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Your helmet saved my wife's life. She had an accident on a bike. A car with a speed of more than 50 miles per hour hit her from behind and ejected her 40 feet. She did suffer traumatic brain damage in the accident, but she has recovered well and continues to do so. If it wasn't for your helmet, God knows how much she would have hurt her head. Thank you very much for selling this product.

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Without this product, my daughter would knock her head off and fall off her electric skateboard! The helmet did what it said it could do, and then something. It fits her head perfectly!

13.3 ounces
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My 7-year-old doesn't like to wear helmets. He used to argue about wearing helmets from companies such as razors, Bell and so on. He got a new electric scooter at Christmas and was told he needed a helmet. We asked him to pick out his favorite Raskullz and didn't complain about cruising in his red and black Mohawk. Well-made, comfortable and fit. Because graphics are imprinted on plastic shells, like high-quality (and expensive) bicycle helmets, they are well supported and do not delaminate as easily as the cheap helmets you usually find at large local chains. In my book, what makes Raskullz better and five stars will be adding a mat to the chin strap, adding a magnet to the chin strap (which is easy for children to wear alone), and a dial custom fit, because not all heads are the same.

11 x 11 x 11 inches
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I bought Giro Ledge and Smith Holt, and I chose Ledge over Holt, for the following reasons: * my head size is 60 cm, but I'm a slim guy. The medium sizes of both models are perfect for me. The big size is too big for me. * 1. Size: the ledge is generally thinner than Holt, especially the side: Holt is round on the side, while the flange is almost straight. Ritchie is also smaller in height and lighter in the head. Quality: although cheaper than Holt, Ledge actually has better quality in detail. When I pulled down my headphones to put on my helmet, one of the headphones on the Holt became loose and could be easily pulled out after a few attempts. In addition, the Ledge's provides a positive and solid clasp for resizing the inner pressure strap, while the Holt is more difficult to push and push, and there is no clear clasp. Thinner headphones. Ledge's headphones are much thinner than Holt's, which makes it easier to hear and may feel cooler on warm days. Although they are all comfortable, it is just a personal preference. Goggle belt clip: the Holt is a larger unit that is very sturdy and tighter than the Ledge, but the Ledge holds the belt well and bends more easily to pull the belt out. However, I do think Holt has a more stylish design. Ledge looks a little plain. It fits wisely, and they all work well, although it seems to me that Ledge is better suited.

15.1 x 10.1 x 4.8 inches ; 15.2 ounces
Item can be shipped within U.S.
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A few days ago, I was wearing this helmet when there was a collision (the car turned in the bike lane without looking). The helmet was destroyed in the car accident. This is JOB. Thank God, my head doesn't. The helmet turned what could have been a fatal or more serious collision into an inconvenience.

11.8 x 9.4 x 6.6 inches ; 14.4 ounces
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Very light, easy to adjust, chin strap is comfortable, no friction. Carbon fiber design, ladies! Only a low horsetail!

7 BASE CAMP Thumbnail
9.4 x 8.4 x 6.2 inches ; 9.8 ounces
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It's a great helmet. I'll tell you why. Besides, it's not easy for me to impress. Continue to read: * Packaging *: this is great, the helmet comes with a rope storage bag. I really like this. When I store other things without bags in the garage, they fall on my head with a few days / weeks / months of dust and occasional cobwebs. This helmet will live in its bag and be protected. Good! The helmet is also wrapped in bubbles in storage bags when it arrives. This is great because, in theory, once the helmet is hit hard, it should be discarded and replaced. So, if this is strongly impacted during transportation, it gets extra protection in bubble packaging and feels good. * fit *: the circumference of the head is easy to adjust with one hand, using the adjustment wheel on the back. The "ribbon" on the back can also be adjusted up and down, which is cool, it makes the helmet fit your head very evenly. Please refer to the 2 rear photos below (one up and one down). The chin strap is easy to adjust, and using the standard chin size, it is actually easier than most. I really like the comfort belt around the belt. It's very comfortable. I also like all the air excretion, let your head and scalp breathe when you are really sweating. * quality *: the quality seems to be very good. The shell is a very durable feeling (trying to crush it by crushing it, it doesn't move, it doesn't squeak or crack), and it's much stronger than the other shells I have. The foam inside.

14 x 11 x 8 inches
1.5 pounds
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I bought this helmet in January. I'm very satisfied with its fit and appearance. I had a serious collision in a race and the helmet did a great job protecting my head because it really hit the ground and my wrist. My head is fine. I wish I could say the same thing to my wrist. I'll buy this helmet again.

13 ounces
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My daughter is going through a phase right now. She likes unicorns. She's only recently really started cycling. This is perfect. It suits her just right, and there seems to be a little room for growth. She is six years old, but she is quite average in terms of measurement. She likes the appearance and color of unicorns. She has also tried durability, down from the mountain, she fell, bruised elbow, but her head is safe! Not only did it protect her head, but the helmet itself had no scratches when it fell. She fell by the side of the road. On some rocks! I was impressed by the helmet, and so did she. She said it would make her feel safer and she didn't feel it when she fell off her bike. : -)

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I'm wearing this helmet on my unicycle. I fell hard at 18 miles an hour, peeled off half of my body and hit my head completely on the asphalt. This is evidence that the helmet works because I am a staunch believer and it saved my life. After seeing the damage to my helmet, I was sure that if I didn't wear a helmet, I could easily break my skull if I fell. Thank you. Thank you.