5.6 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
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I rarely write comments because I don't have time at all, but I have to make an exception for this Melody Susie compact nail drill. For years, I've been looking for a drill that works the same as the acrylic fingernails of a salon, but at a lower cost. I was unlucky there because the comments on low-cost projects were bad, and the comments were better for more expensive professional reviews. After reading the comments about the Melody Susie drill, I decided to give it a try. The first time I used it, I was absolutely impressed! It runs through acrylic, like the one in the salon, and is set at the highest RPM, which is light in weight, easy to manage, and hardly warm after drilling all 10 acrylic nails. This exercise is totally worth it. It's a great product, and it does exactly what I need a drill to do, but it's only a fraction of the cost. I attached a video to show how powerful it is. In my opinion, salon quality. You'll notice that it skipped the nail a few times in the video, but not because the drill was "too fast" or "too weak to pass through acrylic" or "difficult to manage", but because I had to put my hand in an awkward position under my phone so I could record the video.

Buyer's Reviews 1420

Smaller than I thought, which makes the small hand easier to operate, it has a good weight. The rope is as long as the average wingspan of my arm. So it's not very long, but it's a good place to sit at a table. If you set the bit to the lowest position and put a lot of pressure on it, the bit will stop, but if you turn it up, it will continue to rotate. In addition, the two bits highlight that I think they have more teeth, but they seem to be as smooth as smaller diamond bits. But they can still get the job done. Don't be intimidated by it, low, touch my skin many times without cutting. Saved so much time for a good purchase.

Buyer's Reviews 1479

Everything was great, and of course there was a little spark and powder. But not much. The only thing that can start nails right away is that it doesn't come with liquid acrylic acid. But the price is. It's great.

5.1 x 2 x 7.5 inches ; 2.12 pounds
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I love this monomer! It's easy to cooperate! I like that they have this size to buy, but I hope they have a bigger size because I like this monomer very much. The only bad thing is that, for some reason, it is difficult to pour the monomer into the jar without spilling it out. The first time I poured it into the jar, I spilled too much, and I was a little frustrated because I spilled something I hadn't used. But when I fell the second and third times, I learned that when you pour it, you have to hold the jar and bottle in a certain way. There is still a little overflow, but not as much as the first time. I will honestly buy this again because I like the monomer, but I just want them to have a different bottle or something.

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Very good and simple for the first time. The description may be a little vague. Instead of prompting, you must press the silver button and reverse lock the head. It may feel like you can't, or you want to break it, but you won't. It will click, the top will begin to open, press the button and put the tip at rest, and tighten by rotating the head clock to the right (still pressing the button). There are not many instructions on how to use it or what you can do with different tips, but a quick video on YouTube should help, and it's great in general:)

1.43 pounds
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I've been looking for a good nail drill for a long time, and this must be the best I've ever got. All kinds of grid heads, let me make my fingernails perfect shape is amazing. Speed control provides different speeds depending on what head I use. I'd say this machine is more suitable for professionals, but it's very easy to use, and there are a lot of YouTube videos that will tell you which grid header to use in case you're not sure. Last but not least-I spend a lot less time on nails because this machine can help you do your nails faster. Great product! Really recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good nail drill!

Buyer's Reviews 1276

The most cost-effective nail drill on Amazon, I'm so happy! You may notice that many different sellers are labeled with the same bit white, usually double the cost. This lower price made me wonder if it was somewhat below standard, but I took a risk because I knew I could return in the worst case. I'm glad I did it! It works beautifully, strong and quiet, and the perfect size allows you to hold and angle your hands well. I like reversible motion settings because I find it easier to drill towards myself on both sides (so when I move to my left hand, I switch movements). Yesterday, I drilled a gel coat and flash layer that I didn't like on my fingernails, and then remade a new impregnation. I was worried about the overheating mentioned on some similar bits, but all in all, I used the bit for about 1.5 hours, during which I had a short break without any problems. Many years ago, I was a nail technician for a while, and I found this drill as effective as a $300 professional model. Highly recommended!

10 x 8 x 3.8 inches ; 3.43 pounds
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I was a licensed nail technician and I used the 520 drill until my children got it and destroyed it. I need to practice quickly because the stores in my area don't have many varieties, and they do have super high prices! I met this drill, and obviously it had a lot of good comments, so for $58, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try it! I ordered it late Monday night and received it at 8: 00 this (Wednesday) morning! Super fast delivery! I did read another review about the break-in motor, and I followed it! I started running in a low setting and running for about 15 minutes (no drill or use it), just let it sit and run … Gradually increase the speed, about 15-20 minutes at a time. It helps a lot! Run for 2 hours, gradually increase the speed, and let it sit quietly for 15-20 minutes each time you adjust the speed. Then I gave it a run on my fingernails, and the bits that followed were not scary, but they were not scary either! I like this drill because it only took me a short time to run it around my stratum corneum. I don't even need to let it go at full speed! I like it that it doesn't stall because of pressure even at low or medium speed! I really hope this exercise will stand up and do great work, at least for a while! I'm impressed! Thank you! I will share another comment or comment in a few months to update this product (good or bad)! I would definitely recommend this product now, because I really like it, not …

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Everything you get is worth it. The drill works well. You can have a refill, too. Witch. Great. I like the price of the drill and how light it is.

6.1 x 2.8 x 9.8 inches
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I just got the pink drill from 30000rpm every minute last night. Use it to rebalance and prepare to fill. I use polygel and I am very satisfied with my purchase. There is no explanation of what everyone is, but Amazon has, let alone as a beginner, you should really watch some YT videos about how to use files. I found YT videos of the beautiful boss and nail center, which went into very detailed details and taught me a lot of things. The beautiful boss is even exactly the same as the drill bit. I tried to upload a video showing how to insert a bit, remove some elevations with the bit, and tell you how light, quiet, and smooth the bit is, but my video is too long. I will send it to YT my YT channel is DanielleKing so far, this is a great investment, in a few months, I will give an update.