enhancement.

8 x 17 x 17 inches ; 27 pounds
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For a nice, strong motor.

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First of all, this is not a motorcycle. I bought this as a daily communication tool, which is now more than 1000 miles. Pedal assistance works well and can be ridden leisurely, but I only use accelerators and pedals. This is a great bike. Sturdy frames and wheels. The two crashes were undamaged. Tires are good road tires and now live on my daughter's mountain bike. I replaced them with high-pressure road tires. Forget the horn and the light. They don't work. I am 6-1 "32" sewn and must buy a longer seat post ($30) to accommodate this frame. It's 13 miles one way. The battery life is good. After a 26-mile round trip, it has a little juice left, but it's not enough to take another ride to work. I'll buy it again.

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It's very easy to assemble. I just need to install pedals, seats, front fenders and tires, and connect the control module to the handle bar. The bike is doing so well that it looks and handles like those that sell for thousands of dollars. I've ridden six or seven times for short trips, and it doesn't have a problem with my 212 pounds-even on our streets, because our streets have a pretty steep slope. In the next few days, I will venture out for a longer ride to test battery life between charges, but don't expect to be disappointed based on the quality of the bike. It even comes with a good toolkit. If we have any unexpected bicycle problems, I will add it to this article after we have more time to ride it. So far, I've judged it with five stars! Updated 4-29-18-has been cycling every day for the past 10 days and has been updated several times. The battery shows that the charge drops to 1 bar (assuming that means 25%) and rides 25 miles of all different types of terrain, including roads, hills, grass and dirt, but mainly on the sidewalk. Added a speedometer and maximum speed with very few pedals showing 23 miles per hour. When the charging time of the battery is reduced to 1 bar, it takes 5 hours. In two bars, it takes two to three hours. I got a lot of praise and questions about the bike, and people even took pictures of it. I need to adjust the transmission because the chain has fallen off three times, but I don't think it's negative for the bike-it's just a maintenance project.

40 x 8 x 48 inches
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This is my first electric bike. I bought it because I wanted a bike to ride with my son. He has an electric scooter and he lets my scooter ride with him for a while. I prefer bicycles to scooters. In addition, I have a two-year-old daughter. If I want to go horseback riding with my son, I must take her. So, a small electric bike is my first choice. After doing some research on Amazon, I bought this. I really like the design of this bike. It's completely assembled. I just unfold and lock everything and get ready to go. I can fold up the bike and put it in the trunk of my car. I also bought a children's bike seat from Amazon and installed it on the bike. It fits perfectly. My daughter loves it. Now she can enjoy our horseback riding adventure. The bike is quiet and smooth. Speed is perfect for cycling with children. I tried to ride this bike without power. It's not bad. On the whole, I like my experience with this small bike. I'm glad I bought it.

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Bicycles are easy to assemble because the rear wheel assembly has been completed. You need a small metric Allen wrench to install the monitor. Do this carefully because the plastic clips want to break in the worst way possible. I rode it today without a battery attached, so I'm in full pedal mode. The shift went well. Cycling wasn't much harder than a traditional bike. I could have given it five stars, but as others have said, customer service is a bit poor. I can't find their phone number, so I guess they don't want to hear from me. I did contact them through Amazon because I didn't get any written instructions about how the bike works. How the electric mode works, how much the tire is inflated, and so on. After the assembly, I had two parts left, a small plastic ring and a fairly tall metal device. According to the seller, the plastic ring is the "bell" and I should throw the metal device away. Mm-hmm. So we'll see how customer service evolves, not a good start. I'm not too worried that the bike looks strong, and I do take good care of my things. The price is almost too good to be true. I've done a lot of research. As an update, I wrote that when I turned around, the other person's foot touched the front tire. Turns out I've installed the front fork back. The rear tire comes fully assembled with the brake on the rider's left. Therefore, the front wheel brakes must also be on the left. * the update monitor has stopped working for six weeks, so I didn't sell it on my ass.

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As I get older, I've been thinking about buying an electric bike, and it's much more painful to ride up the mountain now than it was 30 years ago. A friend of mine recommended this to me. The bike itself is strong. I really didn't expect this because it was a bit like the low end of cheap Chinese knockoffs. I buy it mainly to go to and from work in spring / summer / autumn, the distance is 8 miles, so I do 16 miles every day. Pedal assist is really great. I don't know what it looks like on a high-end electric bike, but it's perfect for me. With the highest level of pedal assistance, I can go to work at the same time as driving, can quickly through all the traffic and construction, and when I get there, I still feel that I have done the actual exercise. The motor shuts down at about 15 miles an hour, so you get a little help to speed up, and if you go down, it helps a little bit, in my case, mainly on a steep hillside. I don't know if it's my bike or the whole model, but I really don't feel any difference in pedal assist at any level below max. The battery lasts about 40 miles with maximum assistance before it needs to be recharged, and the charging speed is very fast, in just a few hours. The gearbox and brakes work perfectly and do not need to be adjusted to open the box. This seat is very uncomfortable, so you may want to change to a more comfortable one, or buy a cushion lid. The bike is heavy. It's better.

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It took 15 minutes. It's really hard to put it together.

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I bought this bike for my wife. She absolutely likes it. She used it to pull a trailer with her dog in it. With or without pedals, cycling is easy. That's what I was looking forward to!