43 x 7.8 x 22.5 inches
37 pounds
Lifetime Products Inc.
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Buyer's Reviews 710

This is a strong chair, very strong. Assembly is a bit of a challenge, and it will be difficult if you use the screw packaging provided by the little Allen head wrench. The assembly is best done with better tools. I bought five of these chairs, and it took me about 50 minutes to assemble each one. The packing is very good, the unit is very heavy! I bought them as outdoor chairs and decided to use polystyrene composites because they did not require maintenance. I hope wooden chairs are less maintenance-free, but wood also tends to cause fragments that need to be in some time because it is older and more difficult to clean (that is, bird droppings). With the exception of four screws (put them aside so you don't accidentally use them, those four screws will be used for the last step), all screws are the same. Use a box cutter to trim off the 4 edges of the screw package, as opening the screw package may cause the screw to splash everywhere. There are no spare screws, so please note that you will need them all to complete the assembly. The good news is that the screws are very durable. The holes were drilled in advance on the plank. After the screw is tightened, the screw head should not protrude from the circuit board. The instructions are basic. I built some chairs in the brightly lit garage. When matching preboreholes, the light helps match. Here are some of the tools I found very useful. A flashlight (to help find and match holes in low light), a T-shaped handle 4 mm Allen wrench, {optional: electrical.

30.5 x 28 x 35 inches
18.75 pounds
Best Choice Products
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Buyer's Reviews 444

When you take it seriously, it's an amazing deal. A wooden Adirondack for about $50? Yes, it is. How did they do it? They cut some of the labour force and passed it on to customers in the form of savings. Please note that you have to assemble these chairs yourself. But if you're like me, building things is fun. Let me give you something about my background so that you can understand where this comment came from. I'm a pediatrician. I'm not very mechanical. But I found that with a little common sense, time, and the right tools, it was relatively easy to assemble and run. First, the build phase. I highly recommend electric drills, socket wrenches with 13 mm lugs and Philips screwdrivers (preferably ratchet screwdrivers, if you have one). They will give you all the hardware you need, but they will not give you tools, except for a small wrench, which I have never used. I also strongly recommend that all parts be grouped according to the letters on the wood. At first, it's hard to see where to go, but after you build the first one, it makes a lot of sense, and you'll put the rest of the chairs together at any time. Follow the instructions for the first time and look at them very carefully so that you don't twist things the wrong way. The lath has convenient pre-drilling and the base has a small hole used as a guide. I find that sometimes things are not very good, but don't worry, everything is assembled very well. I have a little complaint.

60 x 23.5 x 29 inches
43.2 pounds
Outdoor Interiors
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Buyer's Reviews 154

These chairs are entirely within our budget and staff morale has increased significantly (estimated at 56 per cent). We support the different needs of our workforce, and we have some people who need to be ergonomically designed for medical purposes. However, our overall productivity has fallen sharply by 70%. It is impossible to put the laptop on these chairs without sliding. The meeting lasted a long time because our people fell asleep. Although the chairs are easy to assemble, they have proved to be a bad investment in office furniture.

30.3 x 35 x 34.3 inches
20.6 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 11

I was surprised when the chair came. I didn't expect to be here so soon. When I got the package, I was a little worried. The box is very light. I'm afraid the wood will be broken. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality was very good. They are easy to assemble and all the space is neatly arranged. I am satisfied with the good quality and the low price.

30 x 35 x 34 inches
16.8 pounds
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Buyer's Reviews 25

This chair is easy to assemble-it took me about 30 minutes to use an electric screwdriver. Easy to follow instructions. There are extras in all parts. All the holes are pre-drilled and arranged correctly, so this is a great help. It's all natural wood, so you can dye it any color you like. It's comfortable to sit. When I sit in this chair, I weigh 210 and feel supported. The price of the product is generally good.

Buyer's Reviews 71

I bought two of these chairs. One of them has cracks, and I'm missing a set of bolts, nuts and washers. I glued the cracked board with gorilla glue, and the hardware in the Home Depot was $1. For this price, chairs are quite down. Just to make sure they last for a few years (I hope), I continue to dye them and varnish each one before I put them together. To do all four, it takes about four hours for more than two days to allow drying time before assembly. I am 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh nearly 300, and these chairs support me. I'm sitting in there. I have had several parties in the past three months, and my adult boys have invited friends to sit at home many times since I bought them. Now that they're all painted, I'm going to put them outside the fire pit all winter-maybe we'll have a warm night, what will we burn? I gave them four stars because I thought if the wood source was full 7 8-1 inch thick, these chairs might be really good chairs. They are slightly less than 3 ". I know it will add a little bit of cost, but it will be a very good final product that eliminates most of the cracking and strength problems. In addition, I will put an additional screw, nut, bolt, washer at the back of each-this can not exceed a few pence, can also help with the loss of hardware satisfaction problems.

35.8 x 28.7 x 35.4 inches
30.9 pounds
Plant Theatre
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Buyer's Reviews 310

First of all, I really like these chairs, especially the way they are folded and stored. I really like the appearance and feeling of Acacia. However, the reason I post is not about the product, but about after-sales service. I bought two of these chairs in 2016. One of the chairs was damaged, so I emailed the manufacturer to see if I could get the replacement they asked for. Yes, but not special. Fast forward to 2018, I noticed that the crossbar of one of the chairs was broken. I emailed Plant Theater's people again, this time asking if I could buy replacement parts. They said of course, but "we'll send it to you for free"! Wow! Who would do that?! I'm impressed. Then the wrong part arrives (helplessly). So I sent another email, and they came up with a solution again. Because, they can't get the specific parts I want, they send me the whole part, free, through overnight delivery, free! Again, I like these chairs, but I like these guys very much. If you buy Adirondack chairs in the market, buy them from these guys! I'm not going anywhere else!

30 pounds
33.5 x 29.5 x 35 inches
35 inches
29.5 inches
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Buyer's Reviews 14

It's not too bad in terms of price. It feels strong. I hope they hold on to the Arizona sun. If necessary, the rating will be revised within a few months. We bought five light gray fire pits. It's easy to put together, about 15-20 minutes, two people each.

34 x 31 x 38 inches
42 pounds
Ashley Furniture
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Buyer's Reviews 29

Read some comments that these things are difficult to assemble, which attracted my attention to my purchase. However, the price of each chair was $60 to $90 less than that of my peers (I bought two), so I decided to give it a try. When I received them, their assembly was very simple. Each part has a number, and the part that fits it has the same number. According to the sequential instructions, assemble # 1 parts and # 1 parts, # 2 parts and # 2 parts, etc. I assembled two chairs myself in 45 minutes. Now I have two great-looking chairs, saving $150. Recommend these to anyone.

29.5 x 35.8 x 34.2 inches
24.2 pounds
Great Deal Furniture
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Buyer's Reviews 74

They were great, but I just noticed the front legs; the wood cracked in the screw. The front legs are assembled, and all you have to do is fix them to something else. Well, I sat down and noticed that the wood was cracking on both sides. This is the only sad chair. I want the manufacturer to send me a new leg of a chair. I hope this doesn't happen in another chair. I hope they can handle it. When all I need is my foreleg, I shouldn't have sent the whole chair back. I want someone to contact me. Amazon really takes care of me. I like chairs.

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